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Betta Fish Polymer Clay Color Palette

1A: Betta Red
2A: Thailand Sun
3A: Beechwood
4A: Mermaid

I would like to introduce you to Swimmy, the handsome Betta Fish that swims in a bowl on my desk. He was a birthday gift from my daughter – she named him too… can’t you tell? Swimmy is the inspiration for the Volume-12 [A-Series] color palette that will be released in the members library next month (May’09).

I’ve been meaning to do some color recipes using the colors of this pretty tropical fish for awhile, but kept forgetting to get my DH Doug to take a picture of him.

Well as it turns out, my computer was having some problems the other day. So when Doug was working on it at my desk, I reminded him to take a shot of Swimmy. And now here he is!

What I love about the colors of this Betta fish, is how the deep rich Betta Red and the warm Thailand Sun yellow of his scales, are outlined individually by the dark Beechwood brown. And the biggest surprise of all, is the shimmery Mermaid turquoise that appears in the folds of his tail when he opens them for show!

I hope you enjoy this Betta fish polymer clay color palette. The following individual recipes will be added to the Polymer Clay Members Library during the month of May’09 in Volume-012 [A-Series]:

  • Betta Red (Recipe 012-1A)
  • Thailand Sun (Recipe 012-2A)
  • Beechwood (Recipe 012-3A)
  • Mermaid (Recipe 012-4A)

If you would like more information about the Members Library, here are some direct links:


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  1. Alicia Morales, 15 April, 2009

    Can I purchase your polymer clay bead videos on CD or DVD?

  2. Cindy Lietz, 15 April, 2009

    At this time Alicia, my videos are only available online via the web, and not on CD DVD disc. However, I’ve compiled some links to other posts on this blog where this topic has been discussed. You can click the ‘Sanding Polymer Clay’ link by my name.

  3. Karen, 17 April, 2009

    I love how you take inspiration for color palettes from your environment! It’s so much more fun than just looking at color swatches.

    And while I am writing, I have a suggestion for the color cards. I was thinking that it would be great if you filled the color chip here spot with a sample of the color itself. This would be easy to do in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or similar program. This would make a quick visual reminder when leafing through recipes that have not been mixed up by your subscribers. Then, when we have mixed up the color in clay, we can glue the clay chip over the color chip spot as usual.

    Thanks for providing us with suggestions of these wonderful colors that can be used together!

  4. Cindy Lietz, 17 April, 2009

    Thanks Karen for your kind words about the color recipe cards.

    In regards to your suggestion about adding color to the sample spot on the recipe cards… that was actually in the original plan. However, we ended up not going that route because it would have caused much confusion.

    You see color as we see it with our own eyes, is often very different than the representation of that color on computer monitors. You would be amazed how different the very same color is displayed from one system to the next. Now add to this… the variances caused by how your printer “interprets” the color when the recipe cards are transferred to paper or card stock.

    What would happen is that many members and subscribers would end up “trusting” the color that got printed onto their hard copy recipe card. And this color would have almost always been many shades off the mark…. or worse, a completely different color all together because of poorly mixed cyan/yellow/magenta levels from an old or cheap ink jet printer cartridge.

    I would end up having to deal with a ton of “what the heck???” types of emails and needing individual attention. Hopefully you can see the dilemma here.

    So… the only “safe” or “accurate” way to make these color cards work for you, is if you actually mix up the recipe and put the real live color chip right on the card yourself.

    All this being said, one thing that I am planning to do, is to set up an easy reference page with all of the color palette photos in one place. This will at least give you a convenient starting point for your color or palette selection process.

    Now if only I had more hours in the day… :)

  5. MJ, 05 June, 2009


    You are right on target about your reasons for not printing the color on the cards!!

    Really like your idea of a reference page for the palettes.


  6. Cindy Lietz, 08 June, 2009

    Thanks MJ for your supportive comment! That was really nice! Doug and I tried to figure out a way to print the colors when I first started making the recipes, but nothing was consistent enough so we had to let it go. Hopefully we can get to creating a reference page soon.

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