A Very Wearable Spliced Flower Cane, Polymer Necklace [Spotlight]

Polymer Clay Spliced Flower Cane “My aim is to
create jewellery
pieces rather than just
pretty polymer clay things
and beads I keep in
a box!” ~Cara-H

These “Spot” features are for you guys to display your accomplishments, share stories of inspiration and even ask for assistance with challenges that you may be experiencing. The projects are based on techniques learned from articles here at the blog, as well as from tutorials at the Polymer Clay Video Library. My hope is for these “Show and Tell” features to help everyone get to know each other a bit better, thanks to this wonderfully artistic medium of polymer clay. And… by participating, you can win some beads too!

Spliced Flower Cane Projects by Cara Hayman

Just wanted to show you some things I made with the spliced flower cane (Video-017-2). I have been playing about trialling the clay brands and working with the Color Inspirations book and making presents for people and starting my blog but I think now finally I will have some time to try out some more of your techniques.

I love to get the emails on a Friday, it is a real treat. A great start to the weekend! I always watch them straight away (luckily Friday morning is a quiet one at home with my daughter), but shockingly haven’t yet actually tried any but the spliced flower cane. I am looking forward to working through some in the next couple of weeks, and my aim is to create jewellery pieces rather than just pretty polymer clay things and beads I keep in a box! Thanks to your variety of techniques, hopefully I will be able to combine some into interesting projects. Thanks.

~Cara-H (aka surfingcat)

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I need some of those April showers so I won’t feel guilty for playing with my clay. Who am I kidding I never feel guilty for spending time with PC just feel grateful and blessed. Uuuuuuuugggggggggs. ~Peggy-B

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  1. Joyce M, 10 April, 2010

    Good Morning Cara H, usually flower canes are OK in my book as I like geometric better but I find this flower of yours striking. I love the color combination and the defination outstanding. The necklace is just beautiful with its closure. I am a turtle person so if I could I’d reach right in and grab this little guy/gal. Congratulations on your work, its outstanding. A question for you, what brand of clay did you use to make these items? And that cord, or is it tiny beads? Great, great, great…

    Joyce M

  2. Joyce M, 10 April, 2010

    oops, definition is the correct spelling, must watch that today. Happy claying everyone.

  3. Linda K., 10 April, 2010

    @ Cara H: Your flower cane is quite beautiful and I love how you incorporated it into a necklace. The green crystal bicones look like tiny leaves. I’m wondering, too, did you make tiny green beads for the rest of the strand? That would be a LOT of work, not to mention trying to pierce them.

    The turtle shell is such a clever use of the flower cane. My niece collects turtles, so I might have to try to make one for her. And I didn’t think I was interested in anything other than jewelry!

  4. Lisa Whitham, 10 April, 2010

    Cara H, I love the simplicity of your necklace, with nothing to distract from the pretty flowers in a row… It’s a great necklace for spring! And the clasp you picked is perfect with it’s flowers to match. :)
    I happen to like turtles too, and this one is adorable..!! I hope we get to see more of your work very soon…

    Clay On,
    ~Lisa :)

  5. Lupe Meter, 10 April, 2010

    Cara, I love your turtle…neat idea! It is amazing how the spliced cane really took on the look of a flower. I love this cane…so easy and I always love the outcome! Nice work on the spliced cane!

  6. Jill, 10 April, 2010

    Cara H., your necklace is lovely. You made such a pretty cane. I am in love with your little turtle.

  7. carolyn, 10 April, 2010

    These are beyond fantastic! Beautiful work on the cane. Oh, how I love your turtle! Such a creative way to use the cane. You’ve given us all an idea that we can go beyond beads with our canes. Thank you so much!

  8. aims, 10 April, 2010

    I’ve often thought of making turtles and this one is just delightful!

    Well done Cara!

  9. Maria, 10 April, 2010

    Cara – I love the colors you selected -very striking! Also the way you strung the cord with seed beads is very creative, along with the use of the green bicones – I have been thinking of doing the same thing myself with some of my pendants… I’m a turtle person too – very cute!

  10. Phaedrakat, 10 April, 2010

    Beautiful, Cara! I love the necklace, and your sweet little turtle. The seed beads & crystals look perfect with the cane beads in the necklace. Great job!

  11. Marsha, 11 April, 2010

    I just love the colors in your necklace. Very beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us1

  12. Lawrence, 11 April, 2010

    Cara I love that cane and the colours you used really complement the necklace.

  13. DJ, 11 April, 2010

    I really like the way you’ve shaped your beads with this cane, Cara. The turtle is just way too adorable. I can relate about not doing as much as I’d/we’d like as well *sigh*. Oh well, bit by bit…it’s great to see what you’ve created so far.

  14. Peggy Barnes, 11 April, 2010

    That turtle is just too cute, so adorable and quite unique. I love the necklace also. Everyone has so much talent in this community. I am so jealous but only in a good way I promise. Hats of to all the talent everyone has shared. Oh so inspired by all.
    Uuuuuuuggggs, Peggy

  15. Cheryl Hodges, 11 April, 2010

    Cara, i love the flowers; very striking. The little green crystals and seed beads adda nice touch and yes, the crystals do look like little leaves. I like the way the clasp matches too.
    The turtle is sooo cute!!

  16. Brenda, 10 May, 2010

    Hi Cara-H, I love the Necklace. I was just telling Cindy that When I saw it, I thought ” We artist think alike :) Great cane work! and I love the turtle. it is a cutie… I haven’t tried anything like that yet…

  17. Brenda, 10 May, 2010

    The reason I told Cindy that is because I made one similar :)

  18. Cara, 30 May, 2011

    Thank you so much for all your kind comments. Somehow I missed this post – for over a year! Don’t know how that happened I normally follow it regularly, I found it when I was googling myself to see what came up. i have since made lots of these in different colours. Still don’ try out as many videos as I would like but I really should as they normally pleasantly surprise me when I do.

  19. Cindy Lietz, 31 May, 2011

    Good to hear from you Cara. I was wondering when you were going pop by. Here’s to pleasant surprises :-)

    @fran: You lost me with your comment about the Volume 17 descriptions. Was it somewhere on this page that you saw the mistake? Or on another page? Once I figure this out, I’ll make sure to correct the error.

    The link by my name goes to there the correct Vol-017 video descriptions are posted.

  20. fran, 31 May, 2011

    Cindy – in looking at the past issue packages – it seems like the description for volume 17 is actually listing the items in volume 16.

  21. fran, 31 May, 2011

    Cindy – Sorry – that wasn’t clear at all. When I went to the member video library and then scrolled down the back issues to volume 17 – it listed the same videos as volume 16.

  22. pollyanna, 31 May, 2011

    it’s where it says CLICK HERE I always look at the pictures love graphics,,,lol,

  23. Cindy Lietz, 31 May, 2011

    Ahhh… I found where you are talking about. All fixed now. The link by my name will take you to the corrected page. Thanks for pointing this out :-)

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