Studio by Sculpey Style & Detail Tools for Polymer Clay Sculpting

Studio by Sculpey Style and Detail Tools

“I can’t find special tools here in Greece and have to order through the net. Thanks for sharing your experience with all the world.” ~Helen-L

My most favorite set of polymer clay sculpting tools right now is the Style and Detail Tools by Studio by Sculpey. I especially love the large ball stylus tool for sculpting flower beads. Stay tuned for photos for a new modern style Poppy Bead that I have come up with using this very tool.

There are three double ended tools in this set… each with a metal ball stylus on one end, and a different shaped rubber styling tip on the other.

The size of the ball ends range from super tiny, to medium and then to super large. They make perfectly rounded indents when you push them into your polymer clay.

I like to use the large ball stylus for shaping polymer flower petals in many different bead making projects. The smooth metal shape on the long handle is the perfect tool for the job.

The pointed and wedge shaped rubber tipped ends are great for smoothing out creases and for adding texture or details to the clay.

One small issue with the rubber tips is a sharp ridge that can leave little unwanted marks in your clay. But this ridge can be easily removed by sanding with some high grit wet/dry sandpaper, such as 600 or 800 grit.

So if you see these Studio by Sculpey Style and Detail Tools in a craft store near you, consider picking them up. I think you’ll like them!

Anyone else tried them? What do you think? Post your review below. We’d all love to hear your opinion.

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  1. Jeanne, 09 September, 2009

    I bought the set a year ago and haven’t used them yet so I’m looking forward to getting some ideas. I love to buy anything having to do with Polymer clay even if I’m not sure how to use them knowing someday one of your tutorials will feature them!

  2. Maureen, 10 September, 2009

    I would really like to see a video of you demonstrating each of the tools. I have the Makins Profesional set with many different tools and don’t know how to use most of them.

  3. Jackie, 10 September, 2009

    I also own this set and I LOVE these tools! The ball-styluses are the best. They’re perfectly round and seamless. I use them for mokume gane texturing and my luna-beans and other beads.

  4. Hgnsvill, 11 September, 2009

    My Favorites as Well!!! I love them for dollmaking as well as other polymer clay work.

  5. Cindy Lietz, 11 September, 2009

    Wonderful to hear that you love these tools! You will see them more and more in the upcoming tutorials, since I really love them too!

    If you have any special tricks for using them, feel free to share. The more ideas the better. This is your forum for discussing and bouncing ideas off of each other. Thanks everyone for making this such a creative, inspirational and supportive place to hang out.

  6. Peggy, 06 October, 2009

    Glad to know I am not the only one who has tools they have never used. I love it when you show us how to use tools to help create something special. It seems like once I use it I keep thinking of other ways to use the item. Looking forward to using tools in our lessons. Thanks Cindy

  7. Sue Whelan, 09 October, 2009

    Hi Cindy,

    I was futzing around and couldn’t find the right spot to post this question. Hope this page is okay.

    Where did you find the Studio by Sculpey tools and clay? My two local Micahels don’t carry them. I’m dying to try your lovely poppy beads (I’ll never forget the first poppies I ever saw blooming in the countryside outside of Paris many years ago). Help, please.

  8. Sue Whelan, 09 October, 2009

    Okay, finally wised up and read through the previous posts on the Sculpey Tools. Found right here in Ontario and also found some tools on ebay. I’m amazed that the Studio line, with it’s attractive colours, isn’t found at a store anywhere in Southern Ontario. It would be so nice to see the colours in person. I think I will order a few, though, just to see how the clay feels. Thanks, Cindy, for keeping us up-to-date on neat new stuff in the polymer clay world.

  9. Cindy Lietz, 10 October, 2009

    Sorry Sue for taking so long to get to you, but it looks like you fiqured it out for yourself. Way to go!

    Thank you for your comments! You put this in exactly the right thread. (You must have used the search box to find it, Eh?) That is awesome you found a location for the tools! Another location is for the clay and tools. I know they are out that way, so shipping should be inexpensive for you.

  10. Sue Whelan, 11 October, 2009

    Thanks Cindy

    Southern Ontario, Canada

  11. Karen M, 03 February, 2011

    Where can I find the large stylus tool in the picture of Studio clay tools?

