Bullseye Cane Making Tip for Polymer Clay Beginners

Bullseye Cane Making

Vid #031: Making a Mod Cane from Several Bullseye Canes:

This polymer clay cane design is popular with beginners because it’s easy to make. But it’s also the type of cane that you will use for making beads even when you become an expert.

A cool idea is to reduce a bunch of bulls eye canes; Then square up each of these smaller canes a bit; And finally press them together to make one larger cane with as many bullseye patterns showing in the cross section as you like. Many clayers call this a mod cane, especially when you use retro colors from the 1960’s or 70’s. Anyone remember the Mod Squad TV show?

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The full version of the “Bullseye Cane” preview video shown above, is included in my Polymer Clay Bead Making Fundamentals Course [SEE Video #31 of 39]. In this video I show you step by step how to make a beginners bulls eye canes. You can use whatever color combinations that you like with whatever number of layers you choose. Bulls-eye canes are very versatile and can be used for a wide array of beading projects.

  1. Cindy Lietz, 03 April, 2008

    Before starting on any cane, make sure that all clays you plan on using for the project are of the same consistency. If one of the clays is softer or harder than the others, the cane will not reduce evenly and you will have distortion.

    The following videos show how to soften or firm up your clay as desired:
    Soften Polymer Clay with Fimo Quick Mix
    Polymer Clay Pasta Machine – How To Firm Up Soft Clay

    Another good idea is to save some chunks of cane at various sizes. It is easy to reduce a cane, but enlarging it is very tricky.

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  2. Katina, 24 August, 2008

    OMG, who can forget Julie, Linc & Pete. And what about that afro?

    I think the bullseye cane and the mod cane would look really cool if it had some white in the bullseye so it would look like a real eye, or a bunch of real eyes. It would have many uses for Halloween!

  3. Cindy Lietz, 11 September, 2008

    LOL Katina! Yeah that would be kinda cool to have a cane filled with eyeballs! That would be taking the ‘evil eye beads’ to a whole new level!

  4. Roma, 21 February, 2009

    I would like to purchase your video but tell me how long do I have access to these online videos. I am busy and it make take me time to get through it or some time in the future I may want to refer to it for some aspect that I may have forgotten. Can you let me know! Thanks so much! Roma

  5. Cindy Lietz, 21 February, 2009

    Hi Roma – If you are referring to the 39 Part Polymer clay Basics Video Course… there is no time limit. You can take as long as you like and refer to it as often as you like.
    This is one of the features that other students really appreciate…

    “Cindy – Your program has given me the confidence and basics to get started in clay. I took your advise on all of your recommendations. Needless to say, I am hooked! I love the fact that I can go back and refer to your videos over and over again. Your program could not be better.” ~Brenda Landers-Smith

    “Hi Cindy, I finally got started! Reviewed all the beginner videos and got going! I took gold and black clay, and made a marble bead which came out stunning! They do not look like clay at all! They are a cross between looking like wood and looking like tiger’s eye! I was so amazed!!!! I then did some beads in a cane and although they aren’t the most symmetrical, they still look wonderful! I am so excited. My first project looks GREAT thanks to you. It was so simple to watch the videos and just being able to re-watch what I needed to as I worked was of tremendous benefit. Thanks so much for creating these wonderful videos. I love that they are short and to the point for each segment. Makes it so easy to start at just the right place when you need help. Keep up the great work… looking forward to many more of your wonderful videos and creating more and more great pieces with your expert guidance which gives me the confidence to know that I can do it!!! Kudos to you Cindy.” ~Charlene Patane

    “Cindy; I am new to Polymer Clay and was looking for a resource for teaching me about bead making. Your course has provided me exactly what I needed, a way to learn bead making at the same time as I am learning polymer clay. I love that I can come back and re-watch the videos. Thanks for all of your work.” ~Karen Benson

    “You have no idea how over whelmed I feel about what you said about my beads. I could never have made them without your video on thread beads. All your videos and tips are wonderful to newbies like me. Please keep up the great job. Thanks for the advice and information. I purchased your course and every bit of it’s helped me out. I refer back to it nightly and nonstop on the weekends. Thank you, thank you, thank you YOU ROCK!” ~Paul

  6. Debbie M, 07 February, 2010

    HI Cindy, I found your Beginner’s Course to be quite informative. Even though I had been to a hands on class in our community I learned a lot of new things from your video. I also had a book on polymer clay, but your videos were more helpful than reading the instructions in the book. I found your instructions on making bulls eye, striped and checkerboard canes very helpful — I never thought they could be THAT easy to make. I also learned how to successfully use the tri-bead roller. I am enjoying your weekly member videos and have learned a lot of new techniques. Now to just find the time!! Thanks Debbie M

  7. Cindy Lietz, 07 February, 2010


    Thank you so much for taking the time to write those very kind words. Sharing feedback like this really gives others great insight about what they can expect from the video tutorials. I truly appreciate your help. Very much looking forward to hearing more about how your beads and jewelry projects are coming along.

    PS: I agree with you about video learning being better than books ;-)

  8. Christy Fraire, 29 September, 2011

    I appreciate information on that. I wrote it off as yet another charge, but I am going to take a look at it once again.

  9. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 29 September, 2011

    Hello Christy – If you are having some sort of billing issue, just send an email and we’ll get it taken care of right away for you.

  10. Ines S, 17 October, 2011

    Thanks for the back issues. I just got 15 of them and I’m very excited. I have a question about the bulls eye cane in the basic course. Can you tell me the colors you used for the green lentil beads you show. I love those colors and I can’t make out all of them.
    Thanks for your help.

  11. Cindy Lietz, 18 October, 2011

    Hi Ines, you are so welcome! It is wonderful to have you as part of our clay family! That cane was made a million years ago (actually closer to 5 years), so I can’t tell you exactly which colors they were. If I remember correctly that bulls-eye cane was made using up some scrap Fimo clay I had on hand. Looks to me like I used Black, Gold, Red, and three shades of Green.

    You might be able to get something similar to that cane if you used Premo Black, Gold, Pomegranate, Spanish Olive, Wasabi, and maybe a mix of Premo Green toned down with some Spanish Olive. Hope that helps!

  12. Ines S, 18 October, 2011

    thank you that is very helpful

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