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Semiahmoo Palette by Polymer Clay TutorVol-043-A Series [Premo Sculpey]
1A: Black Horizon
Moody Sea
3A: Lifting Storm
4A: Break in the Clouds

Although this photo was taken by Doug fairly recently (in the last year I think), it brings up memories from many years ago. Pictures have a way of doing that don’t they? In the case of this particular shot, I was surprised how the longer I looked at it, the more it’s mood and subject developed into a strong metaphor of our life. Let me explain…

As I’ve mentioned before, we live on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada, very close to the US-Canadian International Border. In fact the body of water in picture is named Semiahmoo Bay… half is in America and half in Canada.

Pronounced sem-ee-ah-moo, the name “Semiahmoo” is a Coast Salish First Nations word for “half moon”. There are many locations on both sides of the border with the Semiahmoo name, including the High School both Doug and I went to.

When standing on the beach in White Rock BC, on the Canadian side, we can see across to the American peninsula that is pictured in this photo. The water tower and buildings you see on the horizon are part of the beautiful Semiahmoo Resort which once was the site of an old fish canary. Some of the original canary buildings and structures, (including the water tower I think), have been preserved and have been worked into the architecture of the resort.

I tell you all this for a couple of reasons. First, I love to provide you guys with background information and stories about the photos used as inspiration for the color palettes. But another reason is that both Doug and I have an emotional attachment to that particular resort.

Years ago (’95) before Willow and Fisher had arrived, I had called into a radio show contest and won a $1000 weekend for 2 at the Inn at Semiahmoo, the old name for the Semiahmoo Resort. Doug and I were struggling financially and working our butts off in a new and challenging trout farming business. We were exhausted, stressed and really appreciated the chance for a luxurious holiday away.

We were so young and broke, we didn’t even have luggage. So we stopped in at my parents and borrowed some, just so that we wouldn’t be embarrassed by trying to check-in with our clothes neatly packed in garbage bags.

Going to this amazing resort, eating gourmet food, golfing, hanging out in the pub, gave us a glimpse into how it would be for us one day, and we really needed the encouragement at that time in our lives.

Looking at this picture with its moody dark colors, lifting and opening into to the bright warmth of the sun through the breaking clouds, painted for me a metaphor of our lives together. If we worked hard and made it through these tough times by holding on to our dreams, the darkness would break open and we would be rewarded with the warmth and light of a better life. Something I see happening for us now!

So in sharing that with you today, I hope you can see the inspiration behind this next month’s Vol-043 A-series color recipes. It is more than just a nice balanced collection of neutral colors for our upcoming Winter season. These are the colors of a piece of my life with Doug.

The following recipes for this Vol-043 A-series color palette will be added to the Polymer Clay Members Library in December 2011:

  • Black Horizon (Recipe 043-1A)
  • Moody Sea (Recipe 043-2A)
  • Lifting Storm (Recipe 043-3A)
  • Break in the Clouds (Recipe 043-4A)

Black Horizon is the inky Black of the dark buildings on the horizon. Moody Sea is the dark Blue-Gray of the rippling water. Lifting Storm is the softer, lighter Blue-Gray found in the blanket of clouds slowly lifting. And Break in the Clouds is the warm Yellow-White of the sun breaking through the clouds, bringing light to a period of darkness.

Love how you take us on these inspirational journeys with you – and the colors that come from them are fantastic! Thank you so much, Cindy. You and your family bring so much to the polymer clay world!!! Love and Hugs. ~Phaedrakat

I have been subscribing to Cindy Lietz Tutor since about October ’08. As a paid subscriber, I love the color pallet recipes and don’t know where else to get anything like them. I am confident she has tried out recipes before posting them on her site. ~Anna-S

I love the way each of your color recipes tells a story. They are told in a way that make us feel like we’re right there with you. You have taught me to tune in more to my surroundings, always watching for inspiration no matter where I am. ~Tanya-L


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  1. pollyanna, 14 November, 2011

    Another wonderful palette for our use. Great story,too.

  2. fran, 14 November, 2011

    What an absolutely charming story ! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. JoyceM, 14 November, 2011

    Thanks again for sharing part of your life. It just makes me feel you are so close by (that would be too wonderful). The colors bring a time of peace, and maybe solitude. Looking forward to being able to use them.

  4. pattw35, 14 November, 2011

    What a wonderful slice of life. We’ve been there too. Young and broke. A young Marine and his wife , a loooonggggg time ago. Memories.

    The winter palette to a soothing one. Neutral and calm. Pretty. Good palette………..

    BTW – I really like you “you might also like”…. gives us a chance to check back with previous info.
    You do forget – what with ALL the info you so generously provide…….smile…….thanks

  5. Angela M., 27 November, 2011

    Pat – I’m enjoying the ‘you might also like’ option too. I’ve been a PCT follower for only a short time and have missed much. This option points me to many things I haven’t seen before. It’s like a treasure hunt – what gold nugget will I find if I follow this option – it’s fun :)

    DOUG or CINDY – I would like to see a ‘like’ button, similar to what Facebook has. There are many times I don’t want to reply but wish I could like/dislike or agree/disagree or thumbs up/thumbs down or something like that. Is this possible?

  6. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 27 November, 2011

    Hi Angela – Glad to hear you are liking the new “treasure hunt” feature. That’s a good way of referring to it. In regards to the thumbs up/down voting system, I will put that on the list of things to research / evaluate. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Cherie, 14 November, 2011

    That could be my story too- the storms lasted a long, long time but it’s brightening. My husband just lost his job on the 3rd October and we were closing on our house 7th October – it was so scary, just as we were doing better too – but things have worked out. He started a new job- good company, 8 days ago and we are in our new home.

  8. Catalina, 14 November, 2011

    Holy cow, Cheryl! What a whirlwind you have been in! So glad things are going better now. This color palette is beautiful and I can see where you can see a dawn of better times to come in it. I wish the best for everyone in the future. I just lost a dear friend to cancer and I only wished she could have had a chance for a better life. I try to be thankful for all the blessing I have and to remember that everyday is a chance for a new beginning.

  9. Cherie, 16 November, 2011

    I’m so sorry to hear that Catalina. My sister who had cancer is dealing with her own illness (she finished radiation a few weeks ago0 , her youngest daughter with lupus and the 16 yr old daughter just diagnosed with epileptic seizures. I’ve been so stressed out with all of this i have not been motivated to do anything. But tomorrow my shelves and filing cabinets will be heere and I can start organizing my music and jewelry stuff. I hope when I’m done with that I can finally get down to beading and claying. I miss doing that but our family has been thru a really tough time.

  10. Linda K., 14 November, 2011

    Love the story, Cindy. Although I love bright colors, these a nice neutrals to have.

  11. Barbara Como, 14 November, 2011

    Hi Cindy

    I know this is a bit off subject, but have been looking for the spider cane. Maybe I missed it. but thought I had purchased all the back issues. Love the color palette can’t hardly wait to see what is next


  12. Phaedrakat, 24 November, 2011

    Hi Barbara!
    Cindy hasn’t done a spider cane tutorial yet. She did show us her Spider Cane, though — in a post where we could “vote” by commenting & showing interest. In looking it over, I realize it’s done quite a lot like the Pirate Cane. A little more detailed, and different proportions are used…but it looks like it’s made with just one teardrop/skinner blend cane. I love Cindy’s cane; looks really cool. It’s almost TOO realistic, LOL (super scared of the real ones!)

  13. Barbara Como, 24 November, 2011

    Thanks for your answer Phaedrakat. I can now quite looking of it, I trhought I kept missing it. Maybe next holloween Cindy will add it to the cane collection. .

    Happy Thanks Giving

  14. Lynn Watts, 17 November, 2011

    To Catalina and Cherie, I am so sorry 2 hear of ur suffering. I can relate, my oldest Daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. Both breast removed and chemo. Hope u all have found peace some how from all ur suffering. I will have u n my prayers. Get back 2 claying or beading which ever u do, it will relax u and hopefully help 2 inspire u 2 make something beautiful from all this ugliness u have bn thru. God Bless and keep u in his loving arms. God does not put anymore on us than he knows we can handle.

  15. Cherie, 25 November, 2011

    Thanks so much for your love & prayers. yes, all we can do is trust in Him to get us through though it’s so hard. Just started organizing my workspace today so hopefully I will be able to get back to beading and claying.

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