Purple Leopard Print Cane – Wild Animal Prints [Vote]

Purple Leopard Print Polymer Clay Beads “Tiger, leopard,
cheetahs … the
momentum is building, we’ll
soon have jungle cats
rampant. Wowee!”

Animal prints are a hot topic these days… both with traditional as well as fun color combinations. Listed below are some previously posted comments that inspired me to come up with a new cane project for you guys. My plan is to include it in the Vol-024 (May) video line-up.

Raises hand, gestures wildly… animal prints, leather textured, giraffe… fur-like ringlet tails or scales? LOL!!! ~Jocelyn-C

I second the request for animal print canes! They’re fun on their own and would go well with other recent videos like the tribal cane and faux carved bone. And you can still be creative with colour… for instance, tiger canes look really cool with a blue base instead of the usual tawny orange! I’ve seen various approaches to these, and have played with a tiger skin cane on my own, but it would be great to see Cindy’s take on them too. ~Sue-F

Hi Cindy, I second (third?) the animal prints. I am enjoying and look forward to your video tutorials every Friday and I try to keep up with your Polymer Clay Tips on twitter as well. ~Louise-T

I add my vote to anything to do with animal prints, giraffe, tiger, leopard, cheetahs … the momentum is building. We’ll soon have jungle cats rampant. Wowee! Thanks to Cindy too, our guide and mentor, in anticipation. Cheers,

Louise, I think that makes it a fourth motion. Cool, because Cindy treats comments like votes. Right, Sue F! Colorful animal is fun. I love me some hot-pink zebra! (Well, that’s just my p.j.’s, but still… lol) Animal prints are really popular right now. My sister (who steals for herself, yet sometimes sells, my jewelry) has made several zebra requests. Go Zebra! Tiger! Leopard! (my 3 faves…). Even though I can figure most kinds out myself now, watching your videos is still my favorite. You work out all the kinks, and give us a perfect, step-by-step presentation. Thanks for that! ~Phaedrakat

I am interested in any kind of cane work, I would especially like to make some animal print canes: giraffe, tiger, zebra and cheetah and apply to beads. I am really enjoying your web site! Thanks. ~Patrice-M

Hi Cindy, I would like to see a few different things too, including animal prints. Thanks for your videos and articles. I am enjoying them. ~Mary-C

Is is too late to put in a request? I want to learn animal print canes! Zebra, leopard, tiger, etc. ~Jennifer-T

So… as long as the general consensus is still positive (please let me know in the comment section below), the purple leopard cane tutorial will be included in the May video line up.

Updated Schedule for the 4-part, May-2010, Volume-024 series:

(1) Cane Making: Purple Leopard Print [proposed]
(2) Bead Shapes: [to be determined]
(3) Clay Techniques: [to be determined]
(4) Special Projects: [to be determined]

** Did You Know… Members with current subscriptions to the weekly tutorial videos are always entitled to a 10% discount when purchasing 6 or more back issue packages in a single transaction. If you are interested, let me know which back issues you would like and I will send further instructions on how to complete your order.

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  1. pamagela, 07 April, 2010

    cheers, I confirm this video will be beautiful

  2. Nevena, 07 April, 2010

    Cindy,I love the idea of this cane!

    Hi ,Pamagela,where are you from? Is this your name or “username”,I find it lovely!
    Italian:Ciao,Pamagela,da dove sei? E’questo il tuo nome o “username” Io lo trovo bellissimo!

  3. pamagela, 07 April, 2010

    @Nevena: Nevena very nice dear, I’m Italian living in the province. Milan
    Together with my nick name surname Pagani Mariangela “Pamagela”
    where do you live?
    a hug

  4. Nevena, 07 April, 2010

    @pamagela: i live in Bulgaria,Mariangela is also a very beautiful name! Hai deciso di parlare inglese?:)(You have decided to speak English?:)) A hug

  5. pamagela, 07 April, 2010

    @Nevena: sei in Bulgaria ? bellissimo!Raccontami..
    mi va benissimo parlare italiano se per te va bene ……felice.
    anche perchè devo usare il traduttore e quindi non penso che sia il massimo.
    Però ci capiamo e ne sono felice……
    avremo una bella lezione nel mese di maggio che cosa ne dici?

