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Concord Grape Color Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor1-A: Green Grape
3-A: Purple Rain
4A: Grape Cluster

This close-up of a cluster of just-beginning-to-ripen Concord Grapes was photographed by Doug. They were picked from one of several vines we have growing in the back yard.

Now, by no means do we have any sort of vineyard. Nor do we know much about the proper care and nurturing of grape vines. We merely bought four 6 inch sticks of different varieties of grape vines a number of years ago. Stuck them in a large containment that Doug built, and let them grow to their hearts content.

To be honest, I should let you know that only three of the grape vines have currently grown out of control. One did not make it through the brutal snapping of all its limbs by my nephew Carter and son Fisher when they were just 4 years old. They are both 13 now and wouldn’t dream of harming an innocent plant. Especially after witnessing the shock and horror on my face after said event, at such a young and impressionable age.

Well, the voracious vines have now completely taken over our sundeck arbor, and have also started to consume the railings of the upper balcony of our house. If we don’t get out there soon and start pruning… they may just eat one of our children!! Fisher should be first, since he is currently eating us out of house and home and was partially responsible for the death of one of their friends… so it only seems fitting that he be the chosen one… lol!

The funny thing is that although we had the largest crop of grapes ever this year, I don’t think any one of us got to eat a single bunch. The weather was perfect for growing them. It was fairly hot and dry, and the plants are now large enough that they were able to produce a ton of luscious grape clusters.

But as you can see in today’s photo, only one grape on the end was fully ripe when this cluster was picked. However, I thought that the beautiful variety of colors on this single bunch would be the perfect inspiration for our next color palette. So I picked it early. And it was a good thing that I did, cuz there isn’t a single bunch out there now.

Concord Grape Color Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor

You see, there is only a short window when a grape cluster is finally ripe enough to harvest. And I think every bird, raccoon, squirrel, bat and fruit eating rodent in the neighborhood gets sent a private announcement when the moment is right. Cause by the time us humans realize what’s happening, the vines have been stripped clean… and we miss out entirely on any chance of making some delicious grape jelly or grape preserves.

It’s especially maddening since we blew it with the cherry crop this year as well! Next year we’ll have to throw a net over the entire house and yard and have Fisher stand guard with a high pressure water gun so we can keep at least some of the fruit for ourselves… provided of course, that the grape vines don’t get him first :-)

Any way, enough with the goofy rambling, and on with real reason for this post…

The following Vol-054 A-series Concord Grape color palette will be added to the Polymer Clay Members Library at the beginning of November 2012:

  • Green Grape (Recipe 054-1A)
  • Concord (Recipe 054-2A)
  • Purple Rain (Recipe 054-3A)
  • Grape Cluster (Recipe 054-4A)


Green Grape is the name I chose for the dusty green shade of the unripe grapes in the cluster. Concord is the deep blue of the fully ripened Concord grape and the future color of the rest of the bunch, should they get the chance to fully ripen. Purple Rain was picked as the name for the hazy lavender powdery color seen in the highlights of the grapes midway through the ripening process. It is also the name of my favorite Prince Album from the 80’s and the only name I could think of that had any relevance to a cluster of grapes. And Grape Cluster is the deep wine purple found in the grape at the back of the bunch.

I have no colour or art training so mixing colors is pretty much trial and error, but I find that enjoyable and relaxing. I very much appreciate all the work you do to produce these awesome palettes! ~Monique-U

Cindy, you continue to capture the colors so beautifully. Always looking forward to what your creative artistic mind will bring forward and share with us. ~Joyce-F

I’ve been mixing up some of your beautiful color palettes lately, yesterday I did your Alpine Succulent vol 017B – you know trying to get psyched for Christmas and all. By the time I was done I just sat looking at these 4 new beautiful colors that you and your creative brain came up with. I wanted to jump back here and tell you thank you right away. Cindy Thank You for your beautiful, creative, and generous self. I’m so grateful to have found you, your family and this polymer clay family. Don’t want to imagine, while DH works 2 jobs, what all these quiet hours at home alone (w/ 7 cats) with out polymer clay and this community would be like. Feeling very Blessed. ~Tantesherry


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  1. pollyanna, 15 October, 2012

    Boy…you sure made me lol!!! If we don’t see Fisher in upcoming videos we’ll know why. Love these color shades. They made me want to go get a glass of wine. I’ll wait until later. Happy claying all.

  2. Monique U., 15 October, 2012

    We are a family of grape-lovers here, and hubby makes wine regularly. I am jealous of your mini-vineyard, Cindy, but I can be content just having these great colours in clay to console me LOL..

  3. Teresa DeFilippis, 16 October, 2012


  4. Cindy Lietz, 16 October, 2012

    Thank you girls! Now you’ve got me thinking of a glass of wine as well. Probably should finish my morning coffee first though! lol

  5. Dixie Ann, 18 October, 2012

    Grapes are a real staple here at my house. If I am out of
    grapes I almost panic. They are a wonder source of antioxidents and are a great source of keeping my blood sugar levels even with less food. I love these colors and I have a feeling Cindy is going to have a gorgeous project coming up in these colors. Right Cindy?

  6. Elaine Faulks, 19 October, 2012

    Some of my most favourite colours CINDY, so I was moved to write the following for FISHER.


    The call went out
    “They’re ready guys”
    And what a luscious bunch
    We’ll snack on these for breakfast
    But save the best for lunch.

    The raccoons started munching
    Four birds were pecking hard
    Two squirrels said, now steady guys
    There’s someone in the yard

    So scampering and a fluttering
    They all then got away
    As FISHER strode with purpose
    To somehow trap his prey.

    But then he thought, naw, let them feast
    I think they’ve got the right
    To gather in this harvest
    I’ll come back when it’s dark.

