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Polymer Clay Tutor Exciting ChangesVid #274: We’ve figured out how to give you guys more of what you’ve been asking for… ~Cindy Lietz

If you want to grow, you must change… that seems to be the way it is with everything in life. Without change… life, creativity and growth become stagnant.

Although we know it’s good for us, we do fight change sometimes. It just dawned on me recently that the kids are growing up so fast… and that before long they’ll be all grown up and moved out. Suddenly I wanted them to be babies again! But of course I don’t really… I love it that they are growing up so maturely and can do so many cool things. I guess I just realized that they soon won’t be needing me so much, and it made me feel a little lonely for days gone by.

There are times though, when change is exactly what we need to boost our growth. Especially artistic growth. So now that we are wrapping up Vol-50, a Golden Anniversary of sorts, and we are quickly coming up on our 5th full year in business… it is the perfect time to change things up a bit.

Watch this video to find out all about these exciting new changes of which I speak…

Doug and I are feeling optimistic that the upcoming changes are going to be great for everyone… we hope you guys will agree! Make sure to let us know what you think, by leaving a comment below.

I’m looking forward to teaching you some cool new projects and help you bring your skills to a whole new level, so that you can “Make what you love… and love what you make!”

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  1. Fran Y, 23 July, 2012

    Hi Cindy,

    Your plans sound just marvellous! How exciting. Can hardly wait.

  2. cara letho, 23 July, 2012

    sounds terrific- I would be happy with the new format- I think the weekly tutorials are a bargain- I wouldn’t mind if you put up the price- I’d be very happy to contribute more especially since there is to be more content.
    Good luck with the changes

  3. pollyanna, 23 July, 2012

    these changes I can handle…..lol. Sounds exciting and can’t wait to see what you two will be bringing us. Had a thought…will we be seeing some of our clay family when you are out touring. With their permission of course. Would be nice to see some of them ‘in person’ so to speak. Just wondering. Andrea

  4. Cindy Lietz, 23 July, 2012

    Yes Andrea, we are hoping to do just that. It will be like meeting long lost relatives, won’t it? Only they will all like polymer clay! :)

  5. Monique U, 23 July, 2012

    As far as I’m concerned, Cindy and Doug, whatever works for you… in order for you to continue doing what you do so well… is totally OK with me. I’ve enjoyed the weekly format since I became a member last year, and I have all your back issues, so I’ve noted the growth and improvement in both your techniques and presentation. I have always had great respect for you both as architects of your “blossoming” business (oh, that sounds flowery LOL). It is better to pro-actively improve on a method that is working well and I congratulate you for doing just that! Like Cara, I would happily pay more for the augmented content. Best of luck and I’m looking forward to even MORE of a good thing!

  6. Bonnie Kreger, 23 July, 2012

    That’s a great idea. I hate waiting for part twos. Really looking forward to this.
    Thanks guys.

  7. Kim C., 23 July, 2012

    The new changes sound exciting! I’m really looking forward to it.

  8. Elizabeth S., 23 July, 2012

    Just watched the video on FB. These coming changes are just going to add “more Wonderful” to the benefits of subscribing. I’m excited about the pending complex cane tutorials. I’ve said this before but I think that one reason I have grown in my pc abilities stems from the fact that I can watch every detail of how Cindy accomplishes something, down to exactly how she holds her hands or a particular instrument when demonstrating a facet of a project. To know that the tutes are going to be amped up in this regard is exciting indeed. Bottom line is that I can’t wait for the changes to be implemented.

  9. Cindy Lietz, 23 July, 2012

    Thank you everyone! I am so glad to hear you guys can handle the change and you’re excited about it!

    One change that isn’t supposed to be happening is the missing header bar and the newsletter sign up form. Also looks like there may have been a few color changes that are a little different. Doug is at the YMCA right now and won’t be back for an hour or so to fix it. So if you all can handle that too for the moment that would be great!

