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If Only There Were More Hours In The Day. I Have a Favor To Ask…

Things are growing very quickly with this site, and as such it’s been hectic to say the least. Mind you it’s a good kind of hectic with lots of positive stuff happening and tons of fantastic community interaction. But I’m having a little bit of trouble keeping up with everything… which is why I’d like to ask for your help.

Actually, I’d first like to thank you for all the help that has already been coming in… by way of friends helping friends in the comments sections of each of the daily articles. Here’s a few examples…

~Jaime answered question about: Rubber Stamp Texture Beads

~Ken answered question about: Sources for Jewelry Wire

~Silverleaf answered question about: Making Textured Tube Beads

~MJ answered question about: Jewelry Findings – Bails

~Sue answered question about: Baking Polymer Clay Instructions

~Jocelyn answered question about: Finding Cheap Craft Supplies

~Vanessa answered question about: Future Floor Polish Tips

~Linda answered question about: Working With Kato Clay

You guys Rock! I know there are many others that deserve recognition as well. So shout outs to everyone. Thanks so much for pitching in.

This blog is quickly gaining a reputation as the place where you can count on getting your polymer clay and bead making questions answered in a friendly and non-intimidating way… with feedback you can trust.

I enjoy the blog information and chatting back and forth with members. Nobody puts anyone down. I also belong to other Internet sites with polymer clay free and paid for info. I love them all but none have come close to the information and suggestions that Cindy puts out. I just can not imagine someone thinking she doesn’t give this her all. You can tell she loves her work. Ask her and she will answer. Don’t ask her and she still answers. Polymer Clay brings out great things in many people. Super things in Cindy. I honestly think she is one of the best teachers I have ever been blessed enough to come across. THANK YOU CINDY AND YOUR HUBBY TOO!! Eager for more. ~Peggy

Once again Cindy you have managed to not only inform us but entertain us as well. I love your STYLE!!! Your site is one of the best Polymer Clay sites around and proves over and over again to be friendly and informative. I am a true devotee and I personally THANK YOU for taking the time and effort to put all of this together….:0) Thankx Hon…. ~Pamela

I am really happy that I came across this site. I have found so many helpful tips that I feel like I’m cheating if I don’t share some too! Thanks for all of your hard work Cindy! ~Debi

Well now that the membership to the Polymer Clay Tutor Library and the readership here at the blog is growing at such a frantic pace, comments are coming in faster than I can keep up with. I find myself answering questions when I should be filming new videos for you. Trust me, I’ve got an endless list of cool things I want to show you, if there were only more hours in the day!

But the last thing I want is for the comments and questions to slow down. The more the better! It’s so fun to have clayers from all around the world coming together here and sharing ideas.

What I would love is for all of you to feel a sense of ownership in this growing online polymer clay resource. Please don’t feel like you are stepping on my toes by answering other peoples’ questions or by pro-actively adding your own tips and ideas. I welcome it… so that I can spend more time filming new videos… and so that I can get started on doing some polymer clay podcasts.

You don’t have to worry about me not being involved in the conversations. I will always read and monitor all of the comments… and you can definitely count on me to still pop in when I feel the need to ‘chirp’. I was going to say ‘tweet’, but that’s what I do on Twitter, here: http://twitter.com/PolymerClayTips >> Follow me if you want to receive real-time updates of the current projects I have going on in my studio at any given time. It’s free to set up a Twitter account.

So if you are willing and able to become more involved, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

1) Be friendly, honest, helpful and sincere. You guys are already doing this :)

2) It’s a good idea to use the “Notify me of follow up comments via e-mail” feature. You’ll see it at the very bottom of each comment section. This allows you to receive automatic “alerts” of when someone responds to something you have said at individual threads.

3) A great way to answer people’s questions is to simply “point” them to other blog articles I’ve already published, that will be helpful in addressing their question. The way to do this is to just refer to the date of the archived article. BTW if you did not know, there is “Archive” box in the right side bar that makes it easy to find archived content by month and day.

4) One thing to keep in mind about those times when you feel it may be helpful to provide an outside link resource to someone. Please don’t add live links in your comments. My blog software interprets them as spam and your message will generally get sent to the junk folder which never gets checked. Just leave out the “http://” and or the “www.” from the web link and you’ll be fine.

5) And finally, here is a proactive idea you may want to consider doing. Definitely bonus points for this. The blog is getting very large now and some of the older articles are becoming dated. Writing a short summary of a newer article and posting it in the comments section of an older article, is something that would add tremendous value for people reading the older posts. In your summary, simply point the reader to the date of the newer article you are referencing… just as described in point 3 above.

