Polymer Clay Tutorial | Blend and Switch Technique [Video]

Blend and Switch Polymer Clay TechniqueVid #166:
“I’d love to see
how you achieved
that effect …bet you
have your own special
trick!” ~Sue-F

Sometimes the coolest polymer clay techniques, happen by accident. That was the case when it came to this original idea I am calling the Blend & Switch Technique. Once you see the tutorial video of this remarkably simple approach to creating complex, mosaic-like patterns, you’ll see exactly how the name came about.

This sparkling mosaic-like technique incorporates one of my favorite color blends… the Metallic Rainbow Teardrop Blend. Which believe it or not, only uses four colors of Premo Sculpey Clay.

So on Friday, August 6th at the Polymer Clay Library (Vol-027-1), the member video tutorial will teach you how to do the Blend & Switch Technique. When I first introduced it in the Rocker Beads video tutorial, here is what a few of you had to say…

Never mind the rocker bead, Cindy… the pendant from the colourful set that you haven’t made up yet, steals the show! Well, the preview, anyway ;). I’d love to see how you achieved that effect. I can think of two ways of doing it, one cane-based and one not, but I bet you have your own special trick! ~Sue-F

I second Sue F about the pendant and would love to learn how you created this effect at some time in the near future. ~Susan-B

I agree with Sue – I am absolutely drooling over the rainbow pendant set you made – those colors – yum!

Let’s convince Cindy that we need that tutorial for that pendant soon!! ~Koolbraider

I love the pendant and the gorgeous multi-colored technique you used. I would certainly love a tutorial on that! ~Phaedrakat

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show us how you did that rainbow pendant!!!!! ~Carrie-W

Cindy -Hold it right there! That colorful pendent in the rocker bead video is a show stopper!!!! WE WANT A TUTE -right gang? These are really outstanding. I love the colors and they are so smooth and satin-y looking. I had to stop the video and just look at them. Please, consider doing a tute. ~Patt-W

I’m really hoping for a lesson on the gorgeous mosaic-type pendant as well. ~DJ

Oh, Cindy… that patterned necklace is stunning. Would you consider putting it on the list for a future tut? ~Jocelyn-C

Please Note: A general prerequisite for all of my weekly tutorials is that you have a good understanding of the polymer clay basics, including: conditioning clay, using a pasta machine, clay blade and other simple tools, making Skinner Blends or Teardrop Blends, baking clay, as well as sanding and finishing. If you need help in these areas, my Polymer Clay Beginners Course will get you up to speed quickly. There is also plenty of free information on this blog. Use the search box at the top of the page to find articles on specific topics.

Supplies & Tools: Video-027-1 Blend & Switch Technique:

  • Previous knowledge of how to do the Teardrop Blend. This quick and easy color blending technique is a fundamental lesson that will help you with so other polymer projects as well. Be sure to learn it if you have not already done so.
  • Premo Sculpey Clay in Blue Pearl, Gold, Green Pearl and Red Pearl.
  • Pasta Machine.
  • Acrylic Rod.
  • Small symmetrical cutters. I used the new Mini-cutters from Premo Sculpey’s Fashion Art line.
  • Clay Blade.

The full version of the Vid-027-1 Blend & Switch video will be posted in the Polymer Clay Members Library on Friday August 6th, 2010. But if you would like to see a sneak peek intro clip right now, scroll down the page a bit to the video player below.

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The full version of the “Blend & Switch” preview video shown above, is now available for purchase at the Polymer Clay Library in the Volume-027 Back Issue Package.

Customer Feedback About Membership Value:

I love your online videos and look forward to them every week. There is no way that I wouldn’t renew my membership. Look forward to future postings and new ideas. I am definitely learning techniques from you and am successful at the new things that I am learning. That is a testament to a very good teacher. So thanks again- all the best. ~Cara-L

Cindy, The first time I watched this extruder video my mouth was open the whole time and I think I actually drooled a little, LOL! The second time, I wanted to be in a gallery of all of us here, standing, cheering, clapping, and screaming “you GO, girl.” Outstanding video, so easy to do and understand thanks to your expertise and teaching style. Thank you so much!! You do it better than anyone, and this is the best investment and site I have found in this medium. Blessings to you, sweet lady. K, time for the third viewing…”bye for now”! ~Jocelyn-C

Hi Cindy, The Baking Tips you offer are completely priceless! I have had the same issues as others… soft clay, cracking, and scorching… and you have covered all kinds of ways to prevent that. Thanks so much for making these tutorials… they are definitely worth the money! ~Kim-E

The following topics are included in this week’s Blend and Switch Technique video tutorial:

  • See examples of this fabulous polymer clay technique used on a pendant and a pair of earrings.
  • Discussion of the clay colors and amounts needed for best results.
  • Learn tricks and tips for achieving the a wide variety of cool mosaic effects in your polymer clay jewelry.
  • And finally, find out how to get the perfect finish on your completed projects so they sparkle and come to life like the ones in the demo.

The full version of the “Blend & Switch” preview video shown above, is now available for purchase at the Polymer Clay Library in the Volume-027 Back Issue Package.


