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Drop Cap Letter Did you know...  there are 3 full videos from this Beginner Course you can watch as a Sneak Peek? If you haven't seen them yet and would like to, then here's the link: Free Bead Tutorials



The price for this 2.5 hour Course #1 is only $37 which gives you instant access to 39 streaming web videos. That's less than a buck a video! See below for full list of all the topics covered...



Polymer Clay BrandsPolymer Clay Brands: Fimo, Primo, Sculpey. What's the difference? Which one is right for you? [VIDEO #1]

    Conditioning Polymer ClayConditioning Polymer Clay Properly: How to use a pasta machine to keep out those pesky air bubbles. [VIDEO #2]  
  Soft Polymer Clay

Soft Polymer Clay:  How to control your clay to get the perfect consistency for making beads. [VIDEO #3]

    Hard Polymer ClayHard Polymer Clay: Hands getting tired from clay that's too firm? Fimo Mix Quick to the rescue. [VIDEO #4]  
  Storing Polymer Clay

Storing Polymer Clay: Not all plastic wraps & storage containers are safe. Need to know info. [VIDEO #5]

    Polymer Clay SafetyPolymer Clay Safety: OK it's pretty tough to get hurt playing with beads. Just a few things to know. [VIDEO #6]  
  Bead Making ToolsBead Making Tools: Learn about the basic tools you'll need to get started with poly clay. [VIDEO #7]     Pasta Machine For ClayPasta Machine For Clay: Which one should you buy? And how to make it last a long time. [VIDEO #8]  
  Polymer Clay SuppliesPolymer Clay Supplies: Much of what you'll need can be found right in the kitchen. [VIDEO #9]     More Polymer Clay ToolsMore Polymer Clay Tools: For every polymer clay technique, there's also a new tool to discover. [VIDEO #10]  
  Tools For Polymer Clay... PersonalizedTools For Polymer Clay... Personalized: How to give your bead making tools some bling. [VIDEO #11]     Bead Baking RackBead Baking Rack: A versatile tool with so many different uses beyond just baking beads. [VIDEO #12]  
  Basic Bead Sanding KitBasic Bead Sanding Kit: Proper sanding is key for creating beautiful beads that shine. [VIDEO #13]     Which Polymer Clay Colors To Start WithWhich Polymer Clay Colors To Start With: There are so many of them! Here's how to choose. [VIDEO #14]  
  Mixing Polymer Clay ColorsMixing Polymer Clay Colors: Learn how to create your own custom blends and recipes. [VIDEO #15]     Polymer Clay Color Blending TechniquesPolymer Clay Color Blending Techniques: Making mis-matched shades still look good together. [VIDEO #16]  
  Red Polymer ClayRed Polymer Clay: Not all reds are created equal. Color theory for beginners. [VIDEO #17]     Making Round BeadsMaking Round Beads: How to actually get them to look round when rolling beads by hand. [VIDEO #18]  
  Football Shaped BeadsFootball Shaped Beads: These sports beads are definitely not just for football fans. [VIDEO #19]     The Tri Bead RollerThe Tri Bead Roller: Techniques for making bi-cone, oval and round beads perfect every time. [VIDEO #20]  
  Scrap Clay And Junk BeadsScrap Clay And Junk Beads: Beautiful things can happen from the mistakes you make. [VIDEO #21]     Roll Polymer Clay Logs By HandRoll Polymer Clay Logs By Hand: Things they never taught you way back in kindergarten. [VIDEO #22]  
  Tips For Rolling Polymer Clay Into Flat SheetsTips For Rolling Clay Into Flat Sheets: Even if you don't have a pasta machine yet. [VIDEO #23]     Marbled Polymer ClayMarbled Polymer Clay: How to know when to stop marbling before your clay color turns into mud. [VIDEO #24]  
  How To Make Beads All The Same SizeHow To Make Beads All The Same Size: An important skill to know for making necklaces. [VIDEO #25]     Fingerprints Will Make Your Beads Look UnprofessionalFingerprints Will Make Your Beads Look Unprofessional:  Here's how to deal with them. [VIDEO #26]  
  Bead HolesBead Holes: What's your preference? Large ones, small ones, two holes, three or four. [VIDEO #27]     Drilling Beads After They Are BakedDrilling Beads After They Are Baked: With polymer clay you have lots of options and flexibiity. [VIDEO #28]  
  Polymer Clay PendantsPolymer Clay Pendants: How to give them a uniform beveled edge... easily. [VIDEO #29]     Making Polymer Clay CanesMaking Polymer Clay Canes: An introduction to the wonderful world of cane making... aka millefiori. [VIDEO #30]  
  Bullseye CaneBullseye Cane: Step by step tutorial on making this beginner cane from start to finish. [VIDEO #31]     The Popular Jelly Roll CaneThe Popular Jelly Roll Cane: Another easy to follow cane tutorial for polymer clay beginners. [VIDEO #32]  
  Striped Cane TutorialStripe Cane Tutorial: This is a versatile cane that can be used to make other types of canes. [VIDEO #33]     Checkerboard Cane ProjectCheckerboard Cane Project: Here you'll be combining several striped canes to make checkers. [VIDEO #34]  
  Baking BeadsBaking Beads: There are so many ways to use your polymer clay oven. You'll love this section. [VIDEO #35]     Re-Baking Polymer ClayRe-Baking Polymer Clay: Sometimes it's necessary to bake beads twice. You'll learn why here. [VIDEO #36]  
  How To Bake Polymer Clay PendantsHow To Bake Polymer Clay Pendants: Special tricks for baking flat  pieces. [VIDEO #37]     Sanding Polymer ClaySanding Polymer Clay: Wet/dry sandpaper, grit selection, polishing, buffing and much more. [VIDEO #38]  
  Finishing Polymer ClayFinishing Polymer Clay: And... learn how to give your beads a lasting permanent shine. [VIDEO #39]     Polymer Clay Bead Making For BeginnersPolymer Clay Bead Making For Beginners: That's it! All 39 videos ready for viewing at your leisure. [COVER]  



