Adding Clay to Wire Leaf Charms | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Adding Clay to Your Wire Leaf CharmsVid #205: “I get totally lost when I’m claying, time has no meaning.” ~Polyanya

Last week I taught you how to create your own wire leaf charms that can be used as components for your polymer clay jewelry projects. And as promised, this week I will demonstrate how to add polymer clay to your leaf charms, in a bunch of different ways.

It’s so cool that polymer clay is versatile enough that we can use it to create so many different things. ~Silverleaf

Maybe I should just quit my daytime job so I could have enough time to try out all the techniques I have on my ever-growing list! ~Susan-B

So irregardless of whether you decide to quite you day job or not, coming up tomorrow (Friday May 27th, 2011) in the Vol-036-4 video at the Polymer Clay Library, I’ll be demonstrating how to make super easy and creative polymer clay and wire leaf charms for all your artistic jewelry projects.


Please Note: A general prerequisite for all of my weekly tutorials is that you have a good understanding of the polymer clay basics, including: conditioning clay, using a pasta machine, clay blade and other simple tools, making Skinner Blends or Teardrop Blends, baking clay, as well as sanding and finishing. If you need help in these areas, my Polymer Clay Beginners Course will get you up to speed quickly. There is also plenty of free information on this blog. Use the search box at the top of the page to find articles on specific topics.

Supplies & Tools: Video-036-4 Adding Clay to Leaf Charms:

  • Wire Leaf Charms. I taught you how to make these in last week’s tutorial.
  • Rubbing alcohol. Used for cleaning wire charms. Especially important if you plan to finish with a UV resin coating.
  • Leaf Canes. I used the Veined Leaf Cane we learned in Vol-012-3. But you can use any leaf cane of your choice.
  • Sculpey Bake and Bond. You could use Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS) instead, but the Bake and Bond does work a bit better for this technique.
  • Sculpey Work and Bake Clay Mat. Optional but very handy, especially when using liquid clays and alcohol inks. I love this product and talk more about it in the video.
  • Alcohol Inks and Q-Tips (optional).
  • Ceramic tile for baking on. Preferably with crisp square edges.
  • Clay Blade.
  • Sanding Kit or Micro-Mesh Pads (optional).
  • Piece of paper with printed text on it (optional).
  • Acrylic paints (optional).
  • Scissors (optional).
  • Polymerized Cloth (optional).

The full version of the Vid-036-4 Adding Clay to Leaf Charms video, will be posted in the Polymer Clay Members Library on Friday May 27, 2011. But if you would like to see a sneak peek intro clip right now, scroll down the page a bit to the video player below.


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The full version of the “Add Clay to Leaf Charms” preview video shown above, is now avail for purchase at the Polymer Clay Library in the Vol-036 Back Issue Pckg.

Customer Feedback About Membership Value:

If you’re new here, please give it a try. The quality of the videos is fantastic, and Cindy’s method of teaching is just wonderful. She always has something new and fun to share with us. Membership is about 80 cents a video ($9.95 each 3 months.) It’s the best deal out there! ~Phaedrakat

Just watched another tute and I have to THANK Cindy and Doug for another great idea passed on to all of us at very little cost. More and more of that sweet Lietz giving and asking very little in return. You two are the best!!!! Many Uuuuuggggs. ~Peggy-B

Somehow or another I have never come across your website before Cindy. Until last night! I finally decided to subscribe today. I just watched my very first video, the feather cane, incredible! And you make it look so easy! I have been hand sculpting little clay animals and such for years. But lately I have found myself drawn to the beautiful clay beads that I see. I desperately want to broaden my knowledge of polymer clay art. I know the basics, and I know how to put balls of clay together to make animals and flowers, but I want to know the techniques to make the fancy looking stuff too. None of the books I have looked at really give great instructions or a wide variety of projects. Thank you so much for offering such wonderful tutorials, such a wide variety of project ideas, and at such a great price. ~Anita-M

The following topics are included in this week’s Polymer Clay Tutor Library, Add Clay to Your Wire Leaf Charms video tutorial:

  • See several examples of leaf charms created using polymer clay and wire.
  • Discussion of the tools and techniques needed to create this simple and stunning polymer clay technique.
  • Learn cool tricks for getting the polymer clay to stay embedded in the wire leaf forms.
  • Plus, with some creativity and ingenuity, there are many ways to come up with other unique designs of your own.

