Snowman Beads for Christmas | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Snowman Beads - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #226: “Will you be doing any tutorials with a Christmas holiday theme?” ~Cheryl-B

Since December is sneaking up on us awfully quickly, it’s the perfect time to add cute little Snowmen Beads to your collection!

They’re great for making wintertime accessories such as earrings, bracelets, pendants and even cell phone charms to get you in the holiday spirit. Not only that, these adorable snowy guys, make awesome Christmas Ornaments, you can tie to packages for that extra handmade touch.

Cindy your snowmen are incredibly cute. I bet they would sell out at Christmas craft fairs! ~Aims

Contact with family who received my first clay gifts proved to be encouraging. They loved the hookmarks and book bead charms. The gingerbread family ornaments of four (clay of course) was well received, to be put on the tree with clay ornament hangers. So it is thanks to Cindy for all the information she has shared. ~Joyce-M

Cindy I’ve been making home made gifts since my son was 9 months old. He is 39 now! I have always been into crafts, I started out sewing then I started painting pictures (oils, then acrylics). Fell in love with crewel work. My grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet. Started a small company when the kids were older making country wooden items in the 70s. Then along came companies that made the same except cheaper and cheaply made. Anyway my family always loved handmade gifts. I hope that the economy will bring back that special meaning of someone giving something that they put their personal touch to. I start making gifts in the summer so there will be time for me to enjoy the holidays with my family and not be so stressed out running around looking for that last minute gift. This year for the first time, everyone finally agreed not to bring gifts to the family party for everyone and to just enjoy being with each other, remembering what the true meaning of Christmas is about and play catch up on what has been going on in everyone’s lives. There is 32 of us so you can imagine all these years all the stress of having something for everyone! I never had to worry , but everyone else did. I’m so happy they’re happy! Well I didn’t mean to rattle I just thought I’d share. Happy Holidays to everyone! And thank you again Cindy for sharing what you know. That is a special gift to me. ~MaryEllen-S

This is going to be so much fun. You make every Friday seem like Christmas! ~Fran-R

So… coming up tomorrow (Friday, October 21st, 2011) in the Vol-041-3 members video at the Polymer Clay Tutor Library, I will teach you how to make a cute little Snowmen Beads to use in your fun holiday projects.


Please Note: A general prerequisite for all of my weekly tutorials is that you have a good understanding of the polymer clay basics, including: conditioning clay, using a pasta machine, clay blade and other simple tools, making Skinner Blends or Teardrop Blends, baking clay, as well as sanding and finishing. If you need help in these areas, my Polymer Clay Beginners Course will get you up to speed quickly. There is also plenty of free information on this blog. Use the search box at the top of the page to find articles on specific topics.

Supplies & Tools: Video-041-3 Snowman Beads:

  • Polymer clay in the following colors:
    – 5001 White Premo Sculpey
    – 5033 Orange Premo Sculpey
  • Pasta Machine (optional).
  • Cookie cutters (optional). I used a 3/4 inch square and a 1/2 inch square cutter for measuring the amount of clay. But you can use whatever method you want for getting the size of bead you want, so having these particular cutters is not necessary. You’ll get what I mean when you see the video.
  • 5 small black glass seed beads per snowman. I believe the ones I used were size 11, but any of the smaller sizes will work.
  • Bead piercing wire.
  • Sculpey Etch and Pearl Tool Set (optional). You could also use a drinking straw.
  • Chalk pastels (optional).
  • Small art brush or Q-Tip.
  • Baby wipes (optional).
  • Other optional supplies include: Antiquing Medium, White
  • Flocking Powder and Adhesive, Ribbons, Wire, Crystal Beads, Charms, etc.

The full version of the Vol-041-3 Snowman Beads video will be posted in the Polymer Clay Members Library on Friday October 21, 2011. But if you would like to see a sneak peek intro clip right now, scroll down the page a bit to the video player below.

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The full version of the “Snowman Beads” preview video shown above, is now avail for purchase at the Polymer Clay Library in the Vol-041 Back Issue Pckg.

