Polymer Clay Tutorial | Wire Wrapped Coin Bead Rings [Video]

Wire Wrapped, Polymer Clay Coin Bead RingsVid #168: “In a
recent video, you
show wire rings with
a faux agate cabochon. Do
make the ring?” ~James-P

Back in June when I explained how to make faux agate beads (Vol-025-3), many of you asked about a tute for the wire wrapped rings shown in that lesson.

How about a tute on showing us how to make one of those beautiful agates into a ring. This is something I have never done and would love to learn from you. Just a suggestion. Anyone else like to learn how besides me? ~Peggy-B

I love the polymer clay rings, too, they look gorgeous! I can’t decide which one I liked best! I think it’s the one that wire-wraps the entire “stone”, although the other ring’s daintier, which would probably look better on my own fingers. Hmmm, if you’ll make us a ring tutorial for these, then I could make both kinds and make an informed decision… (I’m just sayin’!) ;D ~Phaedrakat

By coincidence I’ve just learned to make rings like that, but I’m not very good at it yet and haven’t made anything I’d be happy selling so more tips would definitely be appreciated. ~Silverleaf

Great tutorial!!! Cindy is it possible to have a ring tutorial? I have watched other people do it – but you seem to have the knack to make things easier and these wire wrapped rings suit polymer so well. ~Cara-L

Wire wrap rings, wire wrap rings, wire wrap rings!!! Try saying that 3 times fast. Teach us soon Please Cindy & Doug! ~Lynn-V

So… on Friday, Aug 20th at the Polymer Clay Library (Vol-027-3), the member video tutorial will teach you how to make some simple wire wrapped rings.

Please Note: A general prerequisite for all of my weekly tutorials is that you have a good understanding of the polymer clay basics, including: conditioning clay, using a pasta machine, clay blade and other simple tools, making Skinner Blends or Teardrop Blends, baking clay, as well as sanding and finishing. If you need help in these areas, my Polymer Clay Beginners Course will get you up to speed quickly. There is also plenty of free information on this blog. Use the search box at the top of the page to find articles on specific topics.


Supplies & Tools: Video-027-3 Wire Wrapped Rings:

  • Polymer clay bead, preferably flat backed. I used one of theĀ  10mm-16mm Faux Agate Coin Beads from the vol-025-3 tutorial. But you can experiment with any bead style and shape, though you may have to adjust the length of wire for the size of bead you end up using.
  • 20 gauge copper wire, half hard. You can use any type of 20 gauge wire, but I suggest you start with an inexpensive wire like copper, until you get the hang of wrapping. Dead soft wire would be easier to use if you prefer, but you would need to tumble the piece to work harden it otherwise it will deform with wear.
  • Chain nose or Flat nose jewelry pliers.
  • Flush cutters.
  • Ring Mandrel <or> a Highlighter Pen (you’ll understand once you see the video.
  • Vise for holding Ring Mandrel (optional).
  • Ring sizer (optional).
  • Ruler.

The full version of the Vid-027-3 Wire Wrapped Rings video will be posted in the Polymer Clay Members Library on Friday August 20th, 2010. But if you would like to see a sneak peek intro clip right now, scroll down the page a bit to the video player below.

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Polymer Clay Tutor




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The full version of the “Wire Wrapped Rings” preview video shown above, is now available for purchase at the Polymer Clay Library in the Volume-027 Back Issue Package.

