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Polymer Clay Dremel Tool

Looking for a Christmas Present Idea For Someone Who Makes Sculpey or Fimo Jewelry Beads?

If you or someone in your life makes polymer clay beads, a holiday gift they are sure to love is the Dremel Multi-Pro Rotary tool.

Not only is this polymer clay tool fantastic for buffing beads, but it is also very handy for drilling holes in the beads after they have been baked.

Here is a direct link to Amazon where you can purchase a number of different Dremel Tool models.

And for those who already own one of these versatile rotary tools, I have created a couple of tutorial videos on how to use it safely and effectively for polishing polymer clay beads. Check out Volume-004 at the Polymer Clay Tutor Members Library. The specific titles in the Volume-004 order form are referenced as:

Included with this Dremel Tool Tutorial are 3 other related videos plus 5 custom color recipe cards:

  • Vid-004-1 Differences Between Metal Leaf and Foils
  • Vid-004-2 How To Apply Metal Leaf and Metal Foils
  • Vid-004-3 Intro To The Dremel Tool For Polymer Clay
  • Vid-004-4 Using a Dremel Tool For Buffing Fimo Beads
  • Vid-004-5 Plastic Embroidery Boxes For Storing Canes
  • Recipe-004-1A Mosaic Tile
  • Recipe-004-2A Coral
  • Recipe-004-3A Olive Green
  • Recipe-004-4A Deep Bordeaux
  • Recipe-004-5A Translucent Copper

If you would like to first see preview clips of the Vid-004-3 and Vid-004-4 Dremel tutorial videos, you can do so here:

Dear Cindy, the Dremel tool has made such a difference!!! I am so grateful to have learned about it from you. I have carpel tunnel, and was wondering how I would manage to sand and buff all of my work without straining my wrists. I have been using my Dremel for about a week now, and thanks to you and this magnificent tool, I am buffing away with no problems at all! Thanks so much! ~CindyE

My christmas list is expanding, I now put everything I would like in a book and whenever my husband sees it on the table his eyes roll & makes a very strange sound [something like – “Oh no, more overtime”]. ~Andrea

Thank you for showing that video as I had no idea on how to handle that. I have that tool and have never used the buffing wheel. Now I have a reason to use it. Thanks again. ~Pat

Thanks for the video, Cindy! I have a Dremel, used it once or twice in the past and ended up carving grooves in my beads. I should do better now, and I’ll get or make another wheel. ~Bev

Great video on the Dremel buffing. Interesting the different effect on the different clays. I did not know that about the Sculpty. Thanks! ~Denby

I stole my husband’s Dremmel tool years ago and ended up buying one of my own with variable speeds and tons of attachments to go with it! I don’t know what I would do without it!! I’m a multimedia artist and find a use for it in just about everything I do!(except in painting of course…lol) Thank you for the videos. ~Mary

What an informative video! its all very well reading about using a tool to buff, but its only when you see how to hold the tool etc it all becomes clear:) Thanks you Cindy! ~Rachel

Cindy, as always I enjoy the short tutorials on working with clay. I also use a dremmel and instead of holding the hand tool, I have a small vise I can attach to my work table so it holds the tool in place. To keep it from scratching the tool, simply glue felt or some craft foam sheets to the inside surface of the vice that do the gripping. You can use spray adhesive for this. This way you can use both hands to hold those hard to hold beads. Keep those videos coming. ~Lani

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  1. Chris, 04 December, 2008

    LOVE my Dremmel!

    Please stop by my blog when you have a moment, I’ve left an award for you.

  2. Cindy Lietz, 04 December, 2008

    @Chris… Thanks! Getting an award is a great way to start the day!

    And one more thing to add to the article above… As I already mentioned, you can also use the Dremel Tool for drilling holes in your baked beads. If you are going to use it for drilling, it is safer to hold the bead with some type of clamp with soft padded surfaces, rather than to hold it in your fingers. The Dremel spins very fast and can hurt you if you don’t follow safety precautions. I discuss safety in the video tutorials.

  3. Diana S, 07 September, 2009

    Hey Cindy!

    I’ve been in Heaven part of this morning — checking over all of the clay information. Plan on trying a bunch of them!! Your techniques are unbelievable, and so simplified!! Can tell that you really found your LOVE! Oops!! I should add other than your True Love (your hubby)!

    Thanks so much for all that you are giving to us (a gift)! I am elated with your website, and glad that I am a member too.

    Have some great plans for all of these. Where do you find your butter knives? That is such a unique (and genius) of an idea! Ya gotta know that (I think) that we are a lot alike. I be thinking that you (like myself) probably wake up from a sound sleep (with creative ideas running through your brain). Ha! Ha! Do want to do more clay, because it would lend nicely with my beading. When I was in Japan visiting my dear Love (my daughter) and her family — got my hands on some of their magazines. They are into beading a lot there! Anyway, have ideas of marrying some of their concepts — with beads and chain. The clay would be great for this!