  6. Nevena, 08 April, 2010

    @pamagela: Ciao ,Pamagela,mi va benissimo “sentire “italiano,se io amo molto questa lingua! E’bella come la Italia,come la vita! Davvero ci sara una bella lezione!
    La Bulgaria e anche un bel’paese come natura,clima….

    Pamagela says ;You live in Bulgaria! Lovlely! Tell me…I feel good speaking Italian,if it is O.K. for you….happy .Also because i have to use the dictionary and i don’t think i will do quite right.
    But we understand each other and i am happy…
    We will have a nice lection in May,what you will say?
    Nevena:Hi Pamagela,i feel good “listening” Italian,as i like this language much.It is beautiful as Italy is! As life is!It will be really a nice lection.Bulgaria is also a nice country as nature,climate….

  7. pamagela, 08 April, 2010

    @Nevena: scrivi bene Italiano …quando vuoi parlare sono con te un abbraccio e buon lavoro

  8. Nevena, 08 April, 2010

    correction:The transalation i did from Italian-I translated that Pamagela had to use the dictionary-correct was that she had to use translator.I noticed that later.

  9. Susan B, 07 April, 2010

    “Purple Leopard Print” what fun! I love the idea of animal prints using fun colours so this is definitely a YES from me.

  10. Elizabeth S., 07 April, 2010

    Yes for me! Beautiful!!

  11. Cara, 07 April, 2010

    It would appear I am more fussy, or perhaps just more prepared to say it but I’m not keen on this one. Not quite sure what I would like to see instead though

  12. Sue F, 07 April, 2010

    A qualified yes here… although I have to say that that doesn’t look at all like a leopard print to me. Even a purple one. ;D Leopards have clusters of spots rather than a continuous ring, and while those spots do somewhat run together the overall effect is quite different to my (engineer-type) eyes. The continuous ring is the picture is more like an ocelot print than a leopard print, even allowing for artistic license. (Perhaps it would look more like an animal print to me too if the pattern was smaller relative to the beads it was placed on…)

  13. carolyn, 07 April, 2010

    @Sue F: Maybe Cindy can change the name to ‘ocelot’! That would be a cool name anyway …

  14. Sue F, 07 April, 2010

    @carolyn: Maybe. It still doesn’t look much like an animal print to me (which is why I made the comment that maybe if the pattern was smaller relative to the item it might), although it’s less far away from an ocelot pattern than a leopard pattern.

  15. Phaedrakat, 07 April, 2010

    Yippeeeeee! Gettin’ wild! I love it! Thanks for bringing some animal print, complete with crazy color combo! This is really cute, so yes, it’s a YES from me!

  16. Laura B, 07 April, 2010

    I like the idea of animal prints, and particularly leopard, but I have to be honest and say I’m not excited about these. The colours are great, but I just don’t see leopard or animal there.

  17. pollyanna, 07 April, 2010

    I don’t usually care for animal prints, but I love this one…..Cant wait to see how its done.

  18. Linda B., 07 April, 2010

    Not a fan of animal prints but these look interesting. I love the colors.

    Linda B.
    Kansas City, MO

  19. Lupe Meter, 07 April, 2010

    Love it, Cindy! One of my favorite colors is purple…and leopard print is even better! So, definitely a big YES!

  20. Lawrence, 07 April, 2010

    I like the idea of animal print canes, any kind, zebra, tiger, giraffe, as well as the leopard.

  21. Melinda Herron, 07 April, 2010

    yes, convinced of the coolness of purple leopard spots! Yes, yes, yes…. I need to make them in lime green! Fabulous!!!

  22. Linda K., 07 April, 2010

    Oooh, I like this. Animal prints are great. Wild colors are great. Put them together and I love them!