Customer Feedback About Membership Value:

Can’t wait to see more wire work, but love everything you show us. Just wanted you to know have just had a stall at a fayre and sold a few of my clay necklaces. Wow I was so excited. My daughter wore one of my lentil pendants at a body shop party and I couldn’t believe it I got over 20 orders, all thanks to your wonderful videos. So I will be happy whatever you do. Thanks Cindy I could not have done it without you. ~Josie-T

I love the things you teach. I’m learning so much and I get comments from so many people about the jewelry I make. THANK YOU. ~Sandra-G

I looked at the “library”, and since Vol. 016, there’s been a metal or wire working tute once a month. At first I wanted all the videos to be polymer clay, since there are lots of wire/metal tutorials available out there, and not so many for PC. But the majority of the members here seem to want a bit of metal in their tutorials. I’ve come to love Cindy’s videos and teaching style, so I don’t mind one of the monthly videos being metal. In fact, I end up loving the tutes, even if it’s something I already know how to do. Cindy always manages to teach me something. ~Phaedrakat

Cindy, you are such a talented artist, and the fact that you are so giving in your teaching makes you even more special. So keep it comin’ Girl, I know I always learn something new from every lesson!!! ~Tiffany-M

The following topics are included in this week’s Polymer Clay Tutor Library, Wire Wrapped Rings video tutorial:

  • See examples of several wire wrap rings done in Copper and Sterling Silver, as well as a variety of styles.
  • Discussion of the type of wire needed as well as tools and supplies.
  • Learn tricks and tips for making sure that you end up with the right size of ring to fit your finger.
  • And finally, find out how to adjust the wraps on your ring so that it looks tidy and professional looking.

The full version of the “Wire Wrapped Rings” preview video shown above, is now available for purchase at the Polymer Clay Library in the Volume-027 Back Issue Package.

  1. Phaedrakat, 17 August, 2010

    Awesome! A ring tute sounds like just the thing, and I love the examples you’ve shown in the video intro (I think silver is my fave…) I imagine lots of different bead types could be used to make these cool rings (just be sure to flatten one side a bit so it sits on the finger better–right?) This should be a fun tute! Wait — is this my birthday present? ;D

  2. Tanya L, 17 August, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAT!!!

  3. Ken H, 17 August, 2010

    I hoped Cindy would get to this sooner rather that later, it sounds interesting.

    Happy B’day Kat, hope it’s a fantastic day.

  4. Tanya L, 17 August, 2010

    Oh, WOW, I can’t wait for this one! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do these, but anything I can come up with, Cindy can do better and much, MUCH easier! COME ON FRIDAY!!!

  5. Carolyn K, 17 August, 2010

    I too agree, this will be a good tute. Still have some granite beads left over from that fun tutorial Cindy made for us. Happy Birthday to you Phaedrakat, I will be celebrating a 39th Anniversary this weekend. The ring will be made to remember the occasion.

  6. Carolyn K, 17 August, 2010

    Oh, I have a question. Do you not use any coating on the beads for this tute? My hands are in the water alot.

  7. Kristen S, 17 August, 2010

    Oh, good! I’ve been looking for good directions for rings like these ever since the Agate tutorial. Looking forward to Friday (have to go back and make myself some agate coin beads in the meantime…)

  8. pollyanna, 17 August, 2010

    I’m going to love this one too!!!! I like wearing rings. Have to wrestle some wire from my dil….:)
    Happy up coming birthday Kat and many more!

  9. Freda K, 17 August, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Kat.

    Cindy – Wish you wouldn’t get us so excited about Friday’s tute so early in the week. Makes it harder to wait!

  10. pattw, 17 August, 2010

    Cindy -I have been hoping you would do a ring tute. Rings on her fingers……… cant’ wait


  11. Cindy Graveline, 17 August, 2010

    I never tried making rings, but now I wont have any excuses not to try lol :)

  12. Maria, 17 August, 2010

    Happy Birthday Kat! This will be a fun tutorial…

  13. Lupe Meter, 17 August, 2010

    Can’t wait for this tutorial, since I already made some Faux agate beads. I have been dying to learn how to make these wire wrapped rings!

    Happy Birthday Kat! Best Wishes and Enjoy your birthday!

  14. Elizabeth S., 17 August, 2010




  15. Jocelyn, 17 August, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Kat! Hope you have a great day.

    Love this ring, it would be attractive in any wire color, when matched to a fopal, agate, or any center…even flowers or the faux di. Very versatile, and cannot wait to see the combos the community comes up with after the tut.