  10. Patricia Rasmuson, 23 July, 2012

    What an awesome idea! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Now I think I will go do my happy dance :)

  11. Jeanne C., 23 July, 2012

    The changes sound so exciting! Change is good and I know whatever you and Doug do is always well thought out. I’ve been with you almost from the begining and have enjoyed every minute, and have learned so much from you. Congratulation on your success and many more to come. Thanks for all your hard work. Love you guys. XXX

  12. Fran R, 23 July, 2012

    You guys are just amazing ! I already love being a member here and hearing about your plans for the future is really mind boggling. You are this incredible gift to all of us !!!

  13. Catalina, 23 July, 2012

    I don’t see my post here. Must have gotten lost. But, this sounds great! Soooo, very excited about all the new ideas. I need to take fridays off now. :-) It is hard to believe you can improve on such an awsome platform. You rock the Polymer Clay World!!

  14. Jill V., 23 July, 2012

    Sounds great!

  15. Becky Chisenhall, 23 July, 2012

    Can’t wait!!! I’ll do my happy dance, too!

  16. Jocelyn C, 23 July, 2012

    My goodness Cindy, your enthusiasm is catching! I cannot wait to see how all these excellent new changes come to fruition. I salute you and Doug for putting us members first always, providing new and exciting ways to use polymer clay. Best of luck to you. Looking forward to all the new additions!

  17. Michelle Adams, 23 July, 2012

    Hey Cindy, well, when you first said we’ll be getting all the videos at once I had mixed feelings. I really want to see more complex canes and waiting for part 2 and/or 3 is sort of a bummer but I thought…oh no, I so look forward to seeing my Friday tutorial with Cindy what am I going to do, lol. Happy to hear well still get to see you on Friday’s with what I know will be fantastic Lietz family goodness ;o) Looking forward to our polymer clay future and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

  18. Dixie Ann, 23 July, 2012

    The new format sounds wonderful. Change is part of growing and excelling and I look forward to this. Being able to finish a project without waiting 1 week or 2 for the “rest of the story” is exciting.
    You two are amazing, producing what you do, constantly upgrading to bring us better and bigger things, the exciting concept of each and every new tutorial, your generosity and spirit is overwhelming.
    Thanks Leitz Family for helping us do what we love.

  19. Anna Sabina, 24 July, 2012

    The growth of your business is really exciting. The success is due to the well thought out decisions. I find it also so heartwarming that you and Doug (and the kiddos) work together in this business. Many times family run businesses are right brained oriented and male focused things like parts and hardware stores. I LOVE that this super creative business is something you are both passionate about. You are blessed with an incredible bond. We are blessed to have the pleasure of sharing the gifts you both bring.
    Looking forward to seeing you on your road trip. It has been 105 degrees in Des Moines, please bring cooler weather.


  20. tantesherry, 24 July, 2012

    What a wonderful surprize this video was

    Full of only good news & grand plans

    Looking forward to sharing in y’alls next 50 volumes (and beyond)

    thanks guys for all you do for us -Sherry

  21. Natalie Herbin, 24 July, 2012

    Wow Cindy
    Just when I thought that you could not make the tuts any better…since they are great already…you guys come up with these great new ideas that we all seem to love..and tha’ts without seeing any of them yet. I was always tempted to purchase on of the tuts from other on line polymer clay sites, but I feel dedicated to stick were I feel comfortable…but now you are what I consider reaching for the stars by giving us PCers more complicated canes….I feel that I as well as everyone who has been following you for any length of time, will definitely be able to handle your new challengers……and I know that if I have any problems there are a host of fellow PC’ers to bail me out of the hole…as they and you have done in the past!
    Want to take a moment to thank Doug for all his imput on making your business the success that it is..and not two for get the kiddos whose support you have had from the start( even though I have not been there from the start) I know that our kids support in our family undertakings can either make or break us…yours have helped you get to were you are today..so thanks to them too!!

    All your suggestions have helped all of us get to were we are today.. part of a dedicated PC family!

  22. Natalie Herbin, 24 July, 2012

    Forgot to say that i love the necklace you are wearing …think that was one of the tuts you did using the Wilton stuffbut what is the length of the chain..: it’s perfect !!

