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White Rock Beach Color Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor1-A: Peace
3-A: Adrift
4A: Silouette

This beautiful photo, taken by Willow is a special spot on the Pacific Ocean shores of White Rock Beach, British Columbia, about 20 minutes from where we live.

The photo holds great significance for Doug, his Mom, the kids and I… because it was taken when the five of us gathered together to say goodbye to Doug’s Dad, Erv. As many of you know, he passed away after an incredibly swift battle with cancer. Erv loved this beach very much, and it was where we laid his ashes to rest.

White Rock Beach Color Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor

Both Doug and I grew up in the small beachside community of White Rock… Doug a few more years than myself. His parents, back in the early sixties, bought a home overlooking the water, up on the hillside in the top right corner of this photo.

I grew up about ten minutes away and spent a good chunk of my teen years combing these very beaches, tanning, cruising and searching for beach glass.

Doug and his family also spent many hours beach combing and playing in the sand and water. They went to bed many an evening watching the sun set and then waking to the sounds of the waves rolling onto the rocks the next morning. So when it came time to say goodbye to Doug’s Dad (Grandpa Erv) for the last time, this was the most fitting place we could think of.

It was a warm and peaceful night. The sea was flat with only the slightest breeze to carry the salty scent of the ocean air across the sand and the rocky coastline.

The five of us sat quietly on a large sun dried log that was left behind from one of the Winter storms. We listened to the sound of the gentle waves and tried to come to grips with letting him go. Reflecting on the time we spent together and the memories of the tall, quiet man with the large callused hands of someone who worked hard, but the gentle touch of kind heart that was loved by many.

When the night came to an end, we each chose a rock from the beach to remember Erv by. He was always filling his pockets with rocks and shells and sea glass… declaring he’d be the first one that day to find the clearest agate.

We miss you Erv. We will think of you every time we gaze across the water and beyond to the horizon. You will forever be in our hearts and there along the seashore, searching for treasure and breathing in that sweet briny air.

The following Vol-052 A-series White Rock Beach color palette will be added to the Polymer Clay Members Library at the beginning of September 2012:

  • Peace (Recipe 052-1A)
  • Calm (Recipe 052-2A)
  • Adrift (Recipe 052-3A)
  • Silhouette (Recipe 052-4A)


Peace is the soft Apricot Pink found in the sunset on this quiet reflective night on White Rock Beach. Calm is the name I gave the Gray Blue of the almost flat water. Adrift is the Brownish Gray of the damp driftwood scattered along the shore. And Silhouette is the Smokey Gray Black of the darkening hillside, where the Lietz Family once resided, many happy years ago.

I always make the color recipes… we enjoy your palettes – always. Thanks for adding this PLUS to your Polymer Clay Tutor videos!! ~Patt-W

I would be one sad girl if I were to miss any of Cindy’s beautiful colour sets. I have gotten in the habit of religiously responding to emails first thing every morning… of course on Fridays I am very tempted to skip to Cindy’s email, but I force myself to read them all in order. Then I save the B-series first (actually to my hard drive AND to a separate USB drive, just in case LOL). Only then do I wander over to the members-only section. I am happy to say I have never “forgotten” any recipes with this habit. When I am ready to mix clay colours I also have a little notebook to do my calculations as I make very small samples, just for reference, since I don’t buy much Premo brand. I save my baked colour samples in the same notebook to have for comparison. ~Monique-U

Cindy – I’ve never commented on your color recipes, but appreciate them and your videos so much. No doubt there are plenty of others like me who sorta hang out in the background and let others do most of the talking. I don’t make jewelry – the necklaces, earrings etc. – but I spend hours making things to give away. Tons of key rings, badge reels, magnets, bookmarks, etc. I’ve covered lots of tins that everyone seems to like. Little kids especially seem to love them. And I get lots of comments back from people who seem to like to take the beads and turn them into pendants, earrings and bracelets themselves. I put lots of beads on the little ball chains and tell people to attach them to gift packages or cards. I’m well into my senior years – have mobility problems so don’t get out that much. I do have a great mobility scooter that weighs under 40 pounds so I can lift it and put it in the back of my SUV which lets me get to Hobby Lobby and Home Depot to get some of the supplies you recommend. But I mostly shop via the internet. Your videos mean the world to me – so thank you so much for all that you and your family do that make my days so much fun. And to all you other people who – like me – have neglected to tell Cindy how much you enjoy those color recipes and her videos – do it now!! ~Fran-R


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  1. Anna Sabina, 13 August, 2012

    Thanks for sharing the story. The color pallet is a fitting tribute to such a peaceful place.

