Polymer Clay Landscape Paintings | Tutorial Vol-083

Polymer Clay Landscape Painting - Polymer Clay Tutor6 Videos #645 to #650: How to paint with polymer on tiny little mini stretched canvases… complete with some 3D embellishments too!

When I saw these tiny stretched canvases at Michaels in the artist painting section… along with the adorable tiny easels to set them on… I thought it was the perfect excuse to try out some polymer clay painting techniques.

I have seen several polymer paintings over the past few years… but never as tiny as these miniature landscape paintings done entirely in polymer clay.

And the cool thing about painting in polymer clay, is that you can not only make wonderful blended backgrounds… you can also make a polymer clay paint for texture and highlights. Plus you can add sculptural elements to give your piece a 3D effect.

The tiny size is also perfect for anyone trying out this new technique for the first time… since the cost per canvas is very minimal… very little clay is needed to create your mini artwork… and although the project can be very detailed depending on your design, the small size makes it quick to finish so you can create another… and another… and another.

You could even set up your own mini gallery of the paintings in a very small space :)

If tiny paintings aren’t your thing, then you can always go big and use normal size stretched canvases instead.

Or… this techniques lends itself well to other home decor projects too… and even jewelry.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial series, and use it as a jumping off point for all kinds of creative endeavors!

Posted just below is a Sneak Peak and overview of my Polymer Clay Landscape Tutorial. The rest of the 6 part video series will be posted tomorrow (Friday, April 3, 2015) in Vol-083 at the Polymer Clay Tutor Library.

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Vol-083-1: Video #645: Introduction: In this 6 part video tutorial series, you will learn how to use some polymer clay colors, a tiny stretched canvas, some glaze and a couple of simple tools, to create wonderful textural landscape paintings… using polymer clay as your medium instead of traditional paints. You will be thrilled at the new possibilities… from making painterly blended backgrounds… to mixing your own polymer paints… to creating dimensional elements… and even making your own custom glazes. There is definitely a lot packed into this awesome tutorial.

Pt 2 Polymer Clay Landscape Painting Tutorial - Polymer Clay TutorVol-083-2: Video #646:
Landscape Blend:

In this video, I’ll teach you how to create a fantastic color blend that looks exactly like a landscape. Depending on the colors you choose, your landscape could be rolling hills, a sunset at the beach, an Arizona desert… it really is up to you. And the whole thing is done with just a couple tablespoons of polymer clay! It doesn’t have to be new clay either it can be done in scrap bits of clay, in the colors of your choice.

Pt 3 Polymer Clay Landscape Painting Tutorial - Polymer Clay TutorVol-083-3: Video #647:
Clay On Canvas:

In this video, you will learn the tips and tricks for adding your landscape blends to a miniature stretched canvas. I’ll share with you the secrets of getting seamless edges where the design wraps sound the outsides of the canvas, as if you had laid the strokes there with a brush or a palette knife. You will also learn the correct baking process for these tiny polymer paintings, and why it’s important to bake for less time than what I normally recommend for polymer clay. These techniques will work on any size canvas or canvas board. Other surfaces such as boxes, frames and jewelry would be a fun option as well.

Pt 4 Polymer Clay Landscape Painting Tutorial - Polymer Clay TutorVol-083-4: Video #648:
Polymer Painting:

In this video, I’ll show you a neat way to mix up your own polymer paints, using both solid and liquid polymer clay. Then I’ll demonstrate how to apply the paint with proper contrast, shading and highlights, just like you would do with a painting done in traditional oils or acrylics. You will also learn how to use an artists palette knife… and how to bake the elements or layers of your painting that you do like… so that you can easily remove what you don’t like… without actually damaging what you do like. It will all become clear when you watch the video.

Pt 5 Polymer Clay Landscape Painting Tutorial - Polymer Clay TutorVol-083-5: Video #649:
3Dimensional Elements:

In this video, you will learn how to add 3D sculptural elements to your polymer clay paintings. I will show you how to form these elements and attach them to your canvas. I’ll also discuss the importance of making barrier layers, so that mistakes can safely be erased if necessary. You’ll learn how to make an abstract spring tree in this lesson… but the ideas and techniques can be extended to all kinds of different features and embellishments depending on the theme of your landscape painting. Again, the options are only limited by your own imagination!

Pt 6 Polymer Clay Landscape Painting Tutorial - Polymer Clay TutorVol-083-6: Video #650:
Glazing And Highlighting:

In this video, You’ll learn how to bring your polymer clay landscape painting to life, using your own custom made glazes and proper finishing techniques. Layers of glazing medium bring a lovely sheen and depth to the piece, while giving a rich tone to the colors and an overl all professional look. You are going to love what you learn in this action packed tutorial series! I can’t wait to see your inner Rembrandt revealed!

Other Suggested Supplies:

  • Rubbing Alcohol.
  • Paper Towel.
  • Water for rinsing brush.
  • Baking tray with foil pan or card stock for tenting.
  • Old credit card or gift card.

By the way, many of the “shopping” links I provide for the various tools and supplies used in my tutorials, are “affiliate” resources. That means companies like Amazon and the other suppliers I refer, pay me a small commission if you click on the links and end up making a purchase at their site. It’s not a lot, but every little bit helps in keeping the cost of my tutorials down. And, the prices for products that you may purchase through my links, are exactly the same as what you would normally pay, even if it is a “sale” price. So please feel free to click whenever you need to pick up a few things for your studio. Thanks so much for your support.

The full video series for the Painting Landscapes With Polymer Clay Tutorial described above, is available in Vol-083 at the Polymer Clay Library.

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Please Note: A general prerequisite for all of my monthly library tutorials is that you have a good understanding of the polymer clay basics, including: conditioning clay, using a pasta machine, clay blade and other simple tools, making Skinner Blends, baking clay, as well as sanding and finishing. If you need help in these areas, my Polymer Clay Beginners Course will get you up to speed quickly. There is also plenty of free information on this blog. Use the search box at the top of the page to find articles on specific topics.