  1. Tanya L, 03 August, 2010

    OHMYGOSH!! How cool is that? It looks like stained glass! I can’t WAIT til friday!

  2. Sue F, 03 August, 2010

    Excellent… this will be fun! :D

  3. Elizabeth Kerr, 03 August, 2010

    Ditto here for me too. I cant wait til Friday. Hope I have the right clay.
    This is just georgeous.
    Thanks Phaedrakat for steering me to all those friend on Face book, and thanks to all who answered.
    We are a great family of Cindy Gals (and Boys) there now arent we.
    Just love the gallery.
    Keep up all those nice things to look at.
    Love to all

  4. Jocelyn, 03 August, 2010

    Great news!!! Kind of feel like I did when I was in grammar school and suddenly realized the whole afternoon was arts with Jane Collarudi…..

  5. Linda K., 03 August, 2010

    For once I have all the materials. Now I just need some time to do this fabulous technique. I’ve had company for a week already and 2 weeks to go. I haven’t been to my studio at all. :(

  6. Ken H, 03 August, 2010

    Can’t wait for Friday!!!!!!!!!

  7. Susan B, 03 August, 2010

    YIPPEE!!! I love the look of the natural shine you have managed on the earrings as well as the shape of both the pendant and the earring. I also like the ear wires that you have made….in fact I think I like just about everything you show in this preview and am looking forward to Friday!

  8. Elizabeth S., 03 August, 2010

    I’ve been hoping this one was coming soon.

  9. Jill V., 03 August, 2010

    Very excited about this technique!

  10. Phaedrakat, 03 August, 2010

    I was thinking, YIPPEEEE!, but Susan B. already said that, so let me just say YAY! and hope it shows the same excitement! This looks like a really fun and stunning technique. You sure do come up with some amazing stuff, Cindy—we are all very lucky that you love to play with your clay so much (and that you’re kind and generous enough to share your “finds!”) I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, “Can’t wait ’til Friday!”

    @Elizabeth K: You’re so welcome about the Facebook friend suggestions! Glad to do it… :D

  11. Elizabeth S., 03 August, 2010


    My grandchildren will spend hours in my craft room. I love this contrast to the world of electronic games so I pretty much give them freedom to choose whichever clay they want to use in their creations. They are not too good at keeping colors separate, etc. so I always end up with significant additions to my scrap pile. It’s a small price to pay for the joy of watching them in their endeavors.

    However, I’m always a little sad to see that ever growing pile of scrap. Yesterday afternoon I decided to start pulling completely random chunks of scrap and then conditioned them together to see if I would get anything besides mud, and I did-I got some really cool colors. Needless to say I won’t ever be able to recreate the colors but they will serve as nice additions to the recipes as long as they last. Now, I know I haven’t discovered the secret to the universe here, but it was a fun afternoon.

  12. Tanya L, 03 August, 2010

    @Elizabeth S.: Elizabeth, I made some really cool Natasha beads with scraps. Since they’re like the Rorschach Inkblots on four sides it’s fun to show them to people and see what “pictures” they see.

  13. Pam, 05 August, 2010

    @Elizabeth S.:
    You’re a wonderful Grandma, with her priorities, in perfect order, and lots of scrap clay! :o)

  14. Peggy Barnes, 10 August, 2010

    @Elizabeth S.: I know what you mean about the small price to pay. Do you ever buy the glow in the dark clay. When ever clay is on sale if glow in the dark is available I buy it because my grandkids love it. They use it for making worms and bugs ghost and also use it to make eyes, teeth, ears and other accent pieces on things. I probably go through more glow clay then all other colors put together. But they love it and I love them. My two youngest spend way more time in the studio then all my other grandkids put together. I wish they all enjoyed it that much but I don’t think there is enough glow clay out there for that so I guess it is good they prefer different things.
    Uuuuuggggs, Peggy

  15. Phaedrakat, 11 August, 2010

    @Peggy Barnes: Those clay sales really help, right? I never realized that the reg. price of GITD clay is more than the other Premo colors. Luckily the sale price—4/$5 or 99 &cent, or whatever blessed reduction, is applied to all colors! It’s wonderful you all can share clay with your Gkids. I hope to get back to sharing with my nieces/nephews soon (hard to drag from pool.) So happy you’re back here and feeling better, Peggy!

  16. Katie, 03 August, 2010

    Really looking forward to this video.
    I recently realized zebra print is more popular than I thought. I sold a set of bangles and got a request for a second set that I’m finishing today. Thanks for showing it to us.

  17. pattw, 03 August, 2010

    Oh boy -oh boy !!! Can’t wait. Have clay ready – hurrrrrrrrrrry Friday. Yum,Yum

  18. Jeanne C., 03 August, 2010

    I love the beautiful colors you used in this creation, it’s a stunning piece. I can’t wait for Friday to get here to learn the technique.

  19. Carolyn K, 03 August, 2010

    Cindy, Looking forward to using this tute. The colors look great for fall.

