Polymer Clay Color Recipes | French Quarter Palette [Premo]

French Quarter Polymer Clay Color Palette 1A: Pastel Cornice
Calico Rose
3A: Silk Curtains
4A: Blue Sash

There is something so lovely about the faded ornate beauty of old world architecture. Today’s photo from Doug, is titled French Quarter. It was taken many years ago when he had the opportunity to travel through Europe during his university days.

Inspired by the timeworn colors, the recipes for this color palette will be added to the Polymer Clay Members Library during the month of Jan-2011 in Vol-032 [A-Series]:

  • Pastel Cornice (Recipe 032-1A)
  • Calico Rose (Recipe 032-2A)
  • Silk Curtains (Recipe 032-3A)
  • Blue Sash (Recipe 032-4A)

Pastel Cornice is the soft pastel Violet color dusting the surface of the intricate details of this ornate building. Calico Rose… the dusky Rose Pink exterior of th grand old gal. I’ve referred to the pale color of the raw silk draperies hanging in the windows as Silk Curtains. And finally, Blue Sash is the deep Sky Blue of the sash and trim between the window panes.

You must be so thrilled your husband shares in your talent. The two of you must inspire each other and together comes such beauty. I am looking so forward to spending more time with you and my clay family in the new year. It is going to be a great year with breath taking colors, thanks to you and your hubby. ~Peggy-B

Cindy, you have such a good eye for color! ~Sandra-G

I always love your color choices, Cindy. Thank goodness we have you to come up with all of these beautiful color palettes. ~Jeanne-C

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  1. Marlene, 20 December, 2010

    My favorite colors are the pastels, and love how you have included all of them into one palette. Can’t wait to get the recipes. I agree with all others, you two are the BEST!

  2. Elizabeth S., 20 December, 2010

    I guess one of the best compliments I can offer the Lietz team is that I am looking at the colors in the world with more attention and appreciation for what I had always taken for granted.

    This is a beautiful palette. That Doug saw these soft shades on the facade of a building makes it more special. That you are able to duplicate them for us, Cindy, is amazing.

  3. Koolbraider, 20 December, 2010

    The building’s colors are wonderful. I can see why you chose such muted colors. (They kind of give me the feeling of warm breezes through the open windows, and curtains flowing.)

  4. Joyce M, 20 December, 2010

    A lovely way to start the new year. Looking forward as usual, thanks guys.

  5. Jocelyn, 20 December, 2010

    Sigh. Cindy, I am always asking you for something, LOL!!!!

    Love the color palette above, wonderfully accurate. Now, could you fast forward a couple of hours and give the recipe for those same colors, except, how they would appear darker during the famous “Blue Hour” in Paris?

    Merry Christmas to me?

  6. Cindy Lietz, 20 December, 2010

    Glad you like the colors guys! Wish I was hanging out in Europe right now, even with all the snow! Merry Christmas everyone!

    @Jocelyn: LOL Well maybe when you get the recipes you can remove the White from them to get the darker shade you need? You would probably have to play around with the amounts to get it just right, but you can do it. :-)

  7. Brenda, 21 December, 2010

    @Cindy Lietz from Polymer Clay Christmas Jewelry: HAHA when I saw the title I was like “French Quarter” I thought Doug had been to Madi Gras in Louisana. I saw that I was wrong ;) Great color pallete!

  8. heidi wyrick, 27 December, 2010

    @Cindy Lietz from Polymer Clay Christmas Jewelry: i would love love love to see a tutorial on “floating” things on beads, like a bead that has flowers on it then a bee or bug floating above. i have no idea how that is done!!

  9. Phaedrakat, 04 January, 2011

    @heidi wyrick: Are you talking about millefiore-type beads, with flowers and a butterfly/bug, etc.? This type of bead is done using various canes with translucent clay backgrounds so the designs “float” above the previous layers. Canes made with translucent are sometimes called “ghost canes” because of their floating effects. Is this the type you meant? If so, Cindy has tutorials on most everything you need to make beads like this. She has videos for quite a few flower canes, a butterfly cane, as well as a ghost cane tutorial. She also has tutorials on how to slice your canes & apply them to beads. Let me know if I’m on the right track, or if you want more info…

  10. Jocelyn, 20 December, 2010

    Double sigh, lol. From Cindy for Christmas, 2010, I get a lesson. It’s good for me but….I’m emailing you for specifics before I get going.