Cindy - Thank you for the wonderful knowledge that you share with all of the budding artists out there. I am glad to have you to help me along and teach a great bunch of mini courses.

Christine Maher -- Live Oak, Florida




Drop Cap Letter When I started making beads with polymer clay, there were no courses available like the one I'm offering you today. This beginner series of tutorials allows you to quite literally look over my shoulder in full motion video ...just as if you were right beside me.

Here are the

5 Things that make

this Polymer Clay

Bead Course


Bullet #1It is Truly Designed with the Beginner In Mind:

Over the years I saw way too many newbies getting frustrated in the online forums and popular crafting groups. This was usually because they were trying to learn from advanced tutorials which often leave out critical steps that beginners require. My course is very detailed and gives you absolutely everything you need to know about getting started with polymer clay bead making.

Bullet #2Shows What-Not-To-Do as Much as What-To-Do:

Frustrating learning experiences are caused when you make too many trial and error mistakes. I know this because I've made the mistakes myself. But now... you can avoid these frustrations because I will be holding your hand. This course covers the basics so that you can get to the fun stuff as quickly as possible - creating beautiful beads and bead jewelry.

Bullet #3Content is Brought To You in Full Motion Web Video:

Tutorials created with photos and text are nice. But the combination of multimedia audio and video do a much better job of presenting the whole story. Plus... by delivering this course over the web, I can provide you with real time updates as new clay formulations, techniques and tools are developed.

Bullet #4

Everything You Need In One Convenient Package:

Have you ever set out to look for information online only to come back with just a piece of what you actually needed? Or worse yet, you ended up with nothing at all? Very frustrating! This Beginner Video Course #1 presents 2.5 hours of in depth content, all presented on one convenient web page. You can watch at your leisure whenever you want... for as long as you want... or for as little as you need.

Bullet #5My Get-to-the-Point Style Is Respectful of Your Time:

Let's face it, life is busy. When we finally get a chance to sit down and play with our clay, it's kind of nice to get right to it. Not sure about you, but I've seen some video tutorials that make you sit through irrelevant  stuff that seems to take forever before they actually get going. I promise not to do that to you.

Plus Ongoing Support  Ongoing Support...


Drop Cap Letter Throughout my 13 years as an arts and crafts teacher, students have always asked how they can get a hold of me after the class finishes. That's when so many of the important "I-need-help" questions come up.


Good news! Since this course is web-based, I've been able to set up an online Q&A system that I moderate personally. So... not only will you have access to me, but you'll also be able to learn from the questions that other students have posted too.



Easy Ordering and Guarantee

  Polymer Clay Bead Making For Beginner Course #1

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he price for this 2.5 hour Course #1 is only $37 which gives you instant access to 39 streaming web videos. That works out to less than a buck a video!


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           Cindy, The Polymer Clay Tutor

Drop Cap P.S. LettersJust wanted to add this final note about the ongoing support feature mentioned earlier. So far I've only launched the first course of several more to come. What this means at least for now, is that all of my one-on-one support time can go towards this Polymer Clay Beginners Course #1.


However to be fair, once additional courses come on line I'll have to put a good chunk of my ongoing support time towards them as well.Cindy Lietz Photo


So I guess what I'm saying is... if you want to get the very most from me with those "I-need-a-bit-of-extra-help" support questions, then today is the absolute best time for you to get started.


Just thought you might like to know :-)                    Cindy Lietz ...












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