The “Win-Some-Polymer-Clay-Beads” Giveaway Contest is Going Ahead

Shipping Beads “Not only an inspiration and incentive, but wow, the chance to win beads made by Cindy too!” ~Tiffany-M

As many of you know, last Friday I requested some feedback about a bead give away idea I was thinking about launching. Well, as you can see by the comments below, there was an overwhelmingly positive response. So this fun initiative to kick off the beginning of 2010, is definitely a go! Hurray!

Hi Cindy: Any opportunity to win something made by you is incentive enough for me. ~Carol-C

Sounds like a great idea… to get some beads made by Cindy would be fantastic. ~Anna-S

I love it! I’d definitely participate, I’m always looking for feedback for my work. And if I managed to win some Cindy beads in the process, so much the better! ~Silverleaf

As for being interested in winning some of your beads, all I can say is “where do I sign up!” I can only imagine that yours will be fantastic! ~Arlene-H

Let the fun begin. Having your beads up close and personal would be a tremendous bonus. Seeing how you have things assembled would be of benefit to all who make jewelry. ~Illaya-B

I would LOVE to be a recipient of some of your beads. To actually hold a beautiful bead that I have seen you make on a video or have seen in a picture would be wonderful! ~Kim-M

I would love the opportunity to win some of your beads, Cindy. It might just be the push I need to try photographing my work. After all, my dreams of selling my jewelry online won’t be realized if I can’t show potential customers what the work looks like! Goodness knows why, but I have been afraid to even try. But with the extra incentive of winning a Cindy package… ~Sherry-L

That’s a great idea Cindy. I love sending pictures of my stuff to friends and hearing what they say. ~Bonnie-K

I think it is a great idea! Not only an inspiration and incentive, but wow, the chance to win beads made by Cindy too. I would love it!! ~Tiffany-M

The main objective of this event is to give you guys an incentive to spend more time actually applying the techniques you are learning about each week at the Polymer Clay Library.

My New Years resolution is to clay more instead of just watching what everyone else is doing. Like the others, this blog and Cindy’s lessons are what makes getting up early everyday worthwhile! It is the first thing I look for everyday! ~Maureen-G

I like the idea of taking one of your bead tutorials Cindy, and seeing what each of us could come up with as an application. ~Sue-W

Hi Cindy, I also agree that is a wonderful idea. Just another example of your caring and sharing on your site. I think its also another way to give those of us that need little extra nudge sometimes. ~Jackie-N

I think this is a wonderful idea, Cindy. This would give me, a somewhat new clayer, more incentive to jump in and try what I’ve learned. ~Linda-K

Great idea, this is a fun way to keep motivated. ~DJ

I want to practice each one of your videos this new year and as soon as I have my studio back (had lots of company for Christmas and it is still in guest room mode) I will start practicing in order to get a chance of winning some of your original beads. ~Catherine-R

I’m looking forward to making more of the beads in the videos I purchased. I see a future with a big container of beads. ~Rose-M

Aha lightbulb moment – the only way I’ll get better at creating with polymer clay is to create with polymer clay. ~Linda-D

So Here Is How It Will All Work:

1) For these contests, I’ll announce a Back Issue Volume number, so that you guys can get busy making beads or jewelry projects based on, or inspired by, the 4 videos in the specified back issue package. You must own the back issue package to play.

2) Then you snap some photos of your work and email them to me along with your first name, last name, city, state/province/region, country and a short caption or title for you photo. Each project or bead photo that you submit, counts as a separate entry into the draw. Multiple entries, increase your chances of winning the grand prize… a gift package of polymer clay beads handmade by me. By the way, if you do send in multiple entries, the photos can’t just be different angles or color variations of the same bead or project. You must actually make different items. If this is not clear, please ask for clarification in the comments section below.

3) I will then publish all of the entry photos in a follow up blog post. Number each one so everyone can easily identify who’s is who’s. And add your name, city, state/province/region, country information.

4) In the comments section of the blog post where your photos are published, you will then say a few words about your photo (photo title or caption, inspirations, challenges, tips to pass along and anything else creative that you would like to say). If you have multiple entries, make separate comments for each of your photos. The reason for this is because it is your comments that actually serve as your entry ballot(s) for this giveaway. So the more comments you make, the greater will be your chances of winning.

5) Now here’s where it gets extra fun. As you should know by now, this site is all about community. I love it when everyone supports each and offers encouragement. So… in the comments section of the blog post where your contest photos will be published, you are welcome to chat amongst yourselves to discuss the projects; Ask questions of each other; Exchange compliments; Offer suggestions; Etc. And each comment you make, serves as another chance for you to win.