The full version of the “Add Clay to Leaf Charms” preview video shown above, is now avail for purchase at the Polymer Clay Library in the Vol-036 Back Issue Pckg.


  1. pollyanna, 26 May, 2011

    Goodness, these look exciting. Love the look of the texted one!!!

  2. Sandra, 27 May, 2011

    hey guys, again what a neat technique it looks like a lot of fun. going to have to get one of those butane torches to make the balled head pins. I know you can use normal head pins too, not as interesting though.
    One thing, does anyone else have problems viewing the videos? Jolly picture stops as Cindy keeps talking, so you can miss some of the steps. I had a look on the web site re the video problems page, but being a techno-phobe i am hestitant to do what it suggests as i may stuff up the computer and then hubby would probably ban me from using it.

  3. Karonkay, 27 May, 2011

    Wonderful techique! Couldn’t wait to see it so watched it @ 3:30 am. Love the leaf cane one. Where can I buy the bake n Bond? cannot find it . I only have TLS . I have tried it for the faux opals and it did not work well. I am blaming the TLS and not my skills this time. I love the word charms and would like to try it if I can find a source for the Bake n Bond. I see I also have to get a different tile for this project.

    The Sculpey mat looks great. But I think I would have to cut it down to bake on it Perhaps it is smaller than it looks? Seems that they would size it more for the clay ovens or is it made to cut down ? I can see some real potential for using it if it were the correct size for the ovens.

    I better go to sleep and let my mind work on it because I seem to be going on…. Loved the video. Thanks Cindy as usual a great technique added to our expanding knowledge base.
    Hugs, Karonkay

  4. Laura R., 28 May, 2011

    @Karonkay: I have the sculpey mat (bought it a Michaels with my 50% off coupon)…I only use it as a work surface and it is awesome. Not sure about baking on it though, it may say on the box perhaps, but you would definately have to cut it down because it is fairly large.

    Looking forward to trying this tutorial with the art sheets as well…the art sheets is one of my favorite all time tutorials. I ordered some head pins with the ball on the end…I figured I would not burn my house down this way with not buying and using a butane torch. They were fairly cheap as well, so we will see what they look like when they get here.

    Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend…be safe!


  5. Brenda, 27 May, 2011

    Very,Very Cute! I loved the idea of using the printed paper. Very creative idea’s!

  6. pollyanna, 27 May, 2011

    Another …can’t wait to try it….technique. Love how the bake and bond looks somewhat like opal. wonder if you could put ‘snow’ in it? Gosh, the mind reels…

  7. Lynn Williams, 27 May, 2011

    This was great!! I have waited a long time to see this technique, can’t wait to try it. It is a lot easier than I thought it would be.

  8. Tantesherry, 27 May, 2011

    Hi everyone
    while watching the liquid clay part of this video I remembered that I have a jar-maybe 2- of the original LS (not the TLS)-anyway Cindy made me wonder about tinting a bit of it before filling—why not? It’s already had a dozen birthdays!!

    off topic–Cindy I’m SO happy that my DH bought my membership! In the past few weeks I’ve made beads with your: Art Sheet Method, the Rocker Beads (FUN!) and Aurora Borealis Technique (just amazing). After a doctor appt last Wen. I took them to a local bead store, the owner was really taken with them–she took ALL 61 beads that I learned how to make from watching you! I feel I’ve learned more from you in the past few weeks than I’ve learned in the past few years. So here is a big hug and grateful Thank You.

