Piercing Polymer Clay Lentil Beads

Video #702: There is more than one way to pierce a lentil bead. In this video I show you how to do it… 5

Launch Of New Membership Site Behind Schedule

Video #701: There’s good news and bad news in this video… but in the end… if you stick with us… it’s all good… 30

Sculpey Design It Templates for Polymer Clay

Video #700: In this video, I also show how those rolled cardboard toilet paper centers, might come in handy when baking your clay.

PV Clay Brand- A Quality Polymer Clay from Brazil

Video #699: If you buy your clay online … or if you live in Brazil :-) … this is an artist quality polymer… 18

Secrets For Rolling The Perfect Swirly Lentil Bead

Video #698: When you get this one right, I’m sure you’ll agree it is one of the most addictive polymer clay beads you… 14

Sculpey Souffle – Raw Versus Baked Color Shifts

Video #696: Out of the 22 current Souffle colors, only 6 of them show just a slight shift in color after baking. That’s… 4

PcT Studio Cam Videos Are Ready To Roll

Video #697: It’s the first Friday of September… which is just perfect for today’s special “Studio Cam Launch” announcement.

PYM II Polymer Clay Safe Spray Finish

Video #695: This is the only spray finish I am aware of, that is compatible with polymer clay… PYM (Preserve Your Memories).

Is Gorilla Glue Compatible With Polymer Clay?

Video #694: The answer is YES… Gorilla Glue creates a super strong and long-lasting bond when attaching metal to polymer clay.

Sealing Polymer Clay Best Practices

Video #693: If you absolutely must seal your polymer clay, here are the products that I’ve tested and can recommend.

Raw vs Baked Color Shifts Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay

Video #692: For the most part, Premo colors are pretty good about not changing colors after they have been properly cured.

Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files Polymer Clay Project Idea

Video #691: The Swarovski Crystals were so pretty… that I had a difficult time bringing myself to cover them up with cane slices.

New Premo Sculpey Colors For 2015

Video #690: Along with these eight new Premo Sculpey Colors for 2015, two colors have also been discontinued… Denim and Navy.

Seven “Summer” Tips For Working With Polymer Clay

Video #689: Gel ice packs work great for cooling polymer canes… to minimize distortion when slicing them in warmer weather.

UV + LED Combo Lamp From MelodySusie Brand

Video #688: A great combination curing lamp for your polymer clay resin and nail art projects. It has both UV and LED bulb… 8

Introducing The New Lucy Clay Mini Slicer

Video #687: This smaller cousin of the original LC Slicer, is a great choice for those who don’t need all the features of… 12

Exciting Changes Coming For PcT Paid Members

Video #685, #686: Bookmark this page if you want to stay up to date with all the exciting changes coming down the pipe.

Purple Foxgloves Palette | Premo Recipes Vol-086-B

1-B: Chestnut 2-B: Biscuit 3-B: Purple Foxgloves 4–B: Plum Wine

Taking a Moment With My Foxgloves In The Back Yard

Video #678: A short message about enjoying life’s special moments. They’ll make you better as a person, and as an artist too.

Elegance Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-086-A

1-A: Elegance 2-A: Grace 3-A: Sophistication 4-A: Class

Low Cost OttLite Idea for Your Studio or Craftroom

Video #677: All you need is a regular desk lamp and a fluorescent OttLite bulb available online or from the hardware store.

Using a “Tile Sandwich” for Baking Flat Polymer Clay

Video #676: The trick to keeping those ugly bubbles and blemishes from showing up, is to sandwich in between two ceramic tiles.

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