Private Polymer Clay Lessons in Your Own Home… Only 47 cents!

Polymer Clay Library Back Issue Volume-010

Plus Ongoing Support Even After the Class is Over… At No Extra Charge!

Does this sound too good to be true? Well it’s not… thanks to the Internet. With streaming web video technology, you can invite me into your craft studio or kitchen or computer nook… and look over my shoulder as I walk you through all kinds of fun polymer clay techniques and jewelry bead making ideas.

So you are probably wondering how the 47 cent deal works. I’ll explain that right now. You see I’ve just launched another membership drive to make it easy for you try out my Polymer Clay Library at a very affordable, introductory subscription cost.

During this promotion, each of the polymer clay lessons works out to just 47 cents a piece. You end up getting over 5 months worth of weekly tutorials (21 videos + 21 color recipes) for a measly $9.95 fee.

Here’s the Break Down:

  • Pay for a $9.95 membership subscription before midnight PST on Thursday May 7, and you will get instant access to all 4 videos/recipes in Volume-011 at the Members Library: Disc Beads (Vol-011-1); Pattern Backgrounds (Vol-011-2); Pillow Beads (Vol-011-3); and Bead-Rock Tumbler (Vol-011-4).
  • Then choose any single polymer clay back issue package from Volume-001 to Volume-010 (another 4 videos/recipes), and I will manually add this bonus package to your library account, at no charge.
  • Additionally, throughout the weeks of May, June, July and the early August… you will receive 13 more videos/recipes.

After all that learning, you will still have the option to cancel your membership before your next $9.95 subscription payment is due in the beginning of August. There’s a self-serve cancellation button that puts you in control of the billing process. No long term commitments.

However, once you see the quality of teaching and support I provide as your polymer clay tutor, you may just decide to stick around :). The cost works out to only $3.32 per month to have me come into your home each week (virtually speaking), to teach you something new and exciting about polymer clay and jewelry bead making.

Here’s How To Get Started With The 47 Cent Deal:

1) Before midnight PST on Thursday May 7, sign up and become a member here: Polymer Clay Library

2) Once you have your username and password, then forward an email to let me know which polymer clay back issue package you would like to receive. I will manually add it to your account at no charge. In your email, please provide me with your library user name, as well as your PayPal email address so I can easily find your account.

It’s as simple as that! But please respect that this offer is only valid between May 1 and May 7. Feel free to tell your friends if you like. If they love learning about polymer clay, they’ll thank you for the tip :)

Polymer Clay Library Back Issue Volume-010

This Pearl Hydrangea color palette photo to the left, as well as the video thumbnail images below it, represent the content included in the Volume-010 back issue package at the library. It is just one of ten packages that you could choose as your bonus sign-up gift.

1) Pearl Hydrangea Recipes: Pink Hydrangea (010-1A) | Purple Hyacinth (010-2A) | Mint Tea (010-3A) | Chamomile Tea (010-4A).

2) Basic Leaf Cane – Pt1: How to create a shaded teardrop blend using two colors of clay, and form it into a stacked Skinner Blend Plug as the first step in creating a basic leaf cane. Plus tips on dealing with a sheet of clay that is getting too wide for your pasta machine.

3) Basic Leaf Cane – Pt2: How to cut and reshape the Skinner Blend Plug to form a highlighted and shaded basic leaf cane. Plus how to reconfigure the basic cane into a more complex leaf cane. Tips on how to reduce and save various sized sections of a polymer clay cane are also included.

4) Veined Leaf Cane – Pt1: How to make a 3 color teardrop blend and form it into a rolled Skinner Blend Cane. In addition, cutting and layering more clay in such a way as to create veining in a more complex veined leaf cane is shown.

5) Veined Leaf Cane – Pt2: How to create a center core for the veined leaf cane and how to use it as a registration mark for keeping the cane straight while reducing it.

If you want to see preview video clips and read customer reviews for the content in the Volume-010 back issue package click here: Leaf Cane Tutorials And Pearl Hydrangea Color Recipes

Or to take advantage of the 47 cent new member promotion right away, click here: Polymer Clay Library Become-A-Member

Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor

  1. Cindy Lietz, 03 May, 2009

    Instead of Volume-010, another great back issue package to consider is Volume-009: Petunia Blossom Recipes | Extruder Mod Cane | Making Mobius Beads | Quick Skinner Blends | Trumpet Flower Beads. You can click the “Polymer Clay Tutorials Vol-009” link by my name above to watch the preview clips and to read the customer reviews for this package.

  2. coolmama, 06 May, 2009

    Hi Cindy,
    I just joined the club. Instead of Vol. 10, please send me Vol. 9 as my free sign on gift. I’m looking forward to playing with clay with you.

  3. Cindy Lietz, 06 May, 2009

    Hi coolmama – Welcome to the library! As requested, the Vol-009 back issue package has now been activated in your account (no charge). I emailed you with further details.

    I’d love to hear what you think about the videos and how you end up applying the techniques in your polymer clay projects. The blog here, is the best place to do this so that others can hear from you as well. Also be sure to ask any follow up questions you may have. I’m here to help.

    Cheers, Cindy.

  4. Ken H., 06 May, 2009

    Just got the back issues 008, 009 love the videos, now I REALLY would like to have them on dvd/cd for travel, I know that’s a discussion for another time and place, but I am quite happy that I’m a subscriber of the videos and am looking forward to the day I have a complete library to reference.

  5. Cindy Lietz, 06 May, 2009

    @Ken – Glad you were able to get those back issues added to your library account. There’s lots of great info in Volume-008 and Volume-009.

    @Everyone – I’m compiling a central list of places where the DVD topic has been discussed elsewhere here at the blog. The “Sanding-Polymer-Clay-Beads” link up by my name above will take you this resource if you are interested in following along.

  6. Heather King, 07 May, 2009

    Have just made my first “real” necklace and bracelets and LOVE this ,,, it is captivating, and at this point, a tad obsessive!

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