Customer Feedback About Membership Value:

Hi Cindy – loved your latest video series… and wanted to add my thanks for the fantastic work you both do. In particular I love the way you not only demonstrate a new technique, with instructions for combining colours but also put it to use with several great ideas plus a wonderful project! What you offer is really amazing and after being with you for over 4 years now I still can’t believe how you keep coming up with new ideas! Amazing stuff, thank you Cindy. ~Marion-R

Wow! This tutorial was soup to nuts! What great information. I just love all the detail, tips and tricks you give us every time. Thanks Team Lietz! ~Dawn-B

You guys are just amazing! I already love being a member here and hearing about your plans for the future is really mind boggling. You are this incredible gift to all of us!!! ~Fran-R

This was such an informative video Cindy and your tips were really great. Your enthusiasum to put yourself out there and help us prevent making so many mistakes is just wonderful. You really do your homework. I know that if we hear if from Cindy first, it’s got to be right! ~DixieAnn-S

I love all your stuff Cindy, great teacher and you explain things so well. I am hooked. Have a great day. ~Melodie-F

Cindy I have said it before and will probably say it again many times. You are truly Blessed. Your dreams are your Blessings. As I also feel I am for finding you when I did, very Blessed. I don’t believe in luck I believe in Blessings. This glorious long list of posts, so many stepped on as a child. Dreams that no one has a right to take away from any of us. If you are Blessed you can find yourself living your dreams everyday as you and so many others have here. I am so happy I have been a part of your unfolding story. Being a part of you being able to live your dream and make the best of it is indescribable. I wish I could put into words what your talents have gifted me with. Teaching is easy but being good at it is a dream come true. Your dreams have come true because you made them work for you out of love and determination for your students to bloom just like those flowers. You have put the color in our petals and weeded and watered our minds with true inspiration. You love what you do and you enjoy working hard at it because you want the most for not just yourself but everyone your path comes across. My tears flow hard out of happiness. Your unfolding story touches the hearts of everyone you have taught. Not just your students or members of the blog, you have the talent of teaching in a way that impacts everyone you know. If a person enjoys and puts a little of their dream in what they create then to me that makes them a very talented artist. Thank you for being who you are and allowing yourself to come out and touch us all. To all those teachers who stomp on the dream of a child, I wish they could read your story. Thank God for the teachers like you who give courage to all those dreaming children. Thank you for turning my black and white dreams into full colored dreams. My thoughts might not count for much to some but I see nothing wrong with wanting to grow up to be a dreamer when your dreams are as talented as yours. Sending many Uuuuugggs. ~Peggy-B

Of course you have come up with another wonderful tips. I love the way you teach please keep it up. You make my days. ~Jan-W

The full video series for the Painting Landscapes With Polymer Clay tutorial described above, is available in Vol-083 at the Polymer Clay Library.

If you would like to receive 3 free beginner videos right now, plus some free color recipes that get sent out each week in my Friday email newsletter, please click this link: Polymer Clay Tutorials

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  1. Patt W, 02 April, 2015

    You have GOT to be a mind reader> How did you know that I was looking for exactly this type of technique? I am super excited to get going……………..comes on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Catalina, 02 April, 2015

    I always wanted to do something like this! Since I retired, a year ago last November, I wanted to get back into painting. Now, it looks like I will but with polymer clay!!! Yeah!!!

  3. elaine faulks, 03 April, 2015

    Just watched your take on mini polymer paintings. Really turned out cute and I love that you can use up all those scrappy bits and pieces. I used to make trees paintings from dough and used to add fluffy animals, like sheep, rabbits etc. So looking forward to doing this project. Thanks Cindy we are all going to have some fun….cheers xx………

  4. Cheyrl B, 03 April, 2015

    That is very much like the way I do my covered jars. I make the little footballs for the leaves also but find that a straight pin pressed gently along the length make a very nice imprint down the middle of the leaf and doesn’t lift it away as the larger surface of the ball stylus does. It also makes it easier to lift and place the leaf onto the tree. I love the way you did the trunks too. I was making larger snakes for the trunks flattening them somewhat then once again dragging the straight pin up and down and along the branches to make the bark surface. Now that I have finally gotten the discs in my neck removed and replaced with grafts and the thyroid is finally removed, I can sit and work without pain or other symptoms that had made it impossible to do much of anything for so long and now that I am fully recovered I have been wanting to get back to work and this was the perfect tutorial. My empty jars have been piling up so there is a shelf full of fun waiting for me to get started. Thanks again for bringing just the right thing at just the right time.

  5. Cindy Lietz, 06 April, 2015

    Your jars are wonderful Cheyrl! I like your tip for the leaves… though I find if the clay is firm I end up cutting through the leaf trying to push it in. I think this tutorial should fit into what you do with your jars, quite beautifully! Looking forward to seeing what you make with it!

  6. Jocelyn C, 03 April, 2015

    Cindy, this is another brilliant tute.

    Before I jump in to my first try, a question.

    Should we pinprick the surface of the clay and canvas fabric, then place a tile smooth face down over the top of the picture (over a layer of canvas, sweet trick there), so that it reduces the possibility of air bubbles on the bakes? Prior to sealing….

  7. Cindy Lietz, 03 April, 2015

    Yes you could do that Jocelyn. I didn’t have a bubble problem with the other samples I did, so I’m not sure what happened there… it did feel a little stickier than the other batches I did… I’m thinking there may have been more translucent in that batch than I thought. But your suggestion should help.

  8. Elizabeth Kerr, 02 May, 2015

    yes Jocelyn C.
    I got a bubble, so just pricked it in a part where no show
    it worked.
    HELP Cindy, as I haven’t posted a pic of my work for such a long time, where do
    I put it in.
    Tried Drop box which I have, but could not see how to get from me to you.
    XX E

  9. Doug Lietz, 02 May, 2015

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I see that you were able to post your polymer clay painting over at the PcT Facebook Page… good job. Here is the direct link for any one that wants to click through to have a look.

    And to answer your question about how to use Dropbox… all you do is upload your photo to the Dropbox Photos Folder… then look for the “Share” link and copy/paste the Dropbox link into a comment that you post here at the blog. Your comment will end up going into the moderation queue (because of the link)… but I will make sure that it posted properly.

  10. Gayle Thompson, 03 April, 2015

    Love this tutorial! I’ve been wanting to try some clay painting! I’m not a painter but your method makes it look so easy! Can’t wait to try it!

  11. Patt W, 03 April, 2015

    well – you came thru AGAIN!!!!!!!!! So exciting. As an old (!) landscape oil painter, I can really run with this. I did get 5×7″ canvases, as I used to paint on 18×24:, 5×7 seems tiny to me. You have opened up a new avenue to to explore! I can hardly wait…….My canvases will be here Sat……….jumping up and down…………..BIG GRI

  12. Patt W, 03 April, 2015

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I REALLY MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!

  13. pattw35, 10 April, 2015

    After I finished the back ground on this canvas, I liked it so well that I changed my mind as to the finishing. So far, the background looks ( to me anyway LOL) like a craggy ( is that a word?)landscape. I was going to add a saguaro or a Palo Verde Tree, but………….Think I will do another canvas, while I decide. I really don’t want to cover up this background…………..THIS IS SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that you gave us so many ideas, and it is like a smorgasbord – pick and choose what you like…..Sort of ARTISTIC LICENSE,,TY for such a lovely tute!!

  14. Chrissie F, 11 April, 2015

    Patt, your landscape sounds great! Craggy is a word – a very good one to describe a landscape :-)

    Is there any chance you can share a photo of it with us? I’d love to see it! And your new one :-))

    Love your coining of the Artistic License – it certainly suits what Cindy and Doug have given us with this tutorial.

  15. Julia G, 03 April, 2015

    I just wanted to say that I totally LOVED your April fools day tute! The ONLY reason you didn’t fool me was because someone had April Fooled me minutes before I watched your video. You did it SO well! It felt like a real lesson. It must have taken you and Doug such an effort to first think it up, an then enact it. Thank you, it made me smile all day. And I really liked the little piece of polymer clay that said “April Fools” on it. SO well done!