Thank you everyone for your support. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. Sarahwww, 15 June, 2009

    It is so much fun to see the growth of community on the site. Just the way the Internet works best. Keep up the great work, Cindy!

  2. Silverleaf, 15 June, 2009

    Yay, it’s great that we’re all sharing information! We’ll all end up fantastic clayers in no time at all. Thanks guys. xxx

  3. Ken H., 15 June, 2009

    Cindy, you know we’ve got your back on this. I’m always searching articles and things, so have no fear, if I have information that someone else might be able to use, I’m there. (what good is keeping it to yourself)

  4. Ken H., 15 June, 2009

    BTW, haven’t had much time as of late to try hot tea (tannic acid) and copper findings.

  5. aims, 15 June, 2009

    I am constantly amazed at how much you put into this blog and into your polymer clay life Cindy.

    Blogging takes a ton of work and trying to do videos on top of that?! Do you have a twin or something?

    I have to tell you that I come here daily – yet I haven’t finished that sewing project (who knew it was going to be sew (on purpose) big?) Because of it my clay sits waiting patiently – unused – the oven never even turned on – my laptop patiently waiting to take me step by step through my tutorial once again. I am chomping at the bit here to get at this – so coming here to read what I can do makes me sew faster!

    Thanks for everything you do Cindy. You are an inspiration.

  6. Polyanya, 19 June, 2009

    Cindy have you considered having a forum, this could free up more of your time and make all of us users feel more connected to eachother?

  7. Cindy Lietz, 19 June, 2009

    @Sarahwww: I agree! It is fun to see the growth of the community here. We are all learning from each other and I feel like we are becoming great friends with a common interest.

    @Silverleaf: You are so right! Ditto what I said above.

    @Ken: Thanks so much, it feels great to know you’ve got my back! Love all the great ideas you come up with. What an asset to have you here!

    @aims: I do have a twin (he looks a lot my my husband Doug.) Wish we both had twins though, so many cool things we could be doing, if we had more time! (btw get that sewing done… there’s claying to do.! :-))

    @Polyanya: Hadn’t put too much thought into a Forum** just yet but we could open the topic up for discussion…

    **So is a Forum something that you guys would like to see developed here? What are your feelings about Forums? Like or Dislike and why? Maybe we should talk about this.

  8. Laurel, 19 June, 2009

    I am open to a forum but I think that the comments sections do pretty much the same thing. Plus, it might start threads on topics that Cindy has already covered. We can just go to them and get the skinny and any updates. On the other hand: (I am a Libra so there is always another hand) It gives people the freedom to bring up any clay related topic or question they might have that hasn’t already been covered or they need help on right away. It would be easier for Cindy to monitor and chime in when she wants and not feel the need to spoon feed us all and some might not feel as intimidated and find it easier to comment.

    So as usual, I am sitting on the fence and will fall over whichever way the wind blows. :)

  9. Silverleaf, 20 June, 2009

    I’m in favour of a forum – as Laurel says it’ll be a great opportunity for people to ask questions that are “off topic” rather than hijacking Cindy’s posts.

    If someone asks about something Cindy’s already covered, we could just point them at the post and ask that relevant comments are made there.

    A forum also has the advantage of allowing us to discuss our projects and even post pictures of them so we can get feedback from everyone else. And we could even have a section for experiments (Cindy could maybe post a summary of the results in the blog, if we found something useful).

    Also we could have a section where we could talk about non-clay stuff – whatever we want!

    And last but not least, Cindy could assign moderator status on a few people so they can help maybe with technical problems, answer questions, point people in the direction of relevant threads or blog posts and so on. This should give her more time to concentrate on the creative side of things rather than “housekeeping”.

  10. Jocelyn, 26 June, 2009

    @ Silverleaf

    Love that idea. So long as the forum allowed the use of keywords, or has a search facility that is connected to the main site, it sure sounds like it would be a fun place to hang!

  11. Missy Chester, 29 June, 2009

    Hi Cindy, I wanted to say that I enjoy your videos. My kids will enjoy learning from them as well. I wish we would have found these earlier. We did a lot of research, made mistakes and bought several books. Your web site, the course and the weekly videos have been so helpful I wish we would have found you first. It’s great having all the information we need in one spot instead of surfing and hunting for help in many other places. Thanks.

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