6) And here’s where it get’s extra, extra fun. For those of you who want to post pictures of your entries on other photo sharing sites like Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook or on your own blogs/sites, this will increase your chances of winning even further, especially if you include a link back to my site. By also including a few kind words with your link, about this contest, or about my tutorials in general, I’ll return the favor by providing you with a mini spotlight feature in a follow up post. But please remember to let me know about any links you publish, by emailing me with the details.

7) This point is actually just an extension of point #6, but it deserves a separate mention. It’s for those of you aren’t interested in posting additional pictures of your work at other photo sharing sites, but who do use social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon,, Digg, and the many others social media sites that seem to be popping up every day. The same linking incentive applies here. If you provide a link back to my site with a few kinds words, it will increase your chances of winning. Each link can count as another entry into this bead giveaway contest, so be sure to let me know about any new links you set up, that point to my site.

8) When the contest wraps up, all of the entries go into a hat, so to speak, and one lucky person will win the prize… a gift package of polymer clay beads made by me, Cindy Lietz. If someone’s name is drawn who does not qualify to win (i.e. someone who was just being social by leaving a comment, but did not actually submit an entry photo), then a re-draw will take place.

Hopefully I wrote out those details in a way that makes sense to everyone. If not, you can ask for clarification in the comment section at the end of this article. But first, I’ll address the questions that came up as a result of last week’s contest announcement post:

Will we all be able to see the pictures that are sent in or just the winners? ~Freda-K

It would be really good to be able to see some fellow ‘students’ work. ~Cara-H

Love the idea! I am in as well. Would it be possible to display the photos sent by “the competitors”:) ? Ileana-B

My Response: All of the entry photos will be posted for everyone to see. See Point #3 above.

I’m very new to polymer clay but would appreciate the critique aspect of this contest concept. Would you focus on one video tutorial each month? Personally I think this would be a good idea – get us all on the same ‘page’ for each month’s contest. ~Carolyn-F

My Response: Instead of focusing on a single video for each contest, we’ll base it on a single back issue Volume. This will provide a bit more flexibility for everyone, as well as provide more chances to win if you end up working with all 4 videos in the selected Volume. See Point #1 above.

I’m still not sure how to post photos in a blog. I just recently got my gravatar photo up in place of the symbol by my name. That was a great accomplishment for me. Now what do we do to post in a blog? The whole blog concept is as new to me as polymer clay. ~Carolyn-F

My Response: No worries Carolyn. You will just email me the photos as attachments. See Point #2 above.

My biggest challenge in sending pictures is the picture quality. I am still struggling with glare on my photos and use a light box. I now have a small tripod and that has helped keep things more steady. ~Anna-S

I would also like to do this, but I’m not much of a photographer. I would appreciate some pointers from anyone that has photoed their beads. Thanks. ~Rose-M

It might be nice if Cindy put one video together demonstrating the bead photography techniques all of you have shared here prior to the start of the contest. ~Jocelyn-C

I just checked You Tube and there are a lot of Photography tutorials. Maybe as a group we can review some of those and make a suggestion to others. ~Anna-S

My Response: Let me start by saying this is not a photography contest. So if your photos are not up to professional standards, that’s OK. That being said, you will at least need to send photos that are in focus. I published a photography tips article a while back that should be helpful. And here are some links to photography tips provided by: Catalina; Malinda-J; and Tiffany-M. And as Anna-S suggested above, if anyone wants to let me know about helpful YouTube Photo Tips videos, I’d be happy to post them here at the blog as resources for everyone’s benefit.

Will it work if you scan the beads on your scanner? ~Maureen-G

My Response: Yes you can. The quality of your photos won’t be as good compared to if you use a camera, but it can work. Catalina provides tips and instructions at this link: Polymer Clay Beads and Jewelry Pictures from a Scanner

What if you are not a member and you have not seen your video’s so you could do the techniques? ~Lynn-W

My Response: Unfortunately that is going to be a problem for you Lynn. See Point #1 above. However, you are welcome to leave comments and hopefully pick up some tips along the way.

I guess I’m going to be the lone voice of dissent. Not for the first time! ;D.  While I like the bead giveaway idea in principle, I’m enough of a control freak that I would only ever want “my” pictures presented “my way” (size, etc.). And “my way” doesn’t really fit in with the blog’s standards and technical limitations, so I’m a “thanks, but no.” ~Sue-F

My Response: I have to give a big thanks  to you Sue, for voicing your opinion. It was your specific comment that caused me to think up Point #6 above… about providing the option to post your entry photos at your own site or at photo sharing sites like Flickr, Photobucket and Facebook. This may provide you with the control that you need.