  23. Denise P, 24 July, 2012

    Awesome!!!! Wowie!!!! Incredible that you are offering us even more for our monthly subscription!!! I’m excited!! And love the new camera and format!! Congrats and Thank You!!!

  24. Lavedia E, 24 July, 2012

    Hey Cindy,
    I just had the chance to sit down and watch the vedio that you posted…I am over the moon about the new changes that are coming to the Friday vedio’s that you make for us…thank you for all that you do to insure that we have new things to learn each week and now month…Looking forward to all the new changes……..

    Congrats on 50 Volumes……………….

  25. Lesley Symons, 24 July, 2012

    Sounds wonderful! Hard to imagine how you can improve on perfection …. looking forward to seeing the new format xx

  26. pattw35, 24 July, 2012

    Wonderful news. Changes always present challenges. Sounds as if you have thought these all out. All your PC family is ready and willing ! Advanced canes,longer projects and new ways to do things – these are what we wait for every Friday. Now we will have a whole month all at once. Wow -are 24 Hrs. enough in your day? Have ramp up a bit more !!!! Can’t wait. As always you ask for our input. And you get it – in a good and kind way. All of us try to help each other – Pc’ers have a reputation for sharing. Not many art forms can say that.

    Happy 50th !!! Looking back, I’ll bet you just can’t believe how the time has flown. You whole family is brave. Changes that you are planning takes courage. .We are all here behind your every move!!!!!

  27. Cherie H, 24 July, 2012

    Happy 50th! Just thinking back to all those videos and techniques you’ve taught us and the beautiful palettes. Awesome! I do have a book on polymer clay and one on textures but I have to say yours are way better! I haven’t really got around to trying anything from the books as yet but I have made jewelry watching your tutorials; it made me want to go and do it!! I have heaps more to try and hopefully will get around to doing them all. I’m so excited about the changes. Seems like a lot more claying and lots more fun!!! One technique I need to try out a lot more is caning. I’ve only tried out the zebra, animal print and rose cane so far.

  28. Cherie, 24 July, 2012

    Are there no clayers from around where I live – Mississauga, Ontario? the Michaels here does not carry much stuff. they do have some Premo clay and sculpey and some of the tools but not a lot.

  29. pollyanna, 24 July, 2012

    I might be it……..western ny. I may have to get an enhanced licence. I miss being able to just go over the bridge.

  30. Michelle Adams, 24 July, 2012

    P.S. love the new music and MORE BLOOPER REELS PLEASE, LOL!! That would be funny :o)

  31. Anita C, 24 July, 2012

    I can’t wait! I am so excited!!

  32. Valerie H, 24 July, 2012

    Congratulations Cindy, the new format sounds great and we will also get our Friday video’s. WooHoo. Really love your work :)

  33. Sandra J, 24 July, 2012

    as is everyone am really looking forward to the changes. you are so bubbly on camera Cindy, looks like youre having fun!

  34. Peggy Barnes, 25 July, 2012

    This is just the cherry on top of it all. I think you guys just love giving and giving. I can’t imagine anyone who is not looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you and your family. I for one am very excited and by the looks of all these comments so is everyone else. Do you guys ever get a full nights rest. If so I don’t know how. It doesn’t surprise me you are giving us more and more and still not asking even one more cent from us. Once again that Lietz generosity shines on us all. I honestly believe if I had not found your site when I did I wouldn’t be involved in polymer clay today. Your enthusiasm sent my interest a flying. Thanks to you I enjoy every moment I have with my new medium. PC you and your family have given me an outlet away from my pain and stress where I can create whenever I am able and enjoy each and every moment of it.


  35. Marion Rayner, 26 July, 2012

    Wow, Cindy! How exciting is this?! I’m already having trouble waiting for Friday, and then waking up at ridiculous times in the am to see you as early as possible. I can’t wait! Bring it on!!


