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Polymer Clay Video Tutorials Volume 46Video Tutorials:
1: Red Clover Flowers
2: Clover Flower Earrings
3: Combing Technique
4: Die Cutting Polymer Clay

Well another month has gone by and the Volume-046 Back Issue Videos have now been added to the Polymer Clay Library. If you missed your chance to see these tutorials as they were released each Friday during the month of March, now is your chance to add them to your collection as a convenient bundled package.

Today’s photo above, shows thumbnail images for the 4 videos included in this Vol-046 Package:

Video-046-1 Red Clover Flowers: Red Clover is one of those pretty little wildflowers that holds a lot of childhood memories for a lot of people. When I was a little girl I used to lay in the grass, looking up at the clouds while pulling out the tiny petals of the Red Clover Flowers, to suck out the sweet nectar inside. It was a dreamy time, filled with imagination and simplicity. So when a member had an urgent request for a Clover Blossom made of polymer clay, for a very important project she was working on, I was excited to see if I could come up with a tutorial for one of my favorite wildflowers. If you love the quiet beauty of the Red Clover, You are going to love making them in polymer clay!

Video-046-2 Clover Flower Earrings: The uniquely shaped Clover Flower Beads that you learned how to make in Vol-046-1 has some design challenges when it comes to using them in jewelry making projects. That does not mean you should shy away from these beauties. Instead, learn how to best showcase their unique features! In this tutorial, I will show you how to create gorgeous hand hammered earrings that show off the beauty of the Red Clover Flower beads. Included in the tutorial are many ideas and tips that will help to take your jewelery from novice to professional in no time!

Video-046-3 Combing Technique: This cool polymer clay technique accurately mimics the look of hand marbled / combed paper. It can be done in an unlimited variety of colors and can be used in a ton of different ways. Although this technique has been around for many years, I show you tips and tricks that will make your experience with the technique, fun, easy and foolproof. I think you are going to love it!

Video-046-4 Die Cutting Polymer Clay: With the popularity of Scrapbooking and card making these days, there has been a huge influx of great paper crafting and mixed media tools come into the marketplace. An awesome one is the Die Cutting Machine, which is used to perfectly cut out intricate shapes from a variety of materials. Why not add polymer clay to that list of possible die cut materials? Well now you can! I have got some awesome tips and techniques that will take your polymer clay projects to a whole new crafty level! These machines can also be used for embossing metals and cutting leather, felt, fabric and of course paper. It opens up a whole new creative world to the polymer clay jewelry artist. But don’t worry if your budget is not quite ready for purchasing the die cutting equipment at this time… since many of the ideas in this tutorial can be done by simply using a sharp blade such as an Exacto Knife, and a steady hand. The idea here is to start thinking outside the box with your polymer clay creativity!

Pink Rose Polymer Clay Color Palette

Also included in this Volume-046 back issue package, are the A-Series recipe cards from the Shiver Color Palette.

To read feedback from members who have already benefited from the videos and recipes in this Vol-046 back issue package, click here: Red Clover Flowers | Clover Flower Earrings | Combing Technique | Die Cutting Polymer Clay

And, Sneak Peak Preview Clips are available for viewing here:
Polymer Clay Tutorials [Videos]


If anyone else would like to add a review for any of the videos or color recipes in Volume-046, I would love to hear from you. Or if you have not yet purchased this back issue and have a question, ask away. In either case, use the comments section below.

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  1. Jocelyn C, 26 March, 2012

    Another wonderful set of tutes!

    Cindy describes the technique of standardizing pasta machine thicknesses using a deck of cards in this series. Here is a link I found to a standardization survey.

  2. Monique U, 26 March, 2012

    Thanks for the link, Jocelyn C. I saw that last week on a site, I think it was PC Daily, but I didn’t do the survey since I am still using my old AMACO. It’s not on the list and I didn’t see an option where you could choose “other” for the brand.

  3. Cindy Lietz, 26 March, 2012

    I was surprised too, not to see Amaco or Sculpey pasta machines on the survey. I would have thought since those two brands are the most readily available machines out there, that the bulk of clayers would own them, and therefore should should have been on the list. Maybe the ones making the list have been professional for so long, they have forgotten what it was like to be a beginner, with the most basic tools?

