Avril Lavigne Necklace + Crossbone Beads = Polymer Clay Etsy Ideas

Avril Lavigne Crossbones Jewelry Trends on Etsy

How to get polymer clay inspiration from pop culture trends and rock star jewelry:

Whether you like her style or not, rocker Avril Lavigne fashion is hot! That means jewelry themes for necklaces with cross bones and a skull bead or two, are worth considering if you sell on Etsy or in an online jewelry store.

In this great big gigantic world, sometimes the only way to be seen is to stand out from the crowd. Individuality is becoming a celebrated buzz word, something to strive for.

Just watch popular TV shows like ‘American Idol’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, and you will hear it expressed time and time again. “You need to be unique. You need to have your own voice. You need to be remembered.”

I think this is one of the reasons why edgy fashion groups that were once considered ‘fringe’ are becoming more mainstream. Just look at the interest in rockstar jewelry, hip hop clothing, gothic fashion, punk jewelry, tattoo art, graffiti style, and steampunk.

These fashion based lifestyle trends are finding there way into the mainstream culture, in more ways than you may realize. Big companies are noticing and jumping on the pop culture band wagon too.

Kohl’s is launching a clothing and jewelry accessory line with Avril Lavigne, based on her punk rock fashion style. The line will be called Abbey Dawn after her childhood nick name and will feature her edgy fashion sense. Bold Pink and Black, zebra stripes, stars and plaids along with her skull and crossbones motif, will be a big part in the designs.

Fiskars, many crafters’ favorite scissor company, has even launched an edgy skull design on one of their new scissors. Finally you’ll be able tell your scissors from your neighbors at the next scrapbookers crop!

Scrapbooking designers like Marah Johnson, Hambly, Rusty Pickle, and Karen Foster are all over Pirate Designs such as Skulls and Cross Bones, Pirate Treasure Maps and Jolly Roger Flags.

So what does this Rock Star pop culture trend have to do with you as a jewelry designer and polymer clay bead maker? Well if you ask me, there’s lots of things to pay attention to.

The beautiful thing about polymer clay projects is that they can evolve quickly. You can draw out a cane design and have it made in an afternoon. You can create your own original beads and jewelry designs; List them on your Etsy site by the middle of the week; And even have some competed sales putting money into your bank account.

Plus, it is relatively easy to keep up with trends such as Steam Punk or goth jewelry without investing a huge amount of time or supply commitment if the trend should change.

Do I think you should make punk jewellery if you hate it… No! Definitely not. Creating your own artistic voice is the only way you will ever be able to successfully sell your own designs. You must love what you make if you want others to love it too!

What I’m saying is, watch for trends in the marketplace that appeal to you. There are fringe markets of every kind for you to discover and design stuff for.

I personally happen to love the look Avril has put out there, with the plaid and the girly skulls and the sassy attitude. I’m going to make some polymer clay canes and beads that have that punk feel to them because I think other’s will like them too!

But I’ll also keep an eye out for other hot trends in the jewelry marketplace that are cool that I can share with you in these posts.

So if biker chick pendants, Avril Lavigne necklaces with Crossbone Beads and polyclay rock star jewelry are just not your thing, some other trend may come along that really gets you going. Keep your eyes open, be yourself, and create your own personal style as a one-of-a-kind polymer clay bead maker!

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  1. Cindy Lietz, 08 July, 2008

    What other hot, hip, pop fashion or jewelry trends would you like me to report on next? Let me know and I’ll do some digging for you.

    Cindy’s Last blog post: New Premo Formula – Beginners Making Polymer Clay Canes

  2. Katina, 24 August, 2008

    One of the places I like to look for new trends is in “home design” magazines. They use all the new color combinations that are currently popular or will soon be popular. That’s one way you can jump start your creativity and decide which color combinations might look good in beading.

    What other ways do people out there use?

  3. elaine, 13 February, 2009


  4. Cindy Lietz, 15 February, 2009

    @Katina: Hey there! I just found this comment and realized I had never responded to it. Sorry about that! Your idea for looking at trends in magazines is an excellent one! It’s a good idea to see what people are wearing, the general styles and colors, as well the accessories they are wearing. You can learn a lot about the jewelry business just by flipping through a magazine.

    @elaine: Thanks… I agree! I like to sneak in as many little skull and crossbones I can into my life. Feels good to be a little sassy sometimes!

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