  16. Phaedrakat, 17 August, 2010

    Thanks so much! I’m sorry about my thinly veiled attempt to get birthday greetings (OK, sure–there was no veil! LOL) I appreciate your wishes more that you could know!

    RE: Ring Mandrels. One of my Michael’s has an ‘expanded’ selection of tools & metal-working supplies in the jewelry section. Ring Mandrels — check! Nice, decent metal ones — which is great ‘cuz plastic might not play well with polymer. That’s if you’re making a clay ring vs. a wire-wrapped ring. Anyway, the price was somewhere in the vicinity of $15, I think. My coupon was already spoken for, so I didn’t get one. But now that I’ve seen this tute, I think I’ll be making another trip… :D

  17. Cindy Lietz, 18 August, 2010

    Thank you everyone for your great comments! This should be a fun tute for you all. It will be fun to see how you all personalize it.

    @Phaedrakat: I’ve been thinking that these girls’ birthday songs are good and all, but I think my sister’s version is just perfect for you… (I think I already sang it for Elizabeth awhile back but you need to hear it too!)

    Happy Birthday to you… You stepped in some Goo (with a P not a G)… You look like a Mangy Woolly Mammoth… and you smell like one too!… :-)

    Love you and everything you do for us all! You are a true treasure. Hope this is a Happy year for you Kat. I wish that your pain leaves your kind body and sets you free!

    @Catalina: Most of the wire that comes from the hardware store is half hard. It is stiff but still fairly easy to bend with your fingers. Dead Soft is like butter and is wonderful for wire wrapping, since it bends so easily. Hard wire is so stiff that you most likely would need pliers to bend it and it is difficult to make nice wraps with. Half Hard is in between and is stiff enough that it doesn’t deform or loose shape in use (like for rings) and is soft enough form simple wraps. When you order wire for jewelry making you can usually get it in dead soft, half hard and hard. If you’re buying it in person and it doesn’t say the hardness, you can usually tell by just bending it in your fingers. Hopefully that helps you out.

  18. DJ, 17 August, 2010

    These are amazing!!…as Jocelyn mentioned about changing the look with different techniques, the possibilites are endless.

    BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAT!! Enjoy, relax and pamper yourself today!

  19. cara l, 17 August, 2010

    Thank you !Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  20. Peggy Barnes, 18 August, 2010

    Can’t sleep for the 3rd night in a row I am ready to pull my hair out but now I think I can wait till after FRIDAY at least. I have wanted this tute from the moment I saw the rings the first time. Cindy and Doug I am 4-ever grateful you are doing this tute so soon. Hopefully I will get some sleep before then and feel better. So it is back to bed for some healthy
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s and thanks again for the super up-coming Friday.
    Many Uuuuuuuggggggggs, Peggy

  21. Honey Sperring, 18 August, 2010

    OH, ELIZABETH, I WANTED TO SING THAT TO KAT…….I’ll bet your not as bad as I am……Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~KAT~ AND MANY, MANY MORE…The ring tute looks really great. ALL OF THEM ARE REALLY GREAT. There’s not one that I didn’t enjoy..They’re all special………Just like you ~KAT~………PEGGY….What’s up ? No sleeping ?????? Want me to sing you a lalla-by ???………….Luv…..Honey

  22. Catalina, 18 August, 2010

    Happy birthday, my sister Kat! I can’t wait either for this tute! I just wonder if you can explain the difference in the hard and half hard wire? I hear this a lot but i don’t know what the difference is and why you would choose one over the other. Some of the wire I have is more difficult to use than others but not all my wire purchases say whether it is a hard or half hard.

  23. Linda K., 19 August, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Kat!

    Cindy, this will be a very fun tutorial. I’ve dabbled in wire-wrapping and have a ton of books, but there’s nothing better than actually seeing it happen…especially when you are the teacher.

