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Rubbing Alcohol – A Must Have For All Polymer Clayers

Video #605: Isopropyl Alcohol (99%) is one of the most useful supplies to have in your polymer clay studio.

Cleaning Dirty Polymer Clay That’s Not Baked Yet

Video #511: By far, my absolute favorite method for cleaning unbaked polymer clay is 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Pasta Machine Cleaning Tip 2 Scraper Build-Up

Video #436: How to keep the inside of your polymer clay pasta machine spic and span.

Acetone For Removing Fingerprints From Polymer Clay

Video #390: Of course it’s best to avoid getting finger prints on your polymer clay in the first place.

Making Homemade Alcohol Inks Using Rit Dye

Video #385: An alternative to buying commercially made Adirondack Inks.

Polymer Clay Instructions – 5 Tips to Make Your Bead Life Easier

Want Better Beads that Look More Professional? Then Don’t Ignore these Simple Basics: Little things can sometimes make all the difference in the… 16

Rubbing Alcohol – A Must Have Item For Any Polymer Clay Bead Studio

Perfect For Cleaning All Kinds of Polymer Clay Supplies and Crafting Tools: One very useful item that should always be included with your… 31

Faux Raku Beads for Bead Jewelry Projects | Polymer Clay Techniques

Do You Raku? Well Now You Can Faux Your Way To Success With These Polymer Clay Instructions: A cool thing about polymer clay… 29

Stamped Jewelry Beads plus Antique Finish, Polymer Clay Instructions

Techniques For Antiquing Your Polymer Clay Beads Using Plastic-Based, Acryclic Coatings: Q: I love your stamped beads. They look like beautiful ceramic, or… 11

Tutorial: Adding Polymer Canes to Baked Premo, Sculpey + Fimo Beads

Two methods for covering base beads with polymer clay cane slices: Q: To put the cane slices on a bead, do you first… 11

Art Teachers Resources: 10 Tips for Polymer Clay Kids Craft Projects

No need to “dumb down” polymer clay instructions for children. You’ll be amazed how quick they learn: Q: Hello Cindy – Next week… 24

A Polymer Clay How To Tip for Making Beads Using White Fimo Clay

Vid #72: For making jewelry beads with bright white clay, always keep rubbing alcohol handy for cleaning:   Have you ever been frustrated… 26

Tips on How to Make Polymer Clay Beads – Piercing the Bead Hole

So you’re learning all about polymer clay. That’s Super! Making holes in beads is an important part of the process: This article will… 17

Polymer Clay Finishes – Which One Is Best?

Choosing the right polymer clay finish for your beads can be puzzling: The other day I received a question from a subscriber (Sandra… 236

Alcohol Ink Techniques and Recipes for Polymer Clay Artists

Some techniques for making your own alcohol ink recipes that will save you a bundle: If you have been exposed to the crafting… 60

How to Make Polymer Clay Pendants with a Silver Spoon

Were you born with a Silver Spoon in your mouth? How about one around your neck? A long time ago, I made wind… 46

Cool Substitute Tool for Making Lentil Beads

Don’t Have a Piece of Acrylic for Rolling Lentil Beads? Use an Old CD Case: My favorite tool for making lentil beads is… 3

Pasta Machine for Clay – Maintenance and Buying Tips

Vid #008: The Polymer Clay Pasta Machine is a tool that even beginners should purchase almost right away. However, if you like to… 71

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