    ps- I’ve got pictures–hope to learn FB soon-ha ha

  9. Honey S, 27 May, 2011

    Hi Everyone! I’m just turning into a charm junky. I’ve been doing it for a while but I don’t know if I’m doing it right. I can’t read any of my videos or recipes. I know Cindy and Doug will help me get it going because thats just who they are. Giving, helping, in the know, and the most patient people in the world. They’ve helped me so many times. I can’t tell you how many because I’de be imbarresed. I have a great idea about charms and those silver and gold rings that you see at weddings. I’ll finish when I get back from doctors………Luv Ya Guys………Honey

  10. pattw35, 27 May, 2011

    This is so neat ! Can think of several different ways to use this. Love the Bake and Bond. It is much stronger than TLS. I still have pieces of Art Sheet tute. That would be fun to add, too. Thanks for such a versatile tute !!! This will keep us satisfied for quite a while LOL. At least til next week……….

  11. Silverleaf, 27 May, 2011

    Fun! This looks very cool and I’ll definitely be having a go when i have chance. Thanks Cindy!!

  12. Honey S, 27 May, 2011

    I’m back!!!!!! It’s me,Honey. This is for people who do not have much money, like me.I’m always thinking for inexpensive ways to create something. I love charms and tried making key charms but they were too fragile. Then I made wire charms and tried to cover them with clay. That wasn’t too successful. Next I’m going to try wire, clay and maybe liquid sculpy. My other idea was wedding rings that are wrapped with candy in netting. They bend ok with the round nose pliers, so I bent them into hearts and filled them with clay. I didn’t even see the video. either. They came really cute and the rings aren’t even noticed with the beautiful polymer clay colors. They look like frames for the clay. I kept bending into different shapes and they look really cute. I felt so proud of myself and Cindy too. I have a few more tricks to talk about but I’m using up too much space. Luv Ya Guys……….Honey

  13. pollyanna, 27 May, 2011

    @Honey S: you/ve got some great ideas. I’ve only seen the plastic rings so was wondering how you bent them…..then…DUH…there must be some metal ones. lol. I will have to look next time I’m at the craft store. Thanks for the ideas.

  14. DJ, 27 May, 2011

    Wow, so many ideas packed into a few minutes!! I love all the possibilities, and especially the word charms. We can use text; interesting quotes/typefaces printed from the computer; different papers; even handwritten items (imagine photocopying or scanning a child’s message, drawing or ” I love you”). My head is swimming, this is just brilliant Cindy! = )

  15. Jan, 28 May, 2011

    Sandra – I am having trouble with the videos too, have been for a few weeks now. The sound stops while the picture carries on, then the picture stops … so the two become unco-ordinated. It seems to take longer to load and buffer too, and won’t allow you to load for a while before starting to play so you don’t have it stop every few seconds.

  16. Janet, 28 May, 2011

    Good evening folks,

    Cindy I am excited to try the techniques that you have presented over the last few weeks, but like Jan and Sandra I have also been having the same video problems. Ever since you changed your format. I have gone back and replayed the videos which you created prior to the last few weeks and they work fine. I have exhausted all the suggestions you have provided on your site, but alas still no luck. I too am having the audio run while the video pauses. So I am listening to your voice but can’t see the steps you are taking. Since you have changed formats I have not been able to watch a video in full. I am always missing something. If there is a way you can help us out so we can continue to see your wonderful tutes in full without issue, that would be awesome. Thanks in advance, Janet

  17. Cindy Lietz, 29 May, 2011

    Thank you everyone for your great comments and feedback! You guys are getting so creative. Be very proud of yourselves!

    @Sandra, Jan, Janet and others: Sorry a few of you are having trouble watching the videos in the new player. Over the last few weeks, Doug has been working with some new video technologies that allow our clips to be played on mobile devices as well as on the Apple iPad / iPod operating systems. Previously with the old player, this was not possible.

    Unfortunately for some of you, it is the web browser on your computer that is causing the problem. You are probably using Internet Explorer (IE). Rather than trying to “fix” the browser, the absolute quickest way to get back up and running is to simply install the Firefox browser. It is much less problematic than IE. Firefox is a free download and you do NOT need to uninstall IE for it work. Both browsers can be installed on your computer at the same time. When something doesn’t work on one, you just jump on over to the other one.