  24. Lisa Whitham, 19 August, 2010

    Ooo, luckly I pierced some of my Faux Agates for just this tute… I can’t wait for tomorrow!

    ~Lisa :)

  25. carolyn, 19 August, 2010

    Just a little FYI, especially for those (like me) who have not made the flat back beads yet: this style ring can also be made using round beads. I’ve made and sold several that had this same basic style.

  26. cara l, 20 August, 2010

    Thank you Cindy!
    I knew you would make it soooooo much easier to understand. I get it now! I can’t wait to practice. I’ve watched so many other people demonstrate this technique but it never made sense to me. I had a mental block. But your teaching method is so clear and logical and I can also replay the video anytime I need clarity. Fantastic!

  27. Peggy Barnes, 20 August, 2010

    I was up walking trying to shake off some restless leg pain and it hit me Friday A.M. I’m going to see if the tute is downloaded yet and of coarse it was. Got my mind off my legs for about 35 minutes I watched it 3 times in a row. I love this tute. If I don’t start feeling better soon My Grandaughter is going to have to try to make this ring for me because I love it. I have so many meds in me right now my hands are to shaky to even try to do something like this.
    I do want to thank you both for the fun I just had. It’s the most fun I’ve had all day. Promise first chance I have where I feel decent enough to start this project I have everything I need I will get right on it. Thank you for the wonderful video Doug. You two as I have said before make quite a team and I am honored to be learning anything and everything I can from you both…

  28. Peggy Barnes, 20 August, 2010

    Ooooooooooooooops forgot my many Uuuuugggggggs, Peggy

  29. Phaedrakat, 20 August, 2010

    @Peggy Barnes: Uuuuuggs back, Peggy!

    Love this tutorial, Cindy and Doug! Thanks so much — can’t wait to make some rings! Thanks, too, for the kind wishes and the birthday song! (And thanks to everyone else for the great wishes, so very much appreciated!)

  30. Kathy G, 20 August, 2010

    I just bought some copper wire at Lowes. I can’t wait to try this. Thanks, Cindy. USSCwife.

  31. Brenda, 20 August, 2010

    I have to confess, I have been played around with this technique and made 6 rings doing so, before watching this tutorial. I am one of those type people that can look at things, and almost figure out how the technique was done. I gave up on it because, I just couldn’t get it quite right. I could not get my sizes right nor could I get the band wires even. I do like the way they look though. I have to say, after watching this tutorial, I saw what I was doing wrong.
    *****Cindy Saves the day! XD teehee……

  32. Cindy Lietz, 22 August, 2010

    Thank you everyone for the great feedback on the tutorial! Glad you enjoyed that. Carolyn made a couple of great points about using round beads as well as filing the ends of the wire to keep them from being scratchy. So keep those in mind when you make your own rings. Thanks for your tips Carolyn.

    @Carolyn K: No there is no coating on these beads. They are just sanded and buffed. That way there won’t be any problems with water being in contact with your ring.

    @Brenda: THANK YOU for saying that! You made my day! I was hoping that those little tips and tricks would be helpful. When learning how to make these rings, I ran into problems with sizing too. Made quite a difference when I got the ring mandrel and ring sizer, to see just where it was that I went wrong. Figured you all would appreciate me passing the info along. Had a big pile of twisted wire before I got the rings right. Happy my mistake could “Save the day”! :-)

    Oh and… HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONNIE!I sent wishes to Phaedrakat earlier in this thread and did not want to miss you.

  33. carolyn, 22 August, 2010

    @Cindy Lietz from Faux Agates – Member Project Photos: BTW & FYI: There are very inexpensive plastic ring mandrels that have a groove down one side lengthwise, specifically for holding the stone without doing it damage while making the shank. I use that one, a wooden one and a steel one. I like toys!