    That is one of the reasons I have not used the more expensive machines in my tutorials. I have always thought, that I should work with what my students would most likely need to work with. That way I would know the problems they may be having with the equipment, and they wouldn’t feel like they couldn’t do good work, unless they had the expensive machines.

    To be honest, there isn’t much difference any way. With the exception of the Dream Machine, most all of the machines are being made in China now, even the European Brands. (My guess they are being made by the same manufacturers. Hence the Yellow handles… but that is just an unconfirmed hunch.)

    I guess some of you may view my above comment as hypocritical, since I did just teach a tutorial using a die cutting machine. Which for many of you, is an expensive piece of equipment that most beginners would not buy. You should know that I thought long and hard about getting one of these machines in the first place, and then to show you how to use it. But there were just so many creative things that can be done with it, that I felt it was well worth the investment.

    I think any of you that do decide to get one, that you will enjoy all that you can do with it. I also made sure that it was readily available at normal places like Michaels, so that most of you could get one if you wanted one and hopefully be able to use a 40% coupon to boot. I see some others are finding them on eBay as well for a great price which is great news!

    Wow, I do ramble on… Thanks for the comments girls! It is nice that the polymer community wants to standardize the pasta machine settings a bit. Although I don’t think it needs to be taken TOO seriously, it will be nice for everyone to be on the same page. (Or at least a similar page when it comes to clay sheet thicknesses!) LOL

  4. Karen D, 26 March, 2012


    Thank you so much for your quick customer service response regarding my credit card payment. I so look forward to my Friday videos, I didn’t want to miss any of them. Thank you for your excellent work. I have learned so much from you.

    Have a Blessed Day


  5. Jeanne C., 26 March, 2012

    Cindy I was wondering have you seen the new stone texture polymer clay by cernit? Looks interesting.

  6. Cindy Lietz, 27 March, 2012

    No I haven’t seen the new stone Cernit yet Jeanne. Why don’t you try it and tell us what you think?

  7. Jocelyn, 27 March, 2012

    Cindy, I agree with your assessment. I was shocked that many new pasta/clay machine brands were left off the list, especially the newer less expensive models that are expressively made for the polymer clay trade. I have the most expensive exclusive pasta machine which I have beaten to death over the years, it still works, it is clean, I am thrilled to have it and dedicate it to color clay–but—the entire machine is held square and to the table with duct tape. You people would die laughing if you saw it.

    It still works, and I found it in my godmother’s back kitchen shelf, a decades old authentic Italian import for the best pasta, given to her as a wedding gift by her Italian in-laws. It was one of the best freebie gifts I ever received, and decades later I am still using it. Her mother in law, Rose, always had a soft spot for me, teaching me her recipes and adopting me and my sibs as her own grandchildren, and I still see her smiling down from heaven knowing with a wink that her very tradition gift to her DIL was passed and cherished and used constantly by her own god-daughter.

    I also have one of the cheapest and one of the smallest pasta machines made especially for clay, and I dedicate one to translucent/white, and the other to strips, borders, and stuff I just don’t want to take a chance of cleaning out through the good machine. Really, there is little difference. You can always perfect the end result by hand rolling if you are not satisfied with the passage through the machine.

    I love the feel of clay conditioning, so I still delight in the hand crank. But if I need volume, due to MS, I must have a motor. Luckily the one motor I found adapts to all three machines. Two earlier machines purchased on eBay many years ago did not stand the test of time, and both were woefully discarded in pieces. But I trashed them before I found you and your site, and truly learned the importance of pre hand rolling to bevel the edges and minimize the stress on the machines.

    For all of it’s importance, I still cannot believe that most books, tutes, and sites barely mention the specifics of it’s use and maintenance. Not true here. Go to the search box, enter “pasta machine,” and a huge amount of your tutes, blogs, and most valuable reader comments take you through every aspect of choosing, using and maintaining this valuable tool.

  8. Cindy Lietz, 27 March, 2012

    Great story Jocelyn! Thank you for your input here at the blog. We all love what you have to say!

  9. Jocelyn, 28 March, 2012

    Just wish I could get it grammatically correct. LOL. It’s MS. LOL!!!!!