    You can download Firefox here:

    But with so many different hardware manufactures in the marketplace, it’s a real balancing act to come up with something that will work for the majority of users. Smart phones and tablets are fast becoming part of how the world interacts with the web and we are trying to stay on the cutting edge for you guys.

    I know that Doug has been communicating directly with a few of you, so I’m sure something will get worked out soon enough.

    Thank you everyone for your patience as we get this all figured out and implemented.

    @Karonkay: Yes you can definitely cut the mat down to bake on. I was thinking of getting another one, just for that purpose!

    @pollyanna: Putting the ‘opal’ flakes in the Bake and Bond is a very cool idea! Do take pictures and share with us if you end up trying it!

    @Tantesherry: Congratulations!! That is so awesome to hear you are selling your beads already! Can’t wait to hear more about your success, and of course can’t wait to see your pictures.

    @Honey S: Awesome ideas Honey! Thank you for sharing!

  18. Sue F, 30 May, 2011

    @Cindy Lietz:
    Hi Cindy/Doug,

    I’m already using Firefox — I’ve used it since its early days — but I have to say that even with Firefox the new video player is very much less satisfactory than the old one. I’ve used the new player enough now to be able to say that I officially hate it.

    I have pretty decent bandwidth, but even so the new player pauses to buffer many times during each video, and at other times plays the sound while not advancing the video for a while. I can tolerate that on a mobile device over (for example) a 3G connection, but not on my main computer with wired ADSL2+. I don’t normally have buffering issues with even quite high resolution streaming video.

    Also, while I’m one of the lucky people whose mobile device can use both the old and new players, the new player is much less satisfactory there too. It’s just not as relatively awful as on my main computer as I half expect video playback to suck over mobile networks.

    I know that some mobile device users who previously could not access the videos now can, but conversely some mobile device users who previously could access the videos cannot do so any longer.

    Is there any possibility of supporting both players? Maybe some sort of platform detection, with the new player for the iPads/iPods etc. that previously couldn’t access the videos, and the old player for everything else including the older Android and Symbian devices that can’t use the new player at all?


  19. Silverleaf, 19 September, 2011

    I’m really not a fan of the new player either. It doesn’t work on my old Nokia 5800 phone. It doesn’t work on my new iPhone 3GS. It doesn’t work on my boyfriend’s high-spec desktop on any browser (and it’s definitely not an anti-virus problem – we both use PandaCloud and they play on my netbook).

    Even on my netbook I have issues. The videos take ages to buffer enough to play, occasionally the video freezes while the audio keeps playing, the whole thing stops responding sometimes if I try to pause, fast forward or rewind. It just seems very buggy and slow compared with the old one, and it’s very irritating to be in the middle of a project and have to refresh the page and reload the video because it’s stopped responding, only to have to either sit through the bit you’ve already seen again or risk it messing up again by trying to skip ahead.

    I was under the impression that the idea behind the new format was so that the videos could be played on Apple devices and phones and such – looks like it (mostly) doesn’t, which kind of defeats the point of changing the format in the first place.

  20. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 19 September, 2011

    Silverleaf – I understand your frustrations and can assure you that the technical issues are being addressed. Sorry it’s not going as fast as you would like. We’re doing the best we can with the resources we have available to us. FYI: I have been able to work through specific issues with other members who have emailed for help.