  23. Lisa Whitham, 07 April, 2010

    I vote yes also… This will be too cool..!

    ~Lisa :)

  24. Susan B, 07 April, 2010

    @Pamagela: I live close to Florence. It is nice to see someone else here from Italy!

  25. carolyn, 07 April, 2010

    @Susan B: I was in Florence, Italy, with my dear husband shortly before he became ill. It is such a beautiful city!

  26. pamagela, 07 April, 2010

    @Susan B: Glad to hear you’re in Italy, close to beautiful Florence, Florence I have fond memories of a warm greeting and a hug
    cheers translators who join the world

  27. pamagela, 08 April, 2010

    @Susan B: gentile Susan anche a me fa molto piacere poter parlare italiano, a presto buon lavoro

  28. Phaedrakat, 07 April, 2010

    I love this international blog! It’s so cool to see people from around the world united in the art of polymer clay! We can all enjoy the cool craftiness of Cindy — who creates a very exciting animal print in bright colors. Just imagine the enormous possibilities here with this cane. And what a big-selling bead!

  29. Ken H, 07 April, 2010

    Thats wild (no pun intended), I have family friend who is a Red Hatter I can see this in a red and purple combo for her. Yes please do it.

  30. carolyn, 07 April, 2010

    @Ken H: Great idea, Ken! I’ve made lentils with purple and red for a red hatter gal here at Tahoe!

  31. carolyn, 07 April, 2010

    I have no intimate knowledge of leopard spots, but I sure do like these beads! Whatever you call them … please show us how to make them.

  32. Peggy Barnes, 07 April, 2010

    I am very keen on this idea. My # 1 request would have to be Zebra print. I have the most awesome zebra rubber stamp. The detail is oh so beautiful. You would swear the eyes are real. It is such a beautiful animal when you really look at the print. Would love some beads to go with my Zebra Pendant. Please with whip cream and a cherry on top as my little Justice says when he really wants something. And I do want this tute. Another great idea Cindy no matter the print.
    Uuuuuuuggggs to all

  33. Cheryl Hodges, 07 April, 2010

    @ pamagela_ trying to translate that but did not succeed. I was trying to teach myself italian- i just love that language. I’m a piano teacher and besides haveing musical terms in italian, i simple love the language. i think it’s a very musical language. I did some lessons on ‘live mocha’ but haven’t had time to continue.
    @ Cindy – Yes to the tutorial. I’m not keen on animal prints but I think it would be a good one to learn with the faux bone beads. would love to learn both types – stripes and spots?

  34. Nevena, 08 April, 2010

    @Cheryl Hodges-Hi ,I think we are sharing the same passion for Italian,i do find it very musical!Together with our passion for polymer clay we have no excuse to create anything in life that is not beautiful!:)

  35. pamagela, 08 April, 2010

    @Cheryl Hodges: saluti Cheryl, e buon lavoro

  36. Cindy Lietz, 07 April, 2010

    Thanks guys for the wonderful feedback! I have been thinking about some of your responses and will make sure to tweak the cane to look a little more ‘Leopard’ like as well as show some color variations. I think you all will find the new examples more ‘animal like’ with the added fun of some funky color options. That should satisfy almost every one of you. :-)

  37. Mary, 07 April, 2010

    Cindy, you’re too much! Not that we don’t want more, we definitely do! I’ve been racking my brain on how leopard spots could be incorporated into a cane or polyfauxfabric sheet. In May, all will be revealed – and in purple! Thanks for listening to our cries for animalia, Cindy. Fabulous, can’t wait. Mary U-

  38. Pam, 07 April, 2010

    Would love to see how these are done, love the colors, could you include a natural pallete also?

  39. Susan B, 08 April, 2010

    @Carolyn: If you ever come back to visit Florence do be sure to let me know.
    @Pamagela: Your translator works well but it is fun to see Italian on this blog too!
    @Cindy: You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time BUT you are probably going to achieve pleasing all of the people all of the time! Bravissima!