  36. Elaine Faulks, 26 July, 2012

    Hi CINDY,

    Love these new ideas, love the new format and the bonus of extra videos per month…………….bonus…………..
    Just hope I don’t get indigestion swallowing whole dollops of information in one hit!

    New music is edgy but tell DOUG he should treat himself to a new baseball cap to celebrate his 50 videos.

    Bet I can guess what your first 4 in 1 tutorial will be – but will have to wait a whole 24 hours to see if I am right………………………………………..cheers xx……………………………………………….

  37. Joyce Folsom, 26 July, 2012

    This is all so awesome, Cindy. How exciting! Looking forward….

  38. Jamie Hibbs, 26 July, 2012

    Oh boy I cant wait. Especially for the caning tutorials! I love love love making canes. I think I make more than I use LOL! I still have tons to use up but I am always looking for new ideas for more! It will give me an excuse to break into my new clay stash. So far I have just been using up old canes and skinner blends and partial blocks. And Im not even halfway through that. Whoo Im excited now! And BTW you look lovely in fuchsia! :}

  39. DawnB, 26 July, 2012

    Happy Golden Anniversary Team Lietz! Sounds great to me. It must be so exciting for you! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us clayers. And I mean the whole Team’s talents.

  40. Judy M, 27 July, 2012

    Thank you for all the wonderful videos that you have shared with us. I am really looking forward to the new format. Really look forward to Fridays with you.

  41. Bette L, 27 July, 2012

    This really sounds fantastic.
    Nice touch, adding the bloopers.

  42. Molly F, 28 July, 2012

    Wow! you are truly an amazing woman. I am so glad to be able to learn so much from you. Thank you for all you do.

  43. Linda Kropp, 28 July, 2012

    Cindy and Doug,

    Happy 5 Years and 50 Volumes! The upcoming changes sound very exciting!

  44. Irene G, 31 July, 2012

    Hi Cindy,

    I’ve only just had a chance to watch the video – better late than never! I think the changes sound really exciting and look forward to them.

    All the best

  45. Sue P, 03 August, 2012

    Very well done on achieving the 50 volumes Cindy & Doug – I don’t know how you cram so much into each week!
    The new plans sound terrific, your tutorials are such good value for money.
    I also look forward to your snippets of your road trip.
    Best wishes

  46. Kim Hale, 03 August, 2012

    Just saw the video of the changes and I love it!
    When you were doing a two part series I always waited until the second part came out to watch the first. The new multi-part format is great! I do hope that you will get some more time with the family, sounds like you are actually doing more work! Thank you for being so considerate of our Friday withdrawal issues! I have been watching you for four years and habits are hard to break!
    All the best to you and your family,

  47. Laurie W, 03 August, 2012

    I think it’s awesome that you and your family have thought of a way to change things up for yourselves and make it even better for all of us! You are right on about change bringing growth. There are a lot of people tutoring, but not with such heart as you and your family do. I have been a member for a while. I haven’t actually made anything yet,(I burn everything I try to make) so more indepth canes will be far into the future for me. But it’s good to know you’ll be there whenever I need you! I don’t post a lot, but since I’m on a roll here, I want to thank you for your enthusiasm that comes with every project, technique and tip that you bring to us. I often wonder since I haven’t made anything and I have a 5 year limit to the videos, have you ever considered bringing all the videos into a library and giving an option to buy? Well, happy trails and the Lord bless and keep you in all you do. Laurie

  48. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 03 August, 2012

    Hi Laurie… just to clarify regarding the point you made mentioned about a five year limit…. you actually get 24-7 access to the videos for as long as you remain as a subscribing member in good standing… no limits :-)

    And yes we will eventually get to point where we can offer all of the content on DVD… if only thee were a way to get everything as fast as we would like :-O

    Thanks Laurie (and everyone else) for all the kind words. It means a lot to us!

