Using a “Tile Sandwich” for Baking Flat Polymer Clay

Video #676: The trick to keeping those ugly bubbles and blemishes from showing up, is to sandwich in between two ceramic tiles.

Fixing Bubbles in Your Flat Baked Polymer Pieces

Video #372: Even when flaws show up after baking, there is still something you can do.

How To Keep Bubbles Out Of Your Polymer Clay

Video #371: Tricks of the trade to help make your polymer clay projects look more professional.

Most Asked Beginner Question… How To Bake Polymer Clay Properly

“I am new to working with polymer clay and the biggest problem I have is with the baking process.” ~Shari-R

Polymer Clay Techniques | Is Conditioning Really that Important?

Hmmmm… Let Me See… YESSSSS!!!

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Instructions for Making a Basic Leaf Cane

Vid #97-98: Plus… How To Combine Simple Leaf Canes to Form More Complex Designs: Many of you have been patiently requesting that I… 17

Article Links | Instructions For Baking Polymer Clay Beads Properly

Do You Know How To Prevent Polymer Clay From Burning? Lately I’ve noticed a lot of mis-information on other sites, about how to… 19

How To Make Beads | No More Bubbles In Your Polymer Clay Pendants

Disappointed with How Your Flat Pendants Look After Coming Out of the Oven? It can be very frustrating to put a perfect looking… 7

How To Make Beads | You Must First Condition Your Polymer Clay

Not Conditioning Your Clay Properly, Will Lead To Disappointment: If you have worked with polymer clay for awhile, the process of conditioning your… 10

Toner Photo Transfer Tutorial for Polymer Clay – Mistakes to Avoid

Vid #75: Four Things NOT To Do With Your Image Transfer, Pendant Jewelry Projects:   Toner image transfers are fun and fairly easy… 22

Make Polymer Clay Pendants and Flat Beads Smooth and Bubble Free

Trapped Air in Your Polymer Clay Beads or Pendants Can Quickly Ruin a Piece of Jewelry: There are a few tricks that you… 19

Conditioning How To – Polymer Clay Tools, Techniques and Instructions

Several different ways to condition Fimo clay? Q: I don’t have a pasta machine. Is there another way to condition the clay? I… 55

Baking Flat Polymer Clay Sheets – Avoiding Common Problems

Photo shows baked polymer clay gingerbread cookies with unwanted texture caused by uneven heat: The other day a reader submitted this question: “Hey… 58

Conditioning Polymer Clay without Trapping Air Bubbles

Air bubbles will show as lumps on your beads.. So be careful not to trap them in your clay: Nothing is more frustrating… 21

Phthalate-Free Premo Polymer Clay – Blessing or Curse

The Removal of Phthalates from Premo Is Certainly Causing a Stir. Have You Tried the New Formula Yet? With recent concerns over the… 56

Condition Polymer Clay Properly, Using A Pasta Machine

Vid #002: Trapped Air Bubbles is a Common Problem That Can Happen From Improper Use of the Polymer Clay Pasta Machine: Most polymer… 24

Baking Polymer Clay Pendants in a Ceramic Tile Sandwich

Vid #037: How To Bake Polymer Clay Pendants So You Don’t Have To Spend As Much Time Sanding and Finishing: Some of the… 34

Striped Cane – An Easy Polymer Clay Cane Project For Beginners

Vid #033: Preparing Your Polymer Clay For Making Striped Canes: This is one of the first polymer clay canes that every beginner should… 5

Pasta Machine for Clay – Maintenance and Buying Tips

Vid #008: The Polymer Clay Pasta Machine is a tool that even beginners should purchase almost right away. However, if you like to… 71

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