  12. Cindy Lietz, 05 February, 2011

    @Karen M: I found them at Michaels in a set of three. The packaging is a little different now and only has the Sculpey name and swish on it and not Donna Dewberry’s face anymore. They are a very handy set and I use them for many projects including in my Poppy Beads Tutorial (see link by my name above). You should be able to find them online as well. Have fun!

  13. Lynda Dunham Watkins, 19 February, 2011

    Cindy – Although I’m doing more sculpting than jewelry right now, I always enjoy your videos. I’ll take your videos over a movie anytime. LOL! Lynda

  14. Reyna Castano, 29 July, 2011


    Today I started creating polymer clay charms and it is harder than I thought. I’m finding it impossible to create the designs I have on paper.
    Am I not using the right tools? I purchased the wood like carving tools they sell at Michael’s. For example, I was trying to make a 3D dog bone and I couldn’t do it. I outlined the dog bone at the very top of the clay and then I tried to cut all the way down, to the other side, but instead of cutting a smooth line I cut a thick round line and my outline was not a dog bone anymore. I don’t even know how to explain myself….o.k. you know how cookie cutters cut smoothly all the way down…well, that’s what I want. What tools do I need to achieve this? Please don’t say cookie cutters….the designs I want to create are not available in cookie cutters.

  15. Cindy Lietz, 30 July, 2011

    @Reyna Castano: Sorry to hear you are having troubles making your polymer clay charms. I can relate to what you said about the difficulty of explaining how-to processes in words… which is why I create videos. In fact I have several back issues tutorials specifically about making sculpted charms and polymer clay beads, which you would find helpful. The link by my name will provide you with more info.

  16. Phaedrakat, 01 August, 2011

    @Reyna Castano: Hi Reyna, I’m not completely sure what kind of bone you’re trying to achieve, but I wanted to mention that with charms and small items, most “sculpting” is done with hands, molds, etc. It’s easier than trying to cut out the shape from a block of clay. For example, you could use a craft knive or clay blade to cut out a dog bone shape from a sheet of clay. But you could also condition a ball of clay, roll it into a tube shape, round out the ends of this tube a bit, and squeeze the middle of the “bone” to make it more narrow. Now you’ve almost got the shape you want…take a folded piece of cardstock or the back of a dull blade and push into the rounded ends to create a separation at each end (the way bones have that “upside-down” heart look at the ends.) Dip your fingers in cornstarch to do some final smoothing of the bone (to get rid of fingerprints, etc.) or use blending tools, as in the set above. Another way would be to make each little piece of the bone separately, then join them together & blend joins/seams. Finally, you could find a bone shape you like and mold it. (If you make silicone molds… you can bake your clay right inside them! Cindy’s video shows just how to use this incredible stuff…)

    There are often multiple ways to accomplish the same task with polymer clay. It’s just so versatile and behaves so well. Just make sure you’ve got the basics down, then play and have fun creating! Enjoy, and feel free to ask questions if you need more help from any of us… ~Kat ;-D

  17. peter mealy, 05 February, 2012

    hello. does anyone know how to make hair with sculpey. i make small animals, would like to do hair say on a poodle etc. thanks.

  18. Cindy Lietz, 09 February, 2012

    Hi Peter, thanks for popping by! I am sorry but I personally don’t have an answer for you on the best way to make animal hair. I don’t do a lot of sculpting, but when I do it is mostly flowers and other non-animal related designs. Hopefully someone else here can help you out.

    Want to learn how to make beads? :-)

  19. Elaine Faulks, 26 March, 2012

    Hi Peter M.
    Welcome, one of the best ways to make (hair) is to use an old metal seive/tea strainer. Press the soft clay through the seive with your thumb
    Make sure not to use it again for food related stuff
    (No not your thumb, the seive)
    Use a craft knife to cut off little clumps to stick to your hairless poodle!! Just pat the hair down gently so it looks like curly poodle-type fur…………….have fun……….cheers xx

  20. Elaine Faulks, 26 March, 2012

    Hi Cindy,

    Back again. Can’t play with clay today but thought I’d trawl through this site and just enjoy reading things I had missed.
    Yep, the Style & Detail set of three tools by Sculpey is certainly worth adding to your stash of “must haves”
    Well made, light enough to handle. Only snag is (as you say) the ridge, made nasty unwanted marks but was easily sanded smooth. Have used these tools constantly since I purchased them. Loooking forward to your updated poppy bead tute………cheers xx

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