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5 Polymer Clay Cane Slicing Tips for Your Bead Making Projects

Techniques for Dealing With Warm Soft Polymer Canes and Clay in General: In the hot Summer heat it can be tricky doing even… 25

How to Make Beads | Basic Tool Kit for Working with Polymer Clay

Making Beads With Fimo or Sculpey Requires Very Little To Get Started: One of the most common polymer clay beginner questions is: “I… 15

How to Make Polymer Clay Pendants with a Silver Spoon

Were you born with a Silver Spoon in your mouth? How about one around your neck? A long time ago, I made wind… 46

How To Sand Polymer Clay Beads Using Drywall Sandpaper

Vid #044: Drywall sandpaper works best for aggressive bead sanding jobs: You may not have thought to look in the drywall and painting… 19

Condition Polymer Clay Properly, Using A Pasta Machine

Vid #002: Trapped Air Bubbles is a Common Problem That Can Happen From Improper Use of the Polymer Clay Pasta Machine: Most polymer… 24

Jelly Roll Cane – Perfect for Polymer Clay Beginners

Vid #032: Making Polymer Clay Canes is a Fun Skill that All Beginners Should Learn Early: You will probably spend as much time… 5

The Difference Between Marbling Polymer Clay and Mixing It

Vid #024: Really, There Is No Difference Except That… … with marbling, you stop mixing well before the two colors become thoroughly blended…. 14

Amaco Bead Baking Rack – A Must Have Polymer Clay Tool

Vid #012: The Amaco Professional Bead Rack – It’s Good for So Much More than Just Baking Beads: Although this tool is designed… 14

Making Polymer Clay Canes with the Checkerboard Cane Pattern

Vid #034: Making Checkerboard Pattern, Polymer Clay Canes: There’s a quick way to increase the number of checkers in any checkerboard cane. Simply… 5

Bullseye Cane Making Tip for Polymer Clay Beginners

Vid #031: Making a Mod Cane from Several Bullseye Canes: This polymer clay cane design is popular with beginners because it’s easy to… 12

Baking Polymer Clay Safety Tips – Fumes From Burning Not So Good

Vid #006: Safety Tips for Baking Polymer Clay: Yes even a soft, squishy and colorful compound like polymer clay has it’s own list… 32

Starter Tools for Basic Polymer Clay Projects

Vid #007: Polymer Clay Tools and Kitchen Utensils Should Be Kept Separate: Always keep the tools you use for polymer clay and the… 10

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