Flower Cane Design for Making Pendants with Handmade Copper Findings

Triangle Polymer Clay Pendant

The Uniqueness of a Triangle Pendant Shape Can Help You To Sell Your Jewelry Better:

One of my favorite flowers is the Hollyhock. Although they can be tricky to grow in the garden, capturing their beauty in a polymer clay cane design, is actually not that difficult. The photo above is my rendition of a hollyhock flower pendant fitted with a hand made copper bail.

One of the things I love about this jewelry pendant is its triangular shape. With most pendants being rectangular or circular, the triangle stands out as unique. And if you run a handmade jewelry business, uniqueness definitely helps to sell your stuff.

I also love the blends of colors in the flowers. Instead of making a smooth graduated Skinner Blend, I purposely left the blend unfinished. Making it looked ‘stepped’. It gives the petals a more ‘painterly’ look instead of the usual perfectly blended flower cane.

To set off the warm colors in this polymer clay flower pendant, I decided on a simple handmade copper bail. This was made with some heavy gauge, unshielded copper wire which I purchased down at the local creative jewelry supply store… Home Depot (smiles).

ASIDE: My version of the HomeDepot slogan is, ‘You can Bead It, We Can Help’. For all of you international readers outside of North America, their regular hardware store slogan is ‘You Can Do It, We Can Help’ (double smiles).

Lately I have been making lots of my own jewelry findings from copper and brass wire. It not only brings a unique look to your pendants, but also is an inexpensive alternative to regular bails, hoops and clasps that you might normally purchase.

With all the recent talk about our unstable economy, it’s prudent for home based jewelry business owners to come up with creative ways to make and source your materials. Here’s an article you may want to read: Tips for Home Based Jewelry Business Owners to Beat the Bad Economy

I have been considering adding the hollyhock cane to the list of polymer clay cane making courses to film. Is this a design that any of you are interested in making?

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  1. Cindy Lietz, 20 October, 2008

    I am also considering making a ‘How to Make your Own Jewelry Findings Course’. Anyone interested in that?

  2. Anna, 21 October, 2008

    That’s so pretty!

    And definitely yes on the how to make findings. I do make a lot of my own, but always want new ideas.


  3. Diana Souza-Castro, 21 October, 2008


    That Hollyhock is unreal!! I’ve looked at the possibilities of working that Skinner technique less. Being an artist, the tonal values are really neat! I’d loveeee to have you include that, and others. If you could do that with a Hollyhock, I can only imagine what you could do with other flowers, and foliage too. Wow!! I’m sure that this could apply to so many areas of subject matter.

    Thanks for sharing!! Your work is phenomenal!! I’ve met some pretty impressive clay people — like the Mitchell gals, and I place you right up there with them. What I love about you, is that you are there to really help people (like meee). I appreciate the fact that you are kind enough, to respond to my questions too. Patience personified!!

    I believe that the secret of true success, is not being afraid to share what you really know with others. Your style is truly gratifying, because alot of people out there teaching (they are always holding something back). I share the same philosophy, because I don’t feel intimidated. Being a fine artist (in many areas, that is except clay), I share many techniques with others. My knowledge is something to be shared, and that is our commonality. GOD Blesses us with talents to be shared, and it is a way of bringing people together. It is also a way of allowing people to realize, that there is good in this world of ours.

    So, thank you for being a Blessing in my Life!!! Cindy, you are really reaching out to alot of us (in the clay world). We are very fortunate to have you sharing your expertise. After seeing some of your work — it’s really something! Hope that you will be with us for forever, and a day.

    Thanks for sharing!



  4. Cindy Lietz, 21 October, 2008

    @Anna: Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I will definitely be doing some videos on making findings so stay tuned!

    @Diana: Wow! You leave the greatest comments! Always makes my heart swell to read them! Yes, I think a little less perfection needs to come into the blends. I find I get the most compliments on the jewelry that looks more arty than the pieces made perfectly blended. I strive for perfection in the finishing instead (still a ways to go before I reach it, but that’s the goal). If you cared enough to finish it beautifully, then it must have been of value to preserve! I also agree with the sharing part. I think you get back what you give in this world. For me it’s giving what I know. If I can share what I know so that you can have a more positive experience in your art then we can both be a success!

  5. Marsha, 27 October, 2008

    Cindy, I love the look of this cane! Just beautiful! And yes, I’d love to hear more about how you make your own findings. Oh, and I LOVE your version of the Home Depot slogan!! :-)

  6. Cindy Lietz, 28 October, 2008

    Thank you Marsha! I am working on some ideas for making findings that I will film when I can get the chance. As far as the Home Depot thing, I’m hoping they don’t mind, since I send lots of people there for supplies!

  7. Suanough, 30 October, 2008

    Cindy, the Hollyhock design is really pretty. I would love to learn how it is made. I, too, use the local “creative jewelery supply” and would love to learn about some handmade findings.
    Thank you for all you do for us Newbies, I really appreciate it.

  8. Cindy Lietz, 30 October, 2008

    That is great to hear Suanough! Keep your eye’s peeled for a new course coming up!

    Thanks so much for your comment!

  9. Phaedrakat, 11 March, 2010

    Your Hollyhock is so pretty, Cindy. And I love the triangular shape of this pendant, very cool. The only bad thing is that you’ve sent everyone to Home Depot and they no longer have any copper wire left for me — by the time I discovered you here, all your members bought up all their wire! lol. Naw, I guess they are scaling back on their inventory. At least there are lots of places to buy wire online. I just loved the idea of being able to buy dirt cheap wire at the, what’d you call it? (Had to scroll up…) “Creative Jewelry Store.” At least you can still get some things there. Like the super cheap tiles to bake on. Anyway, thanks for all the help, Cindy. And once again, that’s a beautiful Hollyhock pendant!

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