Beginner Polymer Clay Notes – An Artist Clay So Versatile

Rose Cane Silver Spoon Penant

Today’s Pic: Silver Spoon Jewelry Pendant Embellished With Slices From a Polymer Clay Rose Cane:

For anyone new to polymer clay, you may not realize just how versatile the medium really is. This artist’s clay can be rolled or sculpted into a huge variety of bead shapes; color blended to create dramatic effects; and creatively combined for making unique clay cane designs.

Polymer clay canes are logs of clay with a design or pattern inside that runs the length of the clay log. You can reduce your cane down to whatever size works best for the design. Then you can use slices from the cane to decorate your beads and jewelry pieces with. Your imagination is really the only limit.

Take for example, the pretty vintage silver spoon polymer clay pendant pictured above. The roses that cover the bowl of the spoon are slices of clay taken from the Rose Brain Cane I discussed the other day.

Of course there are many other bead and jewelry designs you can make with a polymer cane such as this. Here are just a few of them:

With all the different jewelry designers out there these days, it is important to stand out and give your jewelry a unique voice.

When you learn how to make your own polymer clay canes and beads you can bring a uniqueness to your work that is difficult to achieve if you are only buying production beads from a retail or wholesale outlet.

So if you make handmade beaded jewelry and you haven’t yet started making your own polymer clay beads… what’s stopping you from getting started?

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  1. Cindy Lietz, 16 February, 2009

    Did you know that polymer clay bead making is the least expensive way to start making high quality, professional looking beads. You don’t need any specialty torches or kilns as are required for other bead making techniques. Comparatively speaking, polymer clay tools and supplies are really quite inexpensive. And with proper instruction, your skills will advance very quickly. Plus… with all the techniques you can learn over time, polymer clay bead making is something that will keep you going for a lifetime without ever getting bored.

  2. lynn watts, 20 February, 2009

    I absolutely love your spoon pendant. People that have not touched polymer clay have noooo idea about the versatility this medium provides. I have taken things I have made and shown people and have gotten great feedback. Do you have to use silver spoons? I have bought a lot of baby spoons, do you think they would work? Wow I am having a brainstorm. See ya Cindy. Lynn watts

  3. Cindy Lietz, 22 February, 2009

    Sure you could use baby spoon Lynn! If they are Stainless Steel they may be difficult to cut or bend though. You would have to experiment with that.

    You are so right about polymer clay’s versatility. I am still amazed with what can be done with it! I can’t see how I would ever get tired of all the possibilities!

  4. Linda F, 21 February, 2013

    Hi Cindy,

    Your expertise, cheery disposition, and enthusiasm stand you in very good stead. When I was first beginning my stumble through how to use this medium, you (of all the myriad of resources I sussed out on both the internet and in print), provided a clear step by step and exciting window into the world of polymer clay. I thank you for sharing your kind and informative insights. Your moto re: ‘I made the mistakes so you don’t have to’ is the perfect welcome mat for any beginner or seasoned enthusiast.

    Thank you.


  5. Lena S, 24 September, 2014


    I thought your beginner video course was fantastic. I learned more tips than I thought I would. The videos are nice and clear, easy to understand. I loved the background and “basics”. They give you a good foundation for working with polymer clay.

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