  16. Chrissie F, 03 April, 2015

    Thanks, Cindy. Once again you and Doug have come up with a fascinating tutorial. No prize for guessing where I am headed first thing tomorrow… to the art store for mini canvasses!

    An idea occurred while watching… for those of us who do not have any spare canvas lying around maybe we can set side one of the mini canvasses in the 4 pack and use that for texture?

    Right now I am seeing a saguaro in an Arizonan landscape. I’ll have the colours picked out before the canvas is bought home :-)

    This tutorial is a Bobby Dazzler as we say in Australia :-))

  17. Cindy Lietz, 06 April, 2015

    That’s a Bobby Dazzler idea Chrissie! :)

  18. Elizabeth Kerr, 14 April, 2015

    Hi Cindy,
    well well, I do have these small canvases on the easel stands. this is a wonderful tutorial for these size canvases.
    Often thought about Polymer painting but never got to it.
    now with your tuition, no excuses.
    Just awesome to watch. Love it.
    Yes Chrissie F, I thought of that idea too, about the use of a canvas for the texture
    will do that, but you will also watch those finger prints,so will keep a piece of denim or such handy.
    Cindy I am still here, poly clay being my first love, so adore watching your very informative tuts.
    Chrissy F
    I am in Oz live in Mackay Qld, so where are you?
    Reason I have those canvases and easels in this size is that I use the the easels for placing my ATC cards on. They are 2 1/2 inch by 4 1/2, and are so right for polymer clay painting like this, so will be doing some now.

    Bye from Oz love you all,
    and thanks Cindy for a great tut once again.

  19. Chrissie F, 14 April, 2015

    G’day Elizabeth, another Aussie… how good is that!

    I flit to and fro between the south west of Western Australia and southern California, USA. At the moment I am in the US and I won’t make you feel bad telling you how wonderful it is to be near Michaels and Hobby Lobby and Dick Blick…. :-))

  20. Elizabeth Kerr, 16 April, 2015

    Hi Chrissie,
    thanks for your reply.. how wonderful for you to have Michaels and such to go to.
    I use Over the Rainbow here and have to send for what I want.. There are other Aussies as students of Cindy but none near me. Have a great time talk to you again.

  21. Chrissie F, 17 April, 2015

    You’re right, Elizabeth – it is wonderful have nearby art and craft supplies. I appreciate that a lot as I know what it is like NOT living near them when I’m home in Oz.

    I use OTR as well. Heather does a great job! I also know what it is like to be an isolated polymer clay fan and that makes having Cindy and our fellow students here that more precious. We may live a long distance apart but with the internet the distance is not such a huge barrier to learning. Three cheers for Cindy and Doug!

  22. Doug Lietz, 18 April, 2015


  23. Cindy Lietz, 17 April, 2015

    Hello Elizabeth!! Wonderful to hear from you! Missed you around here. Glad to see you are busy and doing well. Happy that this tutorial pulled you out of the woodwork. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

  24. Dixie Ann, 03 April, 2015

    These are adorable little canvas’es. I watched another tutorial from the Polymer Clay Adventure and was fascinated with painting with polymer. It was a much longer more tedious project. When I found out you were having this, I decide to wait on buying any canvas so I could see what you were going to be doing. I am glad I did. Pre-making the background in all one sheet is a brillant idea. I loved the way the seascape bracelet turned out so your technique is much simpler and saves a lot of time. I’ll bet this would work great on glass also. Thanks Cindy, you came up with another winner. By the way I did make the Faux Raku beads but have not done the macrame part. Just can’t get into that. Love those beads though. Going to make a necklace from them.

  25. Cindy Lietz, 06 April, 2015

    Thank you Dixie Ann for saying that! After I had planned to do this tutorial I saw that one was coming out… I was hoping that the information wouldn’t be too similar. Glad to hear the methods are quite different. Like my Dad used to say… there is more than nine way to skin a cat! (Of course that was a gross and inappropriate thing to say Dad!) :)

  26. Cindy Lietz, 06 April, 2015

    More than ONE way… not Nine way… darn spell check!

  27. Chrissie F, 06 April, 2015

    But… but… a cat does have nine lives so you were technically correct :-)

  28. Cindy Lietz, 07 April, 2015

    LOL Oh you are so right!

  29. Mama H, 04 April, 2015

    I liked the way these polymer clay landscape paintings looked in the demo, but I was convinced it was beyond me to do. But after watching the full tutorial I can see that it’s not complicated at all and really does look like an oil painting.

  30. Peggy, 05 April, 2015

    I just bought some small canvas squares. Now I know what I am going to do with them. Don’t think this will be one of my most often used tutorials but I am still very excited to try it out. If I enjoy this and don’t have a lot of difficulty with it I am going to try it on some glass jars also. Do a lot of candy and recipe ingredients in jars at Christmas for gifts so a snowy scene painted on them using this stechnique is a great idea to improve my gifts with a more personal touch. Thanks again for delivering a turorial to yet improve my artistic talents even more. Great Tute Cindy and Doug!!!

  31. Doreen N, 05 April, 2015

    Before you all head for the art supply store :), try your local dollar stores, WalMart, etc. for these little canvases! They can be much cheaper, and still good quality. Look for the ones with the canvas stapled on the back of the wooden frame. The ones where the canvas is stapled on the sides can lift and ravel. Shouldn’t matter for polymer clay paintings, but a major issue for an actual painting!

  32. Doreen N, 05 April, 2015

    I am going to go and try this technique on a bracelet blank (made from galvanized flashing, following another one of Cindy’s tutorials).

    I am making somewhere between 75 and 100 pieces of jewelry, votives, etc. for the Elk Island National Park Bison Festival on August 15 (anyone who is going to be in Alberta at that time, c’mon down!) where I will have a table. Everything is to be bison-themed, so it is a bit of a challenge coming up with different ideas for that many pieces; I will end up with groups of pieces (several made of faux picture Jasper, for example, but all slightly different in shape, finishing technique, etc). I knew I wanted to make some bracelets, but was halted trying to decide exactly how to do it. This tutorial kick-started me. I am going to do some landscape blends, and on one bracelet put some running silhouette bison; on another, some baby bison and molded butterflies.

    Cindy, is there anywhere on your site, or somewhere that you could add, a gallery of pieces that members made using your tutorials? It would be really interesting to see the totally different results that we all get using the same instructions! It would be nice to have a link from this tutorial to a group of images for landscape blend painting pieces, and one from the Fire and Ice tutorial, etc. Of course, not knowing how your site works re: being able to add things to previous entries, or whether that would cost you a fortune to achieve, this may not be practical.

    Clay on, PCT friends!

  33. Dixie Ann, 05 April, 2015

    Doreen, here is the link to Cindys FB Page where we all can upload our photos of things that have been made from Cindys tutorials. Just log in and click on photos.

  34. Chrissie F, 06 April, 2015

    Thanks for that info, Dixie. It’s great to be able to see what other students are doing without joining Facebook. For those of us who are not on FB, do you know if there’s an alternative way to share our photos?

