Polymer Clay Extruder Disk Storage And Organization

Video #665: If you own an extruder, then you will likely end up collecting a lot of different patterned dies and discs.

Little Becka Sunflower Palette | Premo Recipes Vol-085-A

1-A: Little Becka 2-A: Warmth 3-A: Sun On My Face 4–A: Sunflower Seeds

How To Make A Non-Slip Resin Doming Tray Or Mat

Video #664: To prevent your beads from sliding around like hockey pucks… all you need is a bit of spray adhesive!

Perler or Hama Bead Board as a Resin Doming Tray

Video #663: These stiff white Perler/Hama boards, actually work better than the flexible mats made for the purpose. Go figure!

New Sculpey Pasta Machine With Stainless Steel Rollers

Video #662: It’s encouraging to see that the Polyform Sculpey brand is making improvements to its clay conditioning machine.

Has Your Inka Gold Metallic Rub Gone All Moldy?

Video #661: Mine did! But don’t fret… here’s why it happens… and more importantly… here is what you can do about it.

Fuchsia Flower Fairy Lights | Polymer Tutorial Vol-084

6 Videos #655 to #660: LED light strings decorated with translucent polymer clay flowers… adding some delights to your life.

Gray Squirrel Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-084-B

1-B: Western Gray Squirrel 2-B: Forest Dweller 3-B: Walnut Collector 4–B: Fauna

Melody Susie 12W LED Light Product Review and Demo

Video #653: The LED lamp reviews in this video were specifically for polymer clayers working with Fimo Nail Art projects and resin too.

Arbutus Bark Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-084-A

1-A: Gnarled 2-A: Arbutus Bark 3-A: Peeling Arbutus 4–A: Arbutus Wood

Square Cane Slices on Round Polymer Clay Beads

Video #654: There’s an easy way to add square slices to round beads… and a hard way. If you know me at all…… 6

Lucy Clay Brand Polymer Cane Slicer Demo And Review

Video #651: This is a polymer clay cane slicer on the grandest of scales… it is a really beautiful, top-of-the-line machine!

Kor-Tools Pattern Rollers & Stamps for Polymer Clay

Video #652: Deep crisp designs scored into hard acrylic plastic rods. The quality and uniqueness of this product is top notch.

Polymer Clay Landscape Paintings | Tutorial Vol-083

6 Videos #645 to #650: How to paint with polymer on tiny little mini stretched canvases… complete with some 3D embellishments too!

DupliColor Pigment Duplication Polymer Clay Medium

Video #644: Be sure to watch to the very end of today’s video… because there is a special gift waiting for you there.

Deception Pass Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-083-B

1-B: Copper Skies 2-B: Evening Blush 3-B: Distant Island 4–B: Deception

Adding Round Polymer Cane Slices to Round Beads

Video #643:┬áMaking canes is very fun… but when you also know how to use them in creative ways… that makes it even more… 4

Seaweed Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-083-A

1-A: Kelp 2-A: Pikes Weed 3-A: Coralina 4–A: Seaweed

An Easier Way To Do Polymer Clay Mica Shifts

Video #642: Most everyone says to bend the blade while shaving your shifts… not me! Instead… try bending the clay!

Why Pasta Machines Leave Roller Lines On Polymer Clay

Video #641: And more importantly, how to end up with smooth sheets of clay that don’t show any roller lines at all!

To Quench or Not To Quench – Is It A Wives Tale?

Video #640: I used Premo translucent polymer clay to test for strength and clarity… watch the video to see my results.

Choosing The Right Brush for Glazing Polymer Clay

Video #639: Synthetic vs natural bristles makes a big difference depending on the type of finish you are using.

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