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Polymer Clay Video Tutorials Volume 43Video Tutorials:
1: Snowy Tree Cane Pt-1
2: Snowy Tree Cane Pt-2
3: Poinsettia Charms
4: Fancy Rose Earwires

Well another month (and year) has gone by and the Volume-043 Back Issue Videos have now been added to the Polymer Clay Library. If you missed your chance to see these tutorials as they were released each Friday during the month of December, now is your chance to add them to your collection as a convenient bundled package.

Today’s photo shows thumbnail images for the 4 videos included in this Vol-043 Package:

Video-043-1 Snowy Tree Pointillist Cane (Part 1): This amazing cane of a snow covered tree surrounded by a Winter night sky was inspired by the artwork of pointillist arts, Ron (Rogest) Steven. I developed a method for making tiny snakes of different colors of polymer clay and combining them in such a way that a picture is revealed. In this tutorial I will show you how to make the tiny colored snakes in the correct size and color combination for this particular Snowy Tree design, and prepare them for assembly in Part 2.

Video-043-2 Snowy Tree Pointillist Cane (Part 2): In part 2 of this uniquely built cane design, you will take the components created in Part 1, and combine them in such a way that a magical scene will appear from a collection of dots. This process of making a polymer clay cane in the pointillist style can be adapted to create many unique designs of your own.

Video-043-3 Poinsettia Charms: Poinsettia’s have long been associated with the Christmas holiday season. This tutorial will show you how quickly and easily you can create very realistic looking Poinsettia Charms for making jewelry, ornaments and holiday decor.

Video-043-4 Fancy Rose Earwires: Once you get prolific at making polymer clay beads, it’s nice to be able to use them in your own custom jewelry pieces. Nothing says unique like having your own custom earwires to go with your handmade beads. These Fancy Rose Earwires are a fantastic addition to many jewelry making projects. You’ll definitely want to add this wire working skill to your jewelry making bag of tricks!

Pink Rose Polymer Clay Color Palette

Also included in this Volume-043 back issue package, are the A-Series recipe cards from the Semiahmoo Palette.

To read feedback from members who have already benefited from the videos and recipes in this Vol-043 back issue package, click here: Snowy Tree Cane Pt-1 | Snowy Tree Cane Pt-2 | Poinsettia Charms | Fancy Rose Earwires

And, Sneak Peak Preview Clips are available for viewing here:
Polymer Clay Tutorials [Videos]

If anyone else would like to add a review for any of the videos or color recipes in Volume-043, I would love to hear from you. Or if you have not yet purchased this back issue and have a question, ask away. In either case, use the comments section below.

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  1. Yong R, 02 January, 2012

    Thank you Cindy for another year of WONDERFUL polymer clay tutorials and rainbow color palettes; and thank you Doug for such EXCELLENT VIDEOGRAPHY. ENJOYED every lesson … and am trying my best to keep up with past purchased lessons as well as even the basic course. Thank you so much for your willingness and joy in sharing your knowledge with all of us. Like so many others, I am very appreciative of your massive library of e-videos & color recipes & am a lifelong fan/e-student. Cheers for a bright New Year.

  2. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 03 January, 2012

    Yong – glad to hear you are enjoying the videos. Thanks very much for taking the time to share your thoughts! Cindy and I really appreciate it!

  3. Janet Shoemaker, 03 January, 2012

    Hi Cindy,

    I am new to polymer clay and designing or creating different types of medium of jewelry, and I must say I am truly loving the ability and all the possibilities of working with polymer clay. Your beginner course videos have truly helped me understand that even I can create with the gift of the way you describe and direct me on creating wonderful pieces. In the beginner lessons you introduced me to different ways to accomplish what I am wanting to create. Such as mixing, creating, shaping, firing, sanding, buffing, gluing, tumbling, and a finished product.

    I also look forward to every Friday video. I have learned to create beautiful, not a lot of effort beads that fit in my time frame of doing what I love to do. Since joining I have purchased almost all the back issues, created a color mixing spreadsheet, and still have not been able to do all the projects but it is on my too do list.

    I might watch one of your videos several times just to make sure I can absorb what you are saying and I so love the fact that I can replay the videos as much as I want. I truly like the fact that we can purchase the back issues because I get to learn what I would have missed had I not been able to purchase them.