  40. Phaedrakat, 08 April, 2010

    I don’t know, some people are impossible to please! I feel bad, Cindy unleashed her wild animal print today and got all these critiques about how it didn’t look animal enough, or didn’t look like the “right” animal. I mean, come on! We all know Cindy likes to put her own spin on things. And as artists, or supposed artists, we should be able to take what she gives us and put OUR own spin on that. Meaning, if we don’t think it looks enough like a leopard, we change it. If we want brighter colors, or neutral colors, we mix them up ourselves and make it in the colors we prefer! What do people expect? A personalized palette for each person? I can’t see how Cindy accomplishes everything in her life already, she does quite a bit. 4 videos per month, 8 new colors, a daily article, and answering questions constantly. Not to mention all of the time behind the scenes creating all of this, trying to keep it fresh and fun for us. But no – it looks more like an ocelot? (And not really even that?) I’m sorry. I think that’s going too far.

    Cindy, I love what you’re doing! I love your animal beads, and I think you are amazing to accept the comments and offer to tweak your perfectly fine cane! You are incredible, lady!

  41. Sue F, 08 April, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: Speaking for myself, when I ask for feedback I don’t want an automatic “yes”; I want an honest opinion, so that’s what I’ve given here. What else are we supposed to do in a thread specifically to determine whether the consensus is positive or not? I tried to be constructive about the aspects that bothered me, as I always want to receive detailed feedback myself. It certainly wasn’t intended to be rude. Cindy (and everyone else) is welcome to ignore whatever I say.

  42. Phaedrakat, 08 April, 2010

    @Sue F: Sue, I don’t think you intended to be rude, and you probably weren’t. I am an overly sensitive person, so I over-reacted. For some reason, I felt compelled to “stick up” for Cindy, when that needn’t be done. Cindy did ask for feedback, and of course she wants it to be honest. I think what made me comment was the 2nd time you mentioned it. The first comment (IMO) was just an honest critique. The second comment though, sounded (to me) like “well, it doesn’t even look like ocelot, either.” Your quote at the top of the page says that, “it would be great to see Cindy’s take on them,” (meaning animal prints.) Then (IMO) you went and bashed Cindy’s “take.” I’m sorry if I got you or anyone else upset. I was just worried that Cindy would get her feelings hurt. I should have realized Cindy asked for the feedback, no matter how hurtful…

    Whew! It makes me feel bad to even think about negative feedback! I can tell I’m not ready to handle this level of critique. I know now that I won’t be submitting any work — I’m too sensitive to handle what others might think! I’ll have to wait until my present circumstances get better. With my health & living situation, I’m too much of a big baby these days! :`( Again, I’m sorry for causing any trouble. I love this blog, and all of the people who are a part of this community…

  43. Cindy Lietz, 08 April, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: Awww don’t worry, we all go through stuff. It is important to remember that opinions here are welcomed and encouraged, as long as they are respectful. There is no need to worry too much about opinions that are different than yours, because if everyone thought the same, this would be a pretty boring world! :-)

    You are doing a great job with all your supportive comments and help you give to others. Keep doing what you’re doing, you are really appreciated!!!!

  44. Silverleaf, 08 April, 2010

    @Cindy Lietz from Wire Wrapped Lentil Beads: Thanks, that’s good advice for me since I intend to teach some day soon! I like the label “free-spirit”, sounds nicer than my usual label of can’t-help-but-mess-with-it-types. ;)

    @Nevena: Wouldn’t that be lovely, meeting in Italy! My choir director has family in Italy so maybe one day the choir will go on tour there.

    @Phaedrakat: I think learning to respond positively to criticism is a hard thing to do – it’s very natural to get upset or angry when you’re showing something so personal as your art. There’s a whole process I go through when I get less-than-positive feedback: Does this person know what they’re talking about, have experience in the technique, have a good sense of style or colour or whatever? Are they a negative person in general (my dad for example feels the need to criticise practically everything I do, so when I get negative feedback from him it means much less than if I got the same comments from someone more supportive). Is it one person, or did everyone say the same thing? Is the criticism justified, are they actually right? Do I agree with their comments, or is it just a case of us having different tastes and opinions? If I do agree, how can I improve my work to reflect that? It helps me to detach from my work and see that people aren’t criticising me personally and that they aren’t always right anyway.