  21. Janet R, 20 September, 2011

    I also have been still having issues with the new play. Everythig else I play, plays fine except for your videos. I have tried to put in place all the things you said Doug, and have searched the web for hours trying to figure out what is wrong, and have changed things so much on my computer to make it work that I now don’t even know where I started from and if I changed something I shouldn’t have in order to view your video all in one sitting without having to worry about delays and stoppages. Very irritating. I also cannot see the video on my ipad or iphone. I just get the audio and no video, just a little grey box where the video should be. I have not been abel to watch a whole video without pause since you changed players. As I have stated in an earlier comment, I used to look forward to Fridays and now trying to watch the videos has become more a an irritant than a joy. Actually, I lied, I still love the videos, I just wish on one of my electonic devices I could play it. Tough to make something when you cannot follow along with the video. Please change back. Janet

  22. Phaedrakat, 21 September, 2011

    Hi! Let me preface by saying I’m sorry to complain — I know you & Cindy are super-hardworking, and give us your all. I appreciate all you do!
    Anyway, I’m having all the same issues with the player — seems like so many members are. I assumed you were working on it behind the scenes, but is that for everyone, or only the iPad/iPhone issues? Will this player eventually work on my old PC (same buffering, audio probs) & Android phone (OS 1.6–old player videos work, new ones not at all)? This new player doesn’t work properly on any device I’ve tried. I’ve tested it on family & friends’ phones/computers with no luck, either. So I’ve just been waiting for super Doug to come through, lol.

    BUT, I’m worried by what you said above (about helping members via email.) With so many people having issues, offering tech help one-on-one is going to take forever! It seems like a lot of work for you…and it takes away from that solution that many of us have been patiently waiting for. If you are not working towards an automatic fix for all of us, then it’s something we need to know. I love my Cindy videos, so if the fix is on our end instead (meaning that WE have to make device changes to make it work,) we need to know that in order to watch. I’ve been waiting around hoping for that “perfect play” of the good old days. Should I be doing something to make that happen?
    Documenting problems you’ve fixed & posting it might be of help to some of us. We could refer to “fixed issues” and see if they resemble our own problems/devices — then use those tips and see if they make things better on our end.

    What I wish, of course, is to have you bring back the old player! I was perfectly happy with it. Worked on my Android phone & all computers. I know I don’t understand the technical side…but is there a way to offer a choice of player? Letting the viewer choose might work better than trying to make one player fit all… (Just an “un- opinion”.) I know you guys are trying to accomodate so many devices, and meanwhile, technology keeps changing & offering up ever-more choices. Members will always want to view your videos on their new tech devices — I just ask that you please not forget those of us who are on limited incomes, trying to keep our old PC’s running as long as possible. This is frustrating to us, too…we are missing that old system that worked fine for us…

  23. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 21 September, 2011

    Rest assured that I (and some developers moving slower than I would like), are working on a solution for everyone. Some of you may remember another technical issue that happened a while back, with regards to the commenting reply feature. Although that one also took longer than expected to resolve, the problem did eventually get fixed and we all survived. Same thing will happen with this current video player issue that is causing frustration for a few of you. Thanks for your continuing patience.

  24. Rada Francis, 30 May, 2011

    Does anyone know which plugin I need? All of a sudden I cannot see any of the videos they all say “missing plugin”. I’m using Google Chrome.



  25. Rada Francis, 30 May, 2011

    Got it, I think I just needed to update the browser

  26. Bette L, 01 June, 2011

    Hi Cindy and everyone,
    I have been having problems with the new video player also. So, today I downloaded and played it on both Google Chrome, and Firefox. Both of these have the same problem as IE! There are many buffering breaks, and at least once in each video when the video stops but the talking continues. This leads me to believe that the problem is not in the browser, but in the type of video. My computer is less than a year old, and fast.
    I never had these problems with the old video player and same computer.
    I hope you and Doug can work something out so every subscriber can have good videos again.

    I still love you guys and your product. Keep up the good work.

  27. Elizabeth S., 01 June, 2011

    I was about to add that I had no audio with the vid until I realized that my speaker plug was not connected in the right place—DUH! I had to have a new power unit installed and obviously screwed up when I was reconnecting everything. Now, all is well. Tried the vid on my laptop also and had no problems. Both use IE.

    Finally had a chance to try a charm and LOVE the results. Can’t wait to do more.

  28. Cindy Lietz, 03 June, 2011

    Hi guys… some info from Doug about the new video player. ~Cindy

    Here is an update about the new video player that will hopefully bring some understanding to the situation.