    So many beautiful beads and techniques I have learned to do. The possibilities are endless. I really love using the future and the E6000 adhesive. You have different ways to accomplish the same result that I can chose which way I like to do things. I can now make rings of different sizes and can make faux stones at a fraction of the cost and I can also be proud of because I am the true creator and not just an assembler. I can determine how I want my stone shaped and if I want to be able to string it or place it in a bezel. And yes all of this is from watching your beginner course which of course made me more curious and expanded my knowledge and now I am “on the roll”.

    Before taking this course I knew nothing of polymer clay except that I can mix and make beads, who knew there was a whole world of possibilities out there. Thank you Cindy and keep doing what you do best. Explaining by your mistakes so I don’t have to make any! Give us the different ways to sand, buff, finish because without those tutes I wouldn’t know which way was best for me.


  4. Cindy Lietz, 03 January, 2012

    Yong and Janet… thank you so much for taking the time to write about the course and the library videos. Sharing feedback like this really gives new people some great insights about what they can expect if they decide to become members as well. Doug and I truly appreciate your help.

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!

  5. Janet Shoemaker, 03 January, 2012


    I hope your family had a safe and great new year. I do not have a problem giving you feedback I also believe it is vital to have that so we know where to improve or not to improve in our tasks.

    In the near future I would like it if you could show a tute on taking a picture, sizing it and using liquid glass, or magic gloss to create key chains’, or to put 3D dimensions in the piece (like watch gadgets). I have purchased the molds and the liquid but for some reason have not dabbled in it as of yet. (I guess I am afraid I will mess up lol)

    I seen the tute on the resin over the polymer piece but it would be nice to show us how to take a photo and put the resin or liquid glass around it to make a strong piece. (for instance you can take little molds and print up your favorite football team logo and make a pair of earrings) or a holiday photo and make a pendant.

    Something to think about. I am not sure how many others may be interested. Take care and so looking forward to Friday for the first video of the year.

    And congrats on your book launch. I hope you provide the link so I can purchase a copy! If you and Doug could sign it that would be great too!

  6. Cindy Lietz, 04 January, 2012

    Thank you Janet for your great feedback and list of ideas. That is very helpful and I’ll see what I can come up with in regards to pictures and resin and such. As far as giving a link to the book… Of Course we will do that! We are looking forward to you guys getting a chance to read it. When it finally comes out it will be like our new little baby, that we can’t help but show off! :)

  7. Helena B, 04 January, 2012

    Hello.I would like to ask if is it possible to use rhinestones together with clay beads,if is it possible to bake them together or any other technique is needed.I have on my mind shambala beads,i would like to make something like them. Thank you in advance for you answer.

  8. Linda K., 05 January, 2012

    As long as your rhinestones are made from glass and not plastic, you should have no problem using them. I know of two ways to use rhinestones in clay. Someone else may know of other ways.

    1. You can embed the rhinestones in the raw clay so that the clay comes up slightly around the edges to hold the rhinestones in the clay permanently. It’s like the clay becomes a bezel for the rhinestone.

    2. You can push the rhinestones down into the clay and bake. After baking, pop the rhinestones out of their places and glue them down for permanence. Without that clay bezel, they need glue to stay in place.

  9. Christl Pelikan, 06 January, 2012

    First of all, dear Cindy, to you and your family and your Polymer Clay Family my very best wishes for 1 successful year, 12 healthy months , 52 creative weeks, 365 content days, 8760 blessed hours and 525600 happy minutes! HAPPY NEW YEAR, HAPPY CLAYING!