  20. Koolbraider, 03 August, 2010

    Have gotta get me some UV stuff soon! I can’t wait for this technique, the pendant is simply stunning. (And those cutters give me another excuse to visit Michaels again.)

  21. pollyanna, 03 August, 2010

    Can’t wait for this one, too !!!! Love primary colors.

  22. Lupe Meter, 03 August, 2010

    I am in agreement with everyone…can’t wait for this tutorial, Cindy! Love the blend of colors…just up my alley!

  23. Maria, 03 August, 2010


  24. Samone, 03 August, 2010

    Oh my gosh – I can’t wait. Way too cool !!!

  25. carolyn, 03 August, 2010

    Cindy – Fabulous … agree with stained glass look … believe it or not I have the clay, pasta machine, acrylic rod, tissue cutters, craft oven, UV and oven, and a bunch of other cutters here in my little motorhome. [I have more space devoted to polymer clay work than I do clothes and food!] But I don’t have those cutters! I can see it now … I’ll be stopping at every craft store along the way until I find them. I’m currently at the mouth of the Noyo River where it empties into the Pacific Ocean. Will stay here a few days, I think, then head up the CA and OR coast. Any clues as to other specialty items we might be needing over the next couple months so I can search for them at the same time?

  26. Ken H, 03 August, 2010

    @carolyn: If they’re what I think Cindy’s talking about, Wilton makes sets of different shapes for cutting the fondant they place on cakes as a base layer before decorating, Michaels carrys them in the cake decorating section. They come in circles, squares, ovals and others.

  27. Phaedrakat, 03 August, 2010

    @Ken H: Hi Ken, Michael’s recently beefed up their clay section with lots of new products (Lisa Pavelka stuff, Studio by Sculpey tools changed to just “Sculpey” sets, Premo glitters, etc.) Remember the link I sent you to where Linda K & I discussed all the new goodies they carry there? You were asking about your WH Extruder at the time…

    Anyway, the cutters are from Sculpey (or do they say Premo on the label? — I think I’ll go check mine & report back later.) They come in a set of 12, and they’re super tiny and very cute (awww…) They are definitely carried in the clay aisle at Michaels, at least in the 2 I’ve been in around here lately (Riverside, CA.) :D ~Kat

  28. Ken H., 03 August, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: Sorry folks I had symmetrical mixed with concentric. Should have read more carefully.

  29. Linda K., 03 August, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: Yes, Kat, they even have those tiny cutters at the small Michaels near me, so I think they should be in any Michaels that has an updated clay aisle.

  30. carolyn, 04 August, 2010

    @Linda K.: Thanks, Linda. They don’t have the cutters in the one store here in Fort Bragg that does have some craft stuff. They have clay but no cutters. Fort Bragg doesn’t have any of the ‘usual’ craft stores. This is a relatively small fishing community. I’ll just have to be on the look-out for Michaels when I hit the road again … and I’ll skip the ‘off brand’ craft stores. I plan to be here through next weekend, so I’ll have to see what cutters I have with me for this tutorial.

  31. Cindy Lietz, 04 August, 2010

    Good to see that everyone is excited about the upcoming Friday Tute. When you see how easy this technique really is, there are going to be a few of those forehead slapping moments like in the Shoulda-Hada-V8 television commercials LOL.

    I can’t wait to see who posts the first pictures in the Facebook Gallery. Will it be Fast-As-Lightening-Brenda? Or On-The-Road-Again-Carolyn? Or perhaps someone new is going to kick it into overdrive. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines… it’s almost time to Blend and Switch :-)

    @carolyn: Sorry sweetie I meant to get back to you sooner about the cutters, but got swamped. You don’t need those particular cutters. Any small symmetrical cutter will do. Circles, squares, ovals, rectangles, that sort of thing will be fine for this project. You were also asking about the projects for the rest of the month. You’ll need some 20 gauge half hard wire (any metal) for vol-027-3 and 3 small cutters of different patterns that fit inside each other for vol-027-4. It will make better sense when you see the Tuesday Intro videos for those tutes. Hope you’re having fun on the road and that your kids are taking good care of your place. Be safe.

  32. Tanya L, 05 August, 2010

    @Cindy Lietz from Vol-026 Back Issue Videos: Cindy, you’ve got me smackin’ my forehead all the time. I’ve got a permanent palm print! :)

    OFF TOPIC @Honey Sperring: Honey, THERE you are! I’ve been looking for you! No wonder you haven’t been around. I have 1 grandson (6 yrs old). I had him for a week 2 weeks ago. Isn’t it great? I’d love a couple more! Have fun Honey!

  33. Brenda, 06 August, 2010

    @Cindy Lietz from Vol-026 Back Issue Videos: HAHA! Fast as Lightning? Me…. I feel like Lightning McQueen. I love it Cindy.. *GIggles*

  34. Silverleaf, 06 August, 2010

    @carolyn: If you spot a kitchen supplies shop or department store that has a kitchen section, they might have something similar. I got my set of tiny cutters from a kitchen shop and I use them all the time. They are designed to be used for things like tiny crackers, candy, or fondant icing for cakes.