  11. Laura reed, 20 December, 2010

    Love the colors…so beautiful. I too, like the other posters am amazed at how you can pull these colors out of the pictures…you make it look so easy :)

    Can anyone guide me to info on covering pens with cane slices? Is it covered anywhere on the tutorials here? If it is I missed it…I have searched and searched so thought I would just ask. I would like to attempt this on my few days off this week. Thanks for any help or guidance or advice you can offer.

    Happy holidays everyone – from snowy Montana!

  12. Jocelyn, 20 December, 2010

    @Laura reed: Laura, I do not remember Cindy ever tutoring on pens. But, boy, do I think her take on it would be fabulous.

  13. Phaedrakat, 21 December, 2010

    What a gorgeous palette! Cindy and Doug, doing what they do so well…Thank you so much, you guys!!! (Brenda, I thought the palette name referred to the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA, too!)

    @Laura reed: Hi Laura! I did a quick search and found a bit of info/tips about pens…hopefully that will answer your questions, or at least get you started.

    The first is from Catalina…she was asked how she makes her polymer clay covered pens. (There are 3 comments to the conversation.) Polymer Clay Pens Resource Link 1

    Cindy was also asked some advice about pen-making — someone had questions when their pens were leaking ink. She offered this advice (4 comments.) Polymer Clay Pens Resource Link 2

    Hope that is helpful…and have fun! :D ~Kat

  14. Laura R, 22 December, 2010

    @Phaedrakat: Thanks so much Kat for taking the time to search this…I’m heading out now! Happy Holidays and again thanks :)


  15. Laura reed, 20 December, 2010

    I agree Jocelyn! Especially the layering of canes on the pens. It looks beautiful, but there seems to be some special technique to it, which maybe has something to do with how thinly you slice them…perhaps???

    Thanks for replying.


  16. pattw, 21 December, 2010

    What lovely soft palette. It is a stretch for me – I like vibrant colors. Now I will have to find just the right project ! It is GOOD to stretch………. Can’t wait for Friday, as usual. See ya then

  17. Elizabeth Kerr, 21 December, 2010

    Hi Cindy,
    lovely pastels in this French Quarter palette,
    will look forward to doing them.
    Will be spending my time over the holidays catching up on some of the latest videos, you have given us. A big thank you to you and Doug for a great years work. We are all so blessed to be able to follow you and learn so much from you.
    A very Happy Holiday to you all. A great Xmas and a big thanks again for a year well done
    loads of love

  18. Jocelyn, 22 December, 2010

    Thanks Kat, you are such a doll for sharing the way you do. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season with much fondness.

  19. Jeanne C., 22 December, 2010

    I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. I consider all of you an extention to my family. I enjoy reading your comments and the laughs we share and the support given to each other. All of you bring so much to this blog. Thanks to Cindy and Doug for making this a very special blog. Hoping you get lots of polymer clay and tools!

    Happy Holidays. Jeanne

  20. Cindy Lietz, 22 December, 2010

    You all don’t know how much it means to me to hear such sweet words from the heart. I feel very honored and grateful for all that each and every one of you have shared with us. Your encouragement for one another. Your excited responses and interjection of ideas. And all the creative, positive energy you put into your comments to one another. I would not have guessed three years ago when we started this blog, that you all would become like family.

    Have a wonderful and relaxing Holiday with your families and friends. Eat lots of fun foods and get ready for a thrilling New Year of sheer polymer clay bead making bliss!!

  21. Cherie, 28 December, 2010

    Wow! Imagine getting that gorgeous palette of colors from a building. You are a true artist.

    I am recovering from some virus; I made it to Christmas Eve mass at 4 pm where I managed to sing and play the piano for the choir. I attended Mass with my family at 10.30 and then i lost my voice completely! I was pretty sick by Christmas but got thru it and dinner and I’m still coughing a lot and a couple of my friends are sick with the flu and pneumonia. So i won’t be doing much just going to relax and rest.

  22. Cindy Lietz, 28 December, 2010

    @heidi wyrick: I am not totally sure what you mean by floating Heidi. Do you mean the bee is sculptural and sitting on top of the bead in 3-D? Or that it is sticking out from the bead on a wire? Or something else? You’ve got me curious!

    @Cherie: So sorry to hear you are sick Cherie. Take care of yourself. We don’t want you ending up in the hospital with pneumonia like Carolyn Fiene did. Get better quick!

  23. pollyanna, 28 December, 2010

    wouldn’t that be like the shroom with the flower?

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