What’s Better than Receiving Beaded Polymer Clay Jewelry as a Gift

Polymer Clay Treasure Hunt Winner

How about winning a course on how to make beads so that you can create your own personalized fimo jewelry whenever you feel like it!

Well we have a winner for the 2008 Summer Polymer Clay Treasure Hunt contest. And the prize is my Basics Course On Bead Making. But before I announce the winner, let me tell you about the 2 main reason’s why I put this contest together in the first place.

1) To give you a fun excuse to spend time discovering all of the valuable learning information published here at my blog.


2) To show everyone that “chatting” is allowed and ENCOURAGED at my site. This is a friendly and supportive community where you can come to get answers for all of your polymer clay and bead making questions. Answers from me… and from others who are also willing to share their ideas, experiences and stories.

Well I have to say that this Summer 2008 Treasure Hunt has been a resounding success. Below are just a few of the email comments that were sent in by contest participants. These are in addition to the emails that I already posted on July 22 [See: Bead Making Conspiracy – Polymer Clay Tutor’s Evil Plan Exposed]

I just loved doing the treasure hunt and I feel like that is just what I received a lot of treasures.  This was certainly different than any other site has done and I am sure that every one had a good time.  Thanks for doing this. ~Linda

I just finished the treasure hunt. It was so much fun that I forgot most of the time to find the chests… I just kept reading article after article. I will say, that I have been very intimidated to try polymer clay, but after reading all of your information, I am no longer a scardy cat…LOL Thanks so much for all your hard work and effort to make polymer clay fun for all of us. ~Lisa

Cindy your website has so much info. Recently I have retired and have picked up on my crafting, which of course is polymer clay. Over the years I have thrown away so much clay because I just couldn’t figure out something I was doing wrong and years ago there was not that much info out there and not the internet either. No I am back into the clay and hope to be doing some craft shows soon and guess what’s for Christmas this year???? Thanks once more, and Treasure Hunt has been great idea. I don’t usually comment much just read but not this time, and it’s been fun. Keep us on our toes!!!! ~Yvonne

This was so much fun! I learned so much. Thanks for your time and effort to put this together. And what a cool way to get comments on your blog. You ROCK! ~Kim

I just finished the treasure hunt, although I found clues 4 & 5 before 1-3, so had to go back and start over, LOL.  Many of these articles I had already read in your weekly emails, which I really enjoy and read as they arrive.  I especially enjoy your articles on color mixing and theory as that is a weakness of mine.  Your articles regarding plastic wrap really struck a funny nerve with me, as when I was fairly new at Polymer Clay, not knowing any better I used whatever I had around the house.  I used Reynolds plastic wrap.  Shortly after I went to a class and on passing around some of my canes for people to see one of the gals started snickering and then guffawing and by then was laughing so hard she could hardly tell us what was wrong.  I had noticed the problem, but didn’t get the same impression that she did. . . She finally got out that it felt like a used men’s personal product, by that time we all knew what she was thinking and she was soooo right.  I’ve never used that wrap again and warn others, although it always raises a good memory kind of laugh with me.  Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge. Hugs, ~Sue

I have enjoyed the contest so much. I have learned so much this afternoon and I promised myself I would make a habit of coming to the site and reading, reading reading. Anyway, thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest.  I agree with the others, your style of teaching is great.  I can visualize what you are doing as I am reading and the videos are just frosting on the cake.  Just the one little tip that I tried to convey, felt like I had marbles in my brain trying to figure out how to write it so others could figure it out. I would love to win, of coarse. But, either way I win because I have learned bunches and have been introduced to your web site a lot better than I would have left to myself. I am going back to where I just came from since I just was getting to information about fingernails which I think is so cool. Thank you for all your work, ~Marianne

arrgghh me found all the clues on me maps & the treasure of ye polymer clay articles. thank for the fun hunt & information I believe I will be sanding beads better now thanks to you! thank you & happy claying!!! ~Abby

This treasure hunt has been so informative for this newby in clay. I have all my clay and supplies stored at my moms and on the weekends we get together and have “Clay Dates”. 4 generations of clayers. Mom, me, my daughter Jennifer and then my 2 grand daughters from my other daughter that I am raising. The prize would be a wonderful tool to teach the girls, 6 and 4. Thank you again. ~Jeanie

I have moved my way through the treasure hunt – in hopes of winning – and now I am going back to finish reading all the articles.  In the process of hunting treasure I have learned so much, which is the most important thing!  Thank you for all your creative energy from the articles, to the ideas, to the videos and the hunt!  Let the bead making begin. ~Pamela

I have finished your really fun treasure hunt, learnt heaps along the way.  I think you should do something similar again some time. I love your site Cindy and your generousity of sharing your knowledge. Learn and Grow from each other! I love sharing new things it makes it more special to see others smile when they have learnt something new too. In a nippy Australian Winter, ~Linda

I finished the treasure hunt. It was nice to do and I’ve seen a lot of (for me) new tips. Thank you! Greetings from Holland, ~Marijke

And if you are interested in seeing all of the blog comments posted for this polymer clay contest, here are the links to the 5 contest article pages:

1) Polymer Clay Color Mixing (Summer Sunflower Colors)

2) Baking Flat Fimo Sheets (Bubbly Gingerbread Men)

3) Sanding Clay Beads (For That Professional Shine)

4) Polymer Clay Cane Designs (Dainty Spring Flowers)

5) New Premo Formula (Beginner Cane Making)

Now a winner must be chosen. This is the tough part for me because I absolutely loved reading all of the comments from from all of you!