  35. carolyn, 06 August, 2010

    @Silverleaf: That would be an even better place for me to find the cutters … then I wouldn’t be tempted by all the other clay stuff!

  36. Linda K., 07 August, 2010

    @carolyn: Carolyn, I used to travel for my job, covering all of New England, and occassionally I went to New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. I never missed an opportunity to visit the “off brand” craft stores. They usually had a couple of unique items that weren’t carried in the big stores. If you have time, you should check out those little stores. You just never know what you’ll find there.

    Everyone, if we don’t support those non-chain stores, they’re going to disappear, just like most of the wonderful fabric stores did.

  37. pam, 05 August, 2010

    @Ken H: so does MAKINS, more variety.

  38. Tanya L, 03 August, 2010

    Darn! I missed the part about the symmetrical cutters! Will old prescription bottles work?? :)

  39. Melinda Herron, 03 August, 2010

    That is a fabulous look!!! Can’t wait until Friday

  40. DJ, 03 August, 2010

    Way too many interesting projects and not enough adjectives! Gorgulous Cindy, thanks for all you do!! :D

  41. Phaedrakat, 03 August, 2010

    @DJ: So true, DJ! For something as fantabulously amazific as this project, you need as many adjectives (and adverbs to modify them) as possible. Seriously, Cindy, this technique is beautivine, and mesmerilicious!

  42. Tantesherry, 01 July, 2011


  43. Koolbraider, 03 August, 2010

    Cindy, tomorrow is Friday. Cindy, tomorrow is Friday….. All together now: Tomorrow is Friday!!!

  44. Tanya L, 03 August, 2010

    @Koolbraider: I LOVE IT!! Cindy, tomorrow is Friday.. ROFL!! That’s so great! This is why I love you guys..

  45. Tanya L, 04 August, 2010

    @Koolbraider: Darn! It didn’t work.. :(

  46. DJ, 03 August, 2010

    Too funny Kat and Koolbraider, oh and everyone from Elizabeth’s driveway adventures yesterday ROFL!!! It is so great that you all love to laugh too!!
    Cindy: TIF, TIF….

  47. pollyanna, 04 August, 2010

    I guess I have to move….tomorrow is not Friday here in western NY!!!!

  48. Hobokenmary, 04 August, 2010

    Cindy that is really cool! I can’t wait for Friday.

    F.Y.I. I just got a 36W uv lamp and the gel. I got the lamp on EBay for $26.99 and free shipping. I’ve seen it listed for as high as $89.99. I’m just waiting for the weather to cool off a bit before I start crafting with clay again! It’s been extremely hot in the NYC area.

  49. Brenda, 04 August, 2010

    Wow” I can’t believe I missed this update.. Now that the grandKids are gone maybe I can play with my clay again :) Looking forward to Friday!!!

  50. Tanya L, 04 August, 2010

    Great.. Now I’ve got Willie Nelson singing “On The Road Again” in my head.. Thanks Cindy!

  51. Helen Sperring, 04 August, 2010

    Elizabeth, I know just what you mean about grandkids and clay. I have two boys here, 7 and 4 years old, and thats what we were doing today. They opened about 7 packs of clay before I had the heart to stop them. I loved every minute of it. We’re having a long sleep over (maybe a week) before school starts. They even have a 2 year old brother but three is too much for me. He’s a wild child but so cute and adorable. Anyway, I gave them small cutters and they made small flowers for Mom. Tomorrow ,I’ll let them glue magnets on the back and Mom can use them on the refrigerator. Thank goodness I have two pasta machines. (One for each) They also love putting all the colors together, but its fun. How old are your grandkids? I have three small ones here and I left two small ones in N.Y. That was hard. Thank God my younger son followed me here. That’s enough of that……….I love the tute and I still can’t get pictures on Facebook Gallery. I deleted all my pictures because my computer was too slow. I only have the Facebook pictures. Can it still be done? I just can’t get it and I feel like such a moron. It’s one in the morning and I have to get up early for a fun day with my little sweethearts…….Good Night Everyone……….Luv, Honey

  52. Phaedrakat, 05 August, 2010

    @Tanya L: LOL!

    @Honey Sperring: Sounds like you’re having a great time with your grandkids! I’ll bet the kids love visiting you; they love creating like that. I’m really sorry about your PC being slow, and that you’re having trouble uploading photos to Facebook. I don’t quite understand what you meant about deleting the photos—do you mean you deleted the ones on your PC, but still have some in your Facebook photo album online?

    Facebook does require that you upload the photos from your PC (or there’s an option to do it via email.) If the above is the case (that you only have the pictures available in your Facebook account,) they could be copied from there, saved to computer, and uploaded to Cindy’s site. There might be a faster way, but that’s a quick workaround that I could maybe handle for you. Do you have these photos on disc somewhere, so you can load them? Why don’t you send me a message on Facebook with your information, and I’ll try to help you. Send the message to Gianna Spelling, and answer my questions above…

    Good luck, Kat…

  53. pam, 05 August, 2010

    One of the advantages of working nights, just saw the new tute, very cool idea Cindy, love the flipping of the pieces, brilliant!

