Using Inkssentials Enamel Accents on Polymer Clay

Enamel Accents on Polymer ClayVideo #391: My test results show that this product is compatible and safe to use with Polymer Clay.

Topics Covered In This Video:

  • Inkssentials Enamel Accents is a dimensional Faux enamel high gloss paint made by Ranger.
  • For this compatibility and durability test, sample swatches were made using Enamel Accents on strips of baked Premo polymer clay.
  • Tests showed that after more than a months time, the paint had adhered to the polymer clay very strongly with no adverse reactions.
  • The paint was tough and flexible and I was not able to scratch it off the clay with my fingernails. I could however press a light dent into the paint surface with my nail if I pressed really hard.
  • Overall I believe that the Ranger Enamel Accents to be a great candidate for use on Premo polymer clay.

Question of the Day:

Have you ever tried Ranger’s Enamel Accents on polymer clay? What brand of clay did you use? And what kind of projects did you use them for?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Tantesherry, 27 June, 2013

    that is very neat – did you guys see what DeeEll said over at youtube–it comes in clear too & can be used like resin to get a doming effect
    I never have gotten a uv lamp so this is very welcome news:)
    Cindy, how much does this paint cost? but I guess it would still be less than buying the uv lamp plus the resin…OK it’s gong on my wish list:)
    Thank you so very much for going to the expence of trying out all the “wonder if’s”
    for us – I think you have struck gold on this one

  2. Cindy Lietz, 29 June, 2013

    Hi Sherry, I’m trying to remember the price of it. I picked it up at Micheals in a set for I think around $8 but I could be wrong. It was here in Canada, so what ever I paid for it, would have been way more than what you guys can get it for in the states. You’ll have to Google it to find out. As far as the clear being a replacement for resin, it would be a simple alternative, though I think it would not be as durable as resin. (It might dent or scratch, especially if it was a thick coating on a large piece.) Hopefully you can get the UV Resin someday. It really does make your pieces look fantastic!

  3. Hermine R, 27 June, 2013

    I have never tried that product.Don’t know if I will.
    I wondered though if you intend to try the Pardo crackle product called Faceten lack.
    I have and I like the effect so far .Another opinion would be interesting.
    You can see it on my blog this week what I have found. Hope you can read French though!
    The black doen’t seem to crackle the same way as the other colours I have tried. The other colours give a raku like crackle. I like the tranlucent one you can mix with perl ex and acrylic paints but it does get off the clay more.

  4. Cindy Lietz, 29 June, 2013

    Hi Hermine, is the Pardo crackle product a liquid or a solid clay? I have not heard of it yet.

  5. Cheyrl B, 28 June, 2013

    Love the idea of the clear to use instead of resin – would just have to find a finish to keep it from being ” dented ” on something hard. I wonder if you could use the mica powders to give it color and shine. A little bling goes a long way and really makes some things pop. Is the clear cystal clear or is there a bit of milkyness ( not sure if that is even a word ) when it dries

  6. Christine H, 28 June, 2013

    I can’t wait to have my daughter use this in a fine point manner (method yet to be figured out) and have her do some of her zentangle work on some clay! A great lab test Cindy! I also love the upside down phone on the craddle LOL! Makes me want to suggest you put a fun twist to your tutes and have a “what’s wrong with this picture” prop for us to find! haha.

    I’m also going to test to see how Scupley gloss works over the “Inkssentials” product.

  7. Cindy Lietz, 28 June, 2013

    LOL When I took the phone off the hook so it wouldn’t ring while we were filming I put it back in the cradle upside down. I wondered if someone would notice!

  8. Betty B, 28 June, 2013

    LOL Too funny! I was so distracted the first time I watched it that I didn’t even notice. That kind of stuff usually doesn’t get past me so easily!

  9. Sara Cockrell, 28 June, 2013

    Cindy, thank you. That’s all. Just Thank you.

  10. Dixie Ann, 28 June, 2013

    Michaels and JoAnns do not have this product so I would be interested in knowing if any other craft stores carry it. It sounds like a great product and looks to be “heavy bodied”. I would like to try it as so often times I like using acrylic paints rather than inks and I love the enameled look. I’m sure most of you are familiar with Testors paints that come in tiny little bottles for folks who like building model cars, trains, etc. I have been testing it on polymer clay using it as “trim” paint and so far it is doing great with the clay. It comes both in High Gloss and Flat. Michaels has a whole color range of it. It takes such a tiny bit and goes a long way. It is also an acrylic and not like the old laquer they used to make years ago where you had to clean your brush with paint thinner. It’s also very inexpensive and has been around for at least 50 yrs. or more. I love it that Cindy is always on the look out testing new products and sharing these with us. I noticed the phone too and chuckled to myself because I have done the same thing when having a gazillion things going on. :)

  11. Robin Mudd, 28 June, 2013

    I was getting ready to watch the video and saw your note about the phone being upside down I have done that before to funny I love your video’s I have learned much from you. Thanks

  12. Peggy Barnes, 30 June, 2013

    Thank you so much for more great results. Can’t wait to try it out.

  13. elaine faulks, 02 July, 2013

    The following will explain why I haven’t been around for a while:-

    When you said you loved me
    I knew it was so true
    I’m sitting here and typing this
    And my thoughts have turned to you.

    You showed you cared in many ways
    (That others wouldn’t know)
    And now that you have left this world
    It’s come as a bitter blow.