  49. Gayle Thompson, 03 August, 2012

    Love the new format! Even though I always wait “with baited breath” for the Friday videos and color formulas, it satisfies my “instant gratification” gene by getting them all at once. AND I can still look forward to Fridays to see what you have in store for us! Can’t wait to view the Sweet Pea videos. Looks like fun! Keep up the good work. Gayle T

  50. Connie Tyler, 03 August, 2012

    Hi Cindy, Looking forward to your whole new format. I never thought you could improve on what you have already been doing. Your videos have always been so concise and easy to follow and your bubbly personality makes me feel right at home with you. . Congratulations to you, Doug and kids on your 50th.

  51. Louise S, 03 August, 2012

    Looks good. I have really gotten a lot out of your weekly videos over the time I’ve been subscribed. Thank you. Best of luck to you both with the new format. I’ll be there with you!

  52. Dorothy H, 03 August, 2012

    I think your new format is great. Wow! We got 6 videos of every step in depth of making the beautiful Sweet Pea earrings. We will be able to make “complicated” projects a little at a time at our own pace. I wish you the best in all that you plan to do. Thanks for making Fridays so special!!

  53. Vivian Beal, 03 August, 2012

    Good idea ! I, too, look forward to having 4 weeks at the beginning of the month.

  54. Mrs Rainbow, 03 August, 2012

    Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!

    Initially, I was feeling OH NO!! as I love my friday videos…. but then when I heard that something would still present itself on those days, I felt much happier. :D

    As I am one with limited funds and a complicated Paypal account… I am always soooo worried that I won’t have the money there to pay the bill at the right time…. (I would be mortified to lose my access… ) …. so much so…that I write myself an email after the quarterly payment… and leave it open there with a reminder of when it is due next!! Knowing a DVD was possible would be a kind of saving grace… but moreso that cut off is not a whambam and goodbyeMaam instant thing …. I hope I will never have to find out!

    I have another question… what will happen to ‘fifth friday’…I presume that won’t be necessary anymore?

    Looking forward with interest, as to how this all pans out. Good luck! Congrats again!

  55. Barbara C, 03 August, 2012

    Looking forward to the format it sounds very exciting and congratulations .

  56. Angela M., 04 August, 2012

    Hi Cindy, Doug, Willow and Fisher,

    I’m late replying to this post but better late than never :)

    I love the idea of the whole lesson at one time, since we will still have Friday vids. I, like everyone else, love the every-week contact with you and the family, Cindy. It makes you a friend instead of just someone we have business contact with. At least I consider you friend and I’m sure many of us feel that way :) I also love being part of the growing energy that flows in abundance here-yours is the best polymer clay website there is, hands down!

    I don’t see how you’re still able to keep your membership fee so low. That is amazing in today’s economy. I’m not encouraging you to raise your fees mind you (lol) but if you did need to, I would still want to be a member. There’s so much creativity and positivity here that I wouldn’t want to miss a minute of. I’ve said it before – yours is a real feel-good and welcoming site to come to and a bright spot in my day and I thank you and your family for all your hard work.

    Angela M.

    p.s. I also love your slogan “Make what you love. . .love what you make” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Have a lovely weekend, everyone :)

  57. Cindy Lietz, 04 August, 2012

    Hi Angela, just so you know, we consider you to be a friend as well. We feel like ALL of you are friends. That is one of the reasons why we wanted to do the PcT Roadtrip so badly… to finally meet in person all of you that have been such a big part of our lives these past few years. It is more than a business relationship to us as well. I have learned so much from everyone. Not only cool polymer clay tips and techniques but inspiration, kindness, and determination.

    The “Make What You Love… Love What You Make!” slogan came to us as we started to really think about our unique selling proposition USP or in other words, what makes our polymer clay tutorials different from everyone else’ tutorials (which were few when we started and now overwhelming in numbers.)

    We realized that the reason most people came here was because they saw polymer clay things they would love to make… but they stayed because they had success making the tutorials and ended up loving what they made. And in the case where they might not love their results, they got so much support and help from us and everyone else here, that they learned what was needed so they could get it right and end up loving it.

    Often what happens in the world of tutorials (of any kind really) is that you see a cool project you would love to make, but when you try it yourself, it falls short and you feel like a failure.