  2. pollyanna, 13 August, 2012

    Beautiful colors and beautiful story……

  3. Elaine Faulks, 13 August, 2012

    To say goodbye to a loved one is the hardest things we have to face in life. Be it a beloved family member, dear friend or even an adored family pet.

    Choosing a special place makes it a sad but meaningful occasion. WhiteRock Beach looks just perfect. The setting sun highlights the sence of peace and calm. The colour pallete and names chosen are “just right” CINDY.

    “Erv” will be with you in spirit, his memory will live on and who knows, one day one of you might even happen upon his special piece of Agate……………………….cheers xx……………………………..

  4. pattw35, 13 August, 2012

    Lovely story and the pic is so pretty. Such a cool palette, except for the peach. It feels good in our hot summer days.

  5. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 13 August, 2012

    Good eye Patt… I corrected the Peach reference ;-)

  6. Cindy Lietz, 13 August, 2012

    Doug, although you are right that there was a typo where it said Peach instead of Peace, which you have now fixed… what I think Patt was talking about was that all the colors were COOL colors except the peach color which is a WARM color. Either way, I’m glad you found the mistake and fixed it. Thanks sweetie!

  7. pattw35, 14 August, 2012

    LOL – Peach – Peace -either way, the palette is glorious !

  8. Michelle Adams, 13 August, 2012

    Cindy, you’re such an artist in so many ways. I enjoy reading your stories as much as I enjoy the video tutorials. You create such delightful imagery with your words and beautiful, even ingenious creations with polymer. My family and I recently discovered that my father passed away; he was living in Guam so, I can very much relate to your loss. Thank you for sharing your story I felt like I was walking along the beach with you. Love the color pallet and your picture is beautiful Willow, thank you.

  9. Cindy Lietz, 13 August, 2012

    Thank you ladies for your sweet, kind comments. All of us in the Lietz Family really appreciate all your support.

  10. Cherie, 13 August, 2012

    Love the colors; it’s my kind of palette. You paint such a beautiful picture cindy I could just picture myself on that beach. Love the color names!

  11. Jocelyn, 14 August, 2012

    Such a lovely heart felt tribute to your Father (in law), both the ceremony at the beach and your written piece. I wish folks never had to leave us. I will think of him whenever I look at my jarred collections of beach findings.

    Love the colors, they mirror the sunset captured by Willow, and the subtle colors would make any number/style of wonderful memorial pieces to give to loved ones.

    Hope your Mother (in law) is doing well, it takes time to adjust.

    Michelle, I am sorry to hear of your Father’s passing.

  12. Dixie Ann, 16 August, 2012

    Such a beautiful place you all live Cindy. I googled White Rock and all the beautiful sites and places to visit are
    just amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us, the photo Willow took was perfect.

  13. Lawrence, 16 August, 2012

    Great photo and post Cindy. I love the colours you are using of where I live. As you know I live in White Rock and get to see this beautiful scene daily,especially now with our very warm weather. I prefer sunrise and sunset times to avoid the crowds. Dixie Ann,I notice I don’t show up under White Rock but you can check “Lawrenceofwhiterock” exactly as written with the quotation marks for some of my White Rock photos, along with a few others.

  14. Dixie Ann, 16 August, 2012

    Beautiful photos Lawrence. The rock really is white and so pretty. Would love to see the “whole rock” and read about it’s history. Such beautiful country. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. pattw35, 16 August, 2012

    Beautiful shots, Lawrence. I really enjoy seeing where our PC friends live. Appears quiet and serene. Very pretty.

  16. Jocelyn, 17 August, 2012

    Ah, Lawrence…I see you live in paradise…..

    The one thing I miss most of my childhood is access to ocean front. Raised on the CT/RI shoreline, and could take a boat from my folk’s dock across the salt/fresh pond to the ocean. Spent hours and hours beach-combing. Got some good stuff too. LOL!

    This coastline is entirely different, lots of huge logs and debris piles. I would love to explore it, but am grateful that you share the pics.

    So inspiring for so many polymer clay projects, I can tell you.

  17. Lawrence, 18 August, 2012

    Thanks Dixie Ann, Pattw35 and Jocelyn. Always glad to share.
    Maybe when our Lietz ambassadors get to your area they will share more photos of our great area.

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