Polymer Clay Tutorial | Scrap Clay Feather Canes [Video]

Polymer Feather CanesVid #179: “It’s great
knowing you can make
beautiful beads and designs
from left overs. Thank you
Cindy.” ~Rachel-W

Do you have some extra polymer clay cane pieces just sitting around getting old? Maybe you’ve already made enough beads using that particular cane design and you’re a little bored with it? Or maybe you made a few mistakes on the cane, so you’re not motivated to use it.

Over the years I accumulated piles of reject canes. ~Dora-C

No worries! You can make awesome new canes with those old scrap canes, easily and quickly. And so detailed… they will look like you spent hours on them!! Sound good?

It’s great knowing you can make beautiful beads and designs from left overs. I’ve been saving my scrap clay and old canes for ages… just waiting for something to do with them :) Thank you Cindy. ~Rachel-W

I think I have about 50 canes right now but I am trying to use my old canes so I can make a new collection of canes. ~Melinda-H

I never throw anything away and still have some very old canes. It’s fun to think they might be used after all! ~Koolbraider

Just goes to show you… never toss out your scraps or the old clay pieces! ~Rob-K

On Friday, Nov 12th, 2010 at the Polymer Clay Library (Vol-030-2), you will learn how to turn any old polymer clay cane (or new ones if you don’t have any old ones), into detailed looking Feather Canes that you can use for making into earrings, pendants, and a variety of interesting polymer clay beads.

Please Note: A general prerequisite for all of my weekly tutorials is that you have a good understanding of the polymer clay basics, including: conditioning clay, using a pasta machine, clay blade and other simple tools, making Skinner Blends or Teardrop Blends, baking clay, as well as sanding and finishing. If you need help in these areas, my Polymer Clay Beginners Course will get you up to speed quickly. There is also plenty of free information on this blog. Use the search box at the top of the page to find articles on specific topics.

Supplies & Tools: Video-030-2 Feather Canes:

  • A section of a polymer clay cane (any design). It is best if the outside of the cane is darker or lighter than the rest of the cane, in order for the layers to show properly. Skinner Blend Canes are naturally suited for this technique but any design will do, including canes with translucent backgrounds, as long as they are wrapped in an solid contrasting color.
  • Pasta machine or acrylic roller.
  • Clay blade.

The full version of the Vid-030-2 Feather Canes video will be posted in the Polymer Clay Members Library on Friday November 12th, 2010. But if you would like to see a sneak peek intro clip right now, scroll down the page a bit to the video player below.


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The full version of the “Feather Canes” preview video shown above, is now available for purchase at the Polymer Clay Library in the Volume-030 Back Issue Package.

Customer Feedback About Membership Value:

I know before I joined, I scrutinized every blog post and everyone’s comments for clues to how the video projects were made. There are probably others who, like me, are trying to save every penny. I just hope that they, like me, join up anyway, because they will find that the membership is so great (With the extra tips Cindy teaches), and so very inexpensive! I barely notice the $9.95 every 3 months. I’m sooooo glad I joined! ~Phaedrakat

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The following topics are included in this week’s Polymer Clay Tutor Library, Feather Canes video tutorial:

  • See examples of several canes and jewelry projects made using this cool cane making technique.
  • Discussion of how to use a variety of different left over polymer clay canes to create a variety of new canes.
  • Learn how to make cool stained glass looking, see-through feather canes by using old canes with translucent backgrounds.
  • And, find out how these feather canes can be used in a huge variety of different ways to create your own one of a kind polymer clay art beads.

The full version of the “Feather Canes” preview video shown above, is now available for purchase at the Polymer Clay Library in the Volume-030 Back Issue Package.


  1. Marlene C, 09 November, 2010

    Just LOVE those pod beads you made with the feather canes. I do believe it is going to be a VERY BUSY weekend at my work table. Can’t wait!

  2. pollyanna, 09 November, 2010

    Oh wow……can’t wait for Friday. Feather canes always look so hard I haven’t tried one yet. Betcha Cindy knows a few tricks. :)

  3. Elizabeth S., 09 November, 2010

    These are stunning!! I think my favs are the pod-looking ones, especially the one that looks like a flower with leaves. Can’t wait to learn this!

  4. Patt W, 09 November, 2010

    AS a beginning caner -I have several (ok-lots) that are wonky -what a great way to use them. Thanks in advance for this soon to be tute. I am making a few book marks – the tute will fill the bill……….;]

  5. Jeanne C., 09 November, 2010

    Amazing what we can do with left over clay. The pod flowers are interesting. No time this week to play clay I have a 2 day show this weekend to get ready for.

  6. Lisa Whitham, 09 November, 2010

    @Jeanne C.: Hey woman! Good luck this weekend. People are starting to think about Christmas gifts, so hopefully you’ll sell alot of your pieces!! Let us know how it goes. I would love to see how you set up, would you take some pictures and post ’em on More Than Clay for us?