    Sometimes the project is just too hard to do without the expirience that the instructor/artist has. Sometimes, the instructions are missing something or they are just so convoluted that you can’t figure them out. (Like the ones I got with my Kumihimo Disk. I could not figure it out for the life of me and I’m pretty handy.)

    Other times it is the teaching medium. Pdf’s do not move like video does, so if the photos aren’t plentiful and very specific and/or the written/spoken explanation isn’t spot on, you may miss something along the way. Even video isn’t perfect, if the light is bad, the audio isn’t clear, there aren’t any close-ups, the teacher isn’t very good is giving wrong information (like the little girls on YouTube telling you to put nail polish on your polymer clay charms or to bake for only 10 minutes) then you may not get the instruction you need or deserve in order to have success making the project.

    I guess what I am trying to say with all of those words above, is that we chose the words, “Make What You Love… Love What You Make!” because we think that is what makes us unique. With our unique projects, innovative techniques, great video and after tutorial support, we think that everyone has the opportunity for success.

    I am grateful that you love it here Angela. That you consider us friends and that you are making what you love and loving what you make. Thank you for being part of our lives. You are an asset to our polymer clay family!

  58. Dixie Ann, 04 August, 2012

    Amen to that! Pretty much what I tell
    folks when they ask about my clay classes online. Even our Public Library has no books or information on Polymer Clay. Cindy does it best, has the best prices and support, and an extensive clay family. What more could you ask for!

  59. Jocelyn, 04 August, 2012

    The support from other clayers is an outstanding plus here.

  60. Mrs Rainbow, 04 August, 2012

    I would imagine that the pure volume of crafters coming to the site and signing up, allows for the sensible pricing that beadsandbeading.com has. It goes along with all the other sensible management choices of this site. ;D

    To my mind, it makes total sense, to charge less…and garner more customers… and receive more revenue from overall volume. Rather than, as many of the other sites do… charge greedy, ridiculous amounts of money….for just one video or session and put people totally off joining.

    I love the fact that the prices on this site are good for pretty much everyone…. and I sincerely hope that they will remain well balanced. There have been other sites I have looked at… and I baulked at…LOL…not only because of the prices…but also because the tutorials I felt were tacky, full of outdated, brash jewellery and things I would never wear or want to sell and with videos that were not so well produced.

    None of that applies here! :D Yeeehaaah!! :D

  61. Cindy Lietz, 04 August, 2012

    Thank you so much Mrs Rainbow (I still love that name after all these years!) I appreciate all your comments. You are so right about our price point and us being able to bring our quality videos to more people. I too have been unimpressed with a lot of what is happening out there with what is being offered in polymer clay tutorials. There is some great stuff by great teachers but a lot of it is just junk. And some of the free stuff is even worse. Just because it is free, it doesn’t mean it won’t cost you in the end. There is a ton of misinformation out there that can not only cause a lot of frustration, but it can cost you in messed up or ruined supplies as well.

    For those that do have quality product I think it is OK to charge a good price for their tutorials. Artists and instructors deserve to be paid if they bring value to the market place. It is merely a different business model than this one we have chosen. There is a time and place for both kinds of models, as long as the value for what you get is good, then both can work.

    Thank you for your enthusiasm for what we offer, for your kindness and friendship and for all your support. We love having you in our happy clay family!

  62. Elaine Faulks, 04 August, 2012

    Oh Cindy,

    How right you are,
    it is such a shame that ANYONE can make a video without really knowing what they are talking about.

    Giving out polymer clay information that is totally wrong, Having no knowledge of camera work, lighting, timing, editing and all the other important details that go into making tutorials to equal the superb quality of the LEITZ team

    I am sure I speak for all this clay family when I say we all really appreciate the hard work and dedication that the LEITZ team put into making this site the best in the WORLD.

    This is not to say that there are tutorials out there that are very good, made by talented artists but I still think that for sheer value for money YOUR’S are yet to be beaten.

    All round the world your members eagerly tune in on Fridays to see what new and innovative items you will be showing us that WE can make. So anyone still hesitant about signing up to become a member, just do it, it will change your life.
    ………………………….cheers xx…………………………..