  54. Lisa Whitham, 06 August, 2010

    This looks gorgeous – can’t wait to try it..!!

    ~Lisa :)

  55. Tanya L, 06 August, 2010

    @Lisa Whitham: Me too Lisa! Definitely gotta try to find some cutters this morning. Guess I gotta go to Micheal’s, darn it. :)

    @cara l: Cara, you’re right. That’d really be pretty. Or on a christmas ornament.

  56. cara l, 06 August, 2010

    Really good tutorial- there are lots of ways to use this-would look amazing on an egg! thanks

  57. Anne O, 06 August, 2010

    Wow! This is both simple and brilliant, I can’t wait to have ago with this technique! This the first time I’ve wrote on here I don’t get any time in the day as I have a 3 year old and and a 22 month old , so I have to wait until there in bed! Thank you for all your encourageing word of wisdom! I have ordered some uv dome resin and and oven, but it will take a while to get over here in England! I don’t have all the shops you mention over here, thank god I’ve got the net ! Thanks again !

  58. Silverleaf, 06 August, 2010

    @Anne O: Hi Anne! Welcome. :) I’m in England too and your name is nearly the same as mine (Anna). Let me know if you need to know where to buy clay or supplies – it’s hard to get some things in the UK but I’ve managed to find quite a lot of useful clay stuff.

  59. Anne O, 06 August, 2010

    It’s 11:14 am here!

  60. sarahwww, 06 August, 2010

    Awesome technique!! I’m going to play this weekend!! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  61. Brenda, 06 August, 2010

    Brilliant! Artistic! Fabulous! I love it! Great work Cindy.. Doug .. Your video’s are the Bomb! I can’t hardly wait to get started on this one :)

  62. Monica, 06 August, 2010

    Hi Cindy.
    This technique is absolutely wonderfull. This is your most interesting video I have watched .Thanks for this class!

  63. Susan B, 06 August, 2010

    This is ingenious Cindy! I had seen a tutorial for making a mosaic cane but it involved slicing logs and wrapping the cut edge with black clay then reslicing and wrapping again and again, but the finished effect was not nearly as interesting as the one you achieve. I am so looking forward to trying this one. Thank you once again.

  64. Jeanie N, 07 August, 2010

    @Susan B: I have done the mosaic cane you are talking about and Cindy’s looks much more fun and beautiful.

  65. Tanya L, 06 August, 2010

    Cindy, I think you may have outdone yourself this time. How in the world did you ever think that one up??? Absolutely astounding! Thank you so much to you and Doug both. Can’t wait to try it! Oh, and my (16 yr old) son wants to clay today! I mean, he wants to make things like a bow and arrow, with a thin copper wire for the string, and arrow head, and a battle axe head, but isn’t that cool? He even made a couple head pins yesterday (’cause he wanted to play with the torch), and sanded some beads for me. It’s gonna be a happy day! Have a great weekend Cindy and Doug!

  66. Elizabeth Kerr, 06 August, 2010

    Hi all, just watched the Switch and Blend Video. Wow, never had a clue how it was done, but as usual Cindy makes it look so easy while being so interesting. I think I’ll be doing it forever it is so amazing and fun to do. I have a D who does Mosaic, so I will be able to show off a bit wont I, LOL. Off to work
    E. XXX

  67. Tanya L, 06 August, 2010

    @Elizabeth Kerr: Elizabeth, I almost spit my coffee out when I read the part about you showing off! LOL!!

  68. Sue F, 06 August, 2010

    Fantastic technique, Cindy! :D

  69. Carlene Zimmerman, 06 August, 2010

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this one!!!!

  70. Jocelyn, 06 August, 2010

    Cindy, this technique is EXCELLENT!!! I love how your mind works, lol.

    For a child, this technique would be so much fun as their first project. Imagine the looks on their faces while the colors and patterns intensify with complexity. Then, the gloss finish? Heaven.

    Want to try it with a black layer underneath, or better, between two layers of rainbow blend. Think it might highlight the juncture points more, sort of like the torn paper technique.

  71. Tanya L, 06 August, 2010

    @Jocelyn: What great ideas! Kids would be amazed, and imagine the feeling of pride they’d have giving a gift of something they made with this technique. Using black would really set the metalics off!

  72. Cindy Graveline, 06 August, 2010

    I can’t wait to try this technique! :) Too bad I’m working early today, I’m gonna have to wait all day…

  73. Sue C, 06 August, 2010

    What a wonderful idea. The mosaic pattern looks so unique. I really like the way the earrings look. Good job Cindy.

  74. Cheryl Hodges, 06 August, 2010

    What an awesome video! A really cool technique. You are so talented and clever, Cindy. I just love the pendant and earrings. It does look like stained glass and the design looks like abstract art. I’m going to enjoy trying this out, though I have to practice my tear drop blend. Had a bit of a problem doing the butterfly cane. have to get it right this time!

  75. Elizabeth S., 06 August, 2010

    Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Everybody needs to do some pieces with this awesome technique and post the pictures. I can’t wait to see the creations that will come out of this one!!!!! Cindy, I can’t tell you how excited I am to try this one. Thank you.