    Again, good luck this weekend and clay on Jeanne,
    ~Lisa :)

  7. Jeanne C., 11 November, 2010

    @Lisa Whitham: Thanks Lisa, I will take pictures and post it on the web site. XX

  8. Ken H, 09 November, 2010

    RATS!!!! I’m going to be away until Sunday, but THEN my time is my own again so look out. Wanted to know how to do the feather cane, YEA!!!!!!

  9. Cherie, 09 November, 2010

    So Interesting what you can do with leftover canes; I specially like the pod beads.

  10. Susan B, 09 November, 2010

    I like the look of this cane and the fact that you say the word “simple” just before the preview cuts off! The pods look great.

  11. Lisa Whitham, 09 November, 2010

    Ooo, have used this technique before – learned from a book on Milliefiori (sp?). But I’m eager to see Cindy’s take on the process, and make some more of these interesting, pretty little canes…. Hmmm, and I’d love to see how you do those pod beads too Cindy. Those are facinating and just lovely!

    Peace, Love, & Clay,
    ~Lisa :)

  12. Catalina, 09 November, 2010

    I haven’t seen the preview yet, I’m on my iPad, but I have made feather canes before and I can’t wait to see how Cindy makes this easy! (BTW, Doug, I may have found a way to view the tutes on my iPad! I’ll let ya know how it turns out.)

    I look forward to hearing how your iPad solution works out ~Doug

  13. Katie, 10 November, 2010

    Another tute I can’t wait to try, as soon as this semester is over. January, please hurry! This weekend on top of my regular homework I will be participating in a craft show.

  14. Brenda, 10 November, 2010

    Cutie Patutie!!! I’ve been wanting to try this one out for a long time :)

  15. Phaedrakat, 11 November, 2010

    Very cool! I know Cindy’s going to make this easy for us…she always finds ways to make the steps easier than ever! I love the samples in the preview video…cool “pod” beads done many different ways. And the feather cane itself looks beautiful sliced to make earrings, or combined with another to make that pretty pendant at the end of the “Tuesday Tease”… ;D

    Good luck Jeanne & Katie with your shows (and anyone else who may be showing their creations!) ~Kat

  16. Jeanne C., 11 November, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: Thanks! Haven’t heard from you in awhile, hope all is well…XX

  17. Phaedrakat, 18 November, 2010

    @Jeanne C.: Thanks, Jeanne…it means a lot! I’m struggling with quite a bit right now, and it’s taking so much of my time. I try to keep up with all of the great articles and tutorials here, though — I love reading about what everyone is doing, too. As soon as I get a spare moment, I’ll go check out Facebook & see how the gallery looks…I bet I’m in for a nice surprise!

    Thanks again — Hope your show went well! :D

  18. Anne O, 12 November, 2010

    Wow how useful to able to use old canes up, thank-you Cindy the video is well shot as usual x thank-you

  19. Susan B, 12 November, 2010

    This is wonderful! Another simple technique that ends up looking like it must be very complicated to do. The pumpkin cane and the brain cane look particularly good when turned into feather canes. Thanks again Cindy and Doug.

  20. Linda K., 12 November, 2010

    Oh, yes, peacock feathers were exactly what I thought of when I saw that feather made from the pumpkin cane. Hubby is out raking leaves, so I’m headed to my studio to try this out.

  21. Sandra, 12 November, 2010

    cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait to try it out, I’ve got a couple of canes i could do this with.

  22. ritahammock, 14 November, 2010

    thanks for the help! now on to claying with the best of them!!! rita

  23. Anita M, 18 November, 2010

    Somehow or another I have never come across your website before Cindy. Until last night! I finally decided to give myself an early holiday present & subscribe today.

    I just watched my very first video, the feather cane, incredible! And you make it look so easy!

    I have been handsculpting little clay animals & such for years. But lately I have found myself drawn to the beautiful clay beads that I see. I desperately want to broaden my knowledge of polymer clay art. I know the basics, & I know how to put balls of clay together to make animals & flowers, but I want to know the techniques to make the fancy looking stuff too. None of the books I have looked at really give great instructions or a wide variety of projects. Thank you so much for offering such wonderful tutorials, such a wide variety of project ideas, & at such a great price.
    I can’t wait to get started. :)

  24. Catalina, 18 November, 2010

    @Anita: Hi! And welcome! You are going to love it here!

  25. Anita, 18 November, 2010

    @Catalina: Thank you so much! I already have brain overload just looking at everything here! So much to do, so little time.

  26. Ken H, 19 November, 2010

    @Anita: Welcome to the family, it took me a little bit of searching before I found Cindy’s site, and man am I glad I did.

  27. Ingrid Gans, 19 January, 2013

    Thanks for helping me get my subscription payment figured out. I knew it was a ridiculously small amount. Of course I’m not giving up on this wonderful subscription. That would be so not worth it :)

    Ingrid (from the Netherlands)

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