  34. Bonnie Kreger, 20 August, 2010

    That was a great tutorial. Now we can have rings to match our earrings, necklaces and bracelets from the rest of your tutorials. Thank you again for all your hard work. I used your bail tut to make 3 Celtic crosses and it worked wonderful.

    Happy Birthday Kat, hope your are having a big cake.

  35. carolyn, 20 August, 2010

    @Bonnie Kreger: Happy Birthday to you, Bonnie! And your crosses … as all your work … were fantastic!

  36. Phaedrakat, 20 August, 2010

    I whipped-up one of these rings today for my little niece. I used a disc-type bead I already had; I haven’t made the coin-shaped ones yet. It’s super fast & simple, now that Cindy’s showed the way! What a cool tute this is! I can’t wait to get a mandrel, which will make it even faster/easier. I’m also thinking about other kinds of beads to use. Maybe flatten one side of a lentil, or even sand-down the not-as-pretty side of lentil beads. Yeah, there were some that didn’t swirl properly — BC, of course! (BC = Before Cindy)
    Thanks, Cindy & Doug!

    @Bonnie Kreger: Thanks, Bonnie — Happy B-day back at’cha! The pieces at your blog are gorgeous, as usual! I wanted to comment there, but my eyes are too tired from trying to log in to so many different places from my phone. It’s all just so very tiny! Anyway, it sounds like you did have a well-deserved happy birthday, with presents, friends, AND yummy desert — in the dessert! (sorry, I’d say LOL but that’s a groan for sure…) :D ~Kat

  37. Bonnie Kreger, 20 August, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: Thanks Kat and Carolyn. I’ve been celebrating all week.
    I did Cindy’s tut with the bails using the liquid clay and it works wonderful. Previously I put the metal bails in the clay and then glued them back in after they were baked. This new method worked great. On a couple crosses I made today, I put a soldered jump ring in the bail because the top of the cross was thin and the bail had to go sideways. Can’t wait to try this ring thing. I’m looking for my vise, I’m sure it’s here between all the clay some where.

  38. pattw, 22 August, 2010

    @Bonnie Kreger: Sorry -I forgot :{ Happy be-lated BD. Hope you had a really good one

  39. Sandra G, 20 August, 2010

    I never thought to put my ring thing in my vise (tech term). Loved the tute!! You work so hard and I really love this site. Thank you.

  40. Elizabeth S., 20 August, 2010

    Just returned from hot central Texas where I was visiting my daughter and her family. First thing I did was turn on the computer–it’s been FOUR DAYS since I have had my hands on clay–they are shaking with the need to mush. Anyway, this tut is the perfect fix for my pc withdrawal. Love it!! Can’t wait to try. As Bonnie said, we can add rings to other sets we make.
    How cool is that.

    Thanks, Cindy & Doug.

  41. Cheryl Hodges, 21 August, 2010

    Guess I missed out on the birthdays. Got back late last night. Happy belated birthday to Kat and Bonnie! Hope you had a super one! Wish I could’ve played happy birthday on the piano and sung for you guys. We had a nice but tiring trip.

  42. carolyn, 21 August, 2010

    @Cheryl Hodges: Glad to have you back. Rest up … and then make rings and rings and rings … this tutorial is great!

  43. Elizabeth Kerr, 21 August, 2010

    Hi all, hi Cindy, just watched the ring tut. It is Sunday, couldnt get here on Friday.
    Wow thanks Cindy, I can see all kinds of potential with this. Pity I didnt keep an odd bead from my Dome beads, but no mind . Ill get to work and do some more, and I will have a Bracelet and a ring of the same, sounds great.
    Also think I can do the Magic gloss on them too and wouldnt that look geat, and then beads with crystals as well. I bet Lupe will love this as she already makes great rings but I can just see her comking up with beauties.
    Thanks Cindy. XXX

  44. Phaedrakat, 22 August, 2010

    @Cheryl Hodges: Thanks Cheryl, I would’ve loved to hear you sing and play! I hope you had a nice trip to NY…

    @Elizabeth Kerr: I was going to wish you a Happy Birthday, but then checked FB — that was a strange date in there, huh? Just have a Happy Day, then, and enjoy the ring tute. Your ideas sound beautiful!

