Make Polymer Clay Canes with Blue Gingham Pattern Using An Extruder

Blue Gingham Polymer Clay Cane

This Polymer Cane May Look Complex, But It’s Easy To Make With the Right Tools:

Pictured here is a gingham polymer clay cane. It can be made fairly easily with some help from a clay extruder tool fitted with a square shaped die piece. As you can see the colors include white, blue and a white-blue mixture of the two colors. The individual square logs extruded from the tool were put together to form the traditional Gingham pattern.

If you want more information about how to use a polymer clay extruder tool, click on this link: Makins Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder. At this link you will also be able to see a video clip which shows some blue gingham beads made from the cane pictured above.

You may have noticed in the photo above, that the cane grid pattern is a little wonky. That’s because it was the tail end of a cane that had already been reduced significantly. I happen to be a fan of “wonky” so it doesn’t bother me. However, you should realize that the pattern can also be made with a great deal of precision when you use an extruder tool.

I have made this cane in all the traditional gingham colors including yellow and red which also make really great looking jewelry beads. For more info, here’s another article from a while back: Blue Gingham Polymer Clay Cane Designs

So tell me… do you already know how to make Gingham beads and canes? Or should I be putting together some video tutorials to walk you step by step through the process?

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  1. deirdre, 28 December, 2008

    What a great pattern! I love my extruder, and I’ll have to try this pattern.

  2. Cindy Lietz, 28 December, 2008

    Yeah it is a fun one… Makes pretty cute beads too! Thanks Deirdre!

  3. carolyn, 13 January, 2010

    Not sure how I ended up here but would really like to learn this process – gingham canes. I guess you mentioned it in today’s blog. Hmmm, your January is already filled up and my church show, where I’d like to include gingham for the ‘older’ set, is February 7th. Guess I’m out of luck on this one,

  4. Phaedrakat, 11 May, 2010

    I forgot about this cute cane. This gingham is so cute! I love this, gotta try to make some…

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