It would make me start photographing again and put some polymer clay related items up on Flickr as well. ~Lawrence-S

My Response: Perfect!

I’ve covered a lot of ground here, but if you have other questions, by all means use the comment section below to get the clarification you need. I’ll be happy to respond.

And finally…  I think for the first round of this bead give away contest, rather than me making the Back Issue selection, why don’t you guys decide. Let me know in the comment section below, which Back Issue Volume you would like to start with. The Volume with the most votes is where the fun will begin.

Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor

  1. Lupe Meter, 08 January, 2010

    I would like to start with Vol.010 because there are so many tutorials out there for making leaves…and spring IS just around the corner!

  2. Tiffany, 08 January, 2010

    I would like to start with Vol.014.It has four techniques that are so vastly different from eachother, and would allow us to be truely creative in what we make as far as shapes, colors, designs and so forth. So Vol.014 gets my vote to start with!

  3. Silverleaf, 08 January, 2010

    Vol.12 for me, as I love the crackled leaf/ink and the faux pebbles and ghost canes, and heck, the hammered copper too!

    I’m really excited about this competition ;)

    Will the prize beads be based on the relevant back issue as well? Because that would be fun…

  4. Elizabeth S., 08 January, 2010

    Volume 14 for me.

  5. Melinda, 08 January, 2010

    Volume 14 is where I began here, the lessons that intrigued me enough to buy a membership. I also vote #14.

  6. Lisa Whitham, 08 January, 2010

    Ok, I like back issue 14 enough to buy it… I vote 14 too!

  7. Cindy Lietz, 08 January, 2010

    Thanks to those who were quick out of the gate to respond here. To everyone else… keep those votes coming in! Your input is important.

    By the way, I’m loving all the “Gravatar” thumbnail photo images that are showing up beside your comments. It makes things SO much more personal and friendly around here.

    @Silverleaf: To answer your question about whether the prize will include beads from the the relevant back issue… the answer is maybe yes, maybe no. It will depend on what I have on hand at the time. How’s that for being definitive :-) >> I can tell you though, that the prize will be make it worth your while to participate in this fun event.

  8. carolyn, 08 January, 2010

    My vote is for volume 18 – lots of variety and so many challenges …

  9. Cheryl, 08 January, 2010

    Hi Cindy

    Thanks for the info on how to take a good photo. I have been struggling with taking photos of my jewelery. I decided to buy a light box as I am really short on time – besides teaching music I volunteer with the school choir and the parish youth choir and I really want to spend more time making jewelery. I went to the ‘Harbor Freight’ site and they no longer carry the light box but I got a really good deal USD 34.00 for the light box with two lamps and tripod and shipping and handling on Ebay. I thought I’d share this information with everyone.

    Warm regards

  10. carolyn, 08 January, 2010

    Cindy – I have a website and would like to include your site on my ‘links’ page. Do you have a special ‘string’ to get your logo on that page? Eventually, once I get decent enough at making jewelry, etc. from PC I will be adding a separate section on my site just for PC. For this contest can I just post my entries on my own site? I know nothing about Flicker, Facebook or any of those other sites.

  11. Jocelyn, 08 January, 2010

    Cindy this contest is masterful. Thanks for giving some help on the photography.

    Also, I will screw up my courage and enter any contest where I can win more of the pirate skull and crossbone beads, so if you could, please post pics of the prize beads we are eligible to win, in advance.

    I adore all your work, but, this particular one series is my all time favorite.

  12. Carole, 08 January, 2010

    I vote for #15. The graffiti beads are what caught my eye and got me interested in polymer clay.

  13. Cindy Lietz, 08 January, 2010

    Thank you Carolyn for offering to provide a link to my site from your links page. I will email to you, a special ‘string’ with my logo info, just as soon as I get a chance. I appreciate it.

    And in regards to your question about posting photos of your entries on your own site… yes that is perfectly fine. I address this in Point #6 above, in the main article.

  14. DawnB, 08 January, 2010

    Ack! So hard to pick just one! I will cast my vote for Vol. 12 for a couple of reasons. I’ve been intrigued with the ghost cane for a couple of weeks now. Working some ideas through in my head (just haven’t cleaned off the kitchen table to get my hands in the clay :-p); and I failed miserably when trying the crackle leaf technique so have been meaning to put more time into that one.