    So that everyone knows, the reason for the change was because there is a huge shift happening in the market place right now, towards the use of iPads, iPods, Androids, smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices.

    Unfortunately, our old video player was pretty limited as to who it would work for.

    With all of the different hardware devices, software operating systems, browser technologies, video file formats and internet connection speeds out there… new web video technologies must actually be very intuitive.

    What I mean is, that they have to be able to (as quickly as possible), identify the specific hardware / software / bandwidth variables for each end user… and then serve up the video content that is most likely to provide the optimal experience for each individual.

    But new technology that is this complex, does not come without some growing pains. And because of the “Smart” processes that happens in the background (i.e. almost instantaneous uploading and downloading of millions of bytes digital data packets)… in certain scenarios there may be micro-delays that can happen on your screen.

    Please don’t let this frustrate you. I know over time, the technology will continue to develop. And in this day and age, improvements do come pretty quick.

    In the small number of situations where the videos have completely stopped working, the reason for this is likely because of the antivirus software being used.

    Apparently, some antivirus software configurations are having issues with the new RTMP and iFrame technology that is often used for serving up “Smart” videos as I described above.

    It kinda make you wonder why they don’t call it “AlmostSmart” technology… or maybe, “Smart-Enough-To-Work-For-Most-People-But-Not-Quite-Everyone-Yet” LOL.

    Anyways, for those who would like to be proactive, the place to start is with the tech support people at the antivirus software company you use. You’ll want to ask them how to configure your settings to allow RTMP and iFrame videos to play smoothly on your specific computer or device.

    And if or when you figure out something that solves your specific issue, please do let me know. It will be helpful information that I’ll be able to pass along to others.

    Thanks everyone, for your ongoing patience through this transition.


  29. Bette L, 04 June, 2011

    Thank you Doug. Now we have a place to start looking for a solution on our end of the line. I am using Norton 360 as my virus protection. Perhaps others that are having problems are using Norton also. I will contact Norton to see if they can help.
    Appreciate the words of wisdom.

  30. Honey Sperring, 10 June, 2011

    Hi Everyone……I’m back with a three piece plate setting in my back. So far, so good. Honey

  31. Jocelyn, 11 June, 2011

    @Honey Sperring:

    @Bette L:

    So glad to see you both back posting regularly, and pray you both continue to improve. Now, if we could just hear from Carolyn more……LOL!!!

  32. Bette L, 10 June, 2011

    This week’s video did not have any breaks or buffering problems. Yeah!! I changed a couple of settings in my computer, but it did not change the videos. Did Doug do something? Maybe the settings just needed a little time to take hold (Ha Ha). Sometimes computers are just lazy and can’t get going right away. Anyway, I’m glad the problem has greatly improved. I wish I could remember what I changed! Maybe I am a little like the computer, can’t get the brain going.

  33. Honey Sperring, 12 June, 2011

    Hi Jocelyn and Bette L. How are you doing ? Is there something wrong with Carolyn ? I’de look back at other blogs but my computer has magically turned into a freezer. Thats why I keep coming and going. I’m turning into a mad dog knowing that all these videos are there but I can’t get them. Well I’ll never give up. The price is too good and the people are better. Cindy and Doug gave me the clay bug and alas, there is no cure for that!!!!! I keep delving into cheap but cute creations. I know I’m off the charm bug but I couldn’t resist this one. I think I’ll tell everyone in a smaller blog. ……………. I just have to stay involved with clay no matter how much money I HAVE………OOPS, here comes that virtual memory guy again ……..Luv Ya All Guys……………Honey

  34. Bette L, 12 June, 2011

    @Honey Sperring:
    Thanks for the good wishes Honey. I’m not sure there is a cure for my brain–it’s just getting old!

    I hope you get your computer fixed. Sounds like you may need a new one. Now if I could just get a new brain….

  35. Jocelyn, 12 June, 2011

    Glad you are staying involved despite reduced finances, it’s my battle too, lol.

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