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My 2015 Favorite Polymer Clay Tools And Supplies

Video #713: This concept of doing a year-end, favorite tools review, may just become a tradition here at the blog. Let me know… 13

Mixing And Applying Chalk Pastels With Polymer Clay

Video #705: Pastel chalks stick surprisingly well to polymer clay. In this video I provide lots of ideas to try out for yourself.

Sculpey Souffle – Raw Versus Baked Color Shifts

Video #696: Out of the 22 current Souffle colors, only 6 of them show just a slight shift in color after baking. That’s… 7

Sealing Polymer Clay Best Practices

Video #693: If you absolutely must seal your polymer clay, here are the products that I’ve tested and can recommend.

Raw vs Baked Color Shifts Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay

Video #692: For the most part, Premo colors are pretty good about not changing colors after they have been properly cured.

Seven “Summer” Tips For Working With Polymer Clay

Video #689: Gel ice packs work great for cooling polymer canes… to minimize distortion when slicing them in warmer weather.

Using a “Tile Sandwich” for Baking Flat Polymer Clay

Video #676: The trick to keeping those ugly bubbles and blemishes from showing up, is to sandwich in between two ceramic tiles.

Understanding Polymer Clay Color, by Making Mud

Video #674: Do you know what color you get, when you mix the 3 primary colors together? Yellow + Blue + Red =… 11

Polymer Clay Extruder Disk Storage And Organization

Video #665: If you own an extruder, then you will likely end up collecting a lot of different patterned dies and discs.

How To Make A Non-Slip Resin Doming Tray Or Mat

Video #664: To prevent your beads from sliding around like hockey pucks… all you need is a bit of spray adhesive!

Perler or Hama Bead Board as a Resin Doming Tray

Video #663: These stiff white Perler/Hama boards, actually work better than the flexible mats made for the purpose. Go figure!

Why Pasta Machines Leave Roller Lines On Polymer Clay

Video #641: And more importantly, how to end up with smooth sheets of clay that don’t show any roller lines at all!

Choosing The Right Brush for Glazing Polymer Clay

Video #639: Synthetic vs natural bristles makes a big difference depending on the type of finish you are using.

Understanding Mica Shifts – Metallic/Pearl Polymer Clay

Video #630: It all has to do with how the tiny mica particles in the clay are aligned… and how they reflect the… 15

How I Organize By Zones in My Polymer Clay Studio

Video #621: Today is a general tour. But if there’s interest, I can do future videos on the individual zones. Let me know… 38

Smooth Rounded Edges on Flat Polymer Clay Cutouts

Video #620: All you need is some plastic wrap and a cookie cutter to get professional looking edges every time.

Drilling Holes in Raw Polymer Clay Vs Baked Clay

Video #617: If you want your beads to look professional, then it is usually best to drill holes after your polymer has been… 18

Rubbing Alcohol – A Must Have For All Polymer Clayers

Video #605: Isopropyl Alcohol (99%) is one of the most useful supplies to have in your polymer clay studio.

Conditioning Polymer Clay By Hand Without Any Tools

Video #596: If you are a beginner without a pasta machine, here’s how to condition polymer clay without hurting your hands.

Foil Pan Lids Will Protect Your Polymer Clay In The Oven

Video #595: Watch this to see what can happen to polymer clay pieces that are not properly protected during the baking process.

How To Organize Your Polymer Clay Cutters

Video #586: This is the first of several studio tips and tricks videos I would like to share. Let me know if you… 2

How Many Polymer Clay Bead Shapes Can You Make?

Video #561: When you get creatively stuck… or if you are feeling overwhelmed… then take a little time to play.

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