  45. pattw, 22 August, 2010

    Saturday – Well DARN – I was wrapping a bead with wire WHEN, I pulled too hard and pulled the base of the bead totally off…….can you believe it ?? Too much muscle -start over. Am UV resin -ing 3 beads how. CYA, huh?
    I WILL be very careful this time………rofl…………

  46. carolyn, 22 August, 2010

    @pattw: Oh, Patt, what a shame! Next time use tension and not brute force! ;-}

  47. pattw, 22 August, 2010

    @carolyn: ya learn from you mistakes..still laughing !

  48. Cheryl Hodges, 23 August, 2010

    I made a couple of rings before; two different designs and i struggled a bit specially with one of them. I must say watching this video has made it so much easier. I’m going to try one with my faux agate.

  49. pattw, 24 August, 2010

    Finally made 3 ! No more breaking beads. Completed a blend and switch scrap ring, wrapped in red wire. Just love it -so easy. Definitely making some for Christmas………thanks you Cindy and Doug

  50. Brenda, 24 August, 2010

    @pattw: Ah’ Your gunna have to share with us on FB :) I can’t wait to see how they turned out. I love the blend switch.

  51. pattw, 24 August, 2010

    @Brenda: thanks Brenda -I hope to soon ( said that about 31/2 wks ago -still waiting for the photographer -my DH) We may be old and gray before this happens. Really I am going to have to SWEET TALK him into it………teehee

  52. Phaedrakat, 24 August, 2010

    @Pattw: Please sweet talk that hubby, I mean your photographer, so we can see that pretty ring! I’ll be on the lookout for it at FB. (I’m sure you’ll find a way to “motivate” him…) ~Kat ;D

    @All: A quick note, the upgrades at the blog created a bug that’s causing comments to be “Moderated” when the REPLY button is used. Cindy explains it in her comment here: Temporary Bug

    Let’s avoid this feature in the meantime, so we can save them a TON of work! (I’m sorry if I’m overstepping my bounds, here. I’m just trying to help!) Pass it on…

    ADDED NOTE: Thanks Kat for mentioning this. And no you are not overstepping your bounds. It will be very helpful if everyone could refrain from using the “Reply” feature until I can get the bug fixed. You don’t have to stop replying and commenting… just don’t click on the Reply Link until this is fixed. Hopefully it won’t be too long. Thanks. ~Doug

  53. Tiffany, 24 August, 2010

    Cindy, I finally got to watch last weeks video. It has ben a bit crazy here with the wedding only a week and a half away, my husbands pay has been delayed from him taking time off for my surgery, kids starting school, yada yada yada. Anyway, I was just wondering what size of bead you used for the ring? I would love to try this with the faux opal since it is my birthstone. Thanks again for all you do!

  54. carolyn, 24 August, 2010

    Tiffany – Since I received some of Cindy’s faux agates when I won the last contest, I measured the ones I have and they are approximately 15mm … give or take a mm. If this would be for yourself, you’d want to make it a size that looks good on your own hand. Hope this helps.

  55. Linda K., 25 August, 2010

    @ Tiffany, I agree that faux opals would look wonderful in this ring. I was just thinking about it myself, but I still haven’t made any of them yet :( I am SO far behind!

  56. carolyn, 25 August, 2010

    Linda K. – You’re not alone. I haven’t done faux opals … dread the sanding that’s needed … and I’m behind on others too. I’m sure there are others who, for one reason or another passed over a tutorial. That’s why I was real glad to see Cindy’s zebra earrings on her FB page. Postings like this will help to remind us of tutorials we might have missed.