  76. Jill V., 06 August, 2010


  77. Catalina, 06 August, 2010

    Wow! You were right! I had that: “Shoulda-Hada-V8” moment!! I had to go downstairs to view the video – yes, I’m being careful! – Because it wouldn’t view on my laptop. But, AWESOME! How simple can you get? I’m going to try it now! I have a couple of hours before I have to take my Art Director to her Spa Treatment! And Bubby is a sleep – time to PLAY!!!!!!

  78. Martha Lodestone, 06 August, 2010

    Great technique Cindy. I have dabbled with this idea a bit but never thought of taking it to the extent you have. Friday has become my favorite day of the week!

  79. maria, 06 August, 2010

    Cindy,I love the shape of those freeform earrings. Very organic looking. Going to make some today…

  80. pattw, 06 August, 2010

    Just think ! My head is reeling – this is so easy. What fun all of us will have with this tute. I can’t clay today boohoo. Tomorrow will be my day to play. The colors and ideas are buzzing…………… Thank you Cindy and Doug – you make Fridays special…..hugs

  81. Carol M, 06 August, 2010

    Great tutorial! I loved how simple it was, though the finished product looked complex.

  82. Phaedrakat, 06 August, 2010

    What a fun tutorial! Like all have said, straightforward—yet the results look quite intricate. I enjoyed seeing the sanded vs. unsanded examples, too. Sanding makes such a striking difference—especially with the mica/metallic clays. Beautiful technique, & well-done (as usual!) Thank you so much! The Lietz team has done it again…

  83. carolyn, 06 August, 2010

    It was really great seeing some new (to me) names here today. This truly is a wonderful group of caring polymer clayers and we do like to see others join us ’cause we know this is the best place for learning and growing in our PC endeavors! Welcome, if you are new, and thanks for popping in if you’ve already been around a while.

  84. Silverleaf, 06 August, 2010

    Just tried this – not baked yet but so far, so good. I used the same colours as in the video because I couldn’t decide on another scheme, but I think next time I’ll try blue-purple-pearl-green-blue. A couple of times I used non-symmetrical cutters but that works fine as long as you remember to use them twice and swap over – hope that makes sense…

    Can’t wait to see what they look like sanded!

  85. christine le grice, 07 August, 2010

    just fabulous ! anne o and anna, I am also in uk . Any ideas on where we might get the micro abrasives ?

  86. Cindy Lietz, 07 August, 2010

    @christine le grice: You had asked this over at the Micromesh post where several UK resources were posted for you. See link by my name.

    @Everyone: Please, please do me (and yourself) a huge favor and learn how to use the search box at the top of every post at this blog. For example, by using keywords like “Micromesh UK” you will find several references that will quickly provide you with self-serve answers.

    Also… if you did not realize it, there are basically two posts per week that focus on any given video tutorial released into the members library… the Tuesday posts that have the intro or teaser video clip, as well as the Friday post on the day that the video is actually released in the library. If you have a question relating to a specific tutorial, your first step would be to head over to these Tuesday and Friday posts and reveiw the existing comments to see what has already been posted. I even provide a convenient “Comments/Questions” link at the members video page at the library, that will take you direct to the specific “Tuesday” post for that particular lesson.

  87. Jeanie N, 07 August, 2010

    @christine le grice: I just googled micro mesh and found it, ordered it and got in a few days. Not a bad price either.

  88. Anne O, 07 August, 2010

    Hi Christine, I have looked all over for them but can’t find them! I think ill just have to order them from America! Tho it takes forever to get them, ill just have to carry on with the wet and dry sandpaper :-)

  89. Silverleaf, 07 August, 2010

    @christine le grice: and @Anne O: Cindy’s already answered that question for you – I’ll definitely be ordering some soon!

    As for clay, I get all of mine from Penny at clayaround.com – she’s a member here and she’s lovely, and almost as importantly she sells Premo cheaper than anywhere else I’ve found and has loads of tools and foils and stuff as well! Free postage for orders over £30 and if you tell her I recommended you you get 10% off your first order. :)

  90. Judy, 09 August, 2010

    I get a lot of bigger bars of clay stuff from the Polymer Clay Pit. It always arrives very fast.
    Silver wire , in fact any wire online from Palmers metal – no order too small, and again, next day delivery.
    And yes, micromesh sanders are fairly readily available. Just google.

  91. Silverleaf, 10 August, 2010

    @Judy: Clayaround and Polymer Clay Pit charge the same per block, but Clayaround has free postage over £30 whereas PCP only has free postage over £85.

    For me, Clayaround always works out cheaper since I don’t like to buy a million blocks at once – I don’t have the space!

  92. Anne O, 10 August, 2010

    @Silverleaf: thank you for your help !

  93. Silverleaf, 10 August, 2010

    @Judy: Oh yeah and I love Palmer Metals too, always had good service from them and I love how you can buy wire by the metre rather that having to get a whole roll.

  94. Anne O, 07 August, 2010

    Hi Anna, where do you get your clay from ?

