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Chevy Bel Air Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor1-A: Chevy Bel Air
2-A: Pink Flamingo

3-A: Orange Sherbet
4A: Red Leather Panel

With all these gray winter days (around here in Vancouver at least), I felt we could use a little firing up with this hot color palette, inspired by the interior of a vintage Chevy Bel Air.

This beauty from the 50’s was photographed by Doug back in September on his birthday when we stopped by a vintage car rally to see what they had on display. You may remember the Vintage Ford Palette from a couple months back, which was at the car show as well.

I love using vintage vehicles as color inspiration. They really knew how to use color and style in cars back then. WAY more interesting than most of the the black, white, silver and grey cars of today.

Geez… you can barely tell the difference between the high end cars and the low end ones anymore… they all are so boring, nondescript and look pretty much the same as the next one! It’s like the more invisible the cars are, the more anonymous people can be on the road. I suppose that’s handy for the drivers who cut people off or behave badly in traffic… “Yes Officer. It was the Black SUV and the Gray Sedan that were involved in that road rage incident… Or was it a Gray SUV and a Black Sedan? I can’t quite remember.”…

Any who… I digress…

I do love the personalities that the old cars had, and that is why I chose this lively, passionate red/orange interior of this 50’s Chevy Bel Air as the color inspiration for the Vol-069-A recipe series. Do enjoy!

Chevy Bel Air Palette by Polymer Clay TutorThe following Vol-069 A-series Chevy Bel Air Color Palette will be added to the Polymer Clay Members Library at the beginning of February 2014:

  • Chevy Bel Air (Recipe 069-1A)
  • Pink Flamingo (Recipe 069-2A)
  • Orange Sherbet (Recipe 069-3A)
  • Red Leather Panel (Recipe 069-4A)


Chevy Bel Air is the hot tomato red of this fantastic vintage car interior. Pink Flamingo is the color of the iconic flamingos so common in 50’s fabrics and decor, as well as a color pulled from the dash of this stylish car. Orange Sherbet is the color of the steering wheel where the sun washes  out the red… and for the popular treat you might buy at the counter of a soda shop back in the day. And Red Leather Panel is the dark brown red of the door panels in the shade, where the red looks deeper and heavier than in the rest of the vehicle.

Cindy. I have been mixing your receipes for days now and realize how much work you put into them. Thanks so much for another great one! ~DixieAnn-S

I just finished making all of my color chips and made 2 additional squares, 1 to put with your color pallettes and the other to put with it’s color category. You are a great teacher and I am trying to encourage my daughter to sign up too. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all. ~Catherine-R

Cindy, one thing that always impresses my friends is showing them my giant chain of color chips for all the palettes you have created. Just letting you know I really appreciate all the love and care you have put into creating these beautiful recipes. Thank you! ~Maria-C


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Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor
  1. pollyanna, 20 January, 2014

    love the vibrant colors

  2. Dixie Ann, 20 January, 2014

    Oh Cindy what a great flower receipe These colors would make. So rich and vibrant. Can’t you just picture roses, and tulips and fushias and oh my, so many wonderful flowers! It is so drab and dreary looking outside and now it’s snowing. You couldn’t have come up with a better color combination at this time!

  3. Tante Sherry, 23 January, 2014

    Looking forward to using these pretty reds — I seem to have some kind of block mixing reds — they never look quite right…

    Btw rcvd my copper wire yesterday so today I get to try my hand at the Viking Knit tutorial from you last month — going to TRY and not be to hard on myself and just use this 1st attempt as a learning experience — maybe that will help, don’t you think:)

  4. Bonnie R, 31 January, 2014

    Hi Cindy I am having so much fun with all your back issue videos. Boy, what I went thru picking out what I wanted. Can hardly wait till Fridays.

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