    Question: After you have sanded, and antiqued your beads — do you buff them again — or do you put some future floor wax, or Varathane on them? Which of the two do you consider as your choice for protecting your beads. Was thinking that maybe the bead would stay longer anyway with this protection. Would it be a satin, or high gloss finish on them? Just interested in how you view this!

    By the way, cudos on how to use a tumbler! You’ve eliminated my foolish fear. Okay!! I have invested in a Vibratory one (after researching) — will let you know how it works out! Did you ever try the plastic pellets/with water, which someone mentioned to you one time? “Curiosity killed the proverbial cat!” Ha! Ha!

    Another question girlfriend — Do you do all of the holes in your beads with your Dremel? Couldn’t find a fine drill, for drilling holes — do you do these with a needle?

    Enough said — thanks again for the great tutorials! They have given me alot of encouragement!! Being older, a young sixty-five as of October 14th (a real Libran) — it always takes that push to get me over the top. Once I’ve implemented the technique I’m fine, but it’s that first move. Never had that when I was younger — I was just out there. No, I wasn’t a hippy, but always an artist at heart. This means that I had a crazy side. Ha! Ha! I tend to evaluate things from an entirely different dimension. However, that’s the side of me I LOVE!!!! The — I’m here, and whatever is here too!!! I am Blessed immensely, and am a fine artist also. Want to incorporate some of my designs in clay also — especially my Lighthouses, nature inspirations/Flowers, Rainforest, and Butterflies. They are my forte, and also my favorites! If you ever need any of these, please let me know. After all, you’re my buddy! You have added so many hours of joy to my life. You, and people like Tina, and Christa also. I always ssay, “A Blessing is never a Blessing, until you share it with others/the world.” Your talents are extremely fine tuned, and I’m glad that I found you too! if you recall, it was sometime (in the Fall) last year, when I was at my daughter’s home (helping out with my grandchildren). The younger is Autistic, and the oldest has ADHD — so she has her hands full. Her middle child is fine, and our hearts are melted together with art. She loves working with clay! I’ve even used clay to breach any gaps with my other grand-daughters. It’s amazing how well this works, and I have memories for my lifetime! It’s so great being a Grandma/Gwammie!

    Well, Cindy, I’ll close for now!!!



    Diana QM

  4. Cindy Lietz, 26 September, 2009

    Sorry Diana for taking so long to respond to your awesome comment. Been so busy, having trouble keeping my head above water!

    For your first question: Yes I buff again. It gives them a lovelier shine that way. I prefer buffing over adding a finish but when I do, my new favorite finish is Studio by Sculpey Glossy Glaze. It is awesome!

    For your second question: I make most of my holes in my raw beads with a wire. Then I drill them bigger should I need to by hand with drill bits with polymer clay handles. Click the link by my name for info on how to make those.

  5. Diana S, 27 September, 2009

    Hi Cindy!

    Thanks so much for the information that you forwarded to me! I didn’t realize that it was a little bit, that is, since i sent you my 1,000 questions. Ha! Ha! Anyway, your information is so helpful to me. Can recall that I had purchased that info. last year. After reading your input on making handles it all fit into place once ‘gin. It’s not easy being green!!! Ahem!

    Have to say, that the video info. was great! I found myself feeling a newfound courage. Ahem! Anyway, as usual, want you to know that you are still the top Banana, and I’ve never been disappointed by the information you have shared with me! Right on the dime!!! Appreciate how easy you make it seem for people like myself, and I’m sure others too.

    Before I go one more question — here I go ‘gin! Do you recall the information you once had on-line, which was from some gal using plastic pellets for tumbling. Wasn’t sure whether she used water with them though. Did you ever try those, or are you using small pebbles (with water) for tumbling your clay?

    Hope that everything is going well for you and your loves. Thank you for sharing a part of your soul!!! Ya gotta know that I appreciate your help immensely, and that I consider you to be one of my many Blessings!!
    Alot of times, even though people are doing something like this for a business, they tend to hold something back. I’m of the ilk, that when you help someone — you give it your all. I’m a beader, and share my expertise with others. It brings joy to my heart, to see someone smile — when they finally know that they have aced some type of technique! This is the name of the game, and you have it down pat.

    LUV YA,

    DIANA Queenie/Mermaid

    P.S. Will have to find some of that Studio Sculpey Gloss Glaze.

  6. Cindy Lietz, 02 October, 2009

    Everything is going well over here, I hope you’re doing fine too Diana. As far as tumbling, I like using the river rock. I think it works the better than anything else I’ve tried. Sue tried the plastic pellet idea. If you want to read how that went for her, click the link by my name.

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