Customer Feedback About Membership Value:

Thanks for your awesome tutorials… they’re priceless!! ~Tracy-W

Cindy, you’re a great teacher and clay mentor and I thank God that I found you and your wonderful clay community / family. I have made some wonderful friends here that have also transferred to facebook where we share photos of our clay endeavors, laughter, and our occasional low moments too. Claying is a great form of therapy for me (and many others from the community here) – I have a birth defect in my lower back, that causes me to be in constant pain, Fibromyalgia, and I’m Bi-Polar. I find claying helps me when I’m manic (it calms me down), and it helps take my mind off the constant pain. I also thank God that your lessons are affordable for me, as we are a one income family every penny counts – your lessons are a fantastic value! I haven’t been around much over this summer… besides it being too hot (no air conditioning in the room I clay in), I’ve been very busy learning to ride the Harley-Davidson Sportster my dear husband bought me this summer. It’s a major dream come true for me… :) (I’m tearing up the roads now… heh heh!). But, the weather is cooling off now, so I am getting back to my clay and our wonderful claying community. I feel like I’m coming home after a bit of time away… :) I thank you and Doug for that happy feeling too! Bless you both! I can never thank you enough Cindy, your lessons are always a bright spot in my week. Peace, Love and Clay. ~Lisa-W

Thanks Cindy, that is very helpful! I hadn’t looked at the lessons in months and just today decided it was time…. and guess what… I was just about to order bracelet blanks when I saw this lesson – worth the fee to have it when I needed it most. Thanks again for such wonderful tips. ~Evelyn-C

The following topics are included in this week’s Polymer Clay Tutor Library, Snowmen Beads video tutorial:

  • See examples of beads, charms and ornaments made using the Snowman Bead design.
  • Discussion of the tools, supplies and techniques needed to create this cute little holiday bead.
  • Find out how simple it is to embed seed beads for eyes, create a dimensional carrot nose and rosy cheeks for this frosty character.
  • Find out tips for keeping the clay white and attaching the eyes so they don’t fall out later.
  • Plus, with some creativity and ingenuity, there are many ways to come up with other unique designs of your own.

The full version of the “Snowman Beads” preview video shown above, is now avail for purchase at the Polymer Clay Library in the Vol-041 Back Issue Pckg.

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  1. Pollyanna, 20 October, 2011

    How cool is that. I really like this snowman. He has lots of personality.

  2. Bonnie Kreger, 20 October, 2011

    Those are really cute, even though it doesn’t snow here, I would love those to hang on my Christmas tree.

    Can’t wait till tomorrow.

  3. Joyce Folsom, 20 October, 2011

    Looks like another fun, fun Friday coming up.

  4. fran, 20 October, 2011

    Another fun project to look forward to !

  5. pattw35, 20 October, 2011

    Well – you did it again !!! Cuteness personified ! The snow men are winners – these will be lots of fun to make. Thanks,again…………

  6. Lupe Meter, 20 October, 2011

    Oh, I love it! Can’t wait for this tute! Too cute!

  7. Jeanne C., 20 October, 2011

    I love snowmen and have a large collection of them! It’ll be exciting to make a batch for me and for gifts. :)

  8. Dixie Ann Scott, 20 October, 2011

    Aw-w-w-ww those are too cute! I can see a charm bracelet and maybe
    some earrings for my grandaughter. She loves stuff like this These will look adorable on my custom made Christmas Cards too.

  9. DawnB, 20 October, 2011

    Ahhh, those are so cute. I’m going to be getting in the holiday spirit tomorrow.

    Edited to add: I just noticed I have a Christmas tree in the background of my avatar. LOL

  10. Phaedrakat, 20 October, 2011

    How cute! I agree with Pollyanna…these snowmen have quite a bit of personality. It’s gonna be lots of fun making these — I’m seeing jewelry, ornaments, and more, more, more! I’ve got a SIL & a neice who are especially fond of snowmen…they will be so happy Cindy made THIS video! :D

    @Dawn: What a perfect avatar! :-) [Don’t ya just love that edit button?]

  11. Elizabeth Kerr, 21 October, 2011

    Hi Cindy and all.
    Yes he is cute, the snowman, altho I dont like snow, and we dont have it here. I will be making some of these as charms, so thanks again Cindy for your cute tut. Love

  12. Sue Connors, 21 October, 2011

    HELP !!!!!!!!!!! My Niece is getting married tomorrow early afternoon. and I’ve been asked to make a couple of Stiletto Savers ( they stop your stiletto’s from sinking into the ground), Not a Problem except I only have polymer clay to create a mold to cast Resin into, But I’m not sure how to do the mold, ie: do I bake it or leave it uncured and do I have to do anything else to it to stop the Resin sticking to the Clay, can someone please HELP. I have 14hours to come up with something. :) :) :)

  13. Cindy Lietz, 21 October, 2011

    Oh geez Sue that is a tricky problem! I have never made (or even heard of) Stiletto Savers but they do sound interesting.