  57. Brenda, 25 August, 2010

    Linda K and Carolyn- Did you see the large Faux Opal that I used in one of my rings? I think it was the second one in with the x pattern on the side. I am still trying to figure out how I done that. * LOL Any how that is from the Tutorial that Friday. I made a bunch at one time. I focused more on those round ones though.

  58. Linda K., 28 August, 2010

    @ Brenda, your wire-wrapping skills are fabulous. I only wished that I lived near you so I could take a class from you!

  59. Brenda, 28 August, 2010

    @linda K: I am tickled that you feel that I am good enough to teach wire wrapping. If you only knew how many times I stretched that wire out and started over. *giggles* But if you did live closer I would love having you over for lemon tea and do some wire wrapping just for fun ;)

  60. Cindy Lietz, 22 September, 2010

    JUST POSTED… Member project photos that relate to the theme of this page… Wire Wrapped Coin Bead Rings.

    Wire Wrapped Coin Bead Rings

    You can view the larger images by clicking on the link by my name.

    BTW: Thanks to everyone above, who took the time to comment in this thread. Your feedback, support and engaging conversations are always such a wonderful part of my day. Although I don’t get a chance to address everyone individually, please know that I do read and give consideration to everything that is said here. ~Cindy

  61. Phaedrakat, 24 September, 2010

    How fun would it be to drop by Brenda’s for some lemon tea and wire-wrapping? I know I wasn’t exactly invited…just sounds like fun! I’d love to see Brenda in action…she’s gets so much done — I imagine it’s like watching a whirlwind whipping thru the studio (or kitchen…wherever she’s a clayin’!)

  62. Brenda M, 24 September, 2010

    Kat you are so funny :) Sure come on over-tea, wine,soda pop what ever fancies us at the time would be fine by me. I clay both in my kitchen and small studio, did I mention small? *LOL* Who cares as long as we have the counter to work off of “right”. I have an island in the middle of my kitchen which has a great overhead light-fixture. I go there when I have my (studio filled with clutter. Hey your not a true artist until you discovered clutter :) I will have to post a picture on my blog of my little work area. I’ve had people ask for duplicates of things that I have made. so I have learned to make in bulk. I make the beads one day then stain and glaze the next then wire on the third day then I work on the wire or necklaces. So it takes about a week to complete a large order. Last night I sat and watched my favorite tv shows and wire wrapped the ends on my neck cords. Multi task!

  63. Phaedrakat, 27 September, 2010

    @Brenda: Multi-task, for sure…that’s the way I do most everything! I believe in clutter (if my room is any indication, LOL.) Actually, I call it “art supplies.” Often it’s when you’ve got those odds & ends laying around that inspiration hits. My problem is too much clutter…no room to do anything! I had my new craft area all planned out…but then my sister had her “we gotta get a pool” idea. I love the pool, but all of my craft space disappeared with it. Now my search continues for a place to clay (and days when I feel good enough to attempt it.) But I digress…I’d still love to see you in action. You really know how to PROduce, girl — and with all the little kiddies around, too! The whirlwind tempo, your creativity, skill, and of course, your *giggles* make you sound fun to be around…I love it! :D
    Hugs, Kat
    PS: I can’t travel, but some day…

  64. Carrie N., 26 December, 2010

    Hello all! I got some wire and a ring mandrel for christmas and I tried twice to do this technique and both times, my wire ripped right throught the base of the ring. Is pulling too tight the only possible problem? I wondered if my hole was too close to the bead base, or maybe I’m not baking long enough….. Would love some feedback!

  65. Brenda, 27 December, 2010

    @Carrie N.: It could be all three problems. You really don’t need to pull to hard when wrapping it around the bead though. Mend your bead and try again. I ripped a few before I got it down. I can’t wait to see what you have made :)

  66. Cindy Lietz, 27 December, 2010

    @Carrie N.: Brenda answered this perfectly for you. It is most likely one or all of those things. Just keep trying, you’ll get it!

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