    But whichever projects are picked, this is going to be FUN! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity Cindy!

  15. carolyn, 08 January, 2010

    For now my polymer clay art (at outrageous prices) can be viewed on my website by going to ‘Other Treasures’ and then selecting ‘Polymer Clay Art’. The only thing posted there so far are some lentil beads I made – 5 for $1000! My site requires a price for the item to post, so I’m going to post everything at $1,000 until I get good enough to actually try and sell my PC art.

  16. Silverleaf, 08 January, 2010

    Cool Cindy, it’s not that I mind! Any of your beads would be fantastic. :)

  17. lynn watts, 08 January, 2010

    Yes I see it will be a problem. You don’t become a member you loss out all together on the GOOD things. Oh well I have lost alot myself this is just another to add.

  18. carolyn, 17 January, 2010

    @lynn watts: Lynn – a couple days ago a friend sent me an email. She knew I was ‘down’ from missing Don so much. She told me to do something that I’d like to tell you to do: Put your right hand on your left shoulder. Now put your left hand on your right shoulder. Now squeeze … that was a hug from me … did you feel it? From someone who knows physical pain on a constant basis and now has almost unbearable pain in her heart … yet, I know better days are ahead … yes, some of them are already here. The Bible says: Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Jesus brings us that joy when we trust him to carry our burdens – no matter what they are. Knowing we are loved makes all the difference … and you will find, as I have, that ‘Cindy’s Group’ is loving above all. I thank God daily for bringing her [and her great teaching talent] into my life. It has helped me overcome so much. And, smushing that clay even seems to help the arthritis and fibromyalgia. Hang in there, Lynn … there will be ‘mornings’ for you!

  19. Cindy Lietz, 08 January, 2010

    @Lynn: I would encourage you to focus on the positive things you can gain from all this, instead of chalking it up to a loss. Obviously it is going to be nice for the person who wins the beads… but everyone who participates at any level (even if it’s just as an observer), can still benefit… simply by keeping an open mind to learn from the exchange of ideas that will happen along the way. My sincere hope is that you will be able to figure out a way to stay positive. Your input and your presence here in the community, is appreciated.

  20. lynn watts, 08 January, 2010

    I am encouraged and focusing on positive things. I was just letting you all know I have had a loss as well. Sorry you misunderstood. I have been reaching out and I have not had a life line yet thrown my way. Thanks for your concern. And yes I will be very happy for whomever wins,your beads are beautiful.

  21. Peggy B, 17 January, 2010

    @lynn watts: I feel so selfish. I speed read through this blog to get an idea of what is happening an skim right over yours which is right above me in my face. I was re-reading this section today an you caught me. I am so sorry for whatever your loss was and the fact that you have been reaching out and not received a life line thrown your way is disastrous. This group has been there for so many so often. I know it is coming way late but I would love to throw you a line and have you grab on. You need not give any detail if you do not wish, just know someone is there if you need and want. I hope you stay around to read and keep up with the blog even if you do not decide to join at this time to include yourself in the contest. You might just get another line or two thrown your way and I don’t want you to miss that. Besides maybe if not this time you will decide later when things are a little better to join.

    Polymer Clay has given so many of us a calm a soothing place to go when we need it most. I know it has me. I suffer from a number of illnesses and am in a lot of pain all the time. But when I am able to hide in my craft room and tune into my PC if just for a short while, I can leave all that behind me.

    Type in Alexa in the top left hand corner of this page on the google search. It will show you some blogs that will better explain what I mean.

    Cindy’s Tuts are so much more than learning a PC technique. We are a family here and I feel we watch out for each other. I just apologize for not watching close enough to pick up on your needs. Lynn, you are in my prayers and I hope you will stay around for a long time. I know as long as Cindy keeps giving I will keep soaking it up. She really is the best PC teacher I have found. She gives her all not for herself but for us. Hope to see your name show up on future blogs,
    Love and Uuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggs, Peggy part of the best PC family on the internet or anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Peggy, 08 January, 2010

    Too hard to pick just one so all I am going to do is wish each and everyone of us the best of luck because anyone who has found PC tutor and this blog is already a WINNER in a very big way.
    Thank you Cindy you have done it again!!!

  23. Sue Werner, 09 January, 2010

    I vote for Vol 14 although 12 is a close second and any other volume is a close third. Anything you choose will be great and I love the idea of using a back issue for a range of choices! We will all be winners because this will be a great opportunity to “show and tell”! When do we start?

