Wire Wrapped Jewelry Pendant Made from a Polymer Flower Petal Cane

Wire Wrapped Flower Bead

“I too am interested in wireworking. Wrapping or making bezels for the beads in different ways would be interesting.” ~Aims

If you love freeform and relaxed styled jewelry, than this wire wrapped Flower Blossom Pendant is the type of jewelry you will probably love to make.

This unique pendant was made using the Flower Petal Cane from Vol-015-3 in the Polymer Clay Library.  The technique is similar to one I demonstrated in the Vol-009-4 Trumpet Flower Bead Tutorial. Only instead of using a full flower cane, the petals were added one at a time.

Another special thing about this particular flower pendant is the use of hand wrought copper ball headpins as the stamens for the flower and the wire wrap at the top.

Five extra long headpins were pulled through the flower’s center and the tails were looped into a bail and wrapped loosely around the flower bead. The longer the headpins, the more wraps you can get. I made the headpins myself, so I could make these ones about 6 inches long.

Depending on the feedback you all give me, I could film a tutorial for the members library on how to make this wire wrapped polymer clay flower bead. Let me know what you all think by leaving a comment below! Your comments are like votes that help me to decide what to teach next.

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  1. Anna Sabina, 22 August, 2009

    In the past you suggested getting wire form the hardware store. What gage wire did you use? I’d be interested in a video if you show a couple different wire wrapping techniques.

  2. Ken H., 22 August, 2009

    Yes, I would like to see this done. I thought what a need way to use those ball head pins un the center of the flower.

  3. Lisa Whitham, 22 August, 2009

    Yes please…show us more wire working techniques! I think copper wire really sets off polymer clay beads.

  4. Jocelyn, 22 August, 2009

    What a great idea! Love the flower, but the wire stamens and wrapping make it extra special. Cannot wait for you to teach us how to make these.

    Be great in flower arrangements because you could bend the wire to make realistic settings.

  5. Melinda, 22 August, 2009

    What a fabulous flower. I love that look! It’s very very pretty. I would be interested.

  6. Ritzs, 22 August, 2009

    I to would love a video on the flower it is really nice, I tryed some wirework once but was not sure on the type to use but would love to learn.

  7. Joyce, 22 August, 2009

    Would love to learn the wire wrapping technique. Sometimes finishing the beautiful product is the hardest part. Hoping for a video.

  8. Polyanya, 22 August, 2009

    My that does look nice Cindy – I’d like to see the video please.

  9. Carrie, 22 August, 2009

    YES YES YES!! Love that!

  10. Jennifer, 22 August, 2009

    Yes, please teach us! I am up to learning anything with wire :)

  11. Sue Neundorfer, 22 August, 2009

    Yes, i would love to see anything done with wire.

  12. Mary Thomas, 24 August, 2009

    Count me in as interested in the wire wrapping technique. It adds an extra dimension that I just love!

  13. aims, 24 August, 2009

    You already know how I feel Cindy! I like Joyce’s comment. Finishing on these beautiful beads is what sets them off the most. A bead by itself is just a bead – but in a neat setting it turns into a statement!

  14. Polyanya, 25 August, 2009

    I’m with you aims – string together some beads and you get a piece of jewelry. Fashion the same beads with unique handmade wire and you have a work of art!

  15. Jocelyn, 30 August, 2009

    Thinking more about the spiraling copper wire part, could you add deep green sparkling glass seed beeds randomly along this wire during the wrap, or would you need jump rings to keep the green random in the outer wrap?

  16. Cindy Lietz, 15 September, 2009

    Thank you for all the great comments everyone! Sorry I’ve been too busy to respond very quickly. I do appreciate the feedback though, so keep it coming.

    @Jocelyn: You can add the beads to the wire if you want. Just do a few wraps, then slide a bead down, then a few more wraps and keep going until all the beads are added. You can still get a random look this way. You just have to plan your randomness a bit. ;-)

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