Copper Jewelry Hooks Perfect for Hanging Polymer Clay Bead Pendants

Copper Jewelry Hooks

“Love it!! Please show us the chain at some point. I would love to see the complete piece.” ~Elizabeth-S

A couple of days ago, I showed how polymer clay beads wired with two simple copper loops, can be used to create a unique pendant necklace design. As you can see above, Elizabeth wanted more ;-) … so today’s picture shows the copper clasps and antique brass chain that I use for this versatile pendant idea.

The chain is 16″ in length. On each end of the chain is a handmade wrapped hook made from copper wire I got at Home Depot.

This 16″ chain with handmade wrapped copper hooks attached at each end, can be used in several different ways.

It can be worn like a normal chain for hanging any sort of pendant… just by linking the two hooks together like I did in the upper right panel of the photo above. In this case you would have the hooks at the back of your neck.

It can also be worn with the hooks at the front, attached to a pendant with two wire loop attachments, as is the case with this Gerbera Flower Pendant Bead.

And lastly, the two hooks could be linked onto a pendant with only one loop, providing the loop is large enough to accommodate both hooks. An example of this would be the butterfly pendant in the top left panel of the photo above.

Another example of a suitable pendant bead with only one large look can be see here: Calla Lily Beads

Keep in mind that you don’t have to only use chain for something like this. You could add hooks or clasps to both ends of cording, ribbon or a strand of beads.

This simple chain and clasp approach to hanging pendants is extremely handy. In fact I use it with my polymer clay beads almost every single day. And apparently I’m not the only one that likes this idea. Here’s what Melinda had to say…

I love that idea! I can’t even type anymore… I’m typeless because I love that idea so much…. My mind is reeling with the possibilities!!! ~Melinda-H

I absolutely love your enthusiasm Melinda. You are such a delight to have as part of the community here!

If anyone needs further instructions on how to make these wrapped copper wire hooks, let me know. I’ll put them on the list of tutorials to film if you like.

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  1. Elizabeth S., 05 October, 2009

    WOOOO HOOOO!!! Thank you, Cindy!! I love this absolutely cool and versatile way to hang pendants etc. I’d love it if you could sneak in a quick lesson on making the hooks but only if everyone else feels they would benefit as well.

    Now, here is probably the strange question of the day. I’m flying tomorrow to visit my daughter for a few days. I always pack something pc to do while traveling and this time want to practice wire work for some pendants. My husband is concerned about packing a roll of copper wire-he thinks it might trigger some security concerns. It never crossed my mind but now that he mentioned it I’m wondering. Do you think it is a legitimate concern if I pack it in my checked luggage?

  2. Jackie, 05 October, 2009

    Home Depot! Who knew?? I’m really starting to get into the look of metals with polymer clay. Copper in particular is quite lovely when matched with the right design. Thanks for the post!

  3. Melinda, 05 October, 2009

    I seriously love that I idea. I loved that idea so much that yesterday I made two necklaces with hooks on either side using black satin rat tail…. the hooks on one of them looks a lot your hooks. Wow! I was amazed at the number of pendants I had already that would work with it. Such a versatile little necklace. I say… Fabulous!!! You are the PC Guru and my buddha!

  4. aims, 05 October, 2009

    I’m wondering about Elizabeth’s concerns. I think she might be okay in the checked luggage but maybe calling the airlines and asking is the way to go.

    Love the hooks Cindy. So very versatile!

  5. Lisa Whitham, 05 October, 2009

    Yes, yes… a tutorial on the hooks please! :)


  6. Cindy Lietz, 05 October, 2009

    @ Elizabeth – Here’s a big WHOOOO HOOOO right back at ya! You are welcome!!! BTW, I agree with Aims that you should call the airline company about whether it is OK to pack copper wire in your luggage. I may be a Polymer Clay Guru or even a PC Buddha (LOL), but questions about homeland security should go to someone much more knowledgeable on that topic than I. But please do report back here with any information that you find out. It would be helpful for others to know.

    @Jackie – yes Home Depot has a wealth of inexpensive jewelry making supplies… they just don’t know it yet :-)

    @ Melinda – as always… what a delight you are.