  35. Doug Lietz, 06 April, 2015

    Hi Chrissie – You can upload your photos to any file or photo sharing site that allows you to share your stuff publicly… like Dropbox for example. Just include the url in your comment and I will make sure to configure the link so that it is clickable for everyone. Here are a couple of examples of other members sharing their photos in this way… Sue-F and Leana-S.

  36. Chrissie F, 06 April, 2015

    Thanks, Doug.. you’re a legend! I will open a Dropbox account for photo sharing. Thanks too for the two examples you shared. Leana’s piece is lovely and I especially like the Sue-F pasta machine thickness chart.

  37. Doug Lietz, 06 April, 2015

    You are Welcome Chrissie. If you are going to set up a new Dropbox account, here is our referral link … it will give you an extra 500MB of storage to your free account and it gives us an extra 500MB as well. Cindy and I use Drop box when we are passing big video files back and forth, so we need all the capacity we can get.

    Btw… for anyone else reading here that also wants to set up a new Dropbox account, that referral link will work for you too. I don’t think it will expire… but if it does just let me know and I’ll post a new link.

  38. Chrissie F, 06 April, 2015

    OK, I think I have Dropbox set up correctly. How about a test to make sure, please? I have uploaded a photograph of a 4×4 mini canvas at stage one, ie background and some painting – no glaze or 3D elements yet.

  39. Chrissie F, 06 April, 2015

    Umm… how do I find the link to Dropbox! Help!

    Sorry, Doug. I sent the previous message and forgot about a link.

  40. Chrissie F, 06 April, 2015

    Please cancel that last request. I found out how to do it. Senior’s Moments can be such a nuisance :-)

    Here’s the link to my polymer clay painting photos

    (I hope!)

  41. Cindy Lietz, 07 April, 2015

    OMG Chrissie your painting turned out awesome!

  42. Dixie Ann, 07 April, 2015

    Chrissie F. Fantastic painting you did there Doll. I hope every one comes back to take a look at it because you did a fabulous job. I hope you repost it when it is completely finished. You are a perfect example of what Cindys teaching can do!

  43. Chrissie F, 07 April, 2015

    Thank you kindly, Cindy and Dixie :-)

    Dixie, I’ve never been a perfect example before! What a novel experience LOL.

    I will be sure to post the next stage now I know how to do that, thanks to Doug. First I need to buy some glaze and decide what 3D elements to add. Decisions, decisions… sigh… sigh… :-)

  44. Jocelyn C, 05 April, 2015

    Hi Doreen!

    Happy Easter, hope the best for you and yours!

    Everything single thing you mentioned in the letter above is here. Use the ” ” search button to catch up.

    Cindy displays student’s tutes and other work on her pinterest.com site and her PCT Facebook site.

    Query for “submission” for specifics.

    First green showing outside the window, but the ground is still frozen solid. Hope you have tulips….

    All best and fondly….

  45. Doreen N, 11 April, 2015

    Well, colour me pink and call me embarrassed! I never thought to check Facebook or Pinterest. I didn’t see it here, so my foggy wee brain leaped to an assumption that there wasn’t one.

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, Jocelyn.

  46. Joni Campbell, 06 April, 2015

    Just wondering if this polymer clay painting technique would work on a ceramic tile.

  47. Cindy Lietz, 07 April, 2015

    Hi Joni, You Should be able to do that… you’ll probably need to glue it to the tile after it has baked if you haven’t wrapped the clay around the edges and you may get some bubbles but it would be worth giving it a try.

  48. Joni Campbell, 07 April, 2015

    Thanks Cindy. I’ll give it a try and let you know how it comes out. Thanks again.

  49. Catalina, 08 April, 2015

    Chrissie F! What a beautiful job on your painting! The colors are fantastic!

  50. Chrissie F, 08 April, 2015

    Thank you, Catalina, it’s very kind of you to say so. Since this first stage I have found some small fragments of broken terracotta to use for rocks. Looking forward to adding them and some vegetation.
    This landscape painting may well be addictive. You said you were wanting to get back to painting so have you done one yet? Or two or three :-)

  51. Catalina, 09 April, 2015

    Not, yet! But, maybe soon. So many projects and so little time! It might be a rainy day tomorrow so who knows? It might be sooner than later.

  52. Chrissie F, 10 April, 2015

    Catalina, it’s not often that I would wish anyone a rainy day (unless it’s a drought!) but I hope you have one so you can stay home and clay paint :-) From sunny southern rain free California I wish you a great day!

  53. Patt W, 13 April, 2015

    Chrissie – your colors just SING!!!!!!!!!

  54. Chrissie F, 13 April, 2015

    LOL… Thanks, Patt. You do have a way with words!

  55. Joni Campbell, 11 April, 2015

    Update on results of pc painting on ceramic tile. Worked great. No bubbles at all and seems to be stuck Down well. Used a 4×4 tile, covered with bake and bond including edges and wrapped just like on canvas. Worked well from what I can tell. Turned upside down and cold tile to cool done which resulted in a bubble free surface.

  56. Patt W, 12 April, 2015

    Thanks for the info. This is another way to use this great tute!

  57. Chrissie F, 12 April, 2015

    Thanks for letting us know how it worked out, Joni. How good is it that we can use other surfaces! I bought a 22 cent ceramic tile from Home Depot yesterday to add to the ones I have lining the bottom of the clay oven but after reading of your success it may end up with a PC painting on it ?

  58. Jocelyn C, 12 April, 2015

    Hot dang, Joni! First thought that came to my mind, and so glad you tested and shared. Immedidately I’m thinking big, covering one of the new long board porcelein floor tiles….

    Also, for those inclined to home dec projects, pc tiles make great backdrops for any sink, just use regular grout. If sticking is an issue, try Donna Kato’s Poly Paste. Would avoid a high gloss finish, as every drop of water will show. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth or paper towel

    Cynthia Tinapple, artist and pc sharer deluxe, is a master. Google her photo and FB sites for gloriously decorated stair backs, window trim, etc.

  59. Chrissie F, 14 April, 2015

    Here’s stage two of my mini landscape. It has morphed into a multimedia piece.

    The “plant” is grass seed salvaged from the garden bin last week! I dipped some in green acrylic paint for a touch of verisimilitude :-) The rocks are from Michaels and there’s a touch of highlights from Ranger Perfect Pearl.

    At this point I’m thinking stage two will be the final stage. It’s hard to know when to stop fiddling with a piece so I’m not doing anything else to it now. I’ll leave it out so I see it when I walk by and after a week I’ll know if it needs more. Meanwhile off to the next one!

  60. Elizabeth Kerr, 14 April, 2015

    Chrissie Just beautiful,
    makes me envious
    to get started.

  61. Chrissie F, 14 April, 2015

    Thanks, Elizabeth! By my internal Aussie clock it’s around 3 o’clock Wednesday arvo at your place and that means mobs of time to get started on a PC painting :-) Go for it!

