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Jenny Rohrs, Craft Test Dummies“The video
demonstrations are
fairly short, bite-sized
pieces … good for ingesting
a bit at a time.” ~Jenny-R

Since I began publishing this blog way back in February 2008, I’ve received a ton of support from other bloggers. And one of the ways I can show some appreciation is by continuing to link back to the sites that have gone out of their way to help spread the word about the wonderful community and support network that is developing here.

Today I would like to give a shout out to Jenny Rohrs of Craft Test Dummies. Here is an excerpt from the July 12, 2008 article she wrote…

Cindy’s video demonstrations are fairly short, bite-sized pieces … good for ingesting a bit at a time. I think it’s far better to see a bunch of short takes on your own schedule, rather than having to pause a longer video or program in the middle because you don’t have a half an hour to sit through it.

~Jenny Barnett Rohrs

Here is a link to the full article:
Polymer Clay Video Review: Cindy Lietz
Have a look at Jenny’s wonderful site… and tell her I sentcha :-)


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  1. Melinda Herron, 13 September, 2010

    Wow that’s a great site I never knew about! Thanks Cindy!

  2. Koolbraider, 13 September, 2010

    I agree with her. It really is very easy to sit for maybe ten minutes to learn the most important part of a technique and not have to sit through the idea that might be beaten to death in a long video. (This is from someone who can’t stand the endless drivel from football commentators or talk show hosts that need to fill in some time to make a show fit the required time length.)

  3. carolyn, 13 September, 2010

    Interesting site. I would like to see her update this after viewing some of Cindy’s more recent videos … they are not just for beginners. One of the things I really like about Cindy’s tutorials is that they tend to build one upon another, while still being able to stand alone. Beginners should start with Cindy’s Basics Course (click on link in top tool bar). This definitely gives a great base upon which clayers can build. Even clayers who have been at it for a while can gain nuggets of knowledge and super tips from this course. From there … WOW! … Cindy just keeps producing fun and interesting and frequently challenging tutorials. Though I have them all, there are several tutorials that are on my back burner … ones I’m anxious to try … but need the time to devote to learning them. When I do get to making these it will be like a present to myself. Anyway, Cindy’s tutorials are for all levels of expertise, not just beginners.

  4. Phaedrakat, 14 September, 2010

    I left a message there, telling her I enjoyed her site…as well as how much I love yours! I hope she “feels the love” you showed by devoting an entire post to her, and does a more updated review. Your site has come so far since then, with such a huge variety of videos & countless pages of polymer clay information. I wonder if she knows you posted about her?

  5. Cindy Lietz, 14 September, 2010

    Thanks guys for leaving sweet messages over at CraftTestDummies! If enough of of you guys let Jenny know that I “sentcha” I’m sure she reads comments that get posted at her blog… she will wonder about the activity in such an old thread and she will find out about this post. Thanks for your help with this.

  6. Dawn Cooper, 21 September, 2010

    Do you have any tips for begainners. first time using ploymer clay. Its fun so far but I still learning to use the clay.

  7. carolyn, 21 September, 2010

    @Dawn Cooper – The absolutely best thing you can do is to purchase – and watch – Cindy’s Polymer Basics Course. You can get to it at the top of this page. These basics are essential for building on later. Without the basics it would be pretty hard to follow some of Cindy’s tutorials even though she is very thorough with them. There are still some steps that she expects us all to know and a lot of these come from the Basics course.

  8. Pam M, 22 September, 2010

    Hi Cindy, I have noticed in several vids, you have copper ball headpins. I make the fine silver ones, no brainer, there. was wondering if you make your own copper ball headpins and how you do it, torch, flux? I have had no luck, it does not melt for me, maybe not doing it long enough? Thanks, Pam

  9. Phaedrakat, 22 September, 2010

    @Pam M: Hi Pam, Cindy does make her own copper headpins… in fact, she sells them here at the blog.

    They are done with a torch; you can see how she makes them by following the link to the headpin information, then watching the videos near the top of that page. If you aren’t having luck with yours, it is most likely because you’re using too heavy a wire gauge for the type of torch/fuel you’re using. After watching the videos and reading the follow-up questions/comments, if you still have problems, please leave another comment, and someone will try to help!
    Best luck, Kat

  10. Cynthia Roerick, 06 October, 2010

    I am starting a handmade jewlery business and i am trying to find some niche items to make. I went to my first show last week and sold 2 necklace sets and a pair of earrings. I saw that alot of people had the same beaded necklaces just different colors and designs. Do you think polymer jewlery would be good. I did not see any of this at that show. I am thinking about doing a trolly festival next weekend.

    Thanks for your help and advice.


  11. Phaedrakat, 06 October, 2010

    @Cynthia Roerick: Hi Cynthia,
    That’s the cool thing about polymer clay…you can make your own unique beads, pendants, etc….. stuff no one else has! The key is making very good quality jewelry. You’ll want to be sure to cure your beads properly, sand/finish them well, etc. Ken is right — this is the best place to find tutorials, advice, and inspiration…and learn how to make the best quality polymer clay jewelry you can.

    After browsing the site, feel free to leave a question if you need further explanation, or if there’s anything you do not understand. There are lots of people happy to help you find your way around. And I’ll vouch for Cindy’s videos anytime! They’re wonderful, and they get your imagination going, too. Best of luck on your fun (& addicting, LOL) journey! ~Kat :~)

  12. Ken H, 06 October, 2010

    @ Cynthia R – Cindy’s site is a wonderful place to be inspired, and yes in the right places PC jewelry can sell well. Browse through the site you can’t help but get ideas for jewelry and maybe if you feel like jumping in the pool with the rest of us, maybe sign up for her Friday newsletter and subscribe to her weekly tutorial videos. They really can’t be beat. Take you time and look through the site and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    Good Luck in selling your creations.

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