    Jessica is really missing you
    She sleeps upon your bed
    And is not quite sure why you are not here
    To stroke her and pat her head.

    We both cared about you deeply
    And think of you all the time
    She’s grumping under your blanket
    And giving a little whine.

    I think of the many things we’ve done
    And places we have been
    The laughter and tears that we have both shared
    As we tramped in the fields so green.

    They called you Grizzly Adams because of your long curly hair
    And the beard that reached right down to your chest
    (But I called you my grizzly bear).

    But I know you would love to get back here
    To be with Jess and me
    And you know we love you so very much
    And for Jess to sit on your knee

    I thought on May Day we’d lost you
    But it wasn’t the time to part
    So we treasured those last days together
    ‘Till t’was time to say farewell Dear Heart.

    You wanted a Viking Funeral
    But we did the best we could
    We built you a casket of Willow
    Instead of one made of wood.

    We made you a Viking Long Boat
    It had shields of leather and gold
    A golden boar’s head, at the prow
    With sail of red and white
    We filled with your favourite flowers
    It was a splendid sight.

    So farewell my proud Viking
    The battle is fought and won
    Journey to your Valhalla
    To once again sit in the Sun
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  14. Cindy Lietz, 02 July, 2013

    With tears of love and tenderness, my heart is with you Elaine. I am so sorry for your loss. Your beautiful poem is a fitting tribute to your loving husband and is the perfect way to say what your heart is feeling right now. Lean on us if you need to. I send you all my love. Take care sweetie. Love ~ Cindy, Doug, Willow and Fisher

  15. Andrea Paradiso, 04 July, 2013

    My best energies of Love and comfort are with you, Elaine. But Joy, also, to know that you had…and still have…the awesome treasure of such a relationship!

    Much, much Love and Light!


  16. Cheyrl B, 03 July, 2013

    Elaine, I am so sorry for your loss. Your proud viking husband must be looking down from Valhala with smiles and love for the beautiful tribute you wrote for him.

  17. Tantesherry, 03 July, 2013

    Dear Elaine
    Please know you have been thought of so often these past weeks,
    each time you came to mind I’d stop and send you thoughts of comfort and love. Bless your heart hon, and take good care of yourself.
    Love Sherry

  18. Jill V., 04 July, 2013

    Dear Elaine,
    Your poem is beautiful. What an amazing send-off you gave your viking! A testament to true love. Wishing you peace and comfort at this sad time.
    Jill V.

  19. Cecilia K, 04 July, 2013

    I’m so sorry to read about your loss!

    It’s such a beautiful poem and a tribute.

    Such a beautiful way to say goodbye and Valhalla can call itself lucky to host a new Viking.

    Hugs Cecilia

  20. Yong R, 05 July, 2013

    A very touching poem of LOVE to your Viking warrior. Your beloved is enthroned in Light in the sacred beyond. His love will always guard and surround you and Jessica.

  21. Lesley Symons, 07 July, 2013

    Oh Elaine …. I’m so very, very sorry to hear of your loss. Your poem brought tears to my eyes! You two will walk in the sunshine together again one day …. meanwhile, sending blessings and light … and a great big hug!

  22. Phaedrakat, 08 July, 2013

    I’m so sorry to hear this sad news. Your lovely poem made my heart break for you! Such a beautiful relationship…I pray you find comfort in your memories and in family/friends who love you. And don’t forget your friends here–we are all sending love, thoughts, and prayers!

  23. Dixie Ann, 02 July, 2013

    Elaine, so sorry for the loss of your DH. What a lovely poem you wrote in his honor. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I know how difficult this time is for you and wish I could wrap my arms around you and give you the biggest hug. God bless Doll, (((hugs)))

  24. Sandra J, 02 July, 2013

    Elaine my thoughts and prayers are with you. May you find comfort in God’ love and arms. All my love Sandra

  25. Jocelyn C, 03 July, 2013

    Elaine, I am just brokenhearted. I am so sorry for the loss of your companion. You wrote him a wonderful tribute. I am so glad you shared it with us.

  26. Catalina, 04 July, 2013

    I’m so sorry, Elaine, for your loss. My heart aches for you. What an amazing poem for an amazing man! I pray you can remember him without tears soon. Sending you cyber {{{hugs}}}

  27. Christine H, 05 July, 2013

    I pray that God will be your comfort during your grief. I am sorry for your loss. You have such wonderful memories as you’ve expressed in your poem. That is a gift you can always treasure.

  28. DebiS, 05 July, 2013

    So sorry to hear of your loss Elaine. Hugs and prayers to you.

  29. Pattw, 05 July, 2013

    How sad -to say goodbye. My love and thoughts come to you at this time of loss. What a beautiful and heart felt poem. Love never ends – the memories will keep you warm. Hold tight – this too shall pass. But Love never ends………..

  30. Hope Martin, 05 July, 2013

    Beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it. I am so sorry you had a reason to write it. Hugs and healing to you!

  31. Ginny M, 07 July, 2013

    I’m sorry for your loss, thoughts and prayers to comfort you!


  32. Marion Rayner, 24 September, 2014

    Thanks for the research Cindy, you are such a fantastic resource! Ranger’s Enakel Accents is an exciting new product but the projects this can be used with is limited since it’s only available in black and white. If Ranger’s decided to make it in a range of colours then I’d be first in line!

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