    I notice that people on here are very positive and supportive to anyone who has a spotlight, so I’m sure no-one would be mean to you if you did send in pictures!

  45. Joyce M, 09 April, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: Hi Phaedrakat, I have enjoyed every one of your comments here and have learned from them.
    So, when things are calmer for you I really hope that you will reconsider and send in some of your lovely work. I am sure that your work is just that, lovely and it will be inspiring to us on its own. Hope this happens soon for you. Happy claying…

  46. Ken H, 08 April, 2010

    I never intended nor expected a personalized color palette, I said I could SEE it done in red hatter colors, and once I learn what to do will adapt it to my vision, and Cindy I love the beads, Can’t wait till tomorrow.

  47. Nevena, 08 April, 2010

    Ladies,please,we can get along with each other in a nice way and sure there is space for all our thoughts,suppositions and suggestions and i would love to hear any of you!I wish that no one remains with a kind of bitter feeling after the talk.Due to our different opinions we are having a real talk.

  48. Ken H, 08 April, 2010

    No bitterness, no anger, maybe a bit cranky because of no caffeine yet ( file room looks like a bomb went off, and it wasn’t this way when I left yesterday afternoon), but that was far from my intent. I wanted Cindy to know that what ever or how ever the material is presented I appreciate it, and will glean everything I can from it.

  49. Joyce M, 08 April, 2010

    Pink and Purple! My girls will love that. One loves pink and the other purple (they’re fraternal twins). No matter the name they’ll find something of themselves to name whatever the results is. The tut will be fun and a challenge to come up with a number of combinations. I’m really looking forward to it as always. Way to go, Cindy.

  50. Silverleaf, 08 April, 2010

    Yes, I like these too, especially the colours!

    I have to say I’m with Cara, Sue, Laura and the others as well though, I don’t think they look much like “real” leopardskin. That said, I also agree with Phaedrakat that this is a good “jumping-off” point for people who want something a bit more realistic and less stylised to create their own versions of this cane. I know that I end up tweaking every tutorial I follow, not necessarily because I don’t like the result but more often just to see what will happen. We all have different tastes and styles after all, and what’s the point us all being little Cindy clones?

    Oh and I want to say hi from the UK to my fellow Europeans! I don’t understand much Italian unless it’s musical terms (I’m a singer) but it does sound lovely. And I really want to got to Italy one day.

  51. Nevena, 08 April, 2010

    @Silverleaf: Hi to the UK and to another clay artist with a musical username ! Perhaps we could all meet in Italy one day!

  52. Ken H, 08 April, 2010

    @Nevena: I would love to visit Italy someday, such a beautiful country.

    Amerei visitare l’Italia un giorno, un paese così bello.

  53. Nevena, 08 April, 2010

    @Ken H -where does your knowledge of Italian comes from?

  54. Ken H., 08 April, 2010

    @Nevena: Little bit from college (had Italian, French and German for my degree) and a translator website. I don’t trust my abilities that well to trust conversing with a native speaker. I hope I didn’t offend.

  55. Nevena, 09 April, 2010

    @Ken H This is not about knowledge

  56. Silverleaf, 08 April, 2010

    “what’s the point us all being little Cindy clones?”

    Cindy, you know I mean that in a good way, right? :)

  57. DJ, 08 April, 2010

    I like this print and all its possibilities, looking forward to this one as well.
    @Ken H: Mornings are harsh enough without caffeine – let alone walking into a workplace “disaster”!! Hope you find coffee soon! :0)

  58. carolyn, 08 April, 2010

    Well, my goodness! We’ve really had a ‘family’ discussion here. Does each person in a family have exactly the same thoughts, ideas and tastes? Absolutely not! It is wonderful that we can each express ourselves honestly here on Cindy’s blog. I personally am thankful that not everyone agrees … that’s what leads to creativity … thinking on our own. Whatever names are given to techniques, it is the technique that Cindy is teaching us. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind at all becoming a Cindy clone … well, not totally … I’m too independent for that … but she is so talented and I wish I had half her expertise!