    About your upcoming polymer art therapy book, what a great idea! I think I can make a contribution about the way Polymer Clay positively affects lives. After working in managerial positions in New York for decades, I was scared to death thinking about having to retire. But, after I was so lucky to be introduced to this absolutely fantastic medium called Polymer Clay and traveling down this exciting road of daily discoveries and experiencing the infinite possibilities of applications and techniques, I was not only no longer scared, I could not wait to retire. I then dedicated the next few years entirely to working with PC, I almost lost my friends, got very little sleep, but I was happy as a lark!
    Then came the real challenge. After living most of my life in the United States, ten years ago, I was crazy enough to marry the Mayor of my home town in Germany, spending most of the time there. What a big shock: workaholic husband, no friends, missing very much the American way of life and my friends. The only thing saving me from a terrible depression, was and is, of course, Polymer Clay and my many visits to my Apartment in New York. To me this wonderful medium is a life saver, plus, I have never spent a boring moment after I discovered it, it makes me happy, content, get’s my creative juices flowing, my friends and customers love my creations, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

    And you, dear Cindy, make it that much more enjoyable and fun, helping me discover, even after 20 years of claying, new ways and techniques to get lost in this “Wonderful World of Polymer Clay”! Thank you and Doug for sharing your many talents! Keep it coming …..

  10. Eva K, 06 January, 2012

    Hi Cindy,

    Great videos! I am new to polymer clay and enjoy the more personal feel of a video over following along in a book.

    Happy creating!


  11. Donna K, 06 January, 2012

    I’m looking for Pardo translucent clay. Any Idea where I can get it?

  12. teresa defilippis, 09 January, 2012

    i got mine at hobby lobby. Failing that do a Google for it and you should have a list of sources pop up. Good hunting.

  13. Cindy Lietz, 26 January, 2012

    Hi Donna, I think that Lisa Pavelka is now the rep for Pardo Clay so I would imagine that it is going to be more available soon. (Still haven’t tried it myself.) Here is one place I found online that sells it: artclayworld.com/cartgenie/prodList.asp?scat=542

  14. Jan Neff-Sinclair, 10 January, 2012


    This may sound real dumb since I am generally very computer and Internet savvy, but I cannot figure out where to post my picture to this site so that it will show up beside any comments that I make. Would you please let me know how to accomplish this?

    Thank you,

  15. Cindy Lietz, 10 January, 2012

    Hi Jan,

    That’s great you are wanting to add your photo to the blog. Those little thumbnail pics (aka Gravatars), really help a lot in making the community feel much more friendly and inviting.

    My Polymer Clay Tutor name above will take you to another comment where I discussed how the Gravatar process works. It’s very easy to do.

    After the Gravatar system “processes” your photo upload (it can sometimes take a few hours)… then that generic sideways G logo which is currently posted beside each of your comments here at my blog… will miraculously change to the personalized photo you have added.

    By the way, if you type “Gravatar: into the search box at the top of the page, you’ll also get some links to other comment threads where this topic has been discussed by other members as well.

    “SEE” you soon :-)

  16. Jan Neff-Sinclair, 10 January, 2012

    It worked. My picture is now side-by-side with my comments.

    Thanks Cindy!

  17. Jocelyn, 15 January, 2012

    Sure cannot wait to see a goodly number of new student efforts pictured at the Facebook site from all the flower tuts using the Wilton products. These flowers are gorgeous, but, different and unique based on the hand that shaped them. Please, please post pics of your efforts. It is so inspiring for the rest of us to see all the variety.

    Just gave away my last three live plans to a kind group of folks who collect them, they move them in and out of various zones before putting them back into dormancy. Plant rescue…a great idea.

    As a tut idea, I like a lotus flower which functions in a pool or flat surface as a super deluxe holder for a tea candle. Romantic, floating in a warm tub, or indoor pool. Punch out shapes or patterns. Be fab if you could program Cricit to cut out the shapes.

    Also ivy has appeal, I could use some greenery, and combined with the way you play wih shapes in copper wire…I’ll bet it would be an eye fooler, plus bring plant color in the home.

    Heck, as soon as I figure it out I am doing faux phaleonopsis orchid plants and tons of little bowls of sedums, etc.

    The lotus could also function as candlesticks.

  18. Jocelyn, 17 January, 2012

    PLEASE, please, and please, take the time to go to Cindy’s Polymer Clay Tutor Facebook Gallery Page, and post bi-jillion pics of all your work done in polymer clay referencing the tuts you used to accomplish your art.

    Nothing is more inspiring or motivating to clay then watching what others have accomplished. It means so much! Please, go post your pics NOW!

    Thank you so much!