  10. pattw35, 27 March, 2012

    This was a wonderful month. So much to learn. I enjoyed every minute. The standardizing of pasta machines is easy and sure helps to “get it right”. PC Daily does a good job of exposing us to lots of new ideas. They do not include some pasta machines. I posted on their site with the info of my machine ( Fire Mtns Poly-Roller. Hope it is included in the standardizing process. My machine is exactly the same # of cards as Cindy’s ( hint hint – wink).

    To be well rounded we need to see and use whatever we can. Even though I probably will not use the die cutting machine – ya never know ! So it is fun to see what works and what doesn’t,huh!

    In a nut shell – I think this is the ONLY site I will ever use !!! YEAH LIETZ TEAM ! Can’t wait for THE book.

    For those of you lurking – come join us. The price is right -$3.32 a month -can you believe that ? You will so love it here. Peeps are great and the info is so rewarding. Hop on the bandwagon -you will not regret it !

  11. Cindy Lietz, 27 March, 2012

    Thanks sweetie! :)

  12. Judy M, 27 March, 2012

    Cindy – I REALLY enjoy your site. You are so precise on your instructions – and us “old dogs” need that!


  13. Jo B, 31 March, 2012

    I absolutely love the jewelry display cards! Will you please share your tips for making them? I am participating in my first craft fair at my church in July and have been trying to think of a creative, yet inexpensive, way to display some of my pieces. I bought a tall CD rack at the Goodwill to hang my earrings on and it is awesome but I really like your cards for pendants. The cards provide a nice way to hand over the jewelry when someone buys it and, I would think, would help preserve your pieces from rough handling by shoppers.
    Really enjoy your videos!
    Thanks, Jo

  14. Dixie Ann, 04 April, 2012

    Hi Jo, its too bad you don’t live close by, I could give you a revolving acrylic bracelet and earring rack that holds dozen of pairs. It sits right on a counter or table and looks just like the big department stores have.

  15. Dixie Ann, 04 April, 2012

    Hi everyone, I just ran across a really good buy at Michaels and was so glad I had my 40% off coupon. Cindys tute on the Red clover flower showed her using a set of Wilton tools especially the one she used to pick up each little petal. The set is $29.99 at Michaels but if you check the other aisle, there is a black set by Duff Goldman that is the same exact set in a handy metal storage box for $19.99 and with your 40% off coupon will cost you only $12.00 I had the other set in my hand and when I was walking around the other isle I looked up and there it was hanging on the top row where they have a lot of flower stuff. What a great buy and wanted to share it with you. If you wait until Friday, Michaels has a 50% coupon for that day only.

  16. Monique U, 05 April, 2012

    That is a great tip, Dixie Ann, with many of us are watching our pennies to save for big purchases (I know you won your D.R.E.A.M. Machine, lucky girl, but I’m saving up in case I don’t win this year’s draw LOL). Sometimes we can get a great deal by buying a less well-known brand. I’ll be sure to look for that tool set next time I’m at Michael’s; might be awhile since I’m 3 hours away! I think someone mentioned, on another thread, looking for magazine back issues and possibly swapping unused supplies/equipment with other members. I think that would be great idea. I love getting and sharing “gently used”- a new concept for me; after raising four boys, there wasn’t a lot of GENTLY USED around here HaHaHa

  17. Jocelyn, 08 April, 2012

    Results of the deck of cards approach to standardized pasta machine thickness are in, and the way it’s done applies to all makes and models of pasta machines.

  18. Dixie Ann, 09 April, 2012

    There is one exception as Cindy mentioned which is the DREAM machine. It has 10 settings with the #1 setting using 11 playing cards and the #10 using only 1 card. This was a tremendous help for me and I have all the settings listed now with the number of cards used. A lot of times I have to start on a No. 3 setting because No.1 is too thick. Thank you Jocelyn and everyone who commented on this.

  19. Dixie Ann, 09 April, 2012

    If you are still looking for the Wilton Tools that Cindy used for the Red Clover Flowers, Walmart does have the exact same set for $20 if you don’t have a Michaels close by.

  20. Leigh B, 10 April, 2012

    Cindy – Love the tutorials, so glad I joined. Your work is inspiring.

  21. Patricia C, 18 April, 2012

    I look forward to receiving a new tutorial video every Friday, and will be ordering back issues as my finances allow. It is my hope in the near future, to be able to make beautiful polymer clay creations that I can sell to augment my income. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and techniques.


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