    Just trying to make a guess here, but if it were at all possible, it would be best if you could use a silicone mold for a project like this. If your only choice is polymer, you could try using a resin mold release on your BAKED polymer mold, and see if you can keep the resin from sticking in the mold that way. I would make two molds, one for each shoe, since you wouldn’t have time for it to set.

    Regarding the resin set time, are you sure you have enough time for the resin to set properly? I thought resin needed 72 hours to completely cure and harden, and I would think it would need to be especially strong if it was going to have the weight of a stiletto on it.

    I have heard the tiny footprint of a stiletto heel, transfers into a very high pounds per square inch ratio, that I am afraid an under-cured resin, may not endure. Too bad there was more time.

    Do let us know what happens. It would be very impressive if you were able to pull this off!

  14. fran, 21 October, 2011

    When I click on the snowman video – it comes up as the pirate 2 video.

  15. Hope M, 21 October, 2011

    Those are so adorable! Can’t wait to make a few dozen. LOL!

    I had trouble with the link too. But I just went to the member area and found the proper link there. :)

  16. Pollyanna, 21 October, 2011

    boo hoo me too! Can’t wait to see this……

  17. Karonkay, 21 October, 2011

    These little snowmen are so adorable. Was very excited to see the video. But the pirate cane video came up and no snowman. Guess it is good to finish one project first before starting the other, but I thought that maybe Cindy was just being one of us and started another before finishing…
    Perhaps next week I will get to do the little snowman.
    Cindy, you’re still on the top of my list for every friday even though I have soooo litttle time these days to do this. We are packing to move to a new home and everything is in disarray, but I do faithfully watch each video. Hope to be able to actually do some of the wonderful tutorials. Thanks for being there and lending a spot of continuity to this otherwise insane world that has suddenly become my life.

  18. Dorothy, 21 October, 2011

    I, too, would like to see the snowman beads. The pirate came up for me also. The color recipe “Doe” is titled “Neutral” by mistake.
    I love Fridays! I always look forward to the tutorials and recipes.

  19. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 21 October, 2011

    The Doe recipe card title is all fixed Dorothy. Thanks for pointing this out.

    I guess I had one of those Homer Simpson “Doh” moments with this one… lol!

  20. Elizabeth, 21 October, 2011

    Aha! Thought it was a pirate punishment just for me for getting so far behind.

  21. Malena S, 21 October, 2011

    To see the Snowman video, just click on the “Weekly Video Tutorials” link to the right of the Pirate video page when you are at the members library site.

  22. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 21 October, 2011

    My apologies for putting the wrong video link in the email newsletter that went out this morning. It’s not all bad though…. because this gives everyone a chance to learn a bit more about how the members library works.

    As a couple of you above have already pointed out, when link mistakes happen in the email newsletter, please remember that you can always go straight to the Members Library Site and access the “missing” video (or color recipe) directly.

    In other words… the content is not really “missing” :-). It’s just that the link in the email newsletter is pointing to the wrong location.

    As a member in good standing… you can always access all of your paid videos 24/7, by simply logging in with your username and password at the library site.

    Hopefully my little mistake has helped a few of you to know how to deal with this kind of thing, if it happens again in the future (and it probably will since Cindy and I are always trying to juggle so many things at once… and sometimes little stuff like this can fall through the cracks ;-)

  23. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 21 October, 2011

    BTW… I am currently testing a new video player that is supposed to be “friendly” with most all of the tablet and mobile devices in the market today… ranging from Ipads to Androids.. plus everything in between.

    Crossing my fingers that what the developers are promising, is actually true ;-)

    For those who are interested in trying out the player when I get a test page posted, you can let me know by sending a message via our contact us form. I will respond just as soon as I have something to show.

  24. Cherie, 21 October, 2011

    These snowmen are soooo cute!!! My Christmas tree is loaded with ornamnets, most of them homemade. My mother always made decorations and ornaments with us and I have a whole collection besides the ones I did with my kids. I made tiny stained glass angels for my children to hang on the tree. Each year we add a new ornament. This year my tree is going to have a new polymer clay snowman.