To be fair, I’ll first explain HOW the winner was picked. As you can see from my Main Point 2 at the beginning of this article, I was really focused on encouraging all of you to get “involved” at my site overall. Although the contest only called for commenting on 5 article pages, many of you ended up “chatting” all over the place… which was great!

In fact, over the last 28 days since the treasure hunt began, the total number of new comments posted was 553… and ALL of them were thoughtful! Thank you to everyone who participated. I sincerely hope that the experience was rewarding even if you didn’t win.

So without further adieu [drum roll please]… ringing in with a grand total of 38 comments for the WIN, is Cindy Erickson. And NO… her first name had nothing to do with the decision :-).

In addition to Cindy Erickson’s 38 comments (only 4 more than the next highest score), I also gave her marks for an “off-site” comment that she posted here: Polymer Clay Video Review

So that’s a wrap for this contest folks. But please do keep all of your wonderful comments and questions coming in. You’ll definitely benefit by getting involved here at the Polymer Clay Tutor blog. And you just never know what your ongoing tally of “thoughtful” comments may win you in future contests. Oh yes… I’ve got lots more creative ideas for contests that will be even more fun than this Summer 2008 Treasure Hunt was. So stay tuned…

NOTE TO CINDY ERICKSON: Send me a message and I’ll show you how to access the 39 Part Bead Making Video Course that you have deservedly won. It will definitely put you on the right track for making lots and lots of beautiful polymer clay jewelry and beads.

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  1. Pamela Reader, 16 August, 2008

    This has been so much fun! And congratulations to Cindy Erickson. I want to thank you Cindy (Lietz) for all the work, fun, creativity and great information and videos at this site. I shall definately recommend it to friends and other bloggers. But most of all, thanks for the encouragement, answering questions and being a totally cool and awesome person!!! I think you’ve won the treasure hunt with your efforts. (smile)

  2. CraftyLinda, 16 August, 2008

    This was so much fun and while I am sad that I didn’t win I congratulate Cindy Erickson on her win. I know she will enjoy each of the videos and learn a lot. This is one site I come to often to learn something new or to find out what I am doing wrong and I always find the answer. Thank you Cindy Lietz for having this fun and educational hunt. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with. I’m sure it will be just as fun and informational.

  3. Cindy Lietz, 16 August, 2008

    @Pamela: Thank you so much for your comment and your participation in the contest! Your comments have all been fantastic and I really appreciate them!

    @CraftyLinda: I am so glad that you had fun and learned from the posts. I would like to send you an extra special Thank You for the write-up you did on your blog to help promote this polymer clay treasure treasure hunt !! Please let me know if or when you do a contest of your own and I will most certainly return the favor.

    **I would also like to thank Sandy of Simple Inspirations for her mention of the Treasure Hunt! I believe she referred to it as a bead scavenger hunt in her article. Thank you so much Sandy!! Again I’d be happy to return the favor when you need help promoting one of your fun events.

  4. Cindy Erickson, 16 August, 2008

    Dear Cindy,

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can not tell you how very excited and happy I am to have won this most wonderful prize of your tutorial videos!!! :) :) :) Yesterday, I was on the road traveling across the state of Washington by car on the way to come stay with my sweet Momma for a week. I felt so frustrated that I did not have access to a computer, knowing that yesterday, the 15th of August was the day that you were going to announce the winner!!! Well, as soon as I could, I got myself to a computer today, and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I screamed when I read that I won!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! I am going to learn so much, and have SO MUCH FUN LEARNING ALL THAT YOU HAVE TO TEACH ME!!! Whoooooopppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your Treasure Hunt was sooooooo much fun. I know that I spent hours just going through it, because I was so very intrigued, and interested in every single page along the way, and every single link to all the other pages!!! I learned so much, and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process…reading everyone’s comments every day as the days went by, learning from other people’s thoughts and ideas, and even their problems…along with your kind and fun and encouraging comments back to all of them!!!

    I am so honored to have won the Treasure Hunt, and am honored to have met (via the Internet) Cindy Lietz, who I consider to to the POLYMER QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE!!! I am telling everyone about your great blog, and your awesome videos, and your fantastic talents!!!

