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Testing Ranger Glossy Accents on Polymer Clay

Video #497: Yes it’s compatible with Premo Sculpey. A very comparable product to Aleen’s Jewelry Gel.

Using Aleene’s Jewelry Pendant Gel on Polymer Clay

Video #485: A very shiny coating for polymer pendants… gives the look of resin… only much softer.

Using Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pens on Polymer Clay

Video #474: After a year and a half, this product does pass compatibility testing.

Tips for Using Inka Gold Metallic Rub on Polymer Clay

Video #411: A polymer compatible product that’s part paint, part wax, with the consistency of a mousse.

Triple Thick Gloss Glaze – Compatible or Not?

Video #403: My polymer clay tests have worked out fine… but others say it has gone sticky for them.

Using Inkssentials Enamel Accents on Polymer Clay

Video #391: My test results show that this product is compatible and safe to use with Polymer Clay.

My Distress Crackle Paint Test – Perplexing Results

Video #389: A call out to anyone who’s had success getting this product to stick to polymer clay…

Making Homemade Alcohol Inks Using Rit Dye

Video #385: An alternative to buying commercially made Adirondack Inks.

Is It Compatible With Polymer Clay? Always Test!

Video #375: And remember that testing for polymer compatibility issues does take time.

Three Liquid Polymer Clay Brands Compared

Video #374: Kato Liquid Polyclay; Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS); Sculpey Bake & Bond.

Reviving Old And Cracked Polymer Clay Canes

Video #359: Testing several different clay softening products on brittle polymer canes.

Pardo Professional Art Clay – Translucent Review

Video #344: Everyone says that Pardo Translucent is the clearest of them all. Let’s find out…

Comparing Translucent Polymer Clay Brands

Video #334: Which polymer clay translucent product is right for you? Premo Sculpey, Kato Polyclay, Fimo or Sculpey III?

Ten Minutes NOT Long Enough to Bake Polymer Clay

Video #323: A side by side comparison test, that proves why polymer clay MUST be baked properly… or it will break!

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