Vol-039 Aug’2011 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Polymer Clay Video Tutorials Volume 39

Video Tutorials:
1: Pandora Style Beads
2: Crackled Paint
3: Wire Riveting Intro
4: Dandelion Ghost Cane

Well another month has gone by and the Volume-039 Back Issue Videos have now been added to the Polymer Clay Library. If you missed your chance to see these tutorials as they were released each Friday during the month of August, now is your chance to add them to your collection as a convenient bundled package.

Today’s photo shows thumbnail images for the 4 videos included in this Vol-039 Package:

Video-039-1 Pandora Style Beads: Pandora Beads and others of this style (Caspia, Troll, Chamilia, Trinkets), are very popular today because of their collectibility and interchangeable features. Basically, the way this type of jewelry works, is that you buy the large holed, metal lined beads individually, and then slide them onto the specially designed bracelet, necklace or earring blanks, to get different looks. Sort of the modern version of a charm bracelet. With my simple instructions in this lesson, you’ll be making professional looking Pandora Style beads in no time!

Video-039-2 Crackle Paint Technique: In this tutorial you will learn how to make your own paints that will crackle on polymer clay, at a fraction of the cost compared to store bought brands. Plus you will learn some cool techniques on how to apply these hand made crackle paints on various types of jewelry making projects.

Video-039-3 Wire Riveting Intro: Want to learn how to make gorgeous copper riveted jewelry like the pieces you see in the magazines? It’s easier than you might think! And there are so many possibilities for using this cold connection technique in your jewelry projects. The tools and materials required are pretty basic, so you may have most, if not all of them in your studio already.

Video-039-4 Dandelion Ghost Cane: Did you know that it’s possible to make a polymer clay cane where the design appears to float on the surface of whatever you layer the cane slices onto? It’s called a ghost cane, and in this tutorial you will learn how to make one using the pattern of a dandelion puff. Dandelions are the perfect symbol for making wishes, and what could be better than wearing that magical reminder in a piece of cool dandelion jewelry!

Pink Rose Polymer Clay Color Palette

Also included in this Volume-039 back issue package, are the A-Series recipe cards from the Pink Rose Color Palette.

To read feedback from members who have already benefited from the videos and recipes in this Vol-039 back issue package, click here: Pandora Style Beads | Crackle Paint Technique | Wire Riveting Intro | Dandelion Ghost Cane

And, Sneak Peak Preview Clips are available for viewing here: Polymer Clay Tutorials [Videos]

If anyone else would like to add a review for any of the videos or color recipes in Volume-039, I would love to hear from you. Or if you have not yet purchased this back issue and have a question, ask away. In either case, use the comments section below.


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  1. pollyanna, 29 August, 2011

    Another great month. I am just stunned by what I have learned here that I never learned on any books out there, So glad I found this site and all my new friends here at the blog.

  2. Phaedrakat, 29 August, 2011

    I agree, Andrea! What an exciting month!
    Thank you, Cindy…for providing us such a wonderful selection of cool tutes/techniques. An amazing array — from Pandora-type beads to hand-forged (& inexpensive) wire rivets. Plus, a lovely cane, a super-smart way to mix our own crackle paints, stunning color palettes, etc. — a lot to be grateful for (and worth WAY more than the $3 membership!) And, of course, everything’s explained & demonstrated beautifully in your videos. Thanks, Cindy…!!!
    (I know there are SO many others who appreciate all you do for us; I hope they share their feelings in the blog comments!)

  3. Tantesherry, 30 August, 2011

    Well said ladies–I was able to try out 2 of this months tutes so far and will post pics soon.

  4. Cindy Lietz, 30 August, 2011

    Thank you guys for your amazing comments! Not just in this thread, but in all the posts that you comment on. I am so sorry that I don’t have the time anymore to respond to you each personally because I feel like we have become friends. It makes Doug and I very happy to know we can bring you something that you enjoy and look forward to every week. Being part of your creative journey is a very satisfying feeling, indeed!

    BTW we were away for a few days in Lacey, WA… buying beads and tools at Shipwreck Beads. So I’m a little behind answering questions and responding to the comments that were made while we were gone. Thought I’d let you know, just in case anyone has been wondering why I haven’t been responding as quick as I usually do.

  5. Laura Z, 30 August, 2011

    This was another great month. The pandora beads and the riveting tutorials were my two favorites of the month and the ghost cane and crackled paint tutorials were just great fun. Thanks again for all of your hard work and I can’t wait to see what next month brings!

  6. DawnB, 30 August, 2011

    Here Here!! Cindy, your site is an invaluable resource for us passionate clayers! Thanks so much for all you do for us. EVERY month is a treasure.

  7. Hope M, 31 August, 2011

    This has been my first month here and I have really enjoyed it! Learned so much! Can’t decide if my favorite was the pandora style beads or the ghost cane. :D Thank you!

  8. Phaedrakat, 13 September, 2011

    Welcome, Hope! You’re going to be surprised how great Cindy is at keeping the fantastic tutes comin’…week after week! Here’s to many more “favorites!” Be sure to comment often — don’t be shy about asking questions, offering advice, sharing shopping/product info, or telling stories about current projects — problems or successes! ~Kat

  9. Angela M, 13 September, 2011

    Hi Hope :)

    I’m a fairly new member myself but I think this was a great month to begin a membership. So many cool tutes!

    I’ve been reading back posts and really wish I would have found PC Tutor a long, long time ago. My hope is, at some point, to own all the back issues. Bet you’re going to want that too.

    Have a great day.


  10. Ken Hamilton, 31 August, 2011

    WOW, what a month it’s been!!!!!

  11. Kelli Nelson, 04 October, 2011


    I absolutely love your tutorials… I took a hands on class about a year ago, and I have honestly learned more from your tutorials than I did in that class.

    The first video I watched was the Dandelion Ghost Cane Tutorial. I made different versions of the cane, and sold the pieces right away.

    You are so easy to learn from. Some things I would have never tried on my own, but since watching you I have ventured out of my comfort zone and have made amazing pieces. I have 15 back issues I am ordering, I cant wait to try them all.

    I have a picture on my inspirational wall of a zebra printed clay bead, I have had so many requests for animal printed beads, I can’t wait to watch that tutorial.

    Thanks again for your tutorials, they have taught me more than I could learn in a hands on class. Kudos to you for a job well done!!!!!!

    K & K Artistic Expressions
    Kelli Nelson

  12. Cindy Lietz, 04 October, 2011

    THANK YOU everyone for all the support. Doug and I really appreciate that you guys feel comfortable enough to share your kinds thoughts here at the blog. This really helps to keep us motivated to keep doing what we are doing :-)

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