  25. Angela M, 28 October, 2011

    Handmade Christmas ornaments are so much fun, aren’t they Cherie.

    When each of my three children were born I started a handmade ornament collection for them. Each year I would make one type of ornament and give them as gifts. One would be used for my ornament collection and each of my children got one for their collections. Each child would hang their special ornament on the tree and after Christmas it went into a decorated box labelled with their name. I always dated each ornament, too. When each child moved out on their own, their box of ornaments went with them to use on their own trees. We have such fun memories from these ornaments. Wish I would have known about polymer clay during those years.

  26. Pollyanna, 21 October, 2011

    Love this little guy.My grandson in coming for the night and he loves the clay. Will have to show him how to make this. He will love it, too. Thanks for the inspirations.

  27. Natalie H, 23 October, 2011

    Even though I do not celebrate Christmas, these snowmen are get to sell for those that do. One Question..What wire did you use in the video to connect the head to the body…Can I get that wire at a hardware store?
    Can you do a tute for Hannakah? I am trying to figure out how to do a Dradiel cane using the Wallnut Hollow Extruder( same as the Makin but much easier on my wrists.

  28. Natalie H, 23 October, 2011

    HI Cindy
    I just read your article about making your own inks. Would dyes that come with the Tulip t-shirt dying kits work.I have a box that I have not diluted yet…its in powder form.These do need to have salt added. You just add water….Also, could I use empty pill bottles to store the mixtures( that’s if it would work) If you don’t think so, I would try the liquid Ritz dye or the other company that you mentioned.

  29. Cindy Lietz, 01 November, 2011

    You’ll have to do some experimenting on your own Natalie and report back with your findings. I haven’t yet worked with the inks you are referring to.

  30. Lisa Whitham, 23 October, 2011

    Just to make everybody who has a Michaels nearby aware – they’ve got Premo on sale this week. I’m getting to mine first thing tomorrow morning! :)

    Clay On Clay Friends,
    ~Lisa :)

  31. Dixie Ann Scott, 24 October, 2011

    Oh thanks for the heads up Lisa on the Premo. My
    friend stopped and got black and white for me since we always need those 2 colors! Dixie Ann

  32. Angela M, 28 October, 2011

    Hi Cindy. I finally got the newsletter from last week. I’ve got you identified in so many different ways in my email, there’s no chance they’ll EVER forget you again :).

  33. Linda K., 29 October, 2011

    I didn’t get to watch this video last week, so I saw it yesterday after watching the spider ornament tutorial. I love these little snow people! I’m going to be very busy making spiders and snowmen for Christmas decorations this year.

  34. Natalie H, 31 October, 2011

    Hi Cindy
    What did you use for the color on the mouth of one of your snowmen? can’t wait to make some to sell or give as gift to my none Jewish friends.
    Are you going to do any tuts for the Jewish holiday of starts on Dec 20 this year.

  35. Cindy Lietz, 01 November, 2011

    I used antiquing medium from Studio by Sculpey to give the mouth some color Natalie. They unfortunately have discontinued that product but in a couple of weeks I will be posting a tutorial that includes how to make your own antiquing mediums, so stay tuned for that.

    As far as Jewish projects, no I do not have any planned for this year. I am not very familiar with Jewish customs, so I haven’t come up with any tutorials as of yet. That doesn’t mean I never will, it just means that I would need to learn more about it first. There are several Jewish polymer clay artists that you could turn to for that kind of thing. Iris Mishly of PolyPediaOnline might have some projects that you would be interested in. Sorry I can’t help you more than that.

  36. Natalie H, 29 November, 2011

    Thanks for your suggetions.. I have gone on Iris Mishly’s website…

  37. DawnB, 02 November, 2011

    OMG! Another “why didn’t I think of that!” Another ‘Aha!” and ‘Duh’. LOL. Wiping the white clay… Thank You! When I use white, I peticulously clean my surface, hands, tools, etc. and still get little fotsum on there. I never thought to wipe the clay… just another example of you “making mistakes so we don’t have to” and sharing it with us. Thanks Cindy and Team Lietz! I love these little snowmen. Planning presents!

  38. Mavis T, 02 November, 2011


    What gauge wire did you use to make the hanger on your snowman beads?

    I was just going to add a ribbon loop, but the wire looks nicer.

  39. Cindy Lietz, 03 November, 2011

    I used 20g half hard wire for the hangers Mavis. You could a slightly smaller or larger gauge if you wish, but I find 20g a pretty good all purpose weight for a project like this.

