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Polymer Clay Video Tutorials Volume 49Video Tutorials:
1: Large Calla Lily
2: Glass Encrusted Stamens
3: Polymer Curb Chain
4: Kumihimo Cord

Well another month has gone by and the Volume-049 Back Issue Videos have now been added to the Polymer Clay Library. If you missed your chance to see these tutorials as they were released each Friday during the month of June, now is your chance to add them to your collection as a convenient bundled package.

Today’s photo above, shows thumbnail images for the 4 videos included in this Vol-049 Package:

Video-049-1 Large Calla Lily: Calla Lilies are such incredibly beautiful flowers. I love them so much, they were my wedding flowers almost 25 years ago now. The shape and form of a Calla Lily, is sleek and delicate, yet there is something strong and almost bold about its thick sturdy stem and prominent stamen. It is also a great flower shape to make into polymer clay beads and jewelry pieces. Learn cool tips and tricks for making gorgeous realistic Calla Lilies using cutters and simple techniques. This tutorial focuses on sculpting the lily shape and the next in the series (Video-049-2), will show you how to make the glass encrusted stamen that pulls this designer focal bead project all together into one awesome looking flower.

Video-049-2 Glass Encrusted Stamens: One of the cool things about a Calla Lily is its unique and prominent stamen that protrudes from the center of the flower. And since I taught you how to make a Large Calla Lily Flower in the last Video-049-1 tutorial, it made sense to follow up right away with this stamen lesson. The technique uses crushed glass and alcohol inks to create a stunning dramatic center for your Calla Lily Beads. But you can also use a variety of other sparkling embellishments to come up with your own unique twists on the project.

Video-049-3 Polymer Curb Chain: Chain has become all the rage in mixed media jewelry these days… so why not add a little Polymer Clay Chain to the mix… curb chain to be exact! This cool and versatile lay-flat chain is easy to make and fun to add a funky element to your polymer clay jewelry designs. You will find great uses for this unique polymer chain in necklaces, bracelets, and all kinds of other handmade jewelry projects. You are going to love how original your pieces look, when you’ve made your own chain from polymer clay!

Video-049-4 Kumihimo Cord: Once you have learned to make some beautiful polymer clay pendants and beads, you’re going to have to put them on something, right? Why not make your own custom braided cording, Japanese style! Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese Braiding technique, traditionally done on beautiful round wooden stands that are used while sitting on the floor. There are many different styles and patterns of Kumihimo Braids, typically created using fine silk cording or thread. Now with the help of modern materials and tools, you can easily make your own Kumihimo braided cords using a simple, inexpensive foam disk and whatever fibers you have in your studio… including, ribbon, hemp, rattail cord, yarn, silk, fuzzy wool, leather, waxed linen, etc., etc. With this kind of creative freedom you can take your polymer clay jewelry projects in a whole new direction!

Pink Rose Polymer Clay Color Palette

Also included in this Volume-049 back issue package, are the A-Series recipe cards from the Cherry Brandy Color Palette.

To read feedback from members who have already benefited from the videos and recipes in this Vol-049 back issue package, click here: Large Calla Lily | Glass Encrusted Stamens | Polymer Curb Chain | Kumihimo Cord

And, Sneak Peak Preview Clips are available for viewing here:
Polymer Clay Tutorials [Videos]


If anyone else would like to add a review for any of the videos or color recipes in Volume-049, I would love to hear from you.

Or if you have not yet purchased this back issue and have a question, ask away. In either case, use the comments section below.

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  1. Dixie Ann, 25 June, 2012

    Hi Cindy and everyone. Wanted to share something with you on making Calla Lillies. I put photos on the Beadsandbeading Facebook page. Came across a terrific Die for the Sizzix that helped solve my problem on how to display these long hat pins. You can also stick your business card inside the envelope or a special tag if you choose. I am sure I will be using this little envelope for others things. Some smart lady told me a long time ago, “half of selling the product is the packaging”……of course you have to have
    an appealing product…LOL. Hope you enjoy this.

  2. Cindy Lietz, 27 June, 2012

    I love that packaging idea Dixie Ann! Very clever, the way you used the holes in the envelope to thread your pin through. Also love the added bonus of being able to easily slide a note or business card in the pocket to make it an instant gift. And depending on the paper you choose, it would have a very different look for whatever artist wanted to use it.

    You are so right about the packaging being a big part of selling your work. It is the first impression you make. In the commercial world it is what is considered part of your ‘branding’. Your packaging needs to be consistent with the style of your work, and who you are as a person. Then the customers who ‘align with you’ feel a connection with your product and want to have it in their life, so therefor buy it. You are not trying to please everyone that way. Just the ones that can relate to you. I think your choice of packaging suits your hat pins very well. Good job thinking outside the box on that one!

    Thanks for posting on our Facebook page like you did. I love it when you guys share your ideas and photos of what you’ve done with the tutorials to make it your own. I don’t always interact there as much as I would like to but I am watching and really appreciate all the creativity you guys bring to that page.

  3. Dixie Ann, 27 June, 2012

    Thank you Cindy for all those kind words and some very helpful information. I really struggle at times at how to package things so it’s good to know I’m on the right track.

  4. PATTY JORGENSON, 27 June, 2012

    Cindy – You are so inspiring! Polymer is such an exciting art and its nice to have someone kind of guide us through this journey. I hope that you are making a decent living doing this so you can afford to keep doing it. Ive referred you on to many friends. Thanks for being there.

  5. Cindy Lietz, 27 June, 2012

    Thank you so much Patty for sending people our way! Any referrals that you can make is wonderful for making this a stable business so that we can be here for the long run. I appreciate having you and other like you as part of our polymer clay family!!

  6. Jocelyn C, 27 June, 2012

    This is a great package of videos for new folks that want to try their hand at these skills. Wonderful instructions, and easy to follow.

    BEGGING and PLEADING again for folks to please upload pics of their creations at Cindy’s Facebook site so we can oogle and cheer you on.

    Also, her Pinterest site is amazing. After seeing the following link: pinterest.com/pctutor/pins/
    and looking at those gorgeous ranunculus….oh, to be suprised one day on how to create these in polymer clay with a tute would make my day.

  7. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 28 June, 2012

    Hi Jocelyn – You may just get your Ranunculus wish sooner than you think… I’m just say’n ;-|

  8. Vernonica M, 19 July, 2012

    Cindy you are such a great teacher… very thorough. You speak clearly and what I think is great is that you kept your hands out of the way so we can see what you are actually doing. So keep up the good job.
    Thank you,

  9. Hilde B, 21 July, 2012

    Hi Cindy,

    Here in Belgium the summer was really not good so far, but thanks to your videos I haven’t been bored for one second

    Vele groeten


  10. Andrea Paradiso, 12 August, 2012

    Dear Cindy — I watched your curbed chain intro video and I just had to find out how you did it. I thank you for the wonderful videos, the great value and most of all your enthusiasm.

  11. Andrea Paradiso, 06 September, 2012

    Thanks so much for everything, Cindy. You are so quick. I have answers to both e-mails. By the way, I saw the preview of the clover flower earrings video yesterday and I MUST HAVE IT. I also thought you had used a picture of a real flower there. I want to let you know that I love your “look”. It just seems to fit what I see of you in the videos to a “T”. Your earring cards are perfect!

  12. Maria F, 18 November, 2012

    Hi Cindy.
    I really like your classes. Everything is easy to see and you are very easy to understand. Your classes are very informative and very interesting. I am enjoying them so much. Thank you. keep up the great work. I have not negative to say about your classes. I can tell you’ve taken a lot of time to do a great job.

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