    As far as traveling … though I’d love to return to Europe and the UK … and Israel and the Far East … I think those days are over. Don and I wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand but never made it. Now I just travel in my little motorhome and it can’t cross oceans. But I have memories that I hold dear. It is super that our ‘little’ community on Cindy’s blog is such a world wide group. Cindy, do you know how many of us there are? Just curious.

  59. Cindy Lietz, 08 April, 2010

    I feel like a proud Mama right now, with a family full of lively, independent people who feel comfortable enough to say how they feel!! You have no idea how grateful I am for that. Nothing is worse for a teacher to ask for some opinions and get crickets chirping in the background.

    When I first started teaching, I kind of had a set project that everyone had to make. But I noticed that there would be about 10-20% of the class that would want to do it their own way. So I started to do things differently. I would say at the beginning of the class, “This is how I usually do it but it can also be done like this, or this or this or what ever way you want”. People had come to my classes to enjoy themselves… so why should they make something they didn’t like?

    I also found that some people felt lost if it was a free-for-all. So I started showing a specific project with specific colors and some examples on the side, that showed it done in other ways. This way the person who needs to follow along step by step was happy AND the free-spirit was happy. This is the way I continue to teach.

    A while back, Doug suggested that I start getting feedback well in advance of when each of the weekly video tutorials are filmed. That is how these “vote” posts came about. They give all of you a chance to express opinions about the topic, and to make suggestions about what you would like me to cover. Now of course I can’t please 100% of the people all the time. But the more the better, as long as it is within my abilities to do so.

    So… EVERY opinion you guys give me is important. As long as it is constructive and not mean, I will be able to use that intelligence to better serve you.

    I totally understand that we have people who have different tastes learning here. We have men and women. Quiet people, loud people. Flowery people and non-flowery people. We have people from different places and different cultures. We have people who LOVE purple and people who HATE it! :-)

    But we are family! And even though we all have our own minds (and should feel free to speak them) we still love and respect each other, so it is ALL GOOD!

    I am honored to have you all in my family!

  60. Melinda Herron, 08 April, 2010

    Wow, Cindy you are fabulous and so understanding. I love your videos and all the time and attention you provide us! Being one of the 10-20% of people who always need to do it their own way (and often times I must try things before you can provide the video) I am so grateful with every bit of knowledge you can provide and every bit of individuality that everyone else provides because all the little pieces slide into my brain to help me create. I love the banter and the discussions here and though sometimes I’m not always vocal (or typcal????) I’m here reading, learning, laughing and creating and thankful for the family unit here! You all are wonderful!

  61. Phaedrakat, 08 April, 2010

    Thanks Cindy & Silverleaf, I appreciate the nice things you’ve said. And what a great process you outlined, Silverleaf, for learning to handle criticism. It will be a huge help to me. Just so you know, I don’t have a problem with different opinions. They are essential — I’m all for it! My problem is with negativity or words that sound mean or rude. Unfortunately, I’m just so ultra-sensitive lately, that everything sounds mean! I need to keep things simple for now, until my life starts to make a little bit more sense. It’s WAY too crazy these days. Eventually, things will be better, and I’ll be in a place where I can expose myself & my work to critique. Then I can put your handy pointers to good use, Silverleaf! Thanks for everything!

  62. Silverleaf, 09 April, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: No problem, I knew the year of cognitive behaviour therapy I had would come in useful for something! ;)

    I know what you mean about negativity, some people can be quite thoughtless in the way they express their opinions and don’t realise that others can feel hurt by their comments. Learning to give constructive criticism is as much a skill as learning to accept it! And when you’re not feeling yourself everything is so much harder, I know. I’m looking forward to seeing your work when you’re ready. :)

    For reference, my boyfriend’s a trainer and he often mentions a feedback technique called the “compliment sandwich” which I think is helpful. You say something positive, then something negative, then something positive. It works particularly well if the negative is a constructive type negative.

    e.g. I love focal bead of that necklace! I think gold findings would match better than the silver because the beads are mostly in warm hues, but it’s very pretty.