  40. Mavis T, 03 November, 2011

    Thanks Cindy!
    I have some 18 g. so I’ll try that first ~

  41. Patricia Livesay, 10 November, 2011

    Cindy, did you use any glue on the Snowmen when making the tree ornaments? So the beads don’t turn.

  42. Cindy Lietz, 23 November, 2011

    I didn’t use any glue on my beads to keep them from spinning Patricia, because the hole is hardly bigger than the wire and it is a snug fit. If you find them spinning around and you don’t want them to, go ahead and add a drop of glue. Can’t hurt!

  43. Mavis T, 11 November, 2011

    Hi Cindy,
    I was also wondering if you, or anyone else used a sealant like floor wax etc?

  44. Cindy Lietz, 23 November, 2011

    You don’t need to use a sealant Mavis for a project like this if you don’t want to. The surface is not very vulnerable in this project.

  45. Natalie H, 21 November, 2011

    What is the gauge of the wire you used to make the hanging for the snowman..I did not see it listed with the other material…I always have a problem deciding what gauge to use when I want to hang pendants. could use some help.

  46. Natalie H, 23 November, 2011

    Hi Cindy
    I got orders for 12 snowman ornaments for one of the ladies my local bank. She teachers Sunday school and last year she bought 12 of my bookmarks( they were done before I started getting your tuts….she said that this is a nice change from the bookmarks. Only question I have ,again, is what is the gauge of the wire you used for the hanging part. I tried to find it in the search box but could not find what I was looking for..also I am going to put glow in the dark pony beads at the top of the snowman..the kids love glow in the part aspects..or I might make the snowman with a little added nightglow polymer clay in the balls…I did pickup the FLocking…do I use E6000 or the Welbound glue..I know that I have to add it after its baked. Thank again for all your great ideas.
    Natalie aka Safti

  47. Dixie Ann, 23 November, 2011

    Natalie, she uses a 20 ga. half hard wire.

  48. Cindy Lietz, 23 November, 2011

    Thank you Dixie for answering this for Natalie! You’re right, I use 20g half hard wire for the hanger. Anything from 18g to 22g will work too if you only have that.

    Natalie, I actually answered the hanger question just a few comments above this one. If you are having trouble finding info, one trick is to use the Find feature in your browser.

    For my browser (Firefox) I press Ctrl + F on my keyboard, and a small search box pops up. Then I type in what I want to find, like ‘hangers’ and it will take me to where the word hangers has been used on the page. This will help tremendously in being able to find your own answers that have already been covered on the blog.

    As far as glue for the flocking, I used a thin layer of Weldbond glue. It works beautifully with polymer clay. Great job on getting the Snowman Ornament order! It is great to hear you are having success selling your polymer clay work.

  49. Natalie H, 29 November, 2011

    Cindy -Thanks for your patience with me.

  50. Natalie H, 29 November, 2011

    Dixie- Thanks for that info.. I wen to Micheals and picked upo 20 round german style wire that says medium tenper–would that work or do I have to do some hammering to make it half hard? Appreciate all your help

  51. Linda K., 29 November, 2011

    Natalie H. “medium temper” is pretty much the same thing as “half hard,” so that German style wire should be fine.

  52. Dixie Ann Scott, 29 November, 2011

    Natalie, that will work just fine. I believe what you got was 20 ga. half hard round wire. The German style is fine, it’s good wire. I have use that and other brands but prefer the Artistic myself. Good Luck Sweetie, glad I could help.

  53. Natalie H, 11 December, 2011

    I am workiing on my snowman ornaments . I am having trouble with the.
    baking. I make sure that my toaster oven is preheated at 275 f . I.
    baked the heads first for one hour ,I tent the beads but some of them still start to burn slightly . I do use the baking rack. Could it be that they are in tool g for just the head

    Also,I was baking something on the bottom of the rack and they burned…they were thinner…should I only bake one type of bead form at a time?
    One more question. I am finding that my light color clays to burn..when I
    make prayer hands out of skin color I end up with brown hands that are slightly burned…I made them the same time I made the snow heads
    Sorry for my long windedness…I am just getting a little frustrated with the baking… I follow all of Cindy’s instructions and still have problems

  54. Linda K., 11 December, 2011

    Natalie, it sounds like your oven is too hot. First, you MUST use a separate thermometer to keep track of the temperature. Second, Cindy recommends that you bake for 1 hour at 265, not 275. Third, even if you get your oven preheated accurately to 265, you need to be sure that your oven isn’t spiking when you’re not looking. If it goes higher than 275, your clay will scorch and burn.

