Interchangeable Pendant Featuring Your Favorite Clay Focal Beads

Interchangeable Bead Pendant Design “I’m finding I’m really drawn to the focal beads and wire variations.” ~DJ

About a week ago I talked about a wire working idea for pendants that allows you to easily interchange different polymer clay focal beads. It’s a great way to display or showcase your latest and greatest handmade bead creations. Pictured in the photo above are a few of the different styles I have created with this unique idea.

If you missed the original article, you can check it out here: Polymer Clay Jewelry Making Tutorials

The basic design has a vertical spindle wire that runs up the center of the pendant. This spindle can be loaded with the polymer clay focal bead or beads of your choice. At the bottom of the pendant is a folded wire clasp that secures the spindle to keep the beads in place.

This design makes it easy to exchange the beads quickly and easily, in order to achieve a completely different looking pendant every time you wear it.

I love this idea for showcasing all the different beads you have, without having to make up completely separate jewelry projects for each one.

It makes an excellent product to carry in a jewelry-gift shop, Etsy Store or at your next bead show event.

The wire wrapped pendant can be made in a variety of metals and styles with corresponding price points. Customers can choose either a higher end Gold, Sterling Silver, Niobium pendant; or a more affordable version made with Copper, Brass, Bronze or Gunmetal Steel. Then they would select one or more beads to add to the pendant, in the styles and colors you have available.

This is a fun and interactive process for the customer. Plus it allows you to fulfill custom orders right on the spot.

So tell me… does this interchangeable focal bead pendant design interest you? Should I add it to the list of upcoming video tutorials for the Polymer Clay Library?

Let me know. Your comments are like votes that help determine which tutorials get filmed as well as which ones get priority.

I appreciate any and all opinions. Here are a few that have already been posted as a result of the original article about this interchangeable pendant idea…

That pendant sounds intriguing. I love wire working as well. It is so much fun and so very very pretty! ~Melinda-H

I’ve been bitten by the wire working bug!! It just goes so well with chunky polymer beads! Thanks so much for everything you teach us Cindy!!!!! ~Lisa-W

Although I find the info interesting, I’m not so keen on the wire wrapping and all of that, but am more interested in more advanced work and techniques with the actual clay. ~Laura-B

Yay for wire work that helps with our Polymer clay jewelry! ~Sarah-W

I’ll take anything that comes out of that amazingly creative brain of yours!!! Like Sara I love to learn wire working so I can’t wait for this coming one. ~Elizabeth-S

I’m pretty comfortable with wirework and my vast range of tools already, so that’s not the kind of thing I come here for. Not that I don’t have more to learn (!), but it’s a peripheral subject here where it’s the focus of other sites. ~Sue-F

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  1. Ritzs, 11 November, 2009

    Cindy i love the wirework idea and it has kept me sane while here in chicago but i cant wait to add the P C beads to them when i get home next week i will send you a pic=== and i just got one of those wire coiling gizmos it looks interesting and might save my pore old hands, having said that P C is still my first love ( wont let my husband see that remark)LOL.

  2. Maureen G, 11 November, 2009

    Yes, I would love to see how this is done! Cindy, please add it to your list! Thanks so much for all the great ideas you show us!

  3. Elizabeth S., 11 November, 2009

    Oh my gosh, YES!! Video please!!

  4. Silverleaf, 11 November, 2009

    Great idea, I love it! Pretty sure I can work out how to do that without a video though – I’d prefer to see more clay stuff.

    I guess I’ll be in the minority here though.

  5. Melinda, 11 November, 2009

    Still intrigued! Love the look and the idea. Even though I may be able to figure it out without a video I think you videos are fabulous and informative even when I “know” how to do a particular technique. So yes I would love to see a video!

  6. Lynnellen, 11 November, 2009

    What size wire do you use that is sturdy enough for this? I haven’t done any wirework but you have certainly peaked my interest.

  7. Lynnellen, 11 November, 2009

    By the way, I was at a PC class and the teacher (Kristin Dustin) said that she puts the opening of a pin or clasp facing the top. Her thought and I agree that it is less likely for the object to open and fall off to the ground and be lost forever to its owner. Just a thought to share.

  8. Anna Sabina, 11 November, 2009

    I think is an excellent project and definitely would like to see a video. the really cool thing is that it is different. I love the idea of the interchangeable center bead.

  9. Ritzs, 11 November, 2009

    I am game for it all, I do love the cane work best but the more you teach me the better i like it as long as its jewelery making, you are doing a great job, again a thousand thanks.

  10. Darlene, 11 November, 2009

    The polymer clay stuff is great, but it’s also good to learn what to do with all those wonderful beads we’re making. I love the idea of your doing a video on this technique. I took a beginning class in wireworking last summer, so I have the basics down, but seeing a video that refreshes what I learned would be very helpful. So yes, I vote for the video!

  11. Maria, 11 November, 2009

    Oh yes, please do make this video Cindy. I’ve seen interchangeable pendants online before, but they were too expensive for me. This would be ideal to have as an option when selling my beads and pendants.

