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Deception Pass Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor1-B: Copper Skies
Evening Blush
Distant Island

Isn’t this an incredible photo? So serene… so peaceful… just by chance.

Doug and I were heading home from our Roadtrip last Summer… we were only about an hour and a half away from reaching the Canada/USA Border and soon to be reunited with the kids at home.

It was a trip that we wanted to last for much longer than it did. We both yearned for more time away, but needed to get back to home base. Fisher was starting school again, and although we are able to get a certain amount of work done while on the road… things were backing up. So we really needed to head back, whether we wanted to or not.

On our way home, we were coming up on the Deception Pass State Park Campsite… a place neither of us had been to before. So Doug thought it would be good to head into the park and scout out the sites to see if we should stay there on a future trip.

The sun was beginning to set and as we turned the corner, this is what we saw! Doug pulled our 31 foot trailer and truck to the side of the road, threw on the hazard lights, grabbed his camera equipment and jumped out to snap some photos before the lighting was gone.

Since I couldn’t really do much but wait in the truck and stare out the window, I tried to store as much mental footage in my brain as possible… and basked in the peace of the moment. It truly was a fitting end to a relaxing yet productive trip. On this trip we filmed around 50 videos. Some of which you have already seen and others which will be in the JoolTool Training videos when the course gets put together.

Any way, we never did get to scope out the campground. The Park Ranger asked us to leave because he was locking the gate for the night and it was too dark by then anyway. But what we saw of the area, definitely made it onto the “must return” list for a future PcT Roadtrip. From this spot alone, it looks to be the perfect place to get lots of great color recipe photos… with many opportunities to scout for great nature shots from aboard the new Kayak we just got. I can’t wait for Summer.

To be quite honest, I’d be game to pack the trailer and head there right now. It’s about time we got out of the office… but that would mean you guys wouldn’t get any new tutorials for a while… and that probably wouldn’t go over too well.

I do hope you enjoy this inspiration for our next Vol-083-B Series color recipes for April 2015.

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  • Copper Skies (Recipe 083-1B)
  • Evening Blush (Recipe 083-2B)
  • Distant Island (Recipe 083-3B)
  • Deception (Recipe 083-4B)

[wp_ad_camp_1]Copper Skies Is the warm glowing coppery orange of the sky as the sun sets over the horizon. Evening Blush is a dusty gray pink of sky where it meets the land. Distant Island is the soft dark purple of the San Juan Islands in the distance. And Deception is the coppery brown of the trees and shoreline in silhouette.

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Beautiful colors! I’m glad you can invision colors. Nature is a great source for inspiration and living in Arizona I enjoy the earth tones of the desert, the wonderful colors from our cactus and wildflowers, the color influence from Mexico and of course the sunsets. Trying to duplicate them is a tough one for me. Have you ever considered doing a southwest color palette? Wouldn’t it be fun to do a series on colors from around the world, tulips from Holland, the waters of Aruba, colors from the rainforest! Wow one could stay a wake all night just dreaming up colors. As a very new clayer I find your website very informative, you’re a very gifted person. ~Jeanne-C

Another amazing set of colors! And another beautiful picture for us to admire! Cindy, I love the little stories you tell with each new color recipe. Thanks to both you and Doug for bringing us these color inspirations! ~Tanya-L

Cindy, I definitely prefer your nature-inspired palettes! Your original colours are subtle and come from personal involvement in the beauty that surrounds you and your family. While I am certain I would love any new direction you wanted to experiment with, I believe other PC enthusiasts are dabbling in (and selling) Pantone-based palettes. I appreciate your soliciting the opinions of your members. I will continue to enjoy whatever colours you offer, but I am firmly on the side of “Mother Nature”, who gifts us with infinite variety, as opposed to a technical schedule of arbitrary shades in a preset framework. ~Monique-U


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Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor
  1. Freda K, 30 March, 2015

    Absolutely beautiful picture. Makes me want to get out the lawn chairs and sit basking in the sun while the sun goes down. Oh, well, summer will be here before we know it.

  2. Lawrence S, 30 March, 2015

    Beautiful photo and colours. I have camped there a couple of times many years ago, in a tent, but don’t do that any more.

  3. Maria, 30 March, 2015

    Cindy and Doug,
    This photo just made me go “ahhhh” – I feel so relaxed right now – as if I have set up a campsite right on that shoreline … Thank you for providing me with a mini mental vacation.

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