  62. Cindy Lietz, 17 April, 2015

    Wow! Fantastic job Chrissie! Love your creative embellishments. Your painting turned out really great!

  63. Patt W, 18 April, 2015

    Chrissie -what a super job!! Your colors are dazzling………….just love it!! Do more…….

  64. Elizabeth Kerr, 19 April, 2015

    Hi Cindy
    thanks for the reply.
    Yes I don’t get in here as much as I would like,I am fortunate to have been here wih you for so long.
    but know when I do there is always something more than interesting to
    blow my mind. I have 2 things I want to get done. Fairy doors and the latest Landscape painting.
    Of course just reading all the comments are great. keep up your wonderful work.
    XXX E.

  65. Catalina, 19 April, 2015

    I got to try this technique! I bought the small canvas set and now need some time to explore! Elizabeth, I just finished my Fairy door! I have to see if I can post it. I didn’t put a lantern on it since I haven’t decided how I wanted to do it yet. If I can’t post it here I will on FB.

  66. Elizabeth Kerr, 19 April, 2015

    Hi Catalina
    thanks for that, I bet you will get yours done before me,but I will try soon. I do a lot of sewing and at present doing a crazy quilt ,and some baby sewing for the hospital so I have promised myself to at least get the polyclay stuff out in front of me as it will be next.
    looking forward to seeing your Fairy doors
    XXX E.
    P.S. my FB is in this name will try to find yours

    bye xx

  67. Suzanne H, 24 April, 2015

    Thank you for all the work that Doug does filming and getting the camera zoomed in just perfectly so we can see it as if we are there, and his help on the computer end as some of us are not as computer savvy. And I do appreciate all that you do with your knowledge of clay and the recipes. The colors in Premo are beautiful, but you soon find yourself wanting to not make everything the same color as you learn more about making jewelry. Thanks again.

  68. Anne H, 07 May, 2015

    Thanks Cindy. I just finished watching the “painting” video and enjoyed it. I’ve been getting your newsletters at a different email address (one that I use for free subscriptions) and have enjoyed your free tuts. When I saw your intro painting video with its gorgeous backgrounds in the newsletter I just had to finally join your site and up my game.

    I had made my first pendant depicting the view out of my window about a year ago when I first started playing with polymer clay. I just smooched clay until it was really oozy and gooey and used my fingers and a toothpick to smoosh and layer away.

    I’m excited to make some new items using these techniques! Thanks for the great videos and the fast response to my support inquiry.

  69. Christie A, 07 May, 2015


    Yes, in addition to great videos, you always supply exceptional support too.

    Thanks again,

  70. pattw35, 22 July, 2015

    Hey gang! I need help. Has anyone tried to keep the TLS/clay mix in a container ? I have some little plastic pots/w lids . I keep TLS mixed with chalks/pastels. The pots are just right for the TLS.clay mix. I hope to save some time. TY in advance……grin

  71. Dixie Ann, 22 July, 2015

    Patti I have those little pots too and they are just perfect for saving the mix. I also put the little pots in another plastic container so they don’t have a chance to leak and leave a mess. Have Fun.

  72. Chrissie F, 22 July, 2015

    Hey Patti, I’m using a Darice bead storage thingo from Walmart – 24 little pots with screw on lids that fit inside a clear plastic box. I mixed up heaps of TLS and PC and have had them stored for several weeks and they’re still usable. I didn’t try chalk or pastels but I’d imagine they’d keep as well. Let us know how you go, girl!

  73. Patt W, 23 July, 2015

    Thanks Dixie Ann and Chrissie . I am going to Wal-mart to see if they have these. So happy to be able to mix stuff ahead of time……..Jolly Good!

  74. Patt W, 23 July, 2015

    OH boy I found the little pots with screw lids on Amazon.com,. I still have some money left from Xmas Amazon gift card. Free -yeah! TY again.

  75. Chrissie F, 23 July, 2015

    LOL… if your enthusiasm and joie de vivre could be bottled and sold you’d be a squillionaire in no time, Patti :-)

  76. Patt W, 24 July, 2015

    TY Chrissie- doesn’t take much to get me going -a tad crazy ,I guess

  77. Chrissie F, 24 July, 2015

    No more than the rest of us, Patti :-))

  78. Chrissie F, 23 October, 2015

    Oh dear, I was wrong :-(

    After several months the paint mixture has eaten into the plastic pots. More like melding than eating really as it appears that the plastic pot is melting around the edges of the paint blob. After closer inspection the surface of the container has also merged into the paint underneath the paint blob. The pots are in the bin!

    Oh well, at least we have spare lids :-)

    If I can find the right type of plastic containers I’ll give it another try. Possibly small aluminum ones may work? I have found a link for a bag of 50 for $14.50 of empty lip balm tins (29 cents each) One and a half inches size ought to do for paint mixtures you think?

  79. Patt W, 20 October, 2015

    Well I have been experimenting again. I have made paint from Souflle. It is much easier than Premo…But, because of the warning on souflle, not more than 30 min per 1/4″, I am not sure it can be mixed with Premo successfully. Anybody playing with this mixture? input would be greatly appreciated

    My hands are giving me a rough time. Any way easier would be great. I have used TLS, which is harder, and Clay softner which is easier. After curing both are stiff and hard. The Clay softner takes longer to harden than the Tls.But after 2 weeks, I can’t tell the difference…………..FYI

    Still can’t get the new Premo colors in Tucson. Next month (November( will be cool enough to buy some by mail…….So anxious to try them………….sigh

    Happy Halloween everybody……………

  80. Cindy Lietz, 21 October, 2015

    Hi Patt, ignore the warning about not baking Souffle clay for more than 30 min… it is a stupid warning. It’s just meant so that people who have ovens that aren’t the right temp don’t burn their pieces. Besides they don’t seem to mind if you under bake your clay and it is brittle… then you will just blame yourself. But if you burn it because of their instructions… then you might blame them. It is a warning more about covering their butts rather than giving you the best results. Just make sure you use an oven thermometer and your temp is right and you’ll be fine. You can bake Souffle for as long as you want… and in fact I bake all my Souffle clay for 1 hour at 275F just like Premo. That way for sure I know it is cured.

    I haven’t yet mixed Souffle and Premo together (something that is on my to-do list), but I have heard that others have had success with it. So go ahead and test that one if you can’t wait for me to do it.

    Your comment about the softener vs TLS taking longer to harden but being the same after 2 weeks is not making sense to me. Could you try to word it in another way, so I can understand what you mean?

    Let me know, and maybe I can help you more…

  81. pattw35, 22 October, 2015

    Thanks Cindy!. Maybe I can clarify this. I put a small amount of Premo with Tls , made paint out of it. Did the same with Premo and 6 drops of Clay softner, made paint out of it.Put the two little piles , side by side, on a canvas. Baked the canvas for 30 min. After cooling, I felt the clay to see how hard it was. The TLS dab was very hard. The Softner dab was quite flexiible. So I let the canvas sit for 2 weeks. Then I felt the dabs again. Both were rock hard. There was no color change either. From that I decided to make paint from the softner instead of the Tls. My hands thanked me.