  12. Helen Sperring (honeyclay), 11 November, 2009

    Yes. They really look different. I have a trail of wire back and forth from the computer to the craft room since the chandelier video. Now I’ll just pick it all up and try this new one. Nah, only kidding!!!!! Its fun learning new things. I vote yes. Honey

  13. Cindy Lietz, 11 November, 2009

    Thank you everyone for your comments, votes and feedback!

    @Lynnellen: To answer your question about gauge, I used 20 gauge half hard wire. Anything smaller or softer won’t work. The design is made in one piece so, the way it’s made right now, the center wire has to come out the bottom. I haven’t had the wire pop open ever so I don’t think that’s a big risk.

  14. Peggy, 11 November, 2009

    Cindy sounds fantastic but I’m not sure by seeing anything I can’t get the picture to come up.

    I’ve said it before and will say it many times again you could never offer any kind of a lesson that won’t wow me. I love all you wonderfully thought out videos. You are great and I am so thankful for everything you have given all of us. Your talent always leaves me speechless. Not very long though because I have to tell everyone how great you are.

    Any ideas on how to get my picture to appear??
    Thanks, Peggy

  15. Cindy Lietz, 11 November, 2009

    Peggy you always say the sweetest things to me. Thank you again.

    In regards to not being able to see the picture… every post I make each day here at the blog has a different photo which is posted at the top of article, just under the main title of the post. Are you saying that you never see any of these photos? If this is the case, then your web browser is not set up to show images. Changing these settings is done through the tools or options links in the top menu of your web browser.

  16. DJ, 12 November, 2009

    Oh I love these and how the look can transform with varying beads and wires used. I’d definitely look forward to learning this technique. What a unique way to wear and showcase a lot of different beads!

  17. JoyceM, 12 November, 2009

    Interchangeable sounds wonderful. I fall in line with all those wanting a video on this technique. Thanks Cindy, can’t imagine when your mind has time to rest, you are so inspired and willing to share it all. Thank you again and again.

  18. Pearl, The Beading Gem, 12 November, 2009

    Making an interchangeable bead pendant is a great idea and not just for polymer beads.

  19. edie, 12 November, 2009

    I would really like to see a video on this not too far in the future – I am really intrigued by it and hope we don’t have to wait months and months!


  20. Kim, 12 November, 2009

    ONE WORD… “YES!”

  21. Lisa Whitham, 13 November, 2009

    Yes vote from me too..! :) I really love the idea of being able to switch out beads…


  22. Cindy Lietz, 13 November, 2009

    Thanks guys! It definitely goes on the list then!

  23. Josie, 13 November, 2009

    Can’t wait to see more wire work, but love everything you show us. Just wanted you to know have just had a stall at Xmas fayre and sold a few of my clay necklaces. wow I was so excited. My daughter wore one of my lentil pendants at a body shop party and I couldn’t believe it I got over 20 orders, all thanks to your wonderful videos. So I will be happy whatever you do. Thanks Cindy I could not have done it without you.

  24. Arlene Harrison, 13 November, 2009

    Add me to the list of Yes, please do votes. Even if I figure out how to do it before then, you always have tips and things that I didn’t think about.

    By the way, I included a mention (and a big thank you) to you and others who share their knowledge in my blog today.

  25. Shannon, 14 November, 2009

    This is an awesome idea!

  26. Lynnellen, 16 November, 2009

    Thanks, I have now bought the wire already and will patiently be waiting and looking forward to the wire tutorial. LOL

  27. Cindy Lietz, 17 November, 2009

    Thank you everyone! You can look forward to this tutorial in the month of January. (Wire loops and wraps will be taught this month and wire cord ends will be for December, so this one will be right after that. Man time is flying by already!)

    @Josie: Wow! Congrats on the sales! You must be very excited. Thank you for all your sweet words.

    @Arlene: Thank you for writing that post in your blog and sending kind words and a link my wway. I very much loved seeing that! :-)

    @Shannon: Thanks!

    @Lynnellen: Good thing there will be a couple more projects to do with your wire to keep you busy until this tutorial comes out. Hope you will be able to handle the wait!

  28. Dawna M, 04 December, 2009

    Hi Cindy,

    I would love to see how this is made…think of the possibilities for earrings as well! Make one set of earrings and being able to change out the beads to match your outfit would be wonderful! Thanks so much for doing these videos…it makes learning so much easier to see how to do a technique.

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  29. Cindy Lietz, 05 December, 2009

    Thanks Dawna. You always have such kind things to say. You have a great holiday season too!

  30. Michelle Stancil, 11 December, 2010

    Oooo. This is wonderful! What a perfect thing to show all your beads not used in other projects. I have a LOT of those. 8) Kudos and thanks for this. Michelle Stancil aka MRS

  31. Phaedrakat, 11 December, 2010

    @Michelle Stancil: Hi Michelle, did you see the video tute? It’s a good one…her design really IS perfect for all those “extra” beads we all seem to have. It’s also a fun gift to give — you can include a selection of beads with the pendant so the wearer has a ‘different’ necklace whenever they want!

    In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the intro video for the Interchangeable Focal Bead Pendant Tutorial

    Have fun! :D ~Kat

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