    I also want to say to everyone else who has been following along on this journey, that it has been fun to share this with all of you as well :) :) :) You are all great!!! I learned a lot from you as well :)

    Thank you from the bottom of my creative heart for this wonderful and exciting gift…this is soooooo cool!!!Cindy Erickson :) :) :)

  5. Cindy Lietz, 16 August, 2008

    Oh Cindy what a sweetheart your are! Congratulations… you deserve it! All your thoughtful comments… the way you ‘chatted’ with the others on the blog, the way you left a comment outside the site!!! Wow!! When you play… you really play!!! I’ll email you offline with details on how to get your password for the course. Enjoy the videos.

    And if you have any questions, make sure to ask, I am always here… that goes for everyone!

  6. LisaG, 16 August, 2008

    Congrats Cindy !!!!!
    I know you are on cloud 9 right now… enjoy your tuts.


  7. Marianne Huber, 16 August, 2008

    Congratulations Cindy E. on your win and thank you Cindy L. for your great contests. Among other things it helped me come out of my lurkers shell. Actually, I guess that you can be shy about writing comments for blogs and groups but everyone in this blog was so friendly and nice that I was so happy to included.
    I hope that everyone will stick around and continue with the great comments.

  8. Cindy Erickson, 16 August, 2008

    To all of my fellow clayers,

    I just wanted to thank you again so much!!! You are all so sweet and kind to congratulate me. Yes, it is true, I am on cloud nine, and I can’t stop smiling!!! Thank you all for your support in my winning the Treasure Hunt:) And, of course, thank you again dear Cindy Lietz!!! This is soooo totally awesome and cool!!! I can hardly wait to get started :)

    :) Cindy Erickson

  9. Cindy Lietz, 17 August, 2008

    Thanks girls!! I agree with Marianne… I also hope that everyone continues to comment and communicate with each other on this blog! We can learn so much from each other!

    *On a side note you may find it interesting and fun, the range in ages of readers on this blog. ~~~~Alli~~~~ is our youngest at 14 and I had an email from a lady who was 77. That just goes to show the wide range of appeal that polymer clay draws. That is so exciting to me!

    And ~~~Alli~~~ you have so much potential ahead of you! With your desire to learn and try new things! Make sure you are taking lots of pictures of your work, to document your progress along the way!!

    Cindy’s last post..A ‘Shiny-Beads’ Polymer Clay Tutorial – Make Your Own Buffing Wheels

  10. Andrea Dimmick, 21 August, 2008

    Well I may not have won but I learnt such a lot & was so convinced, that it realy was possible for a novice to make some nice pieces, that I have bought the course & in the process of purchasing some basic supplies.So to anyone still unsure, I found books for beginners but they tended to have projects that I just wouldn’t have done ie they were not related to beads,also pictures just don’t show you enough info,so I guess what I’m saying is, get this course [even if the other half has to pay],seeing as there are more on the horizon we shall all be HAPPY BEADERS.

  11. Cindy Lietz, 21 August, 2008

    Andrea thank you so much for your great comment! The course has a lot of good stuff in it doesn’t it!

    You’re right about books not being able to show you enough information. I know from trying to explain things in articles, that nothing is better than a video for learning how to make beads.

    I’m glad (and it looks like you are too) that you took the next step by purchasing the course. I am looking forward to seeing some of your beads!

    Cindy Lietz’s last blog post..Fimo, Premo, Sculpey Clay Storage Ideas

  12. Cindy Erickson, 25 August, 2008

    Dear Andrea and All My Fellow Newbie Poly-Clayers,

    Being the winner of Cindy Lietz’ 2008 Treasure Hunt, and having access to Cindy’s first set of videos in what I hope will be many sets, I just want to agree with those who have now purchased the videos, and to testify to those who have not yet received Cindy’s videos: Cindy is the best teacher, and her videos are the best videos!!! :) :) :) I have already learned so much from these videos that I so fortunately won this past week. Cindy teaches the “between-the-lines” information that you don’t get when reading an instruction book. Cindy makes sure that every detail of the subject matter she is focusing is addressed, and made to understand. Not only that, but her videos are a really good quality, which makes watching them an effortless and seamless experience. The lighting in her videos is always right-on, and the angles at which she tapes what she is so eloquently teaching is very thoughtful and conducive to the viewer’s learning experience. I can not say enough for Cindy’s videos, and I know that I will continue to learn from Cindy as she puts out more video sets. See for yourselves!!! You can’t go wrong if you purchase these videos!!! Give yourself a great gift, and get them :)

    Sincerely, a very happy Cindy Lietz fan and follower,
    Cindy Erickson

    PS…NO…Cindy Lietz did not know I was going to write any of this :)

  13. Cindy Lietz, 26 August, 2008

    Thanks so much for sharing Cindy E.!! Wow!!! (blushing)

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