  95. Jocelyn, 07 August, 2010

    Cindy, thank you for your kind words, as always. Do understand that the supporting/black layer is not the best, as when you recombine, too much clay and it mushes too much.

    However, I had a black sheet rolled thin and waiting for me to place the finished cutwork piece, which I left loose, not so rolled together. When recombined in the one roll through the machine…the black came thru the cuttings in a great patterns, with a little mica shift going on around the edges. So if you want both sides, then reroll it thinner, and stick it back to back.

    Can’t wait to try this same technique using a sheet of alcohol inks and foil. Wow! I see big floppy eyed gold fish and koi. Also, just the transplant of one pattern into another. Incredible variety.

  96. Jeanie N, 07 August, 2010

    Wow Cindy when I think you have outdone yourself with the latest video tutorial, you do it again. Absolutely stunning. I know what I am doing Sunday morning. I just happen to have those little cutters too, and a lot of the pearl clays.

  97. Kathy G, 08 August, 2010

    Cindy, What kind of UV Resin do you use? How do you apply it to get such an even smooth finish? USCGwife

  98. Jocelyn, 08 August, 2010

    @Kathy G: Welcome Kathy! That finish is just the ticket, isn’t it? Cindy’s got a few tricks to assist. For general information, type in “UV Resin” in the search box in the upper left corner, and you’ll get a ton of information. “Terry Morris” is the owner of the company who supplies the type Cindy uses in her videos. If you search on that name, you’ll get the website.

    Of course, the best is the video itself, which you can purchase. Hope you do. It’s magical to watch that finish spread and cure. Best of luck to you.

  99. Phaedrakat, 08 August, 2010

    @Kathy G: Hi Kathy—welcome from me, too! You sure have some pretty items in your Etsy shop. Your yellow Petal Necklace is quite fun and cheerful, & certainly part of a Happy Day! :~D

    If you followed Jocelyn’s directions, you no doubt found there are 4 different articles about UV Resin, as well as other posts with resin discussions in the comments section. This link takes you to the intro to Cindy’s UV Epoxy Resin Video.

    The tutorial has the answers to your questions, as well as other important info & tips. In the comments below the article, you’ll learn additional tips & tricks from Cindy, other members, and Terry Morris (he pops in to answer product questions from time-to-time—great cust. support!)

    If you haven’t already become a member, I hope you do. Membership is incredibly low in price ($9.95 for 3 months of videos — about 82 ¢ ea.!) You can also sign up for the Polymer Clay Newsletter (link @top of page) to get 3 free videos. You get free color recipes each week too, from Cindy’s gorgeous custom color palettes. Anyway, it’s nice to meet you—hope to see you around more often! Have a “Happy Day!” ;D
    ~Kat  Riverside, CA, US

  100. Kim, 09 August, 2010

    Just watched your Blend & Switch Technique video! I think your are waking up the sleeping polymer clay beast inside me! Thanks!

  101. Peggy Barnes, 10 August, 2010

    Cindy, Sorry I couldn’t wait so I jumped ahead and watched the video first before anything else when I got on the computer. Can’t blame me you are just so super good. I was going through withdraw as it was. By the way WOWSA ANOTHER GRAND SLAM LOVA LOVA LOVA THE TUTE YOU ARE AMAZING AND DOUG IS TOO. The Leitz team gets the gold medal for a lifetime of kindness. All that information and beauty for just $3.32 a month – 4 tutes and 24 -7 blog full of info and fun. Clean family fun.
    Uuuuuugggggggs, Peggy

  102. Cindy Lietz, 26 August, 2010

    JUST POSTED… Member project photos that relate to the theme of this page… Blend and Switch Technique.

    Polymer Clay Projects

    You can view the larger images by clicking on the link by my name.

    BTW: Thanks to everyone above, who took the time to comment in this thread. Your feedback, support and engaging conversations are always such a wonderful part of my day. Although I don’t get a chance to address everyone individually, please know that I do read everything. ~Cindy

  103. Kathy G, 27 August, 2010

    Oh….I am behind the ball……..I did mine but I wanted to string the pendant and earrings b/f I posted the pics. I will post them soon. All the pics look great I especially love the one with the coin…..it looks grouted…..awesome!

  104. Laura Z, 07 December, 2010

    I just did my first blend and switch pendants. It was so fun! I had to wait because I had to order the blue pearl premo online. Can you believe none of the stores carry that? I found all of the other colors but not blue, ugh! Anyways, I just used the micromesh (for the first time – they came with my UV Resin & oven order) on these pendants, and holy cow, what a difference from sanding with wet/dry paper! So much faster, no blisters and it didn’t kill my nails. Off to try the resin now.

  105. Barb, 11 January, 2011

    I made a blend and switch swatch today, it’s my second project really. I’ve baked off enough to make a necklace, earrings and bracelet if everything goes as planned. I’ll have to wait until my sanding pads get here, this weekend, to know. Meanwhile I have about half of my B&S left, I wrapped it in Saran Wrap and then in a freezer bag, how long will it last before I need to use it up?