    As far as mixing Premo and Souffle, it works just fine. The colors in Premo are a lot stronger and brighter, so the colors do change some what. I will do some more “xperimenting…….Love to mix colors, it is my passion…..BTW – I always use a thermometer and cover with foil…

    Thanks for taking time to reply . I know your time is very valuable, and that you are VERY busy……..

  82. Cindy Lietz, 25 October, 2015

    Oh… now I see. That makes more sense. Though I think it is probably more a case of the different mixtures being different degrees of softness when they are warm rather than sitting around for two weeks. But whatever the reason, if it is easier with one mix than the other, then it doesn’t matter which one you use.

    Thanks for sharing your results with the mixing of the two clays. I suspected as much, but until it was tested I couldn’t be sure. Have to do more “xperimenting” myself. :)

  83. Jocelyn C, 22 October, 2015

    Patt W and Cindy, I love thiese trials you are doing with Souffle/Premo and liquid clays …but, Patt, am so sorry to hear of your pain difficulties with your hands.

    This method might give you more quality time, it works a treat for me. Just get a box of the disposable medical gloves that fit you as tightly as possible. Then google/oogle the various array of heat cremes, my fav is Icy Hot, but in a pinch any good sports cream will do.

    Put a quarter size dollop of the heat cream on your palms, rub it in, then, immediately and slowing encase your hands in the gloves.

    Have the gloves laid out ready to on, left and right. A good blow of air in each can help settle them down, so that they slide on like butta, lol.

    Tah Dah! Almost instantaneous and long term relief. If the gloves are sized correctly for you hands, you can type on a keyboard or do tons of other wonderful activities. If the cremes oozes to the outside, just wipe it clean with a paper towel. Having warm hands not exposed to surface breeses is bliss on a stick.

    Hope many of you find it works for you, as well.

  84. Terry Wowk, 31 October, 2015

    Love this painting technique. I make handmade cards and will incorporate this technique. Do you have a video on card making with polymer clay? Love videos that show usable items like the fire and ice salt and pepper shakers.

  85. Cindy Lietz, 02 November, 2015

    Hi Terry, I don’t have anything on card making yet, but I do plan on adding many mixed media projects in the future. I will be expanding beyond jewelry more as we move ahead.

  86. Jocelyn C, 06 November, 2015

    Terry, until Cindy gets it on the menu, thought you might enjoy a card related polymer clay connection: Glass Attic Resource

    You can actually send polymer clay postcards in the mail. Did several for the nieces, they arrived in perfect condition (still are!). Recommend a coat of PYM II spray over the to and from address, just in case…..

  87. Katy Alexis, 09 January, 2016

    I’ll be honest… I thought this would be one of the few tutorials I wouldn’t do or care about much… Not because it doesn’t look great, but just because I know I have no painting experience and I was sure this would require more skills and training than I have… which is essentially none… I’m SO glad I didn’t just skip over this! I can’t believe how cool (and easy!) the landscape backgrounds are!! Can’t wait to try this!

  88. Cindy Lietz, 09 January, 2016

    Hi Katy, thanks for saying that! I think many people miss out on the opportunity to learn something new because they don’t like a project or don’t think they will be good at it. I am so glad that you were wise enough to just do it anyway, regardless of your reservations! It takes courage to try new things and no matter what the outcome, good or bad, you will learn something from just trying. Way to go!

  89. Chrissie F, 09 January, 2016

    Good for you, Katy! We’d love to see what you come up with :-)
    (that was a subtle hint… not!) LOL

  90. Katy Alexis, 09 January, 2016

    Chrissie, I’d love to show you! I don’t see a way to share pictures here though… Can you help me with that if I’m missing the obvious? :) I actually started the landscape painting without a canvas because I didn’t have one and I couldn’t wait. I also got so excited that I skipped steps a bit and then said a big “Whoopsie Daisy!” but I think I’ll keep going with it anyway and just keep learning from the other mistakes I’m bound to make. When I get a canvas maybe I won’t make any… Or at least not the same ones!

    Cindy, I completely see what you mean! I deliberately went and purchased the fairy door tutorial because that was another I thought I’d never use, and again {I JUST finished watching it) I’m not only excited about the project, but also learned lots of neat tricks and techniques!

  91. Cindy Lietz, 10 January, 2016

    Hi Katy, That is very cool! You are totally getting it! :)

    Btw you can post your pictures at the PcT Facebook Photo Gallery

    I look forward to seeing them too!

  92. Chrissie F, 10 January, 2016

    Thanks, Cindy for answering Katy’s question.

    Katy, you’re not missing the obvious :-) i didn’t know how to share photos either! As I don’t use Facebook Doug came to my rescue and sent me a link to set up a Dropbox account.

    It sounds odd but it’s good you are having a “Whoopsie Daisy” – we learn a lot that way LOL. I’ve bookmarked the PcT FB page and will keep checking for your painting. At least I can look at the photos without having to sign up for FB :-))

  93. Katy Alexis, 10 January, 2016

    Thanks Chrissie. I just found the Facebook page and posted a picture of my first batch of torpedo beads. I just added some background lowlights and highlights to my painting, but after I added the dimensional tree and moon, so I’m not really pleased with the result. Should’ve taken a pic before! But I’ll keep on going anyway and post a pic of what happens with the whoopsie daisies and all when I’m done. :)

  94. Katy Alexis, 10 January, 2016

    Ok I think I did it! So this is my polymer clay painting in process… I don’t like the brown grassy stuff, but I couldn’t really get it to look right… I’m hoping with some more highlights and touch ups it’ll be fine… and hey, it’s my first try… so maybe next time I’ll actually follow the directions all the way… that’s a pro tip… follow the directions! haha!

  95. Cindy Lietz, 11 January, 2016

    I agree Chrissie!

  96. Cindy Lietz, 11 January, 2016

    I love seeing your work Katy! You have really done a nice job on the Torpedo Beads and the Polymer Painting! I can’t really see any whoopsie daisies… looks good to me. Though I do also agree with Chrissie, the mistakes are some of our best learning tools. So if there is something that you will do differently next time, that is a good thing. Keep up the good work!

  97. Doug Lietz, 10 January, 2016

    Katy… if you wanted to set up a Dropbox account for sharing your photos, here is our PcT referral link … it will give you an extra 500MB of storage to your free account and it gives us an extra 500MB as well. Cindy and I use Drop box when we are passing big video files back and forth, so when you set up your free Dropbox account through our referral link, it actually does help us out quite a bit. We need all the extra storage capacity that we can get :-)

    Btw… for anyone else reading here that also wants to set up a new Dropbox account, that referral link will work for you too. I don’t think it expires… but if it does, just let me know and I’ll post a new link.

  98. Katy Alexis, 10 January, 2016

    Thanks Doug! I have no idea what Dropbox is really, but it sounds like a neat idea, especially if it helps you guys out too! I’ll use that link now and sign up. Thanks again!