    If your oven does extreme fluctuations in temperature, you’ve going to have to babysit it and watch that thermometer constantly while your clay is in there.

  55. Natalie, 12 December, 2011

    Thank you for all those helpful corrections. I did make a mistake with the temp. I corrected it by readying the package. I do have a separate thermometer for toaster oven. I do keep an eye on them when during the baking process.

  56. Dixie Ann Scott, 11 December, 2011

    Natalie, what kind of clay are you using? Most light colors and translucents will bake well at a lower temp. A lot of times I will put my beads or pieces in a tin of corn starch and lightly bury them. They never burn that way and I can bake them a full hour at 275 degrees using premo, skulpey or Fimo always in the center rack. It’s really important that you use an oven thermometer which I’m sure you do and only put them in the cornstarch when you are ready to bake them right away. I never bake anything on the lower rack but I bake more than one type on the Center Rack at a time. You can bake your pieces at a lower temp. 230 degrees for an hour then let them cool completely and then rebake them again. This actually makes them stronger. I do suggest you try the corn starch method. It is what finally worked for me. All my white snowmen came out White! Good Luck……

  57. Linda K., 12 December, 2011

    Dixie Ann, that’s a good reminder on the corn starch. However, in my experience it didn’t help. My problem was that the temperature in my oven fluctuated so greatly that my clay would scorch, even in the corn starch.

    Natalie, I would recommend that you get Cindy’s Beginner’s Course. Her motto is, “I make the mistakes, so that you don’t have to.” She knows ALL the problems that people have when they start out and she knows the solutions.

  58. Dixie Ann Scott, 12 December, 2011

    Your right Linda, a greatly fluxuating oven can be a real headache. Natalie I don’t know how long you have been beading but I personally didn’t have Cindys basic course and had to go through a lot of trial and error. I was lucky to get a really good Hamilton Beach toaster oven that pretty much stays right on the temp I set it at.

  59. Linda K., 13 December, 2011

    Dixie Ann, I finally got so disgusted with my toaster oven that I moved my convection oven out of the kitchen and into my studio. I loved the way that oven cooked food, so it took me a long time to make the decision. I’ve never regretted it, though. Baking my clay has turned from a nightmare to a simple task.

  60. Natalie H, 13 December, 2011

    I bought Cindy’s Beginner Course tonight… now I have her with me all the time… I can correct all the little mistakes that were causing me so much trouble. Just watched two of the videos and I have made some corrections in my beading technique. Well worth the cost… don’t know why I waited so long. I guess since I got paid for a dozen snowmen I felt that I could put them money to good use… her videos will make working with polymer clay a lot more fun and productive.

  61. Linda K., 14 December, 2011

    Excellent, Natalie!

  62. Natalie H, 13 December, 2011

    Thanks for all your great suggestions. I bought. The corn starch today and will. Bake my new batch tomorrow morning at a lower temp let. It cool and then bake it again, I will be sure to slightly bury the beads .,,, i’ do the same for the prayer hands so rhey don’t burn
    Can’t say thanks enough to everyone for the great help

  63. Dixie Ann Scott, 13 December, 2011

    Oh Linda, you are so lucky. I have been looking for a really good convection oven for awhile now. They truly are the best for baking the clay. I got a new 30″ gas convection last year and just love it for my kitchen but it is hard to find a really nice convection toaster oven. The good ones are a little pricey.

  64. Linda K., 14 December, 2011

    Dixie Ann, Years ago my parents gave me one of those large, portable Farberware convection ovens because the oven in my apartment died. I learned that convection ovens were originally designed for baking pastry, so it’s no wonder they work so well for baking clay!

  65. Natalie H, 13 December, 2011

    Hi Dixie
    Even though I have been working with polymer clay for years on and off. I was still making beginner mistakes… so I bite the bullet and purchased Cindy’s Beginner course tonight. Just watched 2 sections of the course and I have learned some basic mistakes I was making and have corrected them.

    Still not sure how to bake light colored clay… she says about tenting… I do that and I did buy corn starch today to place them on but do I bury the snowmen in the clay or just place them on it and tent them?