    So, in the middle of the night
    He crept out all alone
    The harvest moon was peering down
    Creating spooky shade

    He thought he saw a movement
    And a scarey rustling sound
    The vines they were a moving
    Could it be the wind?

    He saw the vines were growing, creeping,
    Winding round his feet
    Snaking up around his waist
    His heart it skipped a beat.

    Other vines were reaching out
    And wrapping round his chest
    He found he couldn’t move at all
    Although he tried his best.

    He struggled, fighting, all wrapped up
    In yards and yards of green
    But then, he woke up……….
    ……..In his bed
    It had all been but a dream.

    The moral of this ditty
    Is to show the vines RESPECT
    Or maybe on some dark dark night
    Your’ll know what to expect!

    (Beware at Hallooween)………………….cheers xx…………………………………………….

  7. pollyanna, 19 October, 2012

    Elaine, that was such a hoot. With Halloween coming up he might just want to take your advice! lol

  8. tantesherry, 19 October, 2012

    that is so cool the way words sway and play for you
    thank you for sharing with us your grins and giggles
    I love ’em :D

  9. Cindy Lietz, 19 October, 2012

    OMG Elaine that is awesome!!! I can’t wait to show this to Fisher! You are such an amazing talent and we are blessed to have you as a member of our PcT Community. Thank you so much for being you!

  10. Elaine Faulks, 19 October, 2012

    You are very welcome CINDY but you sparked off my imagination and I could picture FISHER having a bad dream and getting all tangled up in his bed covers. Glad it bought grins and giggles to you and other members.Thanks gals for your nice compliments.

    On another note, I made two necklaces and two bracelets from your red/white checkered paisley cane putting the thin slices on large white base beads and red base beads, leaving the funky gaps for a different effect. I have been doodling other paisley patterns and trying to figure out the best CINDY method to complete them. I think the new Concord grape palette would look so cool transfered to a paisley pattern. Now where did I put my coloured pencils?…………………..cheers xx……………………………………….

  11. Jocelyn, 19 October, 2012

    Elaine, have I told you lately I love you?

  12. pattw35, 21 October, 2012

    What an Edible palette ! As you know Purple ( and Orange_) are my favorite colors. Soooo, can’t wait til November rolls around.

    Elaine -what a hoot -YOU ARE a very clever lady ! We all enjoy you rhymes and colorful descriptions of everything ! Love having you around!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Elaine Faulks, 21 October, 2012

    Thanks Guys,

    I sometimes think I shouldn’t take up so much space on this blog, but I cannot control my fingers when they want full reign of expressions that bubble up like a volcano and have to erupt into words instead of images. i’m on my third week at adult Ed classes trying to master new technology, so one day when my brain gets back into full gear I will be able to do all the things that come so easily to you all. New class tomorrow so better catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s ………………………..cheers……………….xx………………………………….

  14. Jocelyn, 22 October, 2012

    Elaine, in my opinion, you take up all the space you need. I love the way you write. You always make me leave the computer smiling, interested in something, or best, laughing out loud. I so appreciate your contributions.

  15. Cindy Lietz, 24 October, 2012

    I totally agree with Jocelyn, Elaine! Your wonderfully detailed contributions are highly valued around here. I love your stories, your tips, your helpful and supportive comments and absolutely adore your poetry! You go right ahead and write how ever much you want. If someone ever thinks it is too much, they can always skim over it. Now only if we could also hear your English accent as we read your stuff… wouldn’t that be grand?

  16. Elaine Faulks, 25 October, 2012

    Mmm Cindy, you might be slightly disappointed by my accent. It is not the cut glass chrystal of an English aristocrat, more the rough diamond of an Essex girl! But thank you for your kind words. You’ve made my day………..cheers xx…………

  17. Michelle B, 24 October, 2012

    Nice colors… and nice photo, too! Makes me hungry for grapes!

  18. BinkyM, 04 November, 2012

    Hi, Cindy:

    The color cards are much appreciated! Something that bothers me a great deal when I graduated from Sculpey to Premo is that with Sculpey, I could easily mix ANY color I wanted to, any time, merely by imagining it, yet with Premo, there is no knowing what on earth I’m going to get when mixing two or more colors. It’s completely baffling to me, not to mention heartbreaking, as I’ve ruined more projects and ended up with an order of magnitude more scrap clay thanks to the unexpected mixing results. I know more about color theory than most people, and yet why it the color properties of clay change across manufacturers, I have no idea! Anyway, perhaps I’ll learn something from these color cards and will understand how mixing colors with Premo works.

    Suggestion: that you offer the color cards as a zip file, too, for those of us who’d like to grab the four in one swell foop. It’s convenienter. Thanks for considering it!


  19. Cindy Lietz, 04 November, 2012

    Thanks Binky for your excellent comment! I know exactly what you mean about understanding color mixing instinctively when working with a certain clay brand. I have the same challenges when trying to mix colors with Sculpey III, Fimo or any of the other brands. I can look at almost any color and know what colors from the Premo line are going to give me the result I want, but with the other brands it is more of a trial and error (mostly error) thing.

    You will probably find when you start working with Premo’s artist colors, like Cadmium Red and Ultramarine Blue for example, that the pigments tend to be more ‘pure’ than other colors available out there and won’t have as many ‘surprises’ as you would generally find with say mixing a color like Plum or Sky Blue from the Sculpey III line. It will take you a bit to get used to but, you’re right, my Premo color recipes are definitely going to help with getting to understand how the colors will behave. Before you know it, Sculpey III will be the hard one for you to mix!! lol

    Thanks for the zip file request. We’ll definitely put that in the suggestion box.

    Nice to have you here in our clay community!

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