Stay Out Of The Cold and Learn Some New Polymer Clay Techniques

Snowed In

Are You All Snowed In? Why Not Take Some Time To Play With Your Clay.

Look at it out there! The photo is of my backyard. I’ve never seen snow pile up like this out here on the Canadian West Coast… and then last for weeks on end.

Although it’s not such a great idea to venture out onto the roads right now, it is an excellent time to hunker down inside with a hot cup of coffee or cocoa and a table full of Fimo or Premo Sculpey clay!

Our usual snow fall in the Vancouver area is a light dusting early in November, followed by rain. Then a heavy snowfall in January that is just enough to cause chaos for our inexperienced winter drivers. But this year is something different!

Instead of the white stuff falling one day and the rain washing it away the next. This snow keeps falling and stays there. I have shoveled the driveway more times in the last week or two than I probably did in several of the last few years all combined. It’s warmed up only enough to get a bit mushy and then freeze solid again… which can make shoveling difficult.

Oh well… it is very pretty. And since my husband and I both work from home, we don’t have to worry about driving too much.

I find that this type of weather makes you turn your thoughts inward. The Christmas tree has now been taken down; The stockings are put away; And you have given your family all that you can give them.

It is now time to think about yourself and what makes you happy. Time to look forward. To rejuvenate and let your creativity sing!

What would you like to make this year? What new technique have you been dying to try? And what kinds of things could you do to feel more organized in your space?

Now that I’m basically ‘snowed in’, I’m working on new video courses, fresh techniques and fun ideas to get more balance in my life. If you haven’t yet read the article where I posted my new years resolutions, here’s a link: Polymer Clay Tutor 2009 Projects

So does January bring the same feelings for you? Or is it completely different? I wonder what happens in places like Australia, South America and South Africa… where it’s actually summertime right now. Please do share your stories and insights below from whatever part of the world you live in.

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  1. Cindy Erickson, 05 January, 2009

    Dear Cindy,

    Here in Littleton, Colorado, we have not had as much snow as usual. I must say that I am missing it! When the weather is cold and the sky is gray, I often feel very creative. I usually feel sort of melancholy, and quiet, and thoughtful during those kinds of cold days. I think it probably is a feeling that I remember from childhood. I probably do my best paintings and other creative work when the world seems more at rest and “tucked in.” I love to listen to my music and create.

    I hope that you take care of your back, and that you stay warm while you are shoveling those mounds of snow. Take a minute to see the sparkles in the snow, and to smell the winter air while you are out there, and remember that you are cared for by many, many people out here in the world :)

    Hugs (and a warm scarf, a cozy hat, and fluffy gloves, along with a piping hot cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows) to you :)

    Cindy E.

  2. Amanda, 05 January, 2009

    Wow, look at that snow, I haven’t ever seen snow but it looks……….cold he he. In our case at the moment its stay out of the heat as its around 35 Celsius (over 100F).

  3. Bonnie Jones, 06 January, 2009

    Oh my goodness, that is devine!! I live in Mississippi and have never seen snow like that. Our weather right now is very cruddy..lots of rain, cold and muggy. I love to stay inside in the studio when the weather is bad.
    As for New Year’s resolutions, afraid I have none.

    Happy New Year, Cindy, I am sure wonderful ideas will pour forth while you hibernate.

  4. Kailani, 06 January, 2009

    It’s was 65 degrees this morning and I was freezing! LOL!

  5. Cindy Lietz, 07 January, 2009

    @Cindy E.: Such sweet words! The rain has come now for a bit and is starting to wash some of the snow away. Walked the kids home from school today in what seemed like the worlds largest Slurpee! Cheeks are rosy, mind is refreshed and the hot tea feels good in my hands!

    @Amanda: I was thinking about you being in Australia and wondering how different it must be there right now! I’ll mail you some Snow if you’ll mail me some Sun!

    @Bonnie: It is divine! Or at least it was a day ago. Nothing is prettier than branches covered in crystals and the quiet hush of a backyard buried in a blanket of snow!

    @Kailani: That is funny! When I was a kid I went to Hawaii for Christmas and thought it was funny when the locals complained it was cold and wore sweaters when we were perfectly comfortable in our shorts!

  6. Marsha N, 08 January, 2009

    As a fairly new person to polymer clay, I have found the Polymer Clay Tutor to be an invaluable resource. I do subscribe to the member site and am glad to do so. Others with more experience may be better able to navigate all the information “out there”, but I too found it all to be overwhelming. Cindy’s courses and videos are well done, start with the basics, and then build as your skills increase. And, as another person said, it’s all there in one spot. If you have specific questions, Cindy is very prompt to answer questions on the blog or in separate emails. For me, the cost of membership is well worth what I am getting!

  7. Anna Sabina, 11 January, 2009

    Here in Iowa we have gotten hammer by snow yet again. The past two winter here have been unusually icy, snowy and really really cold- below zero ; the heating bills are $600 plus per month and makes me wonder what has happening to global warming in the Mid-Western USA. Snow is very pretty and nice to have when it melts in a day or so before it all looks dirty from salt and sand on the roads. When I retire I am going to become a “snow bird” , a snow bird is a person who enjoys living in the northern States but moves to a southern State from November -April.

    Let it snow!!!! Just don’t let inj land in my driveway!!

  8. Cindy Lietz, 11 January, 2009

    I thought only Canadians were Snowbirds… I didn’t realize you could be one too! My SIL and her family live in Iowa. Sounds like you guys have had it rough lately. You’ll have to get making some beads so you can sell them and retire early so you can head off to Florida or Arizona maybe. I hear Phoenix has some pretty great bead stores, so it might just be the perfect place to be a Snowbird!

  9. Cindy Lietz, 03 January, 2017

    Hello Snowy 2009! This is January 3, 2017 and you have done it again! Looking out my window and at the picture above, it looks pretty much identical! Snow for days… chaos on the streets… this is a winter to remember. Hardly a flake of snow last year at all. Or for most of the years since you happened in 2009.

    Also just so you know, the yard and deck looks pretty much the same… we haven’t painted the railings or the gazebo yet and still no fence. Working way too darn hard on the business and getting the new site up and running. Wish I could say the last couple of years have been smooth. They haven’t. But during this process of building the new site, I have had to go through all the old content… hence my conversation with you.

    We have done some pretty great things over the years. We have grown and improved so much since the early days. I hope that the next time I see a super snowy winter like you again (hopefully not again for a few years mind you), that Doug and I have our sh*t together and we are running this business more like a well oiled machine. That we have more time to play and be creative and that everyone who spends time with us have found the value they have received has been well worth it!

    Happy New Year Everyone! (Even you Snowy 2009!) :)

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