  99. Katy Alexis, 10 January, 2016

    Ok, well Dropbox is AWESOME! It was super simple to set up. Now if my camera would cooperate with my computer I’d have a pic of my painting in process. I hope it’s ok to test another pic instead. It’s an old one of my kids from almost 4 years ago, but it’s one I had on this pc… Hope it works!

  100. Doug Lietz, 10 January, 2016

    Yes your picture posted… cute kids!

    To complete your Dropbox set up, there is an email that Dropbox sent you directly, In that emails is a confirmation link that you need to click on.

  101. Katy Alexis, 11 January, 2016

    Ok, got it! Thanks for everything! I appreciate you busily making magic on here so late on a Sunday night. :)

  102. Cindy Lietz, 11 January, 2016

    I can attest that Doug is a Magical Dude! :) Cute kids btw!

  103. Chrissie F, 10 January, 2016

    YAY times two! You did it, Katy… not once but twice!

    I found both of your Dropbox photos – what gorgeous kids you have! I really like your first painting – and your pro tip LOL. What a great job you did especially considering the whoopsie daisy/ies :-) Please will you keep on taking progress shots to share? Found the torpedo beads – love ’em! Tip top colour choices there!

    I don’t even know you but I am proud of you for not skipping over this tutorial :-)) Ya done good, kiddo!

  104. Cindy Lietz, 11 January, 2016

    Katy’s enthusiasm is contagious, isn’t it?

  105. Chrissie F, 11 January, 2016

    Too right!

    If we could bottle it we’d make a fortune selling it :-)))

  106. Katy Alexis, 11 January, 2016

    Lol, thanks guys! It’s easy when it comes to clay… Now if I could just feel even a fraction of this enthusiasm for housework… Today I had to run errands so I have started creating yet, but soon the fun will begin… After little girls mesmerized by fairy doors go to bed.

  107. Chrissie F, 11 January, 2016

    I’ve never felt enthusiasm for housework and never expect to :-) Have fun creating when your little ones are asleep! I’m thinking you are west coast US or Canada by the time displayed on your post. I’m west coast Australia – 16 hours ahead of PCT. Two weeks ago I was in San Diego but moved back home to Oz for a year. Back to the US for 2017 :-)

  108. Katy Alexis, 10 January, 2016

    This Dropbox is even niftier than I thought! It’s got an app for my phone so I can easily share photos from my phone. Super easy! No more hunting for the camera (I almost always use my phone now) or cords and convincing my computer to recognize the device and upload properly. Just wham bam and it’s done! Everyone here should get this through that Dropbox link of Doug’s!

    So…. Here’s a couple of the earrings I (almost) finished and some of the faux abalone pieces I did yesterday too. The shorter pair of torpedo earrings is made using some of the scrap abalone clay. The longer pair has some silver foil on black clay that kind of looks glittery (a little cheesy maybe). I don’t like those as much, but they’re pretty darn neat for scrap clay jewelry. Can’t wait to use some of the torpedoes I actually love for jewelry, but right now I should practice on the more wonky ones first…

  109. Chrissie F, 10 January, 2016

    Too true, Katy – Dropbox is a great and easy way to share images etc. Thanks, Doug :-)

    Oh boy, did you do a great job of the faux abalone and the torpedo earrings! Not even slightly cheesy to my eyes – a subtle touch of blinginess beats cheesy :-)

    Smart move to practice on the wonky ones. I split a bunch of torpedo beads length-ways and used them to cover the top of an Altoid tin. Took a photo but haven’t uploaded yet on account of being extra busy of late. I’ll get around to it :-)

  110. Katy Alexis, 11 January, 2016

    Oh yes, please do share that when you’re done! I’d love to see it! I just added another picture to the abalone comment thread. I’m just loving this! Plus I notice that magically my comments keep getting fixed up fantastically so that links show up nicely mid sentence. I think maybe Cindy married a wizard… Just mentioning a Facebook post turned into a link right to it! I hope commenting and sharing photos or mentioning photos doesn’t make too much work for that wizard though? (Because I can be a real chatterbox) :D

  111. Chrissie F, 11 January, 2016

    Where will I find the other picture you added to the abalone thread comment, Katy?

    Doug is web wizard without a doubt. We are blessed that he shares his expertise – in simple words that even a technophobe can understand!

    I’ve uploaded the torpedo bead tin to Dropbox. Let’s see if I can get it right now :-)

  112. Doug Lietz, 11 January, 2016

    Here’s an “insider tip” for your dropbox gals…

    If you post your dropbox link url’s in full (or any other link for that matter)… with the https://www. included at the front of the link… then your comment won’t post immediately. It’s because when the “system” see’s a live link, it thinks you might be a spammer and your comment is automatically flagged for moderation.

    But if you leave out the https://www. when you post your links, then your link won’t be “live” so it won’t be perceived as an actual link by the system… and your comment will publish immediately without getting sent into moderation.

    I will then make the links live when I see them, and get a chance to fix them up for you.

    Make sense?

  113. Katy Alexis, 11 January, 2016

    Perfect sense, thanks! I’ll try to remember this in the future. :)

  114. Chrissie F, 11 January, 2016

    Doug, said it before and will say it again… you’re a legend!

    Thanks for that tip. It’ll speed things up and make less for you to do. It’s not like you’re sitting around twiddling your thumbs looking for work, is it LOL.

  115. Chrissie F, 11 January, 2016

    Found them (thanks, Doug) and left a comment there, Katy :-)

  116. Katy Alexis, 11 January, 2016

    Wow Chrissie, that’s really neat! Even the little handle is molded from a torpedo bead! Very cool! I love the detail around the base as well, and even little heart feet! What a really neat idea! Too bad I’m a complete wimp about altoids! :D

    I can see the wizard has been at work linking things early this morning, so now you can click in my last comment to see that other photo. There’s also some of the fairy door in progress on that thread and on Facebook. It’s not finished yet but it’s super fun and a great way to procrastinate on the landscape I’m not sure what to do with! Plus your gorgeous tin has inspired me to get going on a little treasure/jewelery box for my daughter… So lots of procrastinating yet to come!

  117. Chrissie F, 11 January, 2016

    Thanks, Katy (I’m sitting here grinning). I used a Lisa Pavelka border mould for the bamboo looking trim. Feel free to use the heart feet idea. I’ve never eaten an Altoid mint but I have a friend who does and she saves the tins for me. Have quite a stash now :-) I line the inside with paper on which I’ve drawn doodles. I forgot to photograph this torpedo tin but I have another lined tin shot that I will post on Dropbox shortly.

    Looks like the Wizard can rest up now he’s told us how to post a live but not-live link!

    I’ll go check out your fairy door shortly. It’s all go this morning!

  118. Katy Alexis, 12 January, 2016

    Now that’s smart! Get a friend to eat the awful altoids! Looking forward to the new lined tin pic!

    Australia! That’s the one country I’d really love to visit someday. I’m not a big travel dreamer, but I do like to think I’ll someday get to see all the nifty creatures you’ve got there (minus the crazy big spiders) and those gorgeous beaches! Ok maybe I’m a little interested in the spiders too… :D What brings you back and forth between the two? Were you born there?

