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Polymer Clay Rainbow Jewelry

Polymer Clay Allows You To Bring Back The Past In Style:

The fimo clay jewelry earrings in today’s photo, were made as a birthday gift for a 13 year old friend of my daughter Willow. While doing the final sanding steps, I was also multitasking as usual in front of the computer… catching up with my reading of posts from other bloggers.

Quite coincidently, an article popped onto my screen from the Capitola Girl. She was talking about how 80’s rainbow fashion was making a comeback.

Cool! There I was sanding some rainbow beads, made from a Teardrop Color Blended sheet of clay… AND getting to reminisce about my younger days with big hair and a little waist. Wanna see a picture? Then Click here: Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Artist (circa 1980).

I’m so glad to see the rainbow colors and other 80’s fashion trends are coming back.

Loved the 80’s! It was high school for me. Fashion was loud and bold and colorful. So fun in fact, that I kept several clothing and accessory items for a dress-up trunk, which is still in my home today!

Including a pair of Rainbow suspenders (Mork from Ork style) that would look ‘Rad’ with these rainbow earrings pictured above! Guess I’ll have to make a pair for myself :-)

Maybe it would also be a good time to pull out the rainbow embroidered and mirror encrusted jean jacket too!

I wonder if the more modern taupe and black wearing generation will be able to handle that much happy in their fashion? I guess time will tell.

Willow liked the rainbow earrings though. So it looks like she’s on board… hope her friend likes them too!

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  1. Maria, 11 April, 2009

    What a cute photo! I’m a few years older than you (graduated high school in ’79) and I get a real kick looking at my “big hair” pictures too. I’m thrilled that bright colors are coming back!

  2. MJ, 11 April, 2009

    Hey there girls you are such young things! I and probably a few others have lots more years than you. Never had “big hair” though. Great picture! Just remember that if you keep something long enough it will be back in style. Bright colors rock as they say.


  3. Chris, 11 April, 2009

    Love the earrings! Great photo of you, Cindy. :) I am so excited to see the bold bright colors of the 80’s making a comeback. Yep, I was an 80’s girl too.

  4. Cindy Lietz, 14 April, 2009

    @Maria: Thanks! I do like the bright colors too! They are so happy to me.

    @MJ: No big hair? Too bad! That picture was nothing. You should have seen it when I teased it up like Tina Turner! :-)

    @Chris: If you were an 80’s girl, you probably get my warped sense of humor then! Well maybe not… but you will be able to relate to the fashion!

  5. Jamie, 17 April, 2009

    Im with MJ. Graduated in 79. No big hair tho. Mine was long and past my waist! I shudder to think of teasing all of that! But I loved me some rainbows! I still do. No single color looks better than when its in a rainbow! I still collect prisms and crystals. And I have them positioned all over my house so that when the sunlight from the window hits them, I get rainbows on my walls. Have a groovy day, lol. XOXO Jamie

  6. Illaya, 18 April, 2009

    I have literally been a rainbow chaser all of my life. My triplets were born under a double rainbow. My house also has a kaleidoscope of rainbows in it from Prisms and crystals. The colors are not only bright and happy but hold magical powers for me.
    Have fun with those rainbows.

    I am a 60’s child but did have the big hair in the 80’s my friends call that time mom hair. Remember the gal in the news with the black windows nest in her hair. House rule was I had to brush my hair out every night and brush it for 1/2 hour to keep the shine going.

    I have not changed shape much from the 60’s so my closet is like a time machine .

    I really think that all of eras are in now. So let go and have fun doing what you want with color.

  7. Cindy Lietz, 18 April, 2009

    For some strange reason, I’m feeling a little Groovy right now! Might be a great time to take a break, find a hammock and a margarita, and call it a day! :-)

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