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Cindy is really good at the whole constructive criticism thing. She’s always explaining how to improve pieces in a very positive way – the same points made differently could easily sound very negative.

    Oh and I’m pleased we’re all being so grown-up about our differences of opinion!

  63. Phaedrakat, 08 April, 2010

    @Ken H, I am very sorry about my comment. It was not aimed at you — I completely understood what you were saying about the Red Hat ladies colors. You were merely pointing out a very good idea! I’m sorry I made you think I meant you. I should have minded my own business regardless! My sincerest apologies…

  64. Ken H., 08 April, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: NO NEVER, continue to express your opinions even those that run opposite to the flow of the comments, only in discourse do we grow. I had a very bad morning and my comment could have been worded far better that it was, the elves were let loose in my fileroom after I left the day before, and it looked like a bomb went off, disrupted the whole morning making things nice again, and I finally did get my morning Tea about 11am ( got to work at 7:45am)

  65. Cheryl Hodges, 09 April, 2010

    @ Everyone – this has been a great discussion and i think we’re all mature enough to handle it. Sue and Phaedrakat, we need people like you too. Everyone is learning here from Cindy definitely adn from each other.I don’t think any of you would be rude; maybe some are able to word things better. I have been to a couple of jewelry classes where they have a set project they are going to teach and then you have to make it your own. Cindy is really being flexible and so gracious to ask for our comments. There will always be differences in opinions but its all welcome I’m sure as Cindy says she loves it.
    @ Pamagela – molte grazie e saluti anche e te. Hope i got that right?
    What else do we share – love for italian, polymer clay…..??? I love music, painting and cooking.

  66. Cheryl Hodges, 09 April, 2010


  67. Nevena, 10 April, 2010

    @Cheryl Hodges: Hi ,Cheryl! No i am not on face book .

  68. Cheryl Hodges, 09 April, 2010

    Sorry, guys i’m having a hard time with my computer – it’s been shutting down on me in th emiddle of things and I’m getting double browsers too. i think its the internet explorer thats causing the problem.
    @ Nevena – Are you on face book too?

  69. Cheryl Hodges, 09 April, 2010

    @Pamagela – Trying to find you on FB. so many with the same name and surname.

  70. Tova gurkevich, 20 June, 2010

    hi Cindy

    how can i join to your group?

  71. carolyn, 20 June, 2010

    @Tova gurkevich: Go to this website: beadvideos.com/become-a-member/ Be sure to add the www. in front of the string.

    It is great that you want to join. This is probably the best group on the web … we have fun, learn a lot, and care about one another. Everyone is very supportive of the others and most willing to share tips and ideas. You really must join us! I hope you do.

  72. Linda K., 20 June, 2010

    @Tova gurkevich: Tova, don’t forget to go to the top of this page to sign up for Cindy’s 3 free videos and her weekly color recipe.

  73. Phaedrakat, 29 August, 2010

    @Tova: Hi Tova, did you join up? I hope you became a member…but where did you go? ;D

    You can also join in at the blog at any time — it’s free! Lots of information, inspiration, etc. There’s also a wonderful Facebook gallery now…shows some gorgeous pieces…lots of our members’ polymer clay art! The link to this PC Facebook Gallery is in the 2nd paragraph of the Blend & Switch Member Photos post.

    ~Kat Riverside, CA, USA *Where are you from?

  74. Tova gurkevich, 29 August, 2010

    i live in Israel, and were very buisy lately.

    thank you for give me a sign to goin you again.

    tova bonny

  75. carolyn, 30 August, 2010

    Tova – We’re glad to see you here and hope you will learn much and share much.

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