  24. Lawrence, 09 January, 2010

    I would choose Vol.19 as it is the latest complete volume and is the one I am presently working on. However; any volume you choose Cindy will be fine with me. My shutter finger is getting itchy and I have dragged my make-shift photo box out of the garage ;-)

  25. Cheryl, 09 January, 2010

    i think it’s a wonderful idea and I would love to participate. I’m going to have to try and get more organized and make time so I can do some claying. I’d love to win beads made by you too.

  26. Cindy Lietz, 13 January, 2010

    That is great to hear that you all are excited! On Friday there will be another post giving more details on what the prize will be and other important contest info, so stay tuned for that. It should be a fun one. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all make!

  27. Catalina, 13 January, 2010

    I hope I have the time to enter. This sounds like so much fun. I can’t wait to see all the photos everyone will send in.

  28. Cindy Lietz, 15 January, 2010

    Update #3 has just been posted in this Bead Giveaway article series. Click on the link by my name for more info.

  29. Cindy Lietz, 17 January, 2010

    Peggy – Thank you for your caring and compassion towards Lynn. She has shared information with me off line, about some of the trials and tribulations in her life… and I know she will appreciate you reaching out to her. You have friends Lynn.

  30. Catalina, 17 January, 2010

    Lynn, I hope you are doing better. Let those around you help in any way. We here can help, too. We can listen, give inspiration, ideas, and a big cyber HUG! I learn alot just by reading here as well a watching the videos. I don’t always get to try the techniques right away, or post everyday, but I know everyone here is amazing! A very positive group who all want the very best for everyone. Hang in there and reach out, if you like, we are here for you!! And most of all SMILE! :)

  31. lynn watts, 17 January, 2010

    @Peggy,@Catalina,@Carolyn,@Cindy, Thank-You All for the wonderful things you said. I did not mean to sound selfish or mean,about not being able to participate in the contest. I just needed a reason to feel alive and worth something. I can not join the Library cuz I take care of my Mom that is a lung cancer survivor and I have to have money for gas to and from my home to hers. We are on a limited budget and I have to make the money stretch. Again thank-you so much for reeling me in and hanging on so I did not sink back down again. I send my love and HUGS to you all. Lynn

  32. Peggy, 19 January, 2010

    @lynn watts: Lynn, Never thought for a moment you sounded selfish and as I read your post I see that is the last thing you would ever be. I admire you for taking care of your mother. There are a lot of people that are not able to give that kind of love even to their own family. I pray you stay strong and the day will come you might be able to join Cindy’s tutors. I am also so happy you have the strength to grab the life lines thrown and I absolutely love Carolyn’s friends advice with the hug. The Uuuugggs that I sign off with are also a hug. This is a hug my Grandchildren give me when I am hurting too much for them to squeeze on me. Just know we care for all our family here in the blog.

    I assume since you participate in the blog you do get to work with polymer clay? If so I hope you can go to that place of peacefullness like so many of us when you are working with it.

    If you would like a friend to talk to about anything or nothing I would be happy to contact CIndy and have her send you my email address. Hope we see you often here at the blog.
    Love and Uuuuuuuuggggggggs, Peggy

  33. lynn watts, 19 January, 2010

    Yes I have been into the clay for YEARS, when we lived in North Carolina I first started out making dough from bread dough,coloring with paint and made roses with that. Then I came across polymer clay and bought Nan Roche first book she put out. It all started there and it was withFimo and quick mix. Then I found Sculpey 3. Soon I learned I liked Fimo and Kato better for cane making especially if it held images inside. I have alot of things I have printed from online that some people have shared that they have done. Alot has been from my own experimenting. It really feels sooooooooooooo good to know that there is someone out there that cares. Thanks Again. Yes Peggy you can contact Cindy for my e-mail. I deeply appreciate your kindness to want to just talk or maybe really become friends. I really love the clay, but anymore if I do not have someone asking me to make them something I just am at a loss to what to do next. As you and I communicate back and forth you will see excatly what I am up against really. Lynn

  34. Stephanie Bargelski, 31 January, 2010

    When does the contest start and what volume?? Can’t wait!!!

  35. Cindy Lietz, 31 January, 2010

    Hi Stephanie – The contest is well underway and Volume-014 is the back issue to focus on. The topics include: Jupiter Beads, Faux Raku Smooth, Faux Raku Crackle, Torn Clay Watercolor Technique. The link by my name will bring you right up to date with all the latest contest happenings. Looking forward to receiving your contest photo entries.

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