  63. Mrs Rainbow, 07 August, 2012

    Yep.. I love the name too…. Glad you like it too!

    Btw…:D talking of names… Elite e-Lietz just came to mind…. :D I am sure you have heard that one many times!!


  64. Cindy Lietz, 04 September, 2012

    Love the e-Lietz reference :-)

  65. Dorothy Hurkett, 26 August, 2012

    Hi Cindy
    Havent been into my email for awhile so didn’t see your discount……. I did get into the sweet pea tut and it is marvelous.
    The upgrade of the Web site is really impressive. . Is that many tuts at a time something new?. Will you continue this practice?
    When my health stabilizes I will do a demo at the Senior Center on” Love Of Poly”
    and show them, 100 people, your web site. It is a great joy for me and I hope to share it with my friends.
    Love to you and your family
    How’s the traveling coming?
    PS my first try to write on this blog…a wonderful group of happy people.

  66. Cindy Lietz, 04 September, 2012

    Hi Dorothy,

    Glad to hear you have been enjoying the “upgrade” … the changes have been well received, so the at this point we do plan on continuing with the new multi-video format.

    Your “Love Of Poly” presentation sounds very fun… do let us know how it goes!

    FYI: We have now returned home safe and sound from our first PcT Roadtrip (first of many to come). Doug will get some travel videos posted on the blog as soon as possible.

  67. Dorothy Hurkett, 04 September, 2012

    I saw your bead rack hack and also thought it was clay. I did mine in clay but have not baked it yet. Will it work or should I remove it?

    I am having such fun with the raku beads #14 past issue…Oh my I just about buried my self in sweet peas… what a way to go. Love what Im doing

  68. Cindy Lietz, 05 September, 2012

    Buried in Sweet Peas… that would be a nice way to go Dorothy!! As far as the polymer clay working for the bead rack hack, just leave it until you get some Sugru. Although Sugru definitely has some benefits in a case like this, you may find the polymer at least improves the situation, though I doubt you would be able to turn your rack upside down, since polymer gets hard and won’t grip like the Sugru. Also polymer will probably fall off the rack without being glued. But anything would be better than the way it is now!

  69. Ken Hamilton, 19 June, 2013

    Ok, I’m going to use this posting to bring up an old topic and see what the comments will be now. I’ve taken a liking to watching your YouTube videos on my large screen TV, is there any interest/plans to offer the paid tutorials on a DVD or BD format. I have a larger monitor now and it’s better viewing, but it still would be nice to be able to have them on the 40+in screen. Just curious.

  70. Cindy Lietz, 21 June, 2013

    Hi Ken… I’m adding a comment to bump up your “DVD” topic again. Anyone else care to chime in?

    Btw… is the resolution of the our YouTube videos working well on your big screen TV?

  71. Ken Hamilton, 24 June, 2013

    It’s great, the Videos are so clear on both the new computer monitor and the wide screen TV. I prefer the widescreen since it’s bigger, but the clarity is comprable on both.

  72. Dixie Ann, 21 June, 2013

    Oh I think that is a stellar idea! I would love to have a DVD of at least the
    first 50 volumes of Ciindys Tutorials. I am getting a new digital TV this next year and would love to watch them on it. It should only be offered though to members who have already purchased the tutes. I think that if you have purchased the first 50 volumes which I have, it would be great to have the
    DVD. It certainly would in no way affect my membership. Cindy just has too much to offer all the time. Anybody else interested in DVD’s lets hear from you all.

  73. Rosy Simpson, 20 August, 2015

    I would love dvd, so when the internet is not available I could still watch the tutorials I too have purchased all of the tutes, love the way Cindy teaches.

  74. Tantesherry, 22 June, 2013

    If we are voting – I vote yes on the dvd issue:)
    btw was on this page reading Ken’s comment and while here re-watched Cindy’s video (above) it was really cool to look at a year later, after all the new exciting changes have taken place and to re read all the words of encouragement from a year ago
    love this place:)

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