Testing Tim Holtz Distress Ink & Stain on Polymer Clay

Tim Holtz Distress Ink And Stain - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #632: Although this product did not react negatively with Premo clay… it also did not adhere very well to my test samples.

Topics Covered In This Video:

  • Today in the PcT Test Lab we are testing the compatibility of Rangers Tim Holtz Distress Ink and Distress Stain on Premo Polymer Clay.
  • If you have ever seen our videos, we like to test different products on polymer clay to see if they are compatible. I have used lots of the Tim Holtz Distress products on polymer clay before, but this is the first time I have tried his Distress Stain and Distress Ink products.
  • I was not sure if they will work because they are a water based product that is meant for porous materials which can be reactivated with water.
  • I made two samples of Premo polymer clay where I added the wet stain/ink onto raw polymer clay, and then baked the samples at 275F for one hour.
  • The baked samples were then left for a couple months to see if the inks would react with the polymer clay over time.
  • Neither sample had any reaction, and appeared to have dried nicely on the surface of the clay.
  • But when rubbed with my finger, most of the color came off quite easily… and was completely removed with a baby wipe.
  • My conclusion is that this product is not suitable for polymer clay when used in this manner.
  • Since there was no reaction though, it may be possible to mix the ink/stain into raw polymer clay as a colorant, but that would need further testing to be sure.
  • I have had success with other Tim Holtz Distress products on polymer clay such as Distress Paint, Distress Embossing Powders and Distress Crackle Paint (on raw clay only)… just not this Distress Stain or The Distress Ink so far.

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  1. Patty W, 07 April, 2015

    Cindy! I’ve really enjoyed getting your updates via email and watching your tutorials for a while now. 30+ years of working with polymer clay and I’m still learning. So exciting!

  2. Heather N, 07 April, 2015

    I just started getting into polymer clay the past two months. I just wanted you to know that without your videos, I would be lost on all the fine tunings of polymer clay! So thank you so much! I look forward to continue to watch your tutorials as I approach more trials with my clay. :)

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