  106. Cindy Lietz, 14 January, 2011

    @Barb: It will last a long time, though you may need to give it a light roll with your acrylic roller to warm it back up again or it may crack. Same thing goes for other techniques such as the Art Sheets.

  107. Barb L, 14 January, 2011

    Cool, I’m off to Naw’leans for the 4 day weekend (here, US), when I get back I’ll figure out what to do with the rest of it. The info here is so cool, Cindy, I did the B&S, made some fopals (12, some white, some black), and made some generic beads with my roller. I’ve been collecting this stuff for nearly a year, but your Friday courses have really inspired me to do something with it. Thanks!

  108. Brenda, 14 January, 2011

    @Barb: are you from Naw’leans or visiting? My husbands family is from La, we visit a couple of times a year.

  109. Phaedrakat, 14 January, 2011

    @Barb: Isn’t that true? (About Cindy’s courses inspiring us to break out our clay…) I had my stuff packed away for a few years! But Cindy’s tute’s made me grab that clay and put it to good use! Polymer clay lasts a long time, which you’ll find as you “play” more and more. I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself…have a fun trip to Nawlin’s! ~Kat

  110. Barb, 14 January, 2011

    Visiting, first trip there since Katrina. Used to live further away, now I’m right next door. Looking forward to it.

  111. Phaedrakat, 17 May, 2011

    Has anyone seen the new Premo mini cutter sets? I’m not sure how many there are, but I was 2 additional types at JoAnn the other day…I bought the “Nature” set, which has tiny little butterflies, dragonflies, caterpillar, flowers, leaves, the sun, seashell, starfish, bird…etc. The other one I saw had food items (and they had “new” larger Premo cutters, too.)

    Some of the cutters in my new set ARE symmetrical, so they’d work for this cool Blend & Switch technique of Cindy’s. Can’t wait to see how they work out, as I think they’ll add even more curves/interest (for lack of a better word) to the sheet. They’re fun cutters on their own, too…just so tiny & cute! ~Kat

  112. fran, 18 May, 2011

    Someone on facebook had asked about the cutters too. Polyform’s reply was “The mini cutters are awesome, arent they? The sets include – Basic Shapes, Nature, Sweet Treats, Holiday and in a little larger size Geometric Crinkle Cutters. We’ll have information about them on our website within the next couple of weeks.” That was posted on Monday, the 16th.

  113. Phaedrakat, 20 May, 2011

    @fran: Thanks, Fran! Sounds like my JoAnn carries the entire line (except for “Holiday”…at least I didn’t see it.) The mini-cutters really ARE awesome, I have to admit! ;-)

  114. kelly beavers, 16 July, 2011

    I love this ‘switch’ mosaic technique. I haven’t mastered the teardrop/skinner thing, yet… practice, practice, practice……….. I do have one question. When you are going to cut your baked canes while they are hot, and then drill, do you use the little tools you made yourself or do you have a little power drill?

  115. Jocelyn, 16 July, 2011

    @kelly beavers: Ahahaha. Nope. We use the big boy stuff and love it!

  116. Cindy Lietz, 18 July, 2011

    @kelly beavers: I like to use the little tools I’ve made myself or just a simple drill bit in a pin vise, for drilling my beads after baking. It is much safer than using a big power drill, especially on such tiny beads. You can use a Dremel tool or a drill press for such things, but you do need to have some way of holding the bead, so that you don’t drill through your fingers by accident.

  117. Wendy H, 28 February, 2013

    Awesome technique Cindy!!! Can’t wait to try it. I wonder if using black liquid clay to “grout” the lines created by the cutters might work in place of the pasta machine. I quite like the crisp geometric lines left by the cutters. Hmmm?

  118. Cindy Lietz, 04 March, 2013

    Sounds intriguing Wendy! Go for it! Do come back and let us know how it turns out. Good luck!

  119. Chris Creeden, 11 January, 2016

    Hi Cindy,

    I just finished trying out the Blend & Switch technique it is awesome!! My pieces came out really neat but I need to practice and play more to get the pattern better, it’s not as easy as you make it look but then you’re the expert!!!

    I have a quick question when it comes to baking. I placed mine on a tile lined with parchment paper & then tented them & baked for 1 hour. My pieces came out slightly rippled and so I was wondering if I should have put another tile on top of them rather than tenting the pieces.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  120. Catalina L, 12 January, 2016

    Hi, Chris, I just re-visited this technique today. I placed my pieces on a piece of plain paper and placed another piece on top. I lightly rolled over the pieces with a roller and placed on a tile with another tile on top. They came out really flat. Try it and see if that works for you. Just love this technique. It is so simple yet looks very complicated.

  121. Chris Creeden, 13 January, 2016

    Thanks Catalina! I redid the technique again using your suggestion & they came out perfect!

  122. Chrissie F, 13 January, 2016

    Thanks, Chris for asking about that and thanks, Catalina for answering. I’ve been wanting to try this and you both may have saved me some disappointment :-)

  123. Cindy Lietz, 13 January, 2016

    Great job helping each other out here guys! Perfect answer Catalina, thank you for that!

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