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Flower Petal And Rose Beads Can Also Be Used To Make A Rosary:

I get more emails requesting information about how to make rose petal beads, than on any other topic. It’s because in most cases, these unique flower beads hold such deep meaning for the person making them… often having something to do with the memory of a loved one, or the celebration of a special occasion. They are also commonly used for rosaries.

Flower petal beads can be created easily, using dried flowers and translucent polymer clay. Here are 4 tips that you may find to be useful:

1) Save and dry the best flower petals you can. Separate the petals and spread them onto paper towel to absorb any moisture. I like to dry them in the microwave between paper towels in 1 minute intervals. Checking for hot spots and turning them to make sure they are completely dry.

2) Break up petals into small pieces. Pieces that are too large tend to fall out of the bead leaving an unsightly hole.

3) Start out by mixing just a few petals into some raw translucent polymer clay. Fimo translucent is a whiter shade and Premo is a little more yellow. Choose the color you prefer. Make a small test bead and bake it up. Sometimes the flowers lose or change their color after baking. So before mixing everything up all at once, it’s always best to do some small test beads first.

4) If the flower petals are making your clay color change from what you want, simply add tiny amounts of colored clay to tint as desired. This can also be done with alcohol inks. Remember that if you add too much opaque colored clay, the bead will lose it’s transparency and will hide the flower petals. So here again, test small.

I can’t think of a better way to preserve strong memories, than to memorialize the flowers from a meaningful event into rose petal or flower beads. So at the next graduation, baby shower, wedding or funeral that you attend, be sure to gather up some of the petals for making flower petal beads tat will be cherished forever.


If you are interested in purchasing a tutorial video that will show you how to make Flower Petal Inclusion Keepsake Beads, then check out Volume-003 at the Polymer Clay Tutor Members Library. The specific title in the Volume-003 order form is referenced as:

Included with this Flower Petal Bead Tutorial are 4 other related videos… plus 5 custom color recipe cards:

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If you would like to first see a preview clip of the Vid-003-2 polymer clay tutorial video, you can do that here:

Thanks a lot, Cindy! It’s a great new idea for me. I’ve heard about adding different things to clay but never thought of flowers. It could be very symbolic. ~Svetlana

I have made the real rosary beads, it is a long and messy thing to do.I had trouble shaping beads as the rose petal clay is very lumpy even though I used a blender and yes a sieve and wood spoon to push it with. My family thought I spent more time on this project than last years thanksgiving diner. The smell was interesting and the finished product ugly. after about 10 hours I ended up tossing everything. I can’t wait to try your bead project. Thanks for all you help. ~Beth

Cindy – Thanks SO MUCH for the wonderful idea of the “loved one” beads. My Dad recently died and that is such a heart-warming thought to be able to have him around ALWAYS thanks once again. ~Anonymous (name removed because of personal nature of this comment)

What a great idea! What a nice way to preserve a memory. ~Denby

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  1. Cindy Lietz, 02 December, 2008

    I wish now that I had saved the flowers from all the special events I have been through. How meaningful would it be to have a strand of beads, each one representing someone or something important in your life!

  2. Mary Ellen, 02 December, 2008

    I wish I knew this 40 years ago. I would have saved and dried flowers from various occasions. If the flowers change color do they get darker or lighter? If lighter maybe you could dry them and then add the ink dye to them then add to clay. Maybe that is a crazy thought but I was just thinking………Thanks again Cindy, now I will save them.

  3. Cindy Lietz, 03 December, 2008

    Me too Mary Ellen! I would have made beads from many different occasions, happy and sad. At least I know now what to do for future events! Thank you for your comments!

  4. Helen Lemonis, 02 January, 2009

    Dear Cindy, Thank you for your fresh and innovative information, although I.ve done a lot of experimental work as an old clayer, I still am experimenting with new ideas, you are very generous to us the deep inside clayers
    Thank you again and a very happy new year my dear.

  5. Cindy Lietz, 04 January, 2009

    Thank You Helen for your kind words! It is wonderful to have someone with experience like you here!

  6. kassie, 02 March, 2009

    I need to find out what is the best way to make beads out of flowers so I can make a roserie but would like to keep the color of the flower. Thank you.

  7. Cindy Lietz, 03 March, 2009

    Although some flowers will keep there color when baked in polymer clay beads, some flowers do not. Testing is always a good idea. Try the techniques in point 4 of this post to give your beads the color you want, should your flowers lose their color when baked.

    You can also read an article on the difference between traditional rosary beads and polymer clay rosary beads, by clicking the link by my name.

    If you have never made rosary beads from polymer clay, I do recommend purchasing the above videos. They are very helpful!

  8. Ann, 19 July, 2009

    Where can I learn to make the rose petal beads for rosaries. I am a retired soapmaker who used flowers. Now I wish to try and make rosaries from roses. Do you have a book I could buy? Ann

  9. Cindy Lietz, 19 July, 2009

    Hi Ann,

    Most of the links on this page should be helpful for you. There is one link labeled as “Memorial Keepsakes” which does link to another post where I reviewed a book that may be helpful for you. If you have further questions just ask below.

  10. Cindy Lietz, 12 August, 2009

    **PHOTOS ADDED: Some flower petal bead, jewelry project pictures have just been added to a Spotlight Feature showcasing Marsha Nelson, a member who is very much appreciated here at this supportive polymer clay community. Click on the “Flower Petal Beads” link by my name above to have a look.

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