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Life Beyond YouTube

An Exciting Brave New Video World That Goes Beyond The YouTube Stratosphere… And It’s Calling Your Name:

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking YouTube at all. Thankfully, it is responsible for introducing so many people to the wonderful concept of online streaming video. In fact, my premium tutorials are ALL on video. It’s such an effective way to learn. Much better than books according to these ladies…

Cindy, You are the best…  I have books, books, and more books but there is nothing like your hands on teaching.  I look forward to each new e-mail and I love your “down to earth” style. Thank you so much. ~Ginger

My problem was that I was overwhelmed by all the reading material available and unable to translate the information into action. I was in a frustrated state of inaction. Books do not show you exactly how to do things, just because the amount of pictures available are limited and the subtleties of technique are omitted. Your videos however are invaluable. Your manner of tuition is the best that I have encountered. You are clear and concise and not a bit patronizing. You are very generous because you give a clear message that these techniques are achievable and you encourage experimentation. I have you there 24 hours a day on video, so that I can recheck my methodology. ~Cara

Cindy, Where I come from Nobody does or has even seen polymer clay. I live in a small town in Minnesota, and drive an hour to buy my clay. I look at books but it isn’t the same as seeing it done. What you do is great. I have learned a lot and best of all I can do it!! ~Sharon

Bravo Hun on another great tutorial. You made it look so simple and easy. Wish I’d have seen this when I tried my first ones. I remember trying to follow directions from a book and agonizing over trying to make mine look like the ones in the illustrations. But of course there weren’t enough pictures. And of course they didn’t look very much like leaves when I was done. Unless of course they were some kind of radioactive mutant plant form, LOL! But if I could have watched a good tutorial like yours I have no doubt I would have done much better and much sooner, with lots less frustration. Thanks so much for being you and sharing so generously with everyone the way you do. I know if more people could watch your tutorials, the ranks of clayers would grow exponentially when they saw how easy and fun it really is and passed the word along. XOXO ~Jamie

But did you know… that the best video content usually never makes it onto YouTube? It’s true. That’s because to produce high quality multimedia tutorials week after week after week… it requires a tremendous amount of dedication and resources.

If you did not already know, my husband and I are 100% committed to creating weekly how to videos all about making beautiful polymer clay beads and handmade jewelry.

Your work and videos are high quality and I am sure they take a LOT of time to make … Your techniques such as pinching the cane over the end of a paint brush or use of bugle bead in the middle of a mobius bead are not out there … not something thrown together and always get me thinking in a different direction. ~Anna

Cindy, I am sooooo excited after viewing my first 5 tutorials!!! I don’t even like to call them videos as they are online classes indeed! … they ARE worth the money. I was scared they would be vague in information especially since they are short. Wrong!! They are so clear, (no distracting background noises, fuzziness etc.) your explanation of procedures, products…nicely executed. Might I add your voice is very personable. Thanks so much. YouTube has nothing on you girl. ~Chanel

These videos aren’t free… but then again, they aren’t expensive either. In fact, my tutorial videos will only cost you 47 cents a piece during this weeks membership drive.

Promotions like this are just one of the things I do to make it easier for you to come “test-drive” some of the tutorials inside of the Polymer Clay Tutor Library.

The 47 cents per video is based on the fact that you end up getting over 5 months worth of weekly tutorials (21 videos) for the small cost of the $9.95 membership fee.

Here’s the break down:

  • Pay for a $9.95 membership subscription before midnight PST on Thursday April 9, and you will get instant access to all 4 videos in Volume-010.
  • Then choose any single back issue package from Volume-001 to Volume-009 (another 4 videos), and I will manually add them to your library account.
  • Additionally, throughout the weeks of April, May, June and the first week in July… you will receive another new tutorial every single week (13 more videos).

After all that learning, you will still have the option to cancel your membership before your next $9.95 subscription payment is due in the first week of July. There’s a self-serve cancellation button that puts you in control of the cancellation process.

But once you see the quality of teaching and support I provide, you may just decide to stay on board. The cost works out to only $3.32 per month for your continuing education in polymer clay.

Thank you Cindy for your dedication to us. And hey, you dear “fence sitters” come and join us. You will be amazed and what you receive for a mere $3.32 per month. There has never been a question that Cindy has not answered for me, promise. ~Debbie

I highly recommend The Polymer Clay Tutor. Watching Cindy’s videos are like having her right in your studio. She makes me fill not so “alone” in a big polymer clay world. I especially appreciate the fact that, as an expert, Cindy does not make me feel like a silly newbie as some experts can. She understands the trials and tribulations that occur with a learning curve and it is her focus to help us learn from her mistakes. It’s because of Cindy’s videos that I had the courage to actually take the next step, rather than just reading books over and over. In addition to the great videos, Cindy provides other invaluable resources in her daily blogs and color recipes. And if you have questions, comments, or feedback, she is prompt in her responses. This gal works very hard and is dedicated. You can’t go wrong with The Polymer Clay tutor. Oh…and she has a really cute accent! ~Stacey

Ladybug Color Palette

Oh I almost forgot… included at no extra charge with the videos, you will also get 21 of my A-Series, members only, color recipe cards. For example, the ladybug colors in the photo to the left, will be released into your personal library account during this current month of April (one a week).

But before making your decision about becoming a member, you can meet me in person… well kinda sorta… it’s me chatting on video in my comfy chair. Here’s the link: Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Artist

Well hellooo Cindy! So nice to meet you face to face as it were. What a nice video! You should make this video available for everyone who is considering a membership to your library. I know once they see the quality of the video and the very nice person who will be teaching them, they cant help but sign on. Come on people! Sign up! You wont regret it! XOXO ~Jaime

Click on the following link for instructions on how to take advantage of this Polymer Clay Library Special Offer [Expires midnight PST on Apr 9].

Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor

  1. Peggy B, 05 April, 2009

    Wow – I finally joined and became a member after months of reading blogs and going back and fourth realizing the biggest mistake I made was not joining right away. Cindy is WONDERFUL. The day I joined I was having trouble with pay pal and my purchases did not go through for some back videos I wanted. Everything showed up ok on my end but some how Cindy knew before I did about the problem and was on top of it emailing me and contacting pay pal before I knew what was wrong. She spent 3 days making sure everything was taken care of and I was pleased with the outcome. I received emails as early as 4:31AM and as late as 2:07AM She always sounds so peppy and energetic I don’t know when she sleeps. But I don’t think you will find anyone more dedicated to their customers than Cindy. Polymer Clay brings out the best in people and it definitely brought out the best then much more in Cindy. I can’t say enough good things about her. She will answer any and all questions and do what ever she possibly can for anyone she knows. You don’t even have to be a member yet to get. I just love her and all the work she has put into these videos I am truly amazed with each new one I see. She is a talented artist with a huge heart willing to help anyone who needs help. I now have a new friend I can count on for any help I might ever need with polymer clay. Thank you for everything Cindy
    I will try to return some of that dedication back to you someday with pictures of my work with polymer clay.

    Now for all of you who were not sure about becoming a member. Join NOW! TODAY! Don’t waste time like I did.
    Polymer friend, Peggy

  2. Cindy Lietz, 05 April, 2009

    Wow Peggy… you sure know how to make a girl blush. Thanks so much for for all the kind words!!!! I’m very happy that everything got sorted out for you, and was pleased to help.

  3. Elizabeth Kerr, 08 April, 2009

    Hi Cindy I have at last found where to put a comment in.
    Just like Peggy in a previous comment I had been looking around here for quite awhile, not realising there is so much more for you when you really join. So I joined only a few days ago, and like Peggy I found Cindy to be on top of everything and couldnt do enough for me,and yes I feel I have found a like minded friend in Cindy
    As you say Peggy I dont know when she sleeps, because as soon as I had emailed her she has come back with a reply which I needed to know about even tho we are in different time zones.
    How she does it all I dont know
    I am so glad I have joined and have already made use of the content I have in my paid for videos.
    I have a Makins Extruder and am having fun with it as I had only used it warily before now Ive got beautiful mod canes I didnt know I could do.
    I have been Polying for about 4 yrs on and off , but being here has made me want to focus on becoming really good at what I do and with Cindy’s on going tutoring I sure will.It is so much better to see the videos and see how someone else does things.
    Thank you Cindy for being who you are and having such a passion for Poly clay and inspiring so many people.
    Keep up the good work I cant wait to get to the computer every day now.
    From another Aussie down under Madly passionate Polymer Clayist
    Thank you cindy

  4. Cindy Lietz, 08 April, 2009

    Awww Elizabeth, What a sweetheart you are! I am so glad you are enjoying your videos and that you are learning so much!

    I do sleep, though I do have trouble getting the yard work and housework done. :-) Doug my husband handles all the technical stuff and so much more, that there really is two of us doing the work here, not just me.

    There is lots more cool things I will show you how to do with your Makins Extruder. They are so much more than tools for making hair and long ropes. In fact they are indispensable for doing some caning techniques, so prepare to be using it often!

    Glad you figured out the commenting. Expect to hear from you lots now. You have such great things to say!

  5. Ken H., 08 April, 2009

    I am in the process of setting up a PayPal account, I went to look at the member video page and noticed that the only symbols under the PayPal name were the credit card companies logos, my account is going to be set up with my checking account as I am slowly getting rid of my credit cards, will this be a problem when it comes time to become a member?

  6. Cindy Lietz, 08 April, 2009

    No Ken that won’t be a problem. The only difference is that with non-credit card payments, your access to the content is delayed a few days while Paypal “clears” the funds through your checking account.

    With credit card payments, the transactions are approved immediately upon completion.

  7. Ken H., 08 April, 2009

    That’s great, thanks for such a quick response. I keep forgetting you’re 3hrs behind me here in Philadelphia.

  8. Ken H., 09 April, 2009

    Sorry to be a pest but one more question, the subscription cost, does that come out on your anniversary date every time or at the begining of the month that the new payment is due

  9. Cindy Lietz, 09 April, 2009

    Not a problem Ken – The subscription payments cycle on your payment anniversary date.

  10. Sharon D, 20 April, 2009

    Thank you very much for the course videos. They are really helpful. It was money well spent.

  11. Hamdi Donia, 01 October, 2009

    Thanks dear cindy for u nice 3 videos for free. I like to be a member but the problem is I am Egyptian, and Egypt is not included in your list of countries. can I ask why? So, tell me how I can join u membership? Sincerly.. Hamdi

  12. Cindy Lietz, 01 October, 2009

    That is the first time this question has come up with regards to Egypt. Thank you for asking. I use PayPal to process all of the membership payments at my Polymer Clay Library. Although PayPal is available in most countries around the world, they are not currently set up in Egypt. I called them to find out why and was not able to get an answer :(

    However, if you have a credit card registered in a country where PayPal is established, this will allow you to get set up with a PayPal account in order to become a member.

    Countries where PayPal is available

    If you are just wanting to purchase back issue packages, I am able to accept a US currency money order as a payment option. Obviously it takes longer to process, but if you are interested, email me about this for further details.

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