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Convertible Necklace

Handmade Projects That Get You Thinking Outside of the Typical Jewelry Box:

The other day I wrote about a unique convertible necklace idea that ended up becoming a Christmas present for my Mom. The photo in that article did not show a lot of detail… which prompted the following responses from a couple of “regulars” here at the blog:

Your rose pendant is exquisitely beautiful!!! I am sure she will love it and treasure it forever, having so much fun choosing to wear it so many different ways!

I wish I could see your mother’s necklace from different angles, and what it looks like on someone. I’d love to see more of the detail in the bead work. Maybe your Mom could give you a picture of her wearing it after Christmas!?! The link to the rose itself shows the rose beautifully! It is simply gorgeous!!! I hope to find time to make more jewelry soon, and to experiment with making such versatile pieces :)

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work as always! And thanks for showing us that the options are unending!

Hugs to you. ~CindyE

Cindy, You are very creative to not only think of something like this but to make it. I agree with CindyE. We need to see more pictures of the way it looks on and the different ways it can be worn. Beautiful, just beautiful what more can I say. I love it and I know your Mom will to. ~CraftyLinda

Thanks ladies for your very kind words <blushing>. Hopefully today’s article and photo will give you a bit more to go on.

If anyone missed the original picture, here’s the link:
Polymer Clay Convertible Necklace

The original article outlined how I designed this unique jewelry piece with various interchangeable parts. Two completely different styled necklaces which can be attached to become one longer necklace. Plus a separate pendant with a clip that can be attached to either the short necklace or the one long one.

The photo above with the rose pendant in it, shows the copper link portion of the necklace. This necklace has an artistic modern look to it. Large hammered copper links were made from copper wire and linked with wire wrapped raku style polymer clay beads, as well as a few golden glass beads. Gold colored jump rings were added to bring another metal into the design, so it can go with many outfits.

The other necklace, (you can see the clasp in the smaller photo) is much more traditional with aged brass filigree clasps on each end and multi-strands of heavy 14K gold chain, gunmetal chain, red brown and copper seed beads. I used large aged copper crimps for an industrial twist and a copper lobster clasp to tie in the use of multiple metals.

Although you can see the whole pendant better in the original post, the rose pendant was wire wrapped with brass wire and a long fringe of gunmetal chain was added to dangle underneath. It too has a copper lobster clasp to tie it in with the other pieces.

This set can be worn as 3 different necklaces (2 short, 1 long) with or without the pendant. The 2 shorter necklaces can also be double wrapped around the wrist as bracelets. Giving this set a total of eight looks! Is that fun or what?!

I hope this convertible necklace idea helps to get you thinking a little more ‘outside of the typical jewelry box’ when it comes to designing with your polymer clay beads!


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  1. Cindy Lietz, 19 December, 2008

    Have you ever made convertible or interchangeable jewelry? I’d love to hear what you’ve made!

  2. Cindy Erickson, 19 December, 2008

    Thanks for this photo of your “Convertible Necklace” and for letting us see it in more detail. It is so interesting to look at with a lot of texture and fun details.

    I have not made any convertible jewelry yet, but will surely do so in the future now that you have brought the idea to my attention. Thanks, Cindy.

    Hugs to you,

    Cindy E.

  3. Cindy Lietz, 20 December, 2008

    You’re very welcome Cindy! I hope it makes more sense to you now. I’d love to see whatever jewelry you end up designing!

  4. CraftyLinda, 20 December, 2008

    Thanks for showing us more details. I love the copper with the rose it brings out the colors well in both of them. Very nice work. our Mom is a lucky gel.

  5. CraftyLinda, 20 December, 2008

    opps that was suppose to gal. It’s getting late and I’m getting

  6. Cindy Lietz, 21 December, 2008

    I thought it was cute to say gel! The kind of thing I would say. :-)

    Thanks for your sweet comment. I hope she does love it. If not maybe I can borrow it, cause I love it!

  7. Jamie, 01 May, 2009

    Very beautiful Cindy! I would love something like this. Especially with the rose being my favorite flower. And I like that you used copper. It is one of my fvorite metals to work with. I like silver too. But copper seems to suit my earthy side better. To answer your question? No I have never purposely made convertable jewelry before. But I have been known to combine several bracelets with a couple brooches at a time to make a necklace or necklaces. I like the idea of something having more than one set use. I love to have options and hardly ever wear the same look twice. So maybe I should try making a few of these LOL. Now, when do we get the video showing how to make that lovely rose? Hee hee hee! XOXO Jamie

  8. Cindy Lietz, 01 May, 2009

    I love copper too Jamie! It’s so warm looking! I’d love to see what you come up with if you do make a convertible necklace. It’s quite a neat concept.

    I will eventually do a video on those Rose Beads. Now if there were only a few more hours in the day! (And I had the energy to make it through them! LOL)

  9. Kat, 11 March, 2010

    I love this necklace, Cindy, it is a truly beautiful piece. Then factor in you Rose, and you’ve got a masterpiece! I guess when you posted this, you hadn’t done the course on your Roses yet. I wasn’t around when you finally had a video, either. This post has reminded me that I need to buy the Vol-013 back issue so I can learn to make your Sculpted Rose Beads & the other great techniques in the volume of videos. I know so many people who would be delighted if I could make beads like this for them! (Sure, of course ME TOO!)

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