    @Lisa – Love your enthusiasm!

  7. Ritzs, 05 October, 2009

    Cindy i cant believe you have done it again I just love the hooks i have only made the single wire but i see yours are double, Please show us how it is done and please tell me what gauge wire you use, I have been on a hunt down the barn ( my husbands workshop) but i have had it all and i went up the attic and found some but it was in use for the household electric so he said NO NO NO that means i will have to go to town if i can tear myself away from my workroom. I am also flying to Chicago at the end of this month and i always take my tools ect and i have taken wire all in my luggage, never had any problems so far If any of you live in Chicago I would love to meet up with you while i am their.

  8. Ritzs, 05 October, 2009

    I forgot to ask do you coat the wire with anything

  9. Elizabeth, 05 October, 2009

    Thanks for the responses to my question about carying copper wire in my luggage. Per your recommendations (duh, why didn’t I think of that?), I called Southwest Airlines. A very helpful lady responded that there is no problem either packing it in checked baggage or carrying it on, although she did suggest that if I carry it on I have it out and bring it to the attention of the screener. Guess just to be on the safe side I will check it. Ritzs, thanks for adding your experience-sounds like you have packed it without any problem.
    OK, I’m done clogging up the blog with my personal agenda.
    Have a great day everyone.

  10. Freda, 05 October, 2009

    Wondering what gauge you used in the single hook with double wire. I think I could make it after watching the S hook in your video.

  11. Cindy Lietz, 05 October, 2009

    @Ritz: I’ve been coating my metal hooks and things lately with Preserve Your Memories II (PYMII). Its an awesome coating that you can spray right over your wire and polymer clay beads to protect them. Leaves a nice shiny gloss too. Click the link by my name for more info.

    @Elizabeth: Thanks for the update. Good to know!

    @Freda: I used 20 Gauge Copper wire for the hooks.

  12. Cindy Lietz, 05 October, 2009

    @Elizabeth: I forgot to mention this, but you aren’t clogging up the blog at all by asking questions like this. It’s this kind of information that interests all of us who make jewelry and beads. Keep up the great comments!

  13. Silverleaf, 05 October, 2009

    @Cindy – I made a similar necklace this afternoon, inspired by your piece! I used copper chain and made a couple of S-hooks for the ends. I used one of my leftover beads I made for the Manchester meetup swap (dark purple/red mokume gane round bead with metal leaf, trans clay and acrylic paint) as the pendant, with a three crystal dangles on tiny bits of chain hanging from the bottom of the bead.

    Looks pretty good! I’m going to make a couple more pendants I can use with it, and a silver version too. I especially like how the fastenings are at the front, much easier to put on with all my hair that tends to get tangled in clasps a the back of my neck, and quicker to take off to show people when they admire it. :)

    Thanks for another great idea!

  14. Helen Sperring (honeyclay), 05 October, 2009

    I went to Home Depot today looking for copper wire, 20 gauge. A lovely saleswoman helped me. There was no copper wire. There were rolls and rolls of wrapped wire but no 20 gauge copper. I also have so many beads that I don’t know what to do with. Your hooks and chains would really settle that problem. I did not save the Friday E Mails for the free recipies so I missed out. Is it too late for the challenge? Can I just be you for a couple of days? It’ll solve all my problems, learn all the great talents that you have and then I’ll come back to me. I just love everything.Thanks, Honey

  15. Cindy Lietz, 06 October, 2009

    @Silverleaf: Your piece sounds awesome! If you are interested in doing another spotlight feature, I would be happy to do that.

    @Helen: That’s too bad you’re having trouble finding the 20 gauge wire. I found mine in Home Depot on a small spool (like the 24 gauge spool I showed in the S-hook video). If I remember correctly it was in the section where the picture wire and fasteners were.

    If you’re still having trouble why don’t you try looking at the websites of the stores in your area and do a search for copper wire. Maybe one of the other stores like Target or Walmart or something will have it.

    There are also lots of other places to buy copper wire online if you Google it. Let your fingers do the walking instead of your feet and your car. It’s easier and faster that way! :-)

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