  119. Chrissie F, 12 January, 2016

    Here’s a tin with a doodled lining.

    I made a template of the insides and doodled away, scanned the pieces and now all I need to do is print copies. Much easier and quicker than drawing each one individually. I coat the tin with Mod Podge matte, line up the paper and seal with more Mod Podge.

    You would love Australia for sure :-) A lot of folks think it’s a dangerous place as nine out of the ten most poisonous critters in the world are found here. While that’s true, we don’t tend to see them in towns except for some spiders. We live about a mile from the beach but don’t spend a lot of time there. Not when there’s clay to play with LOL.

    I wasn’t born in the US but my BFF was. After my husband passed away a few years ago we decided to join forces and visit each other’s country. We look out for each other so our children don’t need to keep checking up on us :-) It’s a hard life being on permanent holiday! I love spending time in the US if for no other reason than the abundant supply of good value art and craft materials!

  120. Katy Alexis, 13 January, 2016

    Chrissie! Somehow I found more than just the picture of your doodle in the tin. I also found pictures of your landscape painting! I didn’t know you did one. It’s phenomenal! I love the river through the desert and the colors are extraordinary! The details in front with the rocks and the grass just to really make it pop. What a fantastic example and wonderful piece of art!

    You’re also quite the doodler! I doodle kind of a lot, but yours has a professional look to it that I don’t think I’ve ever quite achieved… and even if that sentence sounds weird referring to doodles I mean it sincerely. Very smart to photocopy the doodle see you can easily place it in each tin, I like that. I am really glad we started chatting and I look forward to more pictures of your amazing talent! I’m hoping it’ll rub off on me a bit from the other side of the world…

    It sounds like you and your BFF have a very good system worked out. I would love to do that someday! But even if I can’t go every other year, I at least need to go once.

    Okay so good news. I’ve been wanting to do the orchid tutorial, although I’ve been really intimidated by it. It turns out the kit Cindy used is discontinued by Wilton and I couldn’t find those orchid cutters anywhere. There are plenty of other flower cutters and even a different orchid but they just didn’t rub me the right way. (probably mostly cause I’m inside of myself with this project) Anyway today I was out at a store and glanced at the cake making supplies just in case… And lo and behold someone had returned the exact kit Cindy has and there it was waiting for me! It’s clearly used… the box is beaten up and has puffy paint on it, and I’m not sure why the store put it back on the shelf that way, but it was clearly waiting for me and my impending orchid! I’m still intimidated, but I’m determined to do it now.

    Yesterday I started a new landscape background because my canvases came. I know I should finish the other one but what’s one more UFO? Of course I’ve been making torpedo beads too, especially since my first go at the fire and ice canes was a bit of a disaster. Sometimes improvising where you need to works out great, but other times not so much. For instance when you use an acrylic paint instead of alcohol ink, even if it comes in a cute little bottle the same size as alcohol inks, it doesn’t work very well if you put too much on and don’t let it dry enough but don’t realize it and then run it through your pasta machine so that it squirts out all over your fingers and in the rollers and the scrapers and down between the sides and the rollers and everywhere else too. I spent most of last night cleaning the machine but I suspect I will still have lovely paint color sneaking out onto clay from time to time. I also had no gold leaf or copper leaf, just silver, but I thought I was a bit of a genius deciding to rub a layer of a copper colored guilders paste on my clay instead for the fire cane. I figured it would dry and then crackle similar to the foil. How could that not be genius? It still baffles me a little but for some reason the other layers of clay would not stick to the guilders paste after it dried and the cane wouldn’t stay together no matter what. Anyway I ended up with some lovely blue green clay and some decent coppery gold red clay that are making very nice torpedo beads. Tonight’s new adventure was the flame dipped headpins. I can’t remember which tutorial I saw them in or if that’s even what they’re called, but boy are they fun to make. I have no clue where I’ll use them but I’m sure I will eventually. Okay, enough chatter for now, back to claying. Although I might be tempted by an Australian beach if I had one so close to me!

  121. Tara Hime Norman, 13 February, 2016

    This technique is what I have hoped to find to combine my work as a painter and the polymer clay medium that I have also come to enjoy. Since you are using Golden acrylic glaze I am hoping that I can use acrylic paint out of the tube to achieve some of the same effects you get by thinning clay with Bake and Bond. I will experiment with the baking process; perhaps the acrylic paint needs to go on the very last thing prior to the final glaze. This is exciting. Thank you.

  122. Cindy Lietz, 15 February, 2016

    Hi Tara, thank you for your comment! You should be able to use the acrylic paint out of the tube, But I would let it dry completely before baking, to avoid getting any bubble s in the paint. Basically if the paint is still wet,it will “boil” or steam in the heat and then bubble to the surface. After it is dry it should be able to be baked without too many issues. Do let us know how your project turns out. It is always wonderful to see some bring in their skills from another discipline and marry it with polymer clay. That is the wonderful thing about polymer clay… just how many directions it is able to go. Good luck!

  123. Mary Olson, 09 February, 2020

    I purchased a product at my local thrift store for dirt cheap.
    It’s called Puffy Paint.
    I was wondering if you’ve heard of it and/if you tried it.

  124. Cindy Lietz, 10 February, 2020

    Hi Mary, yes I know what puffy paint is, but no I haven’t tried it on polymer clay… yet! Sounds like something I should try and hunt down to test. If you end up testing it on polymer clay, let us know how it goes!

  125. Claire A, 21 January, 2023


    I’m looking to get into art this year using clay, I came across an instagram reel of an artist using polymer clay to make some earrings and I absolutely fell in love with the colour and finish of the clay. I believe she used sculpey premo clay in the shade pearl, but I’m not too sure. I would really love to use this clay but for textured canvas art, but with this type of clay being an oven bake type, I’m not sure this would work? I want to create a canvas piece that gives the vibe of a satin bedsheet, but I’m rather clueless and new to both clay and art itself, I’m unsure if its appropriate to bake a canvas in the oven? Would I be better using self-drying clay along with an iridescent, pearl-like acrylic paint to achieve the same type of finish?

    Thanks so much for your time, I appreciate everything you do.

  126. Cindy Lietz, 25 January, 2023

    Hi Claire, your idea sounds lovely. It is possible to bake polymer clay on a canvas (depending on size of canvas and size of oven of course) and using Premo Pearl would be a good product to use for your Satin Sheets idea. However, it would be a challenging project to do nicely for a beginner. Premo Pearl tends to be soft and floppy, plus it shows bubbles easily… and then there’s the challenge of baking it properly on a larger scale such as a canvas.

    I have a tutorial that shows you how to make and bake miniature canvases with polymer clay called Polymer Clay Landscape Painting, but like I said, doing a mini canvas, is an entirely different challenge on a larger scale and would be better suited for someone who has experience with polymer clay. Air dry clay brushed with a pearl Mica Powder may be a more successful approach to a project like that. Still tricky to get perfect, but probably a lot easier. :)

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