  19. Tantesherry, 21 January, 2012

    Oh Jocelyn I also LOVE to see everyone’s project pics

    it’s real ez todo too–promise :D

    wonder how we could encourage more pics?

    hmmm I’ve got nothing…. cept a ‘Cindy Bead’ as a prize (too forward?)

    hope not was ment w/love ;)

  20. Jocelyn, 21 January, 2012

    Nothing gets me up and at the clay table faster than seeing someone’s tut project.

    I don’t know how to encourage more folks to upload pics, other than beg them to do it, LOL!

    Going to Facebook now to see if it worked…..

  21. Monique U, 26 January, 2012

    Tantesherry: Hi, I wonder if my replies to comments on Facebook are showing up? I have responded to each previous comment, but if I go on Cindy’s PCT page I only see the comments of others. I can see my replies only after I sign in. Is this normal? I wonder if I posted them incorrectly. To tell the truth, I only opened a Facebook account so I could take part in the show and tell (I don’t intend on using Facebook for anything else right now). If someone could give me some pointers, I would appreciate it. To post my pics, I referred to Cindy’s instructions: Facebook Polymer Clay Photo Gallery | How To Upload Your Pictures Wednesday, August 11th, 2010. Thanks in advance!

  22. Tantesherry, 26 January, 2012

    hi hon
    I went back thru Cindy’s FB pages and I didn’t see any of your comments either
    I’m not smart enough about computers to know why your comments
    are not showing up though

    But I’m sure now that we all know about your posting problem
    someone will pop in and help

  23. Monique U, 26 January, 2012

    Tantesherry: I might as well answer your Facebook question here, since I can’t figure out how to get my comments there public! I rubbed the rolled tube with Pearl White Pearl-Ex. Then I ruffled the edges using the medium-sized detailing tool. Instead of using cornstarch I wore finger-cots (little finger “gloves”) when handling these tiny flowers. Good practice for me on several techniques taught by Cindy! The colours are the Nature Walk set (the one Cindy uses in a lot of her videos). But since I finally received my new colour sets in the mail I hope to get some different blends done (unless Cindy sidetracks me with her next great tutorial tomorrow!) LOL

  24. Tantesherry, 27 January, 2012

    Done, a bi-jillion pics uploaded yesterday
    haha, felt like it anyway :D

  25. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 27 January, 2012

    Bi-Jillion is a definitely a good number! The more the better. Your pieces look great, Sherry! Hopefully others will follow your lead.

  26. Tantesherry, 27 January, 2012

    Morning Monique
    I too use finer cots !! Luv them—so does Joey our 2 year old kitty – he’ll wait till I take them off and leave my work area and then he sneaks them one at a time — it’s his fave toy it seems – too cute

    It is amazing to see the difference between using cornstarch and not, truely amazing same inks as Cindy’s and what a Big change– just cool

    BTW could someone help Monique w/ her FB problem cause I have no idea

  27. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 27 January, 2012

    @Monique… re your facebook commenting issue. I wish I had more time to help trouble shoot for you, but unfortunately I’m already burning at both ends of the candle stick. Your fb comments should be showing up. There really is nothing special about how to posting fb comments. Hopefully your new fb account doesn’t have a bug or something frustrating like that. Maybe someone can do a bit of Google research and report back here with some tips. Just type in something like… “Why won’t my comments show up on a Facebook page?” You will probably get a Bi-Jillion links click on :-)

  28. Monique U, 27 January, 2012

    Thanks for your thoughts, Doug. (I honestly wasn’t expecting you to comment on this, but I had hoped some of the more experienced FBers would offer a hint.) I’ve tried a few things, and I’ll post another picture and try it again. Seriously, from where I’m sitting it seems like a big PITA, since I wasn’t interested in FB before and getting less so by the moment!

  29. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 27 January, 2012

    Since Facebook really is still in it’s infancy, unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view, we have to put up with some growing pains. One of the problems with Facebook is that there is no 1-800-help-desk to call on for direct answers when the unexpected happens. And with Facebook… the unexpected seems to happen fairly frequently these days.

  30. Jocelyn, 27 January, 2012

    Want to thank you all for the amount of pics that are now being posted over at the Facebook site. So wonderful to be able to see them so close up.

    Pretty talented bunch of folks around here.

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