    Did sell a dozen that I had already made but I want to make them better in the next batch……. Also I am going to use my convection oven for the next batch…don;t have time to make mistakes with the holiday season right here…should I lower the temperature 25 degrees like I do when I use a cooking recipe made for a regular oven or still bake at the 275…..should I bake the snowmen separately from my prayer hands?

  66. Dixie Ann Scott, 14 December, 2011

    Natalie, it is like Linda says, everything depends on your oven temp. I made my snowmen from premo white baked them at 265 in the center rack for one hour and I tented them. When I use skin tone or translucent I lightly bury them in corn starch, bake at 230 for 30 min. Let them cool completely, then bake them again for another 30 min. My oven is always heated to the temp. I am going to use BEFORE I put anything in the corn starch, then it immediately goes in the oven and I check my temp all the time. This has worked for me. There are so many variables because each persons oven is different. You did a very good thing getting Cindys Basic Course. Once you know your oven’s temperment (pardon the pun) hopefully you will have better luck with your projects.

  67. Natalie Herbin, 14 December, 2011

    Hi Dixie
    I want to thank you for all your great suggestions that complemented the video on baking polymer clay beads/ As I said I finally gave in and bought the Beginner course. I made some more snowmen , letter pendant using some translucent clay, another pair of prayer hands….put them on a bed of corn starch, lightly covered them, tented it,,bakes it at 255 in my convection oven ( did not want to go crazy watching it in the toaster oven. Baked them for 1 hour..took them out to cool off and then baked them again for 30 minutes..and wow they cam out great..It is a pain in the neck getting off the corn starch but I would rather do that then have to make them over for the fourth time. I can not thank you and everyone else enough for all your help. I took pictures of the finished projects and will ask my hubby to help me send them so everyone one can see how they have helped me. but were to I send them..not that great with facebook stuff.

    Again thank you all so very much..including Cindy for her great tuts and patience with me…as we get older it takes us a little longer, at least for me, to say that I do not know everything. (even though I have done so much reading and research on the inernet about polymer clay…only with Cindy;s easy explanation and video and everyone elses help have I been able to have such success with the least amount of stress.

  68. Kathy H, 13 May, 2012

    Cindy – I wanted to thank you for the tip on curing for an hour instead of the normal recommended time and also for putting it in card stock. I usually would have had problems with white burning or getting darker but that idea worked perfectly and the clay is really strong. I am making miniature snowmen yard art for a swap on a group I belong to. I didn’t want to fool around with trying to cut out 10-15 snowmen out of wood. So I cut them from white clay and just got done painting the first one. It came out quite cute. I really appreciate all the sharing you do. Look forward to each Friday. Have a great day!!!

  69. Monique U, 30 June, 2012

    Doug & Cindy, the video links are missing for 041-3 to 035-3 in the library. Just thought you should know.

  70. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 30 June, 2012

    Thanks for the heads up on this Monique. The player I used for that range of clips is having some technical difficulties this morning. It should be fixed within a few hours.

  71. Monique U, 30 June, 2012

    Thanks Doug! That is welcome news!

  72. Mrs Rainbow, 04 September, 2012

    Hi there… Having problems with this video… All I am getting is an overlaid message saying ‘Image is ready’….. I took a snapshot of it but cannot attach the image here… if you want it…let me know and I will email it. I hope you can fix it… Thanks..

  73. Mrs Rainbow, 04 September, 2012

    Sorry…it says ‘Media is ready’

  74. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 04 September, 2012

    Yes I see the issue too. I’m looking into it…

  75. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 05 September, 2012

    All fixed… please let me know if it is working for you now. Thanks.

  76. Mrs Rainbow, 06 September, 2012

    Yep, all working now. Thanks very much! :D

  77. Jessica G, 01 November, 2014

    I used premo for the clay, how long and what temp do I bake the beads for?

  78. Cindy Lietz, 03 November, 2014

    Hi Jessica, Jocelyn is right, the search box is a great place to find answers. When baking Premo clay I like to bake at 275F for 1 hour for up to 1 inch and more for anything thicker than that. Make sure you have an oven thermometer, so you know the temp is right, and that you tent the pieces so that they don’t scorch. The search box will help you find more info on all these topics, should you need more help.

  79. Jocelyn C, 03 November, 2014

    Hi Jessica! Just pop “baking” in the search box, and you will get tons of information on it.

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