A question about Making Your Own Copper Wire Jewelry Findings

Copper Wire Jewelry Findings by Ritzs

“It is so satisfying to know you have made the whole thing yourself.” ~Ritzs

This polymer clay blog is fast becoming a popular place to get your questions answered about making polymer clay jewelry, as well as making polymer clay beads. Below is what Ritzs asked just the other day. It relates to the techniques she recently learned in these Library Tutorials:

Dear Cindy,  While on the subject of wire can you help? I have sent a picture of my first attempt at using all copper wire for jump rings and clasps, after all your instructions and help. But how do you stop the wire from being sharp I have filed the edges but they still seem a bit sharp to me especially the flattened one in the picture. Did I flatten it too much? I just love doing the wirework, and when making beads and links and clasps it is so satisfying to know you have made the whole thing yourself.  PS. Do you notify me when subscriptions are due as I would hate to miss out, I can only say thank you 100% for your wonder full site. ~Ritzs

First of all Ritzs, I want to thank you for sending in the photo of your beautiful polymer clay necklace. I agree… it really is a wonderful feeling to know that you made the whole thing yourself.

As for your questions, if your edges still seem sharp after filing flat, ‘rock’ the file a little as you’re doing the edges to round them off a bit. You can also try using a piece of 400 grit sand paper to smooth off any place that seems to be a little rough.

By looking at the higher resolution copy of the photo you sent, I would say that the amount of flattening you did to your wire was just fine. Although it is true that if you hammer the wire too thin it can get quite sharp along the edges.

Copper Wire Jewelry Findings by Ritzs

With your figure 8 loop (the one with the red arrow pointing at it), I would close up that bottom loop until it touches the other wire. This will keep it from catching on things and give it a more finished look. Also, if the top loop wasn’t done quite so round, the two loops would have a more continuous figure eight pattern… but that is just a matter of preference.

You did a great job on the S-Hook that is on the necklace! Really gives your jewelry a seamless look.

I am thrilled you are enjoying the videos. Keep up the great work and if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

In regards to your second question about receiving notifications when your subscription payment is due. The answer is Yes!

Actually, this question has come up a few times over the past week and I provided some more detailed information in the comments section of this article: Polymer Clay Projects

Hi Cindy, I was wondering how I will know it is time to pay for my next set of weeks of the program. I don’t want to be without you and your weekly classes. Thanks Cindy. ~Stephanie-B

In my response to Stephanie, I also provided information on how to look up when your next subscription payment is due.

I just received your pre-payment notification (which I certainly appreciate) — a very helpful feature that is not included on all membership sites! ~Priscilla-L

Your payment notification email just arrived. No way do I want to cancel, I love getting the videos. I have much more confidence about working with polymer clay now because of them. Thanks and keep ’em comin’. ~Kathy-B

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  1. Anna Sabina, 07 October, 2009

    Very nice wire work. I bought some copper wire at Home Depot and hope to soon start to experiment with these techniques.

    I have a bead baking rack with the long pins use to insert though the beads. I don’t know where the pins keep going, I dropped some into our carpeting and but that does not explain the 15 or so ones that are missing. I thought about sending my husband into that area when he was not wearing any shoes. He is like a magnet for stepping on sharp things. He has not gotten me mad enough to inflict cruel and unusual punishment. I am looking for an alternative wire to use, would like some thing inexpensive and sturdy enough to not bend. Any suggestions? I know you can also use card stock and make accordion folds to hold beads during baking. I like the wire because i also use it to dry beads after dipping them in Future.

  2. Ritzs, 07 October, 2009

    Thank you so much Cindy , I will most certainly do as you advise with the copper hooks and please keep it coming you are now my inspiration

  3. aims, 07 October, 2009

    I’m supposed to get a notification? Hmmmmm- don’t know if I’ve seen one Cindy (off to go look – I archive everything you send me)

  4. aims, 07 October, 2009

    Okay – followed your instructions on the link and found out when my next billing date is. My question is – If I happen to be away and not answering my emails will I miss out?

    Could I just notify you beforehand that I want to continue? Like right now? :0)

  5. Cindy Lietz, 07 October, 2009

    @Anna: LOL! Hopefully your husband doesn’t read your comments on this blog! You can order new pins for your bead rack. If you want to make your own you will need a very fine but hard wire that would be hard to cut without the right tools (don’t use your flush cutters for this kind of wire). You will also need to file one end to a point. You could use long straight pins instead if you can find them.

    @Ritzs: You’re welcome and thank you for the kind words! :-)

    @Aims: The email notification is just a courtesy reminder. No action is required because the subscription payments are processed automatically. So don’t worry, you won’t be canceled should you be away from your computer for awhile.

  6. Polyanya, 08 October, 2009

    Lovely stuff Ritzs! I agree with Cindy about your necklace – the connection appears so seamless. I really like the ‘made-it-all-myself’ feeling that polymer clay allows us all.

  7. Katie, 08 October, 2009

    Question… having just cracked petals on two roses, can you recommend how to wire them for pendants so they won’t be quite so likely to break while they’re being wrapped?

  8. Bette, 09 October, 2009

    Your copper work is beautiful.

    I have also lost my pins from the bead rack. I just put them someplace “safe”. So my last beads were baked on the rack using turkey lacing skewers. They are sharp on one end but have a larger hole than the bead rack pins. I used a regular needle to make the holes first. It worked great.
    Lyons, CO

  9. Cindy Lietz, 19 October, 2009

    @Katie: Make sure your roses are baked long enough so they are as strong as possible. The article linked by my name will help. Then make sure to use fairly soft wire for wrapping so that you’re not having to hold the flower so tightly while wrapping.

    @Bette: Thanks for sharing your tip!

  10. Barb42, 24 January, 2010

    For Christmas I received a Oster convection oven. I love it but.. not matter how long I set the time is only runs for 30 minutes. So I have to watch is closely and reset it when time runs out. Going to call MFG to see if there is a way to turn off the time.
    I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday and found they have a rock drilling machine. My thinking is if it will work for rocks, it will work for beads. Anyone used this rock thingie yet. I am thinking about getting it at Joann with a 50% off coupon. Much cheaper then a Drimmel drill press at 40 dollars.

  11. Cindy Lietz, 31 January, 2010

    The rock drilling machine sounds interesting Barb. Never seen one before. You are probably correct in assuming, if it can drill rocks, it can drill polymer clay. Polymer clay is so soft compare to